Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle: I Decked Jesse Ventura (Video)

What a stud.
Navy SEAL Chief Chris Kyle is the most lethal sniper in US history. Chris told Bill O’Reilly tonight that he decked Jesse Ventura at a bar in 2006.

Chief Chris Kyle did not appreciate Ventura’s comments:

Chris Kyle: Because he was bad-mouthing the war, bad-mouthing Bush, and bad-mouthing America. I did find a problem with it. The family was there. I asked him to please tone it down. We did not want to upset the family members of Michael Mansoor.

Bill O’Reilly: Who was killed.

Chris Kyle: Yes sir. He won a Medal of Honor. He jumped on a grenade and saved everyone else around… He (Jesse Ventura) said we deserved to lose a few guys.

Bill O’Reilly: He said “we” the United States.

Chris Kyle: No. He said you, “ya’ll” deserve to lose a few guys.

Bill O’Reilly: Navy Seals.

Chris Kyle: I assume he was saying that to me.

Bill O’Reilly: You popped him?

Chris Kyle: Yes sir. He went down. The cops were there. I took off running.

Chris’s book is American Sniper.

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  • I’ll always remember some advice a sniper buddy of mine told me once regarding his attitude about his job. “No point in running from me, you’ll just die tired.”

  • mcc

    Well, I’m in love.

  • atticcellar

    I’m impressed, This punk decked a man probobly twice his age.. Perfect poster child for this neocon war monger site..
    End the wars.. End the FED.. Ron Paul.. 2012

  • Jackson

    Give him a medal!

  • Babsy

    #3: Yep! His weapon of choice is a .300 Win mag. He can reach out and touch somebody! Bawhahahaha!!!

  • paul52

    atticcellar would have bought Jesse an herbal tea in that situation. If Jesse wants to talk the talk, better walk the walk. “The Body” my ass.

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    Billy-O is such a wuss.

  • Matt

    I’m glad he had the courage to hit a 56 year old man and than run.

  • Earthmover

    I don’t know what happened to Ventura but he sure has turned mouthy.
    Probably needed a punch.

  • Neo Conned

    How typical of the chicken hawks on this site to glorify this meathead. Let’s be clear: Another time served Naval officer about twice his age expresses opinions with which he happens to disagree and he lashes out like an enraged ape. If someone bumps into Chris Kyle, happens to take a dislike to him, and proceeds to smash his skull with a baseball bat until there is nothing left but a bloody putrid goo, I assume you’ll all be applauding? Can we please turn the clock back to the point before the right became so thoroughly deranged.

    Look at our candidates. Dumb, dumber and dumbest, but exactly the kind of candidates the current political right deserves.

    Also, as Chris Kyle has just admitted to assault on national television he should be arrested and if the other party wishes charges should be brought.

  • Neo Conned


    Yes, it is courage like that which really excites the rabble that currently comprises the right. Mind you, what else do you expect from a man who shoots his enemies in the head whilst hiding about a mile away?

  • Bogdan from Australia

    #3 atticellar, you betray a typical attitude of a coward pretending to be a peacenik.

    You would refuse to defend you mother, father, child a friend telling them all that they should sort themselves out their own problems.

    You want America to behave like a strong and powerful man who is watching idly as a violent pedophile rapes a child.

    This is you morality.

    As your alleged idol, Ron Paul you are not true libertarians. You are social darwinists.

    I’m a true libertarian because I have fought for a FREEDOM almost all my best years and only when I’ve reached 40 I could call myself a FREE MAN.

    And I hate when someone tells me what to do.

    Equally I hate telling other people what to do.

    In fact, you don’t understand the true meanning of FREDDOM.

    Neither your alleged idiol Ron Paul.

    In your idiocy, you believe that if you leave China, Russia, Islamofscists, Chavez, Castro brothers alone, they will respect you and your country.

    It is like allowing John Gotti to continue his criminal proceeder in the hope that he will not reach out for soemething that belongs to you.

    Perhaps you should begin with leaving your door open when going for you social security check and place on the frame the note: “I love all people, wheter good or bad. Please, don’t break into my apartmen”.”

    We would see how it would work.

    Wake up you moron otherwise you shall find yourself surrounded (you are already) by the ocean of barbarism and hostility.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Ventura says this is all a fabrication. I believe him, especially after the fabricated story of his run-in with police (which did not happen) a while back.

    Jesse Ventura respects the troops and loves his country. He does not, however, love his government. Can you blame him?

  • Matt


    Chris Kyle being a good sniper says as much about his character as a professional football player who is the best linebacker in the league. Yet some people who worship him and presume he is a very moral person. He may be very moral, I don’t know, but I don;t find it likely, just because most people are not very moral.

    Jesse Ventuira is likely a big douchebag, but I cannot imagine myself hitting anybody who is 56 years old and can barely walk.

    I don’t find this laudable.

  • Patty

    just like any great seal, hit the target and get the heck out of there.

    Just love this hero.

  • jmm

    You Paulians are no better then the Obamabots. Just a different flavor of the same crap.

    Kyle is a better man then any of you jerks. BTW, I served, I went to war.

  • Neo Conned


    HERO! Get the fuck out of here you vile diseased cunt

  • Fact: Jesse Ventura awas never a SEAL. He was UDT. Nothing to be ashamed of mind, but he never held the SEAL identifier in his Naval specialty code. UDT was the WWII forrunner of SEAL’s but by the time Ventura was serving they had vastly different missions. Too Ventura never set foot in Vietnam.

    If Ventura had wanted to be a SEAL he could have easily walked across the quarter deck, put in his chit and been standing tall by lunch in a SEAL platoon. he chose not to do so. He stayed with UDT for the duration.

  • DAve

    Neo-conned is obviously an emotionally stable person of character whose opinions deserve serious consideration. Let’s listen!!!

  • #3 “atticcellar”…hmmm, attic = head…cellar = arse….GOT IT!


    …cool screen name…for a moron.

  • Patty

    #17 January 5, 2012 at 8:53 pm
    Neo Conned commented:


    Chief Chris Kyle, is not a hero.

    Are you kidding me.

    What video were you watching. And please respect this blog. Not just for me but for others here.

    Thank you.

