Marco Rubio Gives GOP Weekly Address – Slams Obama’s Divisive Plan to Pit Americans Against Americans (Video)

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) delivered the Republican Weekly Address this week. He slammed Barack Obama’s divisive plan to pit Americans against Americans.

“You didn’t hear much talk about the success of his Administration—and that’s because there isn’t much.”

Here’s the transcript:

“Hello, I’m Marco Rubio, a Senator from Florida. Right now all eyes are focused on my home state ahead of next week’s Republican presidential primary. It’s an exciting contest and I know that passions are high. So I wanted to take a moment to explain to the rest of the country why Republicans in Florida are so excited about this primary: Because we believe our country is in big trouble.

“As you know, earlier this week, President Obama delivered his fourth annual address to Congress. It was an opportunity for the President to talk about his accomplishments over the last three years and to lay out his plans for the year ahead.

“And he missed on both counts.

“You didn’t hear much talk about the success of his Administration—and that’s because there isn’t much.

“Yes, this President inherited a significant national debt, but over the last three years he’s made it worse. Our national debt has grown by nearly 50 percent since he took over, and now, for the first time since World War II, our national debt is larger than our country’s economy.

“Yes, this President inherited an economy where unemployment was too high, but over the last three years he’s made it worse. Today our unemployment rate is higher than the day he took office. In fact, since he took over, it’s been stuck over 8 percent every single month.

“This President didn’t talk about his record for one simple reason; he doesn’t want you to know about it. But you do know about it, because you feel the failure of his leadership every single day of your life.

“The bottom line is this President inherited a country with serious problems. He asked the Congress to give him the stimulus and Obamacare to fix it. The Democrats in Congress gave it to him. And not only did it not work, it made everything worse.

“President Obama has a year left in the White House. So what are his plans now to make things better? What does he plan to do now, that he didn’t do before? Well we got our answer Tuesday night. He plans to divide us against each other. To pit Americans against other Americans in the hopes of generating enough votes to get re-elected.

“He tells Americans worried about their jobs that the way to help them is to raise their bosses’ taxes.

“He tells those who are hurting that the only way they can be better off, is for others to be worse off.

“He tells all of us that the only way for some of us to climb up the economic ladder is for others to be pulled down.

“This divisive rhetoric, this effort to gain political support by convincing some that they will be better off if we punish others, this stuff has never worked anywhere it’s been tried.

“People end up fleeing countries who adopt economic policies based on these flawed principles. And more often than not, they come here.

“They come here because this is not who we are.

“Americans have always believed that all of us can succeed.

“That those who have made it fairly, can stay there. And those who are trying to make it will have a real chance to join them.

“This is what has made us different. This is what has made us prosperous. This is what makes us exceptional.

“And now, for the first time in my adult life, we have a President who’s asking us to abandon our economic heritage.

“To become like the countries people come here to get away from.

“To become like everybody else.

“Yes, people are hurting. Yes, there is a growing gap between the rich and the poor.

“But the way to solve it is not to embrace the ‘trickle up poverty’ economics of other nations.

“The way to solve it is to embrace the American Free Enterprise system.

“No economic system is perfect. But the American Free Enterprise system has empowered millions of people in the past. I know, because I saw it with my own eyes.

“My father was a bartender. And I thank God every night that there was someone willing to risk their money to build a hotel on Miami Beach and later in Las Vegas where he could work.

“I thank God that there was enough prosperity in America so people could go on vacation to Miami or Las Vegas. Where people felt prosperous enough to have weddings or Bar Mitzvahs and, by the way, could leave tips in my Dad’s little tip jar. Because with that money he raised us. And he gave me the opportunity to do things he never had a chance to do.

“Now, we had help along the way. I had student loans and grants from the government to help me get my education. And I went to our public school system.

“That’s an important role for government to play. And so I also thank God that we had an economy prosperous enough to afford to pay for these things as well.

“So, I’ll just close by saying, I hope this year will be the beginning of our work towards a new and prosperous American century.

“Because I know that this idea of a nation where anyone from anywhere can accomplish anything, it’s not just something I read about in history books. I’ve seen it in my own life. And there’s no reason why we cannot continue it here, if only we do the right things.

“May God bless all of you, and may God continue to bless the United States of America.”

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    too bad he can’t run for president…he would school odumb$hit left and right on any topic

  • Mike K

    If only……Marco Rubio would CRUSH Barack Obama in the General election. Why, oh why, aren’t we on bended knee BEGGING him to jump into the race…….He is intelligent, articulate and young. He would run away with the race. In addition, he represents all that is good within the Republican party. Hard work brings opportunity. Personal responbility. It is very sad that with all Rubio has, we have Caymen Island/Bain Capital Mitt and philanderer Newt. Are you kidding me????

  • succotash

    I firmly believe that most Americans feel as Marco Rubio does and I pray that they will vote that way.

  • Patty

    It is taking a long time, 3 years for the future visionaries to finally come out and say: Obama is dividing a nations. Socialism or Freedom. Regulations and appointments without Congress. He won’t work with Congress, he will ignore them. Grounds for Impeachment. Well, you would think so in another time, with any other president. Mandates Americans to by a product. You would think that this to would be Unconstitutional and grounds for impeachment, another time another president. You would think that billions in lost revenue and social rigging would be grounds for impeachment, not now, not in this time in history. You would think government having NO budget for over 2 years would be ground for something. A president who has given us 5 Trillion dollar more in debt and then with no conscience ask for another 1.2 trillion to raise the debt would be impeach or some scolding but that is for another president in another time. And gun running and the death of Brain Terry and DOJ who closes records and hides behind his Boss, that some reprimands would be placed upon this administration but that is another time indeed. And you would think that 20,000 plus would be a great thing, XL pipeline but eventually thousands more jobs would be a given for another president but that is for another time and another president.

