Michelle Obama Jokes: “I Kinda Like” Being Called Your Excellency

Michelle Obama makes an appearance on Nickelodeon this month where she jokes that she “kind of likes” being called “Your Excellency.”
Yeah, we know.

Real Clear Politics reported:

First Lady Michelle Obama is to make a guest appearance on an upcoming episode of the popular Nickelodeon show iCarly.

In the episode, which airs on January 16, the First Lady helps the show’s title character Carly get in touch with her father, an Air Force colonel who can’t make it home for his birthday.

Obama surprises the girl and her friends, which leads to her being called “Your Excellency” by Carly’s friend Sam Puckett.

After being corrected by a friend that you don’t call the First Lady that, Michelle Obama jumps in and says “No, no, I kind of like it.”

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  • Matt

    Who says conservatives have no sense of humor?

    You guys are a bunch of douchebags.

  • Dittogirl

    Yeah, some crazy, bitter lady thinks she is some kind of Queen, has the gall to even say it, and Conservatives are the douchebags!? What kind of mental midget comes to that conclusion Matt?

    You liberals are all nucking futs!

  • Billy Sol

    enjoy it because the bastille will be stormed on election day!

  • VM

    Yes it’s a joke, and not even Michelle’s joke — doubtless the scriptwriters came up with it — but it’s still illuminating to observe what kind of jokes people allow themselves to tell. You think for one second that if she said “Guys, I’d rather not say that line” they wouldn’t have rewritten it for the First Lady? But she’s happy to go along with it. And that’s indictment enough for me.

  • [email protected]

    Gawd, what a disgusting woman. There just are not words to describe what an insufferable, arrogant profligate she is.

    Post #7 nailed it.

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  • jorgen

    I agree with her. We can and should eat more cake! Ummmm…

  • Highlander

    OMG … what an embarrassment these people are ….

  • FurryGuy

    Repeating the very words the First Lady utters, and yet the Leftists consider US the douche-bags? So much projection, so little brains.

  • Liz

    Michelda Marcos. 400 pairs of shoes.

  • sablegsd


    They are not likable. Not at all.

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  • srdem65

    We are not amused.

  • squeaky

    [..character Carly get in touch with her father, an Air Force colonel who can’t make it home for his birthday.] basically a walk-on piece of propaganda. people do make the mistake of associating a piece of acting with who the particular actor really is. quite often it’s the polar opposite. a bit of character fluffing for the rubes.

  • Granny

    #20 January 4, 2012 at 1:46 am
    Liz commented:

    Michelda Marcos. 400 pairs of shoes.

    Her name was/is Imelda Marcos and the shoes, as I recall, numbered upwards of 3000 pair. Apt comparison though.

  • squeaky

    the woman is up to her armpits in her husbands quest to radically change the country and some want to know why all the negative coverage? when only glowing adulation is acceptable and anything else is just racist. i’m sure some of these folks are among those demanding respect for the obamas.

  • RedBeard

    Sure, it was a joke. But jokes often have the ring of truth about them.

    All one needs to do is to look at the arrogant, regal and extravagant manner in which Mrs. Obama has behaved since becoming First Lady, and the joke becomes reality.

    The defenders of all things Obama are to be treated with kindness and sympathy, since their task is virtually an impossible one. Defending the indefensible has got to be exhausting.

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  • bear

    She delivered her “line” deadpan. The writers may have intended it as a joke, but the message didn’t get through to our First Empress. In her heart, she wasn’t kidding.

    A CLASSY First Lady would never have agreed to do the line, and would have been horrified at the lack of regard for our Constitutional Republic.

  • SeniorD

    Everyone knows Michelle “Eat your veggies while I eat my Wagu steak” Obama has always though of herself as Royal. As in:

    ..pain in buttocks
    ..pain in neck

    Can anyone else add to the list?

  • RedBeard

    TheArcher, please don’t fall into that racial trap. Mrs. Obama has earned the scorn heaped upon her, not by virtue of her race, but because of her actions, her words, and her attitude.

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  • Adi

    “Her Majesty” should have done a sketch about helping a family who can’t reunite during Christmas because “The King” needs 50 personal bodyguards during His holiday golf rounds.

    Now *that* would be a joke.

  • Patty

    Get her out of our White House. She is the Joke.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Michelle hates America in the same way Obama does — and everyone knows it. They both want to be treated as royalty (an earmark of NARCISSISTS) and they treat themselves at our expense: lavish vacays, flying 2 planes out, flying the dog back and forth, having extravagant celebrity parties at the WH, playing golf golf golf, trekking all over the globe to satisfy their lust for attention, praise, adoration, “proof” of their superiority.

    The political history of these two has nothing to do with the United States most people know. It is a twisted version based on Black Liberation Theology, which is committed to the overthrow of the white race, who are essentially “devils,” and to the overthrow of the government created by the same. This is the thinking. America is the problem. The destruction or disempowerment of America is the answer. This is the goal they will work toward as they already have. Nothing will change in this respect.

    One of the major goals is to allow for the ascendancy of Islam as a dominant governing force in the United States and the world. Another of the goals, and linked to it, is the elimination of the State of Israel.

    Britain and the United States are the MAIN TARGETS of political change for the stealth jihad, who believe they can bring Israel down if the two countries propping Israel up can turn away.

    Just sayin’.

    Michelle and Barack would like nothing better than absolute power, and they will strive to get as much of it as they can.

    Beware of the Venezuela-made voting machines. If we look into it now, it won’t be a problem in 2012.

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  • Mama Grizzly #43

    re Beware of the Venezuela-made voting machines.