  • Matt

    #16 jmm,

    I went to war too. I have a real problem with calling everybody who served a hero, because we are not.

    Being a hero means something. It requires a heroic act.

    Michael Mansoor is a hero. I am not so sure about Chris Kyle.

  • Neo Conned

    You are aware that a significant number of those shots were taken against unarmed non combatants (ie: civilians) and children. I suppose he’s a hero if the sight of a 5yr old with half his head missing and the contents of his skull splattered on his Mother’s face is a good thing. I know there is quite a market amongst those that frequent sites like this for what amounts to paedophillic snuff porn of dead Iraqi kids, I guess for those than get their rocks off to that stuff Chris Kyle is a real hero.

  • I’m right

    All of you self-righteous losers shut up. Chris Kyle worked a job that a lot of people are too cowardly to do. So sit your ungrateful ass on the couch and enjoy your freedom that Kyle and many others fight for and protect. He never said he loved killing people but it was his job. I’m sure you do not love everything about your job but you do it because IT IS YOUR JOB. Ventura got what he deserved. I would be upset if he said that about any friend of mine, especially during a wake. I have never been in combat but you have to have a real bond with someone that fights for their life beside you. You don’t have to understand it or like it but respect it.

    Thanks to all of the men and women fighting to protect this great country.

  • Neo Conned


    Protect it from what? Iraq has no significant military force remaining, certainly not one with which they could mount any invasion anywhere.

  • Patty

    Chief Chris Kyle was a Navy Seal for ten years. He served four combat tours in Iraq, earned numerous medals, saved countless lives and accomplished more than most men walking around in this great country ever will. He has now retold his experiences in the new autobiography “American Sniper,” which hits book shelves today.

    Read more @ link.

    By the way, I live with another hero.

  • deathstar

    Ron Paul, the cowardly lover of Islam, deserves the same humiliation that Ventura got.

  • Matt

    Neo Conned, you are pissing me off now. I am about as liberal as you get on this site, but even I don’t assume that snipers shoot school children.

    Chris Kyle was very good at what he did. I hope he was not asked to kill noncombatants. As I said earlier, I will not call his service heroic without more evidence. Being a sniper is not a heroic act in and of itself. To be a hero their must be a heroic act. Punching Jesse Ventura is not heroic.

  • Patty

    I am sure there are those here that served in the Military. No one wants a war. But for our troops who have served with bravery and for those who have died while serving they are wonderful men and women.

    Some don’t wish to talk about their time in war. World War II vets, Vietnam Vets, Korean War Vets, Desert Storm Vets. Some fought gallantly then with skill and luck and God almighty they came home.

    Some don’t wish to brag because war is horrible. They may have many regrets but they served for our freedom. And for that God Bless them ALL. A donation of just a $1.00 is better than nothing.

  • Patty

    And respectfully, I wish “some” of you would research facts before profanity.

  • SpideyTerry

    Neo Conned is a most loathsome creature – not because he/she/it simply expresses a different opinion, but because of the sanctimonious attitude that comes with it. What makes you so fit to lecture anyone on courage, especially a fellow that served? Oh, is it because you make your real name, home address, phone number, e-mail and the like available for all the world to see? Oh, you don’t? You’re just hiding behind a username on the Internet? Oh, how very brave of you. *snark* Oh, we’re all invoking usernames, but looks like only one of us is being hypocritical. You feel confident to label Kyle there a coward, when all we know about you is that you own a keyboard and can’t use it properly.

    Of course, the fact that you resort to petty insults upon being criticized demonstrates what a thin-skinned mental midget you really are. I can see why you’d take the stance on this issue that you did. You lack class or anything remotely resembling social skills, as Ventura demonstrated in this story. Fun fact: no parent wants their kid’s death to be used as a platform for someone to spout any political beliefs. Ventura was asked to be quiet, he wouldn’t comply, and got what he deserved for being out of line. He’s welcome to express his own opinions, but nothing gives you the right to shoot your mouth off in front of the dead fellow’s family and to “suggest” military men deserve to die for supporting the war. Another fun fact for gutless Neo Conned: the vast majority of the military supported the war and Bush. Are they chickenhawks? Oh wait, you already think so… simply because they don’t agree with you. Real mature, Henerey.

    I would hope you’re a teenager trying to pick a fight and get attention. At least that would make sense. If you’re an adult, then you’re life is truly pathetic. But either way, you’re a hypocritical coward.

  • Beef

    Telling a Medal of Honor recipient’s family that he deserved to die merits getting popped.

    Jesse Ventura is one of the biggest ***holes on the planet.

  • Molon Labe

    #3 Cellar Dweller:

    What you are is afraid. Afraid that if you spout your BS someone will pop you. I mean really go up the side of your head because these folks aren’t like you. They aren’t feeble, worthless, cross dressers. They aren’t metrosexuals like you. And I suspect it wouldn’t take a SEAL to put you down, just an enraged Brownie.

    You are such a loser.

  • Matt


    I have served, but I disagree with some of your conclusions.

    I believe for most enlistees serving in the military is a job. There is not a noble purpose. The people who serve in the military are a cross section of the population. Serving in the military in and of itself does NOT make you a hero. Even serving in combat does not make you a hero. Being a hero requires a heroic act.

    I think we throw around the word hero way too often.

    When I go on a job interview I use my military service to show my competence, not to show I am morally superior to anybody.

  • DAve

    Based on Neo-pwned’s spelling he’s either a canuck or limey prick. By which I mean to say he’s raised among total pussiesby and large. Accusing American snipers of targeting civilians is all you need to know about his/her character.

  • Molon Labe

    Neo Bonged

    Yee haw. I hope he nailed lots and lots of the people the Taliban used. Nightcrawlers like you, who wouldn’t have the guts to pick up a gun or put on a uniform. Lowly leeches like you who think bravery is to protest in fron of Bethesda Hospital.

    I hope he drilled lots of little Taliban tadpoles right between their little Allah yelling eyes. But most of all I hope somebody called down JDAMs on the madrassas where they indoctrinate these fools.

    And one day I hope they declare open season on lowlifes like you.

    Prepare for what is coming. Resist by any and all means.

    1.5 million firearms were sold in December. Do your part. Neo Bong deserves nothing less.

