Michelle Obama’s Resentment of “White Irish Catholics” Similar to Barack’s Hateful Comments On “White Folks’ Greed” (Video)

Remember: Racism is a one-way street.

A new book on the Obama’s reveals that Michelle Obama was distressed about the “white Irish Catholics” in Illinois.

Michelle Obama worked in the mayor’s office in the early 1990’s. (Bella Dolce)

During her many years in Chicago Michelle Obama was distressed and resented the power “white Irish Catholics” held in Illinois.

She wasn’t alone.
In his first book Barack Obama attacked greedy white folks.
He even recorded it the line.

From the book:

“It is this world, a world where cruise ships throw away more food in a day than most residents of Port-au-Prince see in a year, where white folks’ greed runs a world in need, apartheid in one hemisphere, apathy in another hemisphere… That’s the world! On which hope sits!”

Obama took the line from one of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s sermons. It was such a powerful sermon it made it into Obama’s book. (page 293, Dreams of My Father).

Don’t expect to see this in the liberal media.

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  • RedBeard

    Hey, Barry and Michelle! I’m not ashamed of being a “typical white person,” despite your pitiful attempts to make me so, but I am somewhat chagrined that I have so much trouble getting a decent tan. I feel… inadequate. I’ll bet it’s the Irish part of me, the part Michelle hates so much, that causes my tanning problem. But I guess I’m just stuck with that.

  • squeaky

    just shy of 3 years and i wonder if this perception has changed.

  • Any Boondock Saints out there ? Place a call to the McMannus brothers….

  • newmike

    This couple is the personification of Rev. Wrights marxist based black liberation theology. Wait until the reparation talk starts up again after we just all decide that “(insert republican candidate name here)” is not ideologically pure enough to save the country so we deserve Obama for four more years…

    This is what we’re up against folks, time to grow-up.

  • alsj

    Those poor people in Port Au Prince could use some of the many millions of $$ us taxpayers spent on Moochelles vakays.

  • Rio

    Those dastardly cruise ships tossing food due to…..greed? Try regulations, the same type of regs that direct the military to bury tons of food because it happens to be an hour beyond the serve by time, even though it’s properly refridgerated. We had a friend that was a cook that would rescue pork chops, 5 gallon containers of milk, etc. and share it in our neighborhood rather than it going to the landfill when we were all struggling. But, anything to get that class warfare chant going even though they probably support the reason those greedy cruisers are dumping food.

  • squeaky

    “Those poor people in Port Au Prince….” not to mention the folks who will be shivering [to the oldies] from cold with the rise in heating costs and reduction of heating aid.

  • i guess he never knew any greedy “black folks.”

  • squeaky

    ah yes – cruise ships. i wonder how much of the “all you can eat” buffets end up in the garbage.

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  • saveus

    But he was never there when wright spoke his hate filled diatribes – or so obummer claimed.

    So who put this in his book?

  • Militant Conservative

    I’m distressed by the socialist anti American POS

    Occupying the WH. NOTUS says it all.

    Powder is dry

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  • squeaky

    “..knew any greedy “black folks.” then he’d be looking at himself. he thinks taxation is charity and not all charities are equal. and here’s a deep pocket who was adverse to sharing the profits. i only picked huff n’ puff for the pics..sorry.

  • just-saying


  • Latin2

    Oh that is not the only thing Obama said in his books. Obama also said he “secretly” held racist feelings towards whites;


    Then Obama had his OWN newsletter racism. Obama wrote in an African-American newsletter in Chicago called “The Defender” that he was going to try to ‘fix’ that the once black district would not be taken over, politically, by Latinos and Asians.


    “When the 2000 census revealed dramatic growth in Chicago’s Hispanic and Asian populations alongside a decline in the number of African Americans, the Illinois black caucus was alarmed at the prospect that the number of blacks in the Illinois General Assembly might decline. At that point, Obama stepped to the forefront of the effort to preserve as many black seats as possible. The Defender quotes Obama as saying that, “while everyone agrees that the Hispanic population has grown, they cannot expand by taking African-American seats.” As in the casino dispute, Obama stressed black unity, pushing a plan that would modestly increase the white, Hispanic, and Asian population in what would continue to be the same number of safe black districts. As Obama put it: “An incumbent African-American legislator with a 90 percent district may feel good about his reelection chances, but we as a community would probably be better off if we had two African-American legislators with 60 percent each.”