    ‘Some of the worst news possible for the security of U.S. elections came a year ago, and somehow I missed it. In March 2005, Smartmatic, a company based in Venezuela, purchased Sequoia Voting Systems, a company which makes electronic voting equipment.

    What’s the big deal? Sequoia’s systems are just as insecure as Diebold’s, with irregularities being reported this week in Pittsburgh and Chicago. And the parent company, Smartmatic, whose machines were used in Venezuela’s 2004 recall election, still refuses to answer questions over the results of that election.

    Let’s look at Venezuela’s elecction for a minute. Richard Brand writes about the national security threat posed by the Smartmatic/Sequoia merger:

    When the vote finally came, exit polls by New York’s Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates showed Chávez had been defeated 59 to 41 percent; however, when official tallies were announced, the numbers flipped to 58-42 in favor of Chávez. Venezuela’s electoral council briefly posted machine-by-machine tallies on the Internet but removed them as mathematicians from MIT, Harvard and other universities began questioning suspicious patterns in the results. — Miami Herald*

    Read the whole thing for more on Smartmatic and its ties to Venezuela and the Chávez government.

    Closer to home, Sequoia’s voting machines are coming under fire for irregularities found during testing in Pittsburgh. A voting machine examiner there was able to turn a handful of votes into thousands and malicious parties could reproduce the problem even with the fix that Sequoia applied to the machines. The machines also had audit trail problems during testing.

    It turns out that the audit trail problem was just one tiny example of how unstable and poorly written Sequoia’s voting software is. Last week in Chicago, voting machines experienced a wide variety of problems, from jammed printers to malfunctioning touch screens to just about everything else imaginable.

    This is quite interesting. Those failing machines used in last week’s Chicago elections were just on loan, and are going to Clark County, Nevada, and Clark County’s old machines went to Allegheny County, Pa., which, you guessed it, are the same ones described above which let malicious parties rig elections.’

    Venezuela’s involvement in U.S. elections

    *dead link. See below

    ‘Consider the lack of confidence Venezuelans have in their voting system. Anti-Chávez groups have such little faith in Smartmatic’s machines that they refuse to run candidates in elections anymore as reports surface of fraud and irregularities from Chávez’s 2004 victory in a recall referendum. Yet somehow Smartmatic International and its Venezuelan owners were able to purchase Sequoia last year without the deal receiving any scrutiny from federal regulators — including the Treasury Department’s Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States (CFIUS), which is tasked with determining whether foreign takeovers pose security risks.

    Flush with cash from its Venezuelan adventures, Smartmatic International incorporated in Delaware last year and purchased Sequoia, announcing the deal as a merger between two U.S. companies.

    Smartmatic says the recall vote was clean and that it is independent of the Chávez government. Responding to my inquiries, Smartmatic-Sequoias sent a written statement: “Sequoia’s products consist only of voting devices and systems, all of which must be federally and state tested and certified prior to use in an election. As Sequoia’s products do not have military, defense or national security applications, they do not fall within the parameters of the matters governed by CFIUS.”

    In fact, Smartmatic International is owned by a Netherlands corporation, which is in turn owned by a Curacao corporation, which is in turn held by a number of Curacao trusts controlled by proxy holders who represent unnamed investors, almost certainly among them Venezuelans Mugica and Anzola and possibly others.’

    Forget Dubai — Worry About Smartmatic instead

    Possibly others, like Soros..

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  • lsufan

    she was’t joking

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  • C’mon, people, have a little sense of humor. Anyone else could crack this joke and no one would think anything of it. Forget politics for just a second and just go with it!!

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  • David Lee

    Michele Obama does take a lot of vacations. Her being compared to Marie Antonette is not outrageous. It is very appropriate. She should stick to her charities and not promote fitness among children, while setting a bad example herself by eating cheeseburgers all the time.

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  • da troof

    You should post an update and show the picture it was derived from, Big Journalism has it. That way you can show how people overreacted to it.

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  • mentalw

    Folks, Is there an open mind – outside of the blind partisan tribes – that can possibly analyze why the script was written this way? Would an arrogant person say “i kinda like that” – and/or try to make people feel comfortable about a mistake?

    Note that the artist chose to reveal how muscular her left arm is.
    (Shouldn’t it have a few tatoos on it?)

    The repubs sure do like to fret about an “imperial presidency” whenever there is a dem family in the WH. But they never fret when its a repub family and they are acting far more imperialistic/arrogant than the obamas. Isn’t it true that ya’ll feel its fine or appropriate for a repub to act imperially – with no possible excess for their pomp and ceremony?

  • mentalw
  • OBAMA_IN2012

    4 more years babe….get used to it LOL!!!

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  • [email protected]

    I am amazed at the hatred hurled at two individuals that were born into working class families (poor in Barack’s case) that used their intellect and God-given abilities to achieve academic, professional, familial & political success. And why might I ask, simply because they are African American. If Barack was white & a republican, Fox News and other right-wing media outlets would place him up there with RWR. In fact, some of the President’s policies are republican in nature. The fact that you feel that this couple is “uppity” shows who you really are. Instead of criticizing and talking sh_t, help come up with & implement some solutions, because contrary to popular belief, this country was in the crapper long before the Obama’s were sent to the white house. Oh, and don’t blame the Obama’s for the right’s inability to put forth a credible candidate.

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  • Jay

    Whoever the fool is that did this and thinks it’s funny is a punk!!!!

  • CAM

    If O B A MA were w h i t e you all would be singing his praises and scuplting out a place for him on Mt. Rushmore….. all you b i g o t s are pathetic

  • JOE


  • diguested American

    You people are a bunch of racist pigs and conspiracy nuts. You are an example of the Idiocracy this country has become which demonstrates how easily the United States could slip into facism. What an embarassment this site has become.

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