  • Molon Labe

    Even the military knows who heroes are and who are not. That’s why RAPs are held in such high esteem. And yes those who do serve are far superior then those who seek to avoid servuing. It has always been and will always be so. That is why we honor and venerate those who served and why no one cares about the anti war protesters from any era.

  • Matt

    Molon Labe, I doubt you ever put on the uniform either.

  • Molon Labe


    Ron Paul loved John Murtha, another coward and joke. I love it when the Ronulians spread the lie that they get so much from active duty servicemen when they count DOD employees as active duty. Really a DOD civilian does a job, nothing more.

    Ron Paul needs a real slap down. He is a real BSer too. He will not reduce the size of government or end any programs. He talks big and has accomplished nothing.

    And this is what the Ronulians like. Talk without results. Intentions rather than accomplishments.

    Or just another Obama.

  • Molon Labe

    Neo Bong

    Now I haven’t seen any child porno sites nor would wish to bu7t you are apparently an expert on the subject. I guess this says all we need to know about you and your character. Dead kids and dead kid porno turn you on does it Neo Bonged?

    What a brave wee wanker you must be.

    And we all know you served in the lst Transvestites Wankers Regiment.
    Brave wee wanker.

  • gus

    Notice all of the LIBTARDS stand up for Jesse Ventura, but not for AMERICA.

    Says a lot. LIBTARDISM is a DISEASE. And they know it. They’re pathetic wimps.

  • gus

    Matt did your uniform say McDonalds??

  • Matt


    What does RAP stand for?

    WWII is the most successful war we have ever had.

    I firmly believe that is because it is the war when the military was truly a cross section of the country.

    We are strongest when the military represents the country, not when it is believes it is some sort of elite force. Because it never is.

  • Patty


    Chief Chris Kyle is a hero.

    And these days anyone can enter into the Service. A gambit of different personalities. For 100 seals in training 7 may pass the course. These guys took out Osama Bin Laden.

    But I digress, point is when you serve this nation with the attitude like Kyle’s, no one can suggest he isn’t going to take it when a loser the like of Ventura makes another truther comment and says, more should die.

    Yes, some now our entering Obama’s service to just get College paid for, the guy across the street came out and said that was his reason.

    So, all aren’t heroes. But, if the guy across the street gets into combat and saves his men in a real fight, he would be a Hero. Now, wouldn’t he?

  • Matt

    #42, It sad US Army, no more, no less. I am not a hero. I am not arrogant enough to consider myself one.

  • Patty

    1. a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.

    2. a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal: He was a local hero when he saved the drowning child.

    I think Chief Chris Kyle falls under these definitions.

  • deathstar

    “I suppose he’s a hero if the sight of a 5yr old with half his head missing and the contents of his skull splattered on his Mother’s face is a good thing. ”

    No you silly poo, thats what Saddam and al-Qaida in Iraq did. Bush, the neo-cons and the coalition of allies liberated 30 million Iraqi civilians and ended Saddams brutal regime. Your faggy leader Ron is guy who gets his jollies from dead civilians.

  • Matt

    #44 Patty,

    Of course if the guy across the street goes into combat and saves the lives of other soldiers is a hero. That is a heroic act.

    But just being in combat does not make you a hero.

    Chris Kyle killing an assassin from a mile away is not heroic in my opinion. It was his job. It took no special sacrifice on his part. He was just better at it than most.

    As dangerous as combat is, just being in combat is not heroic.

  • gus

    Matt you’re plenty arrogant. Don’t put yourself down son.

  • Mick

    I’m wondering if Neo Conned might be Jesse Ventura? Me thinks he doth protest too much.

    Hey Neo Conned, still mad cuz Mr. Kyle gave you a dirt nap?

  • Matt

    #46 Patty,

    I know the dictionary definition of hero.

    What heroic act did Chris Kyle perform? It s in #2 of your definition.

    I don’;t consider Chris Kyle as a model or an ideal.

    I think he is probably a good guy and a very good soldier. In my mind you need more to be a hero.

    I think your definition of hero is a little lax.

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  • Craig

    “They may have many regrets but they served for our freedom” Petty, #29

    Oh yeah? lol… and what about Jesse Ventura right to free speech?

    “Chris Kyle: The cops were there. I took off running.”
    RUNNING? Oh yeah, that’s great! Wath a coward, surely not a hero.

    Besides, your Navy Seals who pretended to have killed Ben Laden who died in December 2001… what a joke! Maybe eventually some of them would have come out and tell the truth, we will never know. But the Establishment didn’t take the chance. They boarded them on one plane and blew them off. YEP… great country the USA owned and ruled by criminal foreign bankers.

  • retire05

    While some may view what Chris Kyle did as not being heroic, it was certainly justified. Hopefully he punched Ventura in his big mouth and disabled it.

  • jony101

    lot of obama voters here today.
    Ventura is the same as Kerry and all the other liberals who use there military service to spread there agenda.
    If you gonna talk the talk, its good to be able to walk the walk. Ventura should know that from his wrestling days.

  • gus

    Hey Craig!!! Have you sobered up??

  • gus

    Jony, Ventura was a FAKE wrestler too. His whole life is an act.

  • gus

    Ouch!! Looks like Craig is LIQUORED UP again.

  • Matt

    #57 gus,

    How can you be a fake wrestler? It is all scripted. It is entertainment and Jesse Ventura was pretty good at it.

  • Craig

    “And yes those who do serve are far superior then those who seek to avoid servuing. ” Melon Head, #37

    Ron Paul served… Gingrich did not. When he had a chance to serve in the Vietnam War, he received draft deferments. RON paul is right, he is chicken Hawk.

    “That is why we honor and venerate those who served” Melon head, #37

    You do not venerate Ron Paul and you do not venerate your troops who have proved by their donations that thet are all for Ron Paul. You couldn’t care less what they think.

  • gus

    Oh I don’t know Matt. Perhaps you could be a fake wrestler by FAKING TO WRESTLE??

    Not a hard concept.

  • Rachelle

    I wish I had seen it.

    Will he please pop Ventura again??

  • Matt

    #61 gus,

    Obviously you are too stupid to realize that professional wrestling is all scripted. In other words it is all fake. Jesse Ventura did nothing that was dishonest in this profession.