    So Obama was concerned that Latinos and Asians would take over African-American districts in Chicago.

  • Sam Stone

    WOW!! Whodathunk this woman hated whitey? Just like her illegal hubby!

    I bet the Obama’s secret Halloween bash threw away more food than Haiti eats in a day!

  • Cat lady in Texas

    And Jay-Z took an entire floor of a hospital for a million or more & that doesn’t count because he’s not white.


    it’s time for the ghetto whitehouse family to go occupy kenya for good

  • Kingslayor

    OBUMMER will go down in history as the first illegal alien president of the United States of America!!! He has enabled the enimies of our country. His administration has put the interest of illegal aliens ahead of U.S. citizens for his own power, greed, and control. In the end his own people will turn on him for his racist, so-commie policies.

  • Liz

    Obama is at least half greedy then. And it shows.

  • HadEnough

    Hhhhmmm let me guess….Is Daley a “white Irish Catholic”………sure seems like he had his nose full and this being released was enough to make him finally get off that sinking ship…….hope he put that bitch back in line and didn’t take any of her crap………

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  • Conservative to the Core


  • Sasja

    Please, it’s “Dreams FROM My Father”. There is a difference. Perhaps it is time to re-visit Dinesh D’Souza.


  • vityas

    Isn’t there a tell in body language that when a hand has the fingers spread, much like we see in the above photo, that is a sign not of affection but of distaste?

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  • 8675309

    Hey, he said that he didn’t hear any of “those” sermons.

  • If you hate this Irish Catholic I could care less, Barry

    Just know that the feeling IS mutual, jerk… but unlike you, not for ignorant, racist reasons

    I hate you for trying to destroy my country for three years while lying through that goofy smile of yours about it the whole time.

  • andre

    Why is Moch not wearing her ring?

  • jhump

    Zippy looks like quite the dandy in that sweater vest.

  • Winghunter

    Not even a mnetion of Michelle’s thesis at Princeton? You’ve got to be kidding!

    Michelle Obama

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  • Does this surprise anyone here? I don’t think so…

  • HadEnough

    Daly is an Irish surname, derived from the Gaelic….these comments come out and he steps down…………

  • No surprise here…………..Both have deep-seated hatred for white americans……and America in general………….just sayin

  • Eton

    We don’t need black occupants in the white house. That stupid Negro pseudo president
    is not an American. Born in Kenya, educated in Indonesia, birth certificate is bogus.
    He does not belong in America. He should be thrown into the ocean for the sharks
    to feast on.

  • LaPur

    all i see r angry whites who are now a dyeing breed lol. i mean, if it was such a concern to you all, wouldnt you be working at becoming lawyers and politicians instead of wasting ur time babbling on the internet?


  • TeeDub

    #38 LaPur,
    Please….Even us s*it scoopers have some standards concerning employment!!!!

  • T Hendrix

    Im Irish but not a Catholics,Christian but a pale skin one! And proud to be who God maded me.

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  • LaInfidel

    What do you expect from two products of affirmative action. If it weren’t for these unconstitutional racist programs we would not have to deal with scum like them. His anti White anti American views were well documented before he was elected.

  • gwhh

    surprise, surprise!! as Gomer Pyle would say.

  • Mary Gentles

    Has anyone noticed what happened in Africa after the British pulled out? The poor are beyond destitute because of the greed of whoever can grab power. This is not white greed, prez. I was never told to eat my spinach because “people in Nevada are starving”.

  • BobVnam67

    So she dislikes WHITE IRISH CATHOLICS & this is the first time in her life that she is proud of this country –WELL MO–feel free to leave this country any time there sister –you would NOT get away with the things you or BO says if you were living in another country.

  • Wendy

    Gomer Pyle, would have done a better job in the WHITE HOUSE, than what they have done. Everyone had a problem with Clinton,but now look what we have,Was he really all that bad? I don’t think so. And for someone that has a problem with white’s his Mama is white. I think that the illegal alien president should go back where he came from.

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  • Shady

    Now you BS us Catholics .Thanks alot for the kick in the ass!