Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle: I Decked Jesse Ventura (Video)

What a stud.
Navy SEAL Chief Chris Kyle is the most lethal sniper in US history. Chris told Bill O’Reilly tonight that he decked Jesse Ventura at a bar in 2006.

Chief Chris Kyle did not appreciate Ventura’s comments:

Chris Kyle: Because he was bad-mouthing the war, bad-mouthing Bush, and bad-mouthing America. I did find a problem with it. The family was there. I asked him to please tone it down. We did not want to upset the family members of Michael Mansoor.

Bill O’Reilly: Who was killed.

Chris Kyle: Yes sir. He won a Medal of Honor. He jumped on a grenade and saved everyone else around… He (Jesse Ventura) said we deserved to lose a few guys.

Bill O’Reilly: He said “we” the United States.

Chris Kyle: No. He said you, “ya’ll” deserve to lose a few guys.

Bill O’Reilly: Navy Seals.

Chris Kyle: I assume he was saying that to me.

Bill O’Reilly: You popped him?

Chris Kyle: Yes sir. He went down. The cops were there. I took off running.

Chris’s book is American Sniper.

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  • Opaobie

    I’ll always remember some advice a sniper buddy of mine told me once regarding his attitude about his job. “No point in running from me, you’ll just die tired.”

  • mcc

    Well, I’m in love.

  • atticcellar

    I’m impressed, This punk decked a man probobly twice his age.. Perfect poster child for this neocon war monger site..
    End the wars.. End the FED.. Ron Paul.. 2012

  • Jackson

    Give him a medal!

  • Babsy

    #3: Yep! His weapon of choice is a .300 Win mag. He can reach out and touch somebody! Bawhahahaha!!!

  • paul52

    atticcellar would have bought Jesse an herbal tea in that situation. If Jesse wants to talk the talk, better walk the walk. “The Body” my ass.

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    Billy-O is such a wuss.

  • Matt

    I’m glad he had the courage to hit a 56 year old man and than run.

  • Earthmover

    I don’t know what happened to Ventura but he sure has turned mouthy.
    Probably needed a punch.

  • Neo Conned

    How typical of the chicken hawks on this site to glorify this meathead. Let’s be clear: Another time served Naval officer about twice his age expresses opinions with which he happens to disagree and he lashes out like an enraged ape. If someone bumps into Chris Kyle, happens to take a dislike to him, and proceeds to smash his skull with a baseball bat until there is nothing left but a bloody putrid goo, I assume you’ll all be applauding? Can we please turn the clock back to the point before the right became so thoroughly deranged.

    Look at our candidates. Dumb, dumber and dumbest, but exactly the kind of candidates the current political right deserves.

    Also, as Chris Kyle has just admitted to assault on national television he should be arrested and if the other party wishes charges should be brought.

  • Neo Conned


    Yes, it is courage like that which really excites the rabble that currently comprises the right. Mind you, what else do you expect from a man who shoots his enemies in the head whilst hiding about a mile away?

  • Bogdan from Australia

    #3 atticellar, you betray a typical attitude of a coward pretending to be a peacenik.

    You would refuse to defend you mother, father, child a friend telling them all that they should sort themselves out their own problems.

    You want America to behave like a strong and powerful man who is watching idly as a violent pedophile rapes a child.

    This is you morality.

    As your alleged idol, Ron Paul you are not true libertarians. You are social darwinists.

    I’m a true libertarian because I have fought for a FREEDOM almost all my best years and only when I’ve reached 40 I could call myself a FREE MAN.

    And I hate when someone tells me what to do.

    Equally I hate telling other people what to do.

    In fact, you don’t understand the true meanning of FREDDOM.

    Neither your alleged idiol Ron Paul.

    In your idiocy, you believe that if you leave China, Russia, Islamofscists, Chavez, Castro brothers alone, they will respect you and your country.

    It is like allowing John Gotti to continue his criminal proceeder in the hope that he will not reach out for soemething that belongs to you.

    Perhaps you should begin with leaving your door open when going for you social security check and place on the frame the note: “I love all people, wheter good or bad. Please, don’t break into my apartmen”.”

    We would see how it would work.

    Wake up you moron otherwise you shall find yourself surrounded (you are already) by the ocean of barbarism and hostility.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Ventura says this is all a fabrication. I believe him, especially after the fabricated story of his run-in with police (which did not happen) a while back.

    Jesse Ventura respects the troops and loves his country. He does not, however, love his government. Can you blame him?

  • Matt


    Chris Kyle being a good sniper says as much about his character as a professional football player who is the best linebacker in the league. Yet some people who worship him and presume he is a very moral person. He may be very moral, I don’t know, but I don;t find it likely, just because most people are not very moral.

    Jesse Ventuira is likely a big douchebag, but I cannot imagine myself hitting anybody who is 56 years old and can barely walk.

    I don’t find this laudable.

  • Patty

    just like any great seal, hit the target and get the heck out of there.

    Just love this hero.

  • jmm

    You Paulians are no better then the Obamabots. Just a different flavor of the same crap.

    Kyle is a better man then any of you jerks. BTW, I served, I went to war.

  • Neo Conned


    HERO! Get the fuck out of here you vile diseased cunt


    Fact: Jesse Ventura awas never a SEAL. He was UDT. Nothing to be ashamed of mind, but he never held the SEAL identifier in his Naval specialty code. UDT was the WWII forrunner of SEAL’s but by the time Ventura was serving they had vastly different missions. Too Ventura never set foot in Vietnam.

    If Ventura had wanted to be a SEAL he could have easily walked across the quarter deck, put in his chit and been standing tall by lunch in a SEAL platoon. he chose not to do so. He stayed with UDT for the duration.

  • DAve

    Neo-conned is obviously an emotionally stable person of character whose opinions deserve serious consideration. Let’s listen!!!

  • Opaobie

    #3 “atticcellar”…hmmm, attic = head…cellar = arse….GOT IT!


    …cool screen name…for a moron.