    You were probably one of the dumbasses who used to argue the reality of professional wrestling before the WWE admitted it was fake for tax reasons. You are obviously too gullible (stupid) to be taken seriously.

    BTW, Jesse Ventura is a douchebag, but I would bet you supported him when he ran for governor, because he acted like a conservative.

  • gus

    Settle down Matt. Your faux tough guy routine is a delight to behold. I said Ventura was a fake wrestler. He WAS a FAKE wrestler. He didn’t wrestle. He acted. Go wipe the drool off your chin son, you’re cracking me up. I mean Matt, fake wrestling has been around a long long time. You’re a hoot. I’m serious Matt, you are cracking me up. You are dimmer than dim son.

  • Craig

    Ron Paul Calls Gingrich ‘Chicken Hawk,’ Attacks Vietnam Deferment

  • gus

    Matt the line about “admitting it was fake for tax reasons” is priceless. You sound like a 15 year old loser. I love it.

  • Valerie

    Because the Obama supporters seem to be out in force and making galloping assumptions, I figured I’d just post this link which gives the story in more detail.

    Jesse Ventura was not just mouthing off in a bar, he was mouthing off at a wake, with the family present. He got punched for continuing to mouth off after he had been told that he was in the presence of a family grieving over a death.

  • CT

    You sucker punched an asshat and ran away? Doesn’t sound good.

  • gus

    Somebody sucker punched you CT???

  • DAve

    Having known enough real heroes I’ll just tell you that whatever acts of heroism Kyle engaged in, you’ll never hear of them.
    You haven’t earned the right and are unworthy of being told-

  • Nosmo

    ‘Froggy’, a 21 year Navy SEAL vet over at the BLACKFIVE site has an interesting comment about Ventura.

  • gus

    Libtards need to diminish the accomplishments of real heroes, because, Libtards don’t support our Heroes. Libs don’t serve. Libs are takers.

  • Craig


    New Hampshire Press Endorses Ron Paul For President

    Romney Sinking, Ron Paul Surging In New Hampshire

    Oh and by the way… the Iowa Caucus election was a fraud. Paul won. I will get back to you on this when all evidences will be gathered in one place. Be sure you will hear Karl Rove’s name in that fraud.

  • gus

    Craig. Bin Laden was killed in 2001. Ron Paul won Iowa. Rove was involved in the fix??

    Tell us more!!!

  • Richard Goins

    Go Chris, Ventura is hack. He lost all credibility with me a long time ago. People who don’t like Chris just don’t get it. I watched our people die in Iraq and anything he did to save them was ok to enjoy.

  • Molon Labe

    #43 Matt

    What do you think RAP stands for. Yeah you served or you’d know. And anyone who has served knows the difference between someone at the tip of the spear and someone 1,000 miles away from it. What was your MOS? But then again you wouldn’t know that either.

  • Molon Labe

    If WW2 was our most successful war I hate to see what a lost war would look like. It settled little and we spent the next fifty years paying for the failure of our political leaders errors. If we hadn’t enetered WW2 we would have been better off. Our wars are never fought by a cross section of the nation. The elites usually avoid danger and do so. Who ever heard of a dead Rockefeller?

  • Matt

    #73, My MOS was 35D, what was yours?

  • Matt


    You claim elites don’t go to war, but you will defend W’s service to the death.

  • Molon Labe

    #60 Craigie, sweetie, NAMBLA guy. First off you haven’t any idea of what service means. If one is to believe you you’re a Canadian which means a Brownie can invade and defeat your military. Or as the Kaiser said if the English invaded he’d send a policeman to arrest them all.

    Honor Ron Paul for his service? You mean like John Kerry the man with 3 Purple hearts who never spent a day in hospital? Or LBJ the man who never saw combat but got the Navy Cross.

    How about John Murtha? Yes I’ll honor Ron Paul. What did he do examine inductees at Ft Dix?

  • Molon Labe

    Craig you naughty metrosexual you. Tell us about your gallant service to your country. Tell us how you have defended liberty and freedom and sacrificed for your principles. I mean aside from protesting in front of wounded veterans and screaming baby killer or waiting in line to cheer Chavez.

  • Matt


    You are a moron.

    All professional wrestling is fake.

  • Craig (The only conservative on this site)

    Melon Head is going nut. I like it| No argument like usual…lol

  • Matt


    You really don’t understand American History at all.

  • gus

    Matt, why would anyone have to defend G.W.Bush’s service. He served.
    We are a different society since the draft was abolished. Those who serve NOW volunteer.

    Anyone who served deserves our thanks. My Great Grandfather was killed in WWI, my Grandfather was wounded severely and captured by the Nazi’s in WWII. My Father was wounded in Korea. My brother was a fighter pilot until 7 years ago. He is currently in Bagdhad with the State Dept. my Nephew was wounded in Anbar ‘o4 USMC. All served honorably.
    Both of my parents are buried at Arlington National Cemetery. I was laughing at some of your earlier funny comments. I know exactly what I am talking about, and I know what sacrifice is.

  • gus

    Matt, I’ve seen tons and tons of clowns like you before. You made a fool of yourself, and now you are parsing to save face.
    It’s really quite sad. Matt, you could have acknowledged that I was correct when I said Jesse Ventura was a FAKE WRESTLER. You didn’t. You chose to expose your lack of character and weak ego.
    I’m sorry Matt. You aren’t even honest. That’s sad. For you.

  • Rose

    We need tons more Conservatives like Chris Kyle! THAT is the way to stand up for what you believe and give the jerks what they have EARNED.

  • Toejam

    Neo Conned (#10 & 11), You are a first class sphincter. I don’t care if you were the biggeat bad-ass in the valley, you’re still a puckered brown-eye.

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  • dallasdan

    My hero. I hope he broke Ventura’s jaw.

  • gus

    Toe-jam. My LATE Mom. From Edinburgh Scotland. A child who lived through “the Blitz”, whose Daddy was crippled and severely wounded in WWII, who was captured and imprisoned by the Nazi’s. And whose Grandfather, her Mom’s Daddy, whom my Mom never had the oppurtunity to meet, because he was KILLED. Not KILT. (Scots’ Irish” joke) In WWI. (both Great and Grand-dad’s killed in Egypt). This woman of war and tragedy, and my Mother. Was LIBERAL. My Mom, was the exact person that Ronald Reagan spoke of. My Mom, believed that WEAKNESS and LIBERAL KINDNESS and TRUST of our ENEMIES ….EQUALED STRENGTH. …..AND A MORAL HIGH GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!! My Mother saw her Grandfathers WWI death, and her own Daddies, crippling and misery in WWII, should have taught us that WAR IS HELL. IT IS. And if you are WEAK. You are VICTIM. Becoming PLACID, because of the WAGES of WAR…….is so beyond STUPID, that it is incomprehensible.
    Obama wrote about the RIDDANCE of NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

    Forgive me my Lord, but. HOW MOTHERFVCKING STUPID would one have to be, to believe that GIVING UP, the weapons, that have ASSURED, your ENEMIES deterrance, could happen?
    How ideologically mis-shapen, would Obama have to be, to believe, that OUR ENEMIES, would honorably FORGET, the RECIPE?????
    Obama would NEVER trust the PATRIOTIC TEA PARTY???? Yet he is a complete psychologically DISEASED moron, to actually believe that our ENEMIES, are not our ENEMIES.
    Our DRONE in IRAN is the perfect example. How the FVCK would a self destruct system, not IMMMMMMMEDIATELY be TRIGGERED????

    Here is the MONEY SHOT. IF… our stealth drones, ARE equipped with a SELF DESTRUCT COMPONENT……AND THEY ARE………..WHY would that capability not be USED???
    And if not NOW…………WHEN, would it be used.

    LOGIC MY FRIENDS. Obama is so far beyond a DISGRACE that it is not funny. Obama is a complete and UTTER…….FVCK UP. ON PURPOSE.

    Back to REAGAN. As most LIBTARDS and COMMIES…. Obama believes so many things. THAT ARE NOT TRUE.

  • wanumba

    Lest the Liberals think it’s all “fixed” and that “war” is “over” and we don’t need people who can fight, across the Sahel, hundreds of thousands of little kids are forced to be beggers to support the local imam who controls them like slaves.

    You can’t help the little kids, begging in rags, barefoot at age FIVE onthe street because they hand everything over to their handlers, if you try to pull a kid out of it the clique goes after you, if the government tries to shut it down, the cliques unite and shut the government down In less than ten years those isolated very hardened kids are big enough to carry AK-47s, which are cheap, and then they will control the streets and the people who were forced to shun them. They will NOT care about “nice” they’ve NEVER seen it. They respect ONLY force, they completely ovewhelm and destroy “nice” people.

    ALready, these imams control platoons of rough, uneducated street youths who have no loyalites except to what are no more than human “pimps.” This is unbelievably dangerous and forming and growing by the day. The ONLY way to have stopped this was ten years ago, taking on the imans by force to destroy them and get those kids into schools and orphanages that would help them, not use them. Too late now, in these countries these street forces are too powerful to mess with and getting stronger.

    It’s an act of a pig to disrespect families at the most solemn and heart-rending occasions, honoring those who died while confronting our enemies who would destroy everythign good we have.

    It is narcissist delusion to look at the world in a framework of everything is AMerica’s fault, as IF AMerica was THAT omnipotent. It’s moronic infantilism. There are bad things out there and we need people who can fight for us.

  • wanumba

    All this Liberal Left Democrat blather is dishonest spin as cover for the DRAFT they want to impose, with a national “defense” force. The LEft is VERY interested in abandoning force projection to keep hostilities away from our shores, in favor of militarizing our own streets.

    A review of history displays that a national defensive structure FAILED to protect AMerica. It was only force projection first launched by Jefferson in response to our first enemies: the Islamic despotic states of the Ottoman EMpire which were capturing US merchant ships and selling Americans as slaves.

    A national defensive military structure would have more time and opportunity to impose the Commander-in-Chief’s vision of restrictions on citizens than on our enemies. The RANGEL DRAFT lays out a totalitarian centralized power structure under the sole authority of the POTUS. They could NOT get the votes, so they are imposing it by shifting funding from the 200 year old winning military model we have had to to a losing domestic control-freak structure.

    It speaks volumes that the Democrats scream baad ol’military while beavering away to force the most productive segment of our population into a DRAFT. They are lying power-grabbers, as the reforming Ottoman Empire rises like a vampire from the grave. The Left cut out ALL mention of the Barbary Wars from US history study. THey do NOT want people to KNOW the truth.

  • Soze

    Can’t wait for this election to be over so the nutjob Paulbots go back into hiding.

  • ClinkinKY

    I now have another hero, and another book, to keep Marcus Luttrell’s “Lone Survivor” company:)
    If you haven’t read Marcus Luttrell’s “Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of Seal Team 10”, do yourself a favor and read about the finest men this country has ever, and will ever, produce.

  • Deuce

    Kyle is a hero but O’Reilly claims another story for himself. O’Reilly didn’t break this. Kyle talked about this on a SIRIUSXM show earlier that morning. God forbid FOX or O’Reilly mention that the story didn’t come from them.

  • STLHawkeye

    Neo Conned wrote;

    “glorify this meathead”

    Chris Kyle is doing book tours. Look up his schedule and meet him eye-to-eye and say that to his face you little bitch.

  • wanumba

    #11 January 5, 2012 at 8:36 pm
    Neo Conned commented:

    Yes, it is courage like that which really excites the rabble that currently comprises the right. Mind you, what else do you expect from a man who shoots his enemies in the head whilst hiding about a mile away?

    How close do YOU want to be to your enemy who routinely takes knives and saws off people’s heads? How nice that you are so sheltered you can’t imagine that, but our soldiers get to see the decapitated corpses.
    WHat’s worse? A sniper who without hurting anyone else, takes out a bomb-making technician who was about to deliver a bomb to a little kids school to dismember by blast as many toddlers as possible or the bomb-making technician who calculates how many collateral damages he can into his bomb to massacre kids?

    YOu haven’t lifted a finger to stop that. Why not? If war-mongering is so important to stop, why aren’t you with the Taliban teaching them peace and love? You are wailing about our soldiers who have been trying to keep that away from us. If our soldiers are withdrawn, that’s what will be going on…unimpeded. The enemy doesn’t NOT care about your words. THey have a violent agenda and you are helping them by dismissing the reality of the threat.

    You don’t KNOW what’s out there, you’ve just been parroting rhetoric you’ve NEVER validated, lazy, self-centered bum… because if you DID know, you wouldn’t be saying ANY of it and you would be TERRIFIED and thanking God our country still has warriors who score high on “protective instincts” who will fight to protect you. It’s THAT bad, I guarantee if you REALLY KNEW, you WOULD be scared to DEATH.

    Instead, in sheltered COMFORT, you undermine and stab in the back people who DO know and who then have to fight handicapped by FOOLISH, BRATTY IDIOTS.

  • Pingback: Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle: I Decked Jesse Ventura (Video) - Stormfront()

  • Male Silverback

    #97 January 6, 2012 at 5:49 am
    STLHawkeye commented:

    AMEN! These little guys on here who are too afraid to give credit to those among us who are our protectors can sure talk a big game.

    Kudos to you Matt, but I have served for 23 years as a Soldier and I have seen guys like you. I bet you were one of the know-it-all regulation thumpers in the military.

  • Tom in CA

    I am buying his book! Kindle version of course.

    I LOVE being a Neocon!

  • RedBeard

    The Ron Paul/9/11 Truther/Jesse Fatmouth/Alex Jones nexis is restless today. Don’t you people have better things to do? I’m sure there are a few new idiotic conspiracy theories you can promote with all the time you have on your hands.

  • OldSailor

    Well done Chief.

    Ventura claims he was a SEAL at one time, after comments like that and the other things he has done or said I have to wonder how good a SEAL he was, or even if he ever was.

    I never was a SEAL but I’ve known a small handful, I have nothing but respect for them. I have no respect for Jessie “the Mouth” Ventura.

  • Gary

    THis was hone of the most interesting threads I’ve seen on here in a long time.

    That’s some fascinating family history (though you shouldn’t criticize your mother publicly regardless, imho)
    And give Matt a break. You’re both good guys, just with different views. It’s not like he’s Craig 😛

    Molon Labe
    You might be right that we shouldn’t have entered World War II, but then how would you have dealt with the pre-emptive strike on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese? Send Hawaii 5-0 to arrest them all?

  • ba

    uh Jesse Ventura gets KO’d in front of several dozen eye witnesses in a bar in 2006 and we don’t here about it for 5 years…..certainly smells funny

  • Rip VanBullwinkle

    Ventura is suffering from neurological disabilities caused by steroid abuse due to his association with Vince McMahon and the WWF.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Gary: to follow up on yesterday’s convo (sorry all, off topic but Gary deserved an answer)
    – – – – – – –
    I agree with you Gary. But there’s a lot more going on regarding John McCain than you might think. Mind control and programming was VERY BIG at that time. The records on John McCain are fuzzy. No other POWs around the shed light on the issue, and John becomes a senator and hands (and I mean HANDS) the election to Obama.

    The issue is not that torture doesn’t make people talk. It does. And Asian torture methods are the worst. Even the strongest might cave. I would have compassion on that.

    But the issue is what REALLY happened to John McCain, and why have all the records gone dark? Also, why do the men who served WITH HIM PERSONALLY hate him so much? Usually men have some admiration for their COs and totally understand the effects of Asian torture. They wouldn’t fault him for that so much.

    It would be something else . . .

  • Mama Grizzly

    “My Mom, was the exact person that Ronald Reagan spoke of. My Mom, believed that WEAKNESS and LIBERAL KINDNESS and TRUST of our ENEMIES ….EQUALED STRENGTH. …..AND A MORAL HIGH GROUND!!!”

    This seemingly unbelievable position happens because the person feels they aren’t strong enough to best an enemy by force. Instead they will “identify” with the enemy. Identify with the aggressor.

    It’s a mindset promoted by our enemies BECAUSE that way they win.

    We are so MEAN to the Moslems. You see?

    Not sure why liberal don’t want to see things for what they are. But my bottom-line analysis is it because they are afraid. It’s the same mechanism that makes liberals TYRANTS when given the chance.

  • Mama Grizzly

    A really terrific post above : wanumba #98

    “How close do YOU want to be to your enemy who routinely takes knives and saws off people’s heads? How nice that you are so sheltered you can’t imagine that, but our soldiers get to see the decapitated corpses.

    WHat’s worse? A sniper who without hurting anyone else, takes out a bomb-making technician who was about to deliver a bomb to a little kids school to dismember by blast as many toddlers as possible or the bomb-making technician who calculates how many collateral damages he can into his bomb to massacre kids?

    YOu haven’t lifted a finger to stop that. Why not? If war-mongering is so important to stop, why aren’t you with the Taliban teaching them peace and love? You are wailing about our soldiers who have been trying to keep that away from us. If our soldiers are withdrawn, that’s what will be going on…unimpeded. The enemy doesn’t NOT care about your words. THey have a violent agenda and you are helping them by dismissing the reality of the threat.”

    Yep. Right on. This is what I also was talking about above. Glad JV got decked.

  • Mama Grizzly

    I was raised in a liberal family. I was disowned for voting for Reagan, then totally when I wouldn’t vote for Clinton.

    My point is, liberals CAN be reached. At least a small percentage–once they figure out they’ve been tricked . . . : )

    No hope for the manipulators and die hards though.

  • Tom

    To all of you left wing critics. Sell everything you own, get on a plane and get out of this country. If you had a brain and listened to him speak he was exactly right. The people he killed deserved to die. They had no morals and for what they did they paid a price. I am proud to call myself and American and I am proud of every member of our armed services, especially men like Chris Kyle. He does what he has to do, he is proud of it and he defends it with honor. Honor not for himself, but for the innocent men and women in foreign countries killed by there own people. I am buying the book.

  • wanumba

    Mama Grizzly. For record. I am IN a Muslim country right now, in Africa and what’s being formed in front of our eyes is TERRIFYING. It doesn’t matter that most of the people here are very nice and want no part of it … they have no means to STOP what is coming, and the socialists have enabled the stripping of valid defenses by robbing them BLIND through crony-government-hack connected transfer of wealth and treating their national military like dirt.

    So if the usual liberal suspects show up … I ain’t making any of it up from a couch in Cleveland. Primary Source.

    I also empathize with you in that Sinister Progressive Liberalism is so morally rotten that families will throw out their own flesh and blood rather than tolerate a different view. Happened to me, too. Can’t say it’s been a loss to me, a lot more peace and quiet, but it’s pathetic that their politics are so corrosive they will turn on their own kin.

  • babayjesus

    Right another coward.

    First he tries to stop free speech, which um he was sworn to protect
    Then he sucker punches him and runs away

    oh yea the GOP is so proud of him

  • Nobama2012

    What is the deal with all the A-holes posting???

    Jesse is a douche and deserved the punch. END OF STORY

  • Oliver Garai

    Oh please! This guy “knocked down” Jesse Ventura, a man twice his age, then he ran away lmao? He RAN away? A Navy Seal, the toughest guys on the planet, RAN AWAY? Was he afraid Jesse was going to hit him with his cain? Give me a break! Talk is cheap, and this idiot can claim anything he wants. Stick to sniping Chris Kyle, because apparently the only way you can win a real fight is by taking cheap shots then running for your life. It’s no wonder he likes Bush, monkey see monkey do…

  • Daniel

    This is BS, I’ve heard Ventura speak for years, he has nothing but tremendous respect for the military and would never say the things this punk says he did.

    Consider the facts: Just recently a fake story was manufactured saying Jesse Ventura was tailgating some guy in cailfornia on his way to the airport, even though he’s not flying and even though he was never in california.

    Ventura also doesn’t drink for medical reasons, so to say he was probably drunk is non-sense as well.

    The main stream media is trying to discredit a true patriot, Jesse Ventura, and all you sheeple are lapping it right up. Wake up and stop being sheep all your lives.

  • RedBeard

    Ventura is an admitted steroid freak, a Paulian, an angry atheist, a supporter of the Ground Zero Mosque, a 9/11 Truther, and a conspiracy nut who likes to appear on the air with fellow traveler Alex Jones. So much for his “gravitas.”

  • RedBeard

    Oh, and Ventura claimed to have been a SEAL when he was not. He was UDT, but never a SEAL. But that’s just a little lie, right?

  • csiebert

    Jesse Ventura said something bad about the seals? I find that hard to believe.

    Kyle hits and decks Jesse Ventura? I find that hard to believe.

    Jesse Ventura gets decked in a public place with lots of witnesses and that doesnt make the news? I find that hard to believe.

    smells fishy to me.

  • Duane

    This dude sucks.

  • Jesse ventura is a blow hard. He got what he deserves, but no one should think that this will cure him.

    God bless the guy that did this.

  • CT

    GUS #69
    Yeah Gus I’ve taken a few sucker punches, but I’ve kicked ass more than a few times as well. I spent more than a few days in the Navy overseas in Southeast Asia, Europe and South America and I’m grateful for that opportunity.
    I have seen the hit and run action of a few Seals on the beach. I spent a night in jail after providing first aid to an asshat Englishman in Spain following his encounter with a Seal twice his size. For the record he had it coming just as Ventura did.
    Note what the Seal said his Senior Chief advised him about this type of situation, essentially hit and run, pretty much standard Navy shore side practice world wide.

  • 2sides2everystory

    Am I the only one who thinks we deserve to hear Jesse Ventura’s side? I mean he’s a veteran and a former Govenor. He has also proved the media has lied on him before. If what this SEAL said is true I’m not excusing Jesse but is it really worth it to hit a 50+ year old? Just escort him out, after all it’s a room full of NAVY SEALS. Again I’m not justifying it IF IT’S TRUE… Just because this guy has a book coming out right now and he has a ridiculous confirmed kill count doesn’t mean Jesse Ventura doesn’t get any sort of rebuttal does it? I’ve never heard Jesse Ventura ever say anything wrong about his other Navy SEALs ever. He has called the government on it’s BS though. I can’t wait to hear what Jesse Ventura has to say… I’ll hold all of my drawn conclusions until then, instead of letting this invoke an emotional response as it’s intended to do. I can’t wait to read the book though.

  • Searock

    … Jesse being Jesse … he ruined alot of people with his mouth when he was in the teams … he just got lucky … “earned a trident” pinned it to his sleeve and tried to make as much money with it as possible … he’s not the first and he will not be the last …

    “Jesse” as Gresham’s Law

    … When debased currency (counterfeit) is in circulation along with currencies retaining their full values, those of full value will disappear over time …

    … successful propaganda and disinformation campaigns,, have as their objectives; the driving out “good thought” (truth) by substituting a circulation of “counterfeit thought” (lies) …

    … that’s Jesse …

  • str8jkt82

    chris kyle is a real american hero jesse ventura is jerk for saying what he did .ventura deserved a beat down. and all you scumbags that are trashing kyle and his service to this country are nothing more than a bunch cowards that never did anything in your sorry worthless lives

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  • Mike E

    As my dad once told me – “on rare occasions a punch in the mouth is the only proper response.” Good job Seal! Jesse the mouth was never a Seal and never served in Vietnam. Jesse is a liar and fraud on both claims.

  • str8jkt82

    ROGER THAT!!! but some people claim it didn’t happen but still condemn kyles’ admirable service to our country while defending other such repugnant behavior go figure


    RE #23


  • buster h

    throughout military history, people that fight from a hidden position and kill at a distance have been considered the low-lifes by the ones that fight face-to-face. hitting and running (ventura) speaks to his nature, and i do not understand how this trait has recently become an admirable one.

  • most of you should learn some respect

    Who you think i heroic is always a matter of opinion. And your opinion is usually guided by your morals and beliefs. I don’t believe killing in anyway should be considered heroic just the way I was raised. Not sure how you were.

    “When the government fears the people you have liberty, when the people fear their government you have tyranny”
    Thomas Jerrerson

    Which side do you choose?

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  • awiseman

    Chris Kyle is obviously a liar! He has claimed that he hit Mr. Ventura and “then ran”. Why would such a great man RUN, first of all. if he is such a courageous warrior and hero? Secondly, why would the police officer, he allegedly struck Mr. Ventura in front of, simply allow him to run off..? This proves that he is a liar, as well as a coward and a miscreant.

    Thirdly and most importantly is the fantastic tale of assassinating hundreds, as he hits the Babylonian book circuit, selling this WHOPPER OF A TALE..

    This guy is too stupid to be such a successful warrior/sniper. He is probably thinking of all of the women and children he shot, burned, or water-boarded.

    Heroes is an illusion for the weak of mind.

    America is a fitting place for “heroes”, as we’ve seen them buried in landfills, or watched as their bodies have been misplaced altogether by the tens of thousands in Arlington’s National Disgrace..

    You folks are hilarious! You sacrificed your children on the altar of greed, and must make up these fanciful stories to make yourselves not feel so deceived.

    Faux News and Bill “O’Really” make their living on selling steakknives and books to the naive’; and let’s not forget all of those Babylonian princesses sitting there, on all of their so-called “shows”, as America receives its “programming”. These bimbos are dressed and tressed up for the weak men of this land, who are not much of a man for the women in their lives.

    Yeah, this is some nation we have here!

  • Anonymous

    i think we should hear from witnesses before believing such a far fetched story. sounds to me like they are trying to destroy Jesse Ventura`s character.
    Also if there was police at the scene shouldnt there be a statement?

  • mike

    wait till Jesse takes this guy to court because he claims to have assaulted Jesse then run?that Jesse would say stuff like that.loving war doesnt make you American.those who say Jesse is a fake seal chances are you never served or you wouldnt be compelled to speak against a fellow shut up!

  • Anon

    Jesse Ventura Demands Fox Retraction for Sniper’s Lies

  • Anon
  • Anon

    Following claims made by US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle that he punched Jesse Ventura for badmouthing US troops during a wake for a slain soldier in Coronado, California, Ventura has denounced the story as an outrageous lie, asserting that the event never happened.

  • Glen Carl

    Chris Kyle took off running ? The cops were there ? Wheres the police report ? People were there but no one seen it ? a NAVY SEAL RAN AWAY ? ( I really find that 1 hard to believe )
    Ventura came back from his second home and denies this ever happened .. Never met Chris Kyle in his life and would like too meet him about this so called fight that never happened !
    Chris Kyle .. all Navy Seals have turned their back on you because of this lie !

  • Glen Carl

    Jessie Ventura has demanded a full retraction of the story ,, a challenge too ALL SEALS to come forward (if this happened then SEALS will know ) and poor little lie kyle is about too lose his shirt in a court of law ! I LOVE IT ! JESSIE is fighting the story ! now let s ALL just shut the heck up now until THE TRUTH comes out ! Jessie QUOTE:
    How dare you Chris Kyle ,I don’t know you , I never met you . I can be against the WAR, but I have never been EVER been against the soldiers,sailors and airmen who fight it .. WAR IS THE FAILURE of politicians ..not the soldiers who risk their life doing their job ! .. end quote

  • Airt1776

    This guys no navy seal more like a weasle hits someone then goes running with his tail between his legs this guys a discrace ,if this guys so tough why did he run ,its cause hes a little chicken hawk weasle

  • HatesTraitorKyle

    This man is a sociopath and a liar. The story was confirmed never to have happened by the owner of the MC P’s bar. Chris Kyle is a poster boy for the government, this man may have been a SEAL, but is actions are that of a disgraced coward. As for Bill O’Reilly, he has always been a disgraced coward and a draft dodger so anything he says holds no value to me. I served this country for 5 years and if I met this Chris Kyle not only would I not address him as “Chief”, a title EARNED by leaders, but I would also turn my back to him. What a disgusting human being and disgrace to special operators everywhere!

  • mike

    Just goes to show you how easily people will believe anything you tell them without hearing both sides. Doesn’t sound too American to me. The Iraq war was about keeping us safe? Wow. How about this. I don’t need anyone to keep me safe. I’ll handle it myself. Don’t forget Hitler and Stalin were all about keeping their people safe.

  • anon Ymus

    —-Kyle looking still fishier.

    We’re informed that, whatever the truth, ratting and embarassing
    a fellow SEAL in public is unheard of. SEALS, indeed, ANY serious
    brotherhood, has the code of solidarity, of never breaking ranks
    —and certainly over such a squalid episode.

    Ventura’s on his way back north.

    There will be a face off and showdown.

  • Chris Kyle has been back tracking on his statement. He has claimed witnesses would come forward and they have not. The only thing for sure is Chris Kyle admitted to assaulting an elderly man and then fled the scene of a crime evading the police. Those are his own words. He is not a hero. Chris Kyle is a criminal and should be treated as such. This is Chris Kyle’s business number in texas. Let Chris and his business partners know what you think of him.

  • George Bush

    Chris Kyle is a pussy, he is 37 and claims to have punched a 60 year old man and then ran away.

  • Marco Macichitte

    Ventura’s very name is a LIE! James George Janos is to SEAL team what John Murtha was to the Marine Corps, a turncoat, IMO! He starts out as a noble UDT frogman and then, perhaps after one too many blows to the noggin’ while wrestling, he becomes this leftist peacenik twisted eraserhead conspiracy theorist. Why would Chief Kyle lie like that? True he’s peddling a book but he doesn’t mention Ventura’s name in the book! You think he would to “ride on Ventura’s coattails” as I’ve heard many accuse him of. I’m going to Mc’P’s tomorrow night and ask the owner to comment on the incident. Did the owner even witness it? Hey he coulda been in the back room when it happened. Even if Chief Kyle admitted to an assault, the statute of limitations in CA for assault is two years, so sorry Jesse, out of luck. Jesse’s statement about word spreading among the team guys is compelling, but then again, they keep stuff to themselves. I gotta find out the truth because it’s eating away at me.

  • gretanne

    Kyle was trained to complete a very difficult job. Just like Neo is trained to flip hamburgers at Mickey D’s, Kyle was trained to elimate threats against US troops and others. He did his job better than anyone else has done it. Yes, it’s based on luck of having that unfortunate SOB step in front of your scope, but you can’t deny that Kyle was effective and completed the missions he was tasked with.