    Congress has made a budget and they have bills that are sitting in this president Senate to only be ignored and pleas to have them look at the proposals and yet, this president won’t include their ideas and chooses to ignore for his base, that seems to be for another time.

    The time is now, we all must stand come Nov. 2012 for this time is our time. Obama’s actions won’t be ignored is a landslide. America has had enough, enough of the alienation of our friends in the world and enough of alienation of other with opinions. He can’t run America excluding Americas. That is not a president’s job. American people and their values and beliefs can not and will not be ignored.

  • Patty

    Rubio is a real person that will be president, I believe this very much. There are others like him and the are coming up in the ranks but none faster than Rubio. You can tell when someone has vision and is hopeful for America’s values and freedom which will always win out in the end. Obstructions may get in our way but faith in the American people and those who are good and share his values will win. I have confidence in America.

    Maybe he is holding out to run for president some day but our candidate whom ever that may be would love to have him or their ticket. I don’t see that I see more for Rubio. Possibly in 2016.


    correct me if I am wrong…but because Rubio was born in Miami to Cuban immigrant parents that makes him not eligable to be president????…although that didn’t stop odumbo

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  • bg
  • He’s better than any other GOP candidate currently running for president.

    What happened to craigie-poo? Mommie must have cut off his Cheetos supply, thereby reducing his Snack Per Comment(SPC) output to zero. His Nor Luap worship was quite entertaining.

  • donh

    First… Marco Polo plagerizes Michael Savage in stealing the ” trickle up poverty ” line. Second ….He is giving the typical Mitt Romney campaign speech that engages Obama’s class warfare by serving as a defense lawyer for rich corporate CEOs. Marco benefitted from free government give aways in his education but now he is on the side of “evil rich CEO”…this helps the racial left portray Marco as a turn coat traitor to his race as they do with any minority who achieves status in the GOP. His message of how we should all learn to love our rich CEO executives like Mitt Romney is a LOSER. The party needs to stop playing the role of defense tax lawyers for the super rich and start confronting the only real issue…1.5 trillion dollar annual budget defecits caused by a government buying and bailing out the whole world in pursuit of some fascist totalitarian utopia run by “benevolent” international corporations.

  • Patty


    Yes, agree.

  • Patty

    Christie, Ann Coulter…Rinos.

  • #6 bing………….to bad………just sayin

  • Patty

    I heard Rubio on Hannity and he never gave a definitive answer if he would be on anyone’s ticket as VP but I do think he was referring to Mitts.

  • Patty

    Birthers ask: Is Marco Rubio eligible to be president?

    Activists known as ‘birthers,’ who still question President Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship, are focusing on Sen. Marco Rubio, saying he’s not a natural born citizen.

    Read more here:

  • StrangernFiction

    When the chips were down Rubio threw in with the Establishment.

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  • Is anyone currently running for the GOP nomination NOT part of the ESTABLISHMENT? They’re all insiders—every last one of them! The question is the following: How will they govern if elected?

  • WillofLa

    Obama is a Marxist. He was taught and raised by Socialists and Communists. He was taught and instructed by Saul Alinsky, a Socialist, and Franklin Marshall Davis, a Commuinst in all the ways to bring this nation down. Liberalism that was started in this country back in the 1920’s was a disguise for Socialism because the creators knew that American’s would not ever accept Socialist means to fundementally change this nation from a Constitutional representative Republic left to us by our forefathers to keep and grow. The creators knew American’s would never willingly give up their freedom and liberty if they didn’t try to hide the true intent of these people. They decided to use the term “Liberalism” to cover their true intent. They knew that disguised as Liberalism the American people would accept everything that was needed to transform this nation.

    For the past 100 years these people have been transforming this nation with nearly no interference at all. The people who wanted this nation for their own were right about American’s and their sense of fair play and compassion towards those less fortunate. People used to take care of those needy person’s until they could get on their own feet. But those who wanted to take this nation over decided to dump millions upon the natural compassion of needy people until they couldn’t any longer take care of them because they got to the point where they couldn’t take care of themselves the burden was so great.

    This method of overload was given over to the government to take care of because the people couldn’t do it anymore. Since then it has cost them more and more. Liberals have used a economic method that was formulated by two Socialist who were professors at Columbia University back in the 60’s. The name of their method of overburdening a government until it was crushed economically is the men’s last names combined, and it is called “Clowerd-Piven” method of economic destruction. The Socialists and Communists who were controling our government through their seragates in the Congress and Senate and their choice of President that we thought we elected, have been using this economic method to crush this nation by overburdening it with social spending programs and domestic spending programs, and benefit programs for the needy until the people don’t have anymore money to take care of them anymore. Our government is borrowing money from foreign governments now to pay for all the needy people whose numbers are growing more and more everyday.

    We need to put these people back to work but we can’t anymore because while the social spending has drained the Treasury, the Socialists and Communists have seen to it that they removed the one thing that could have provided the money to be able to take care of the needy, and that is jobs. Jobs that were created by all the free people in this nation who wanted to make a living, provide for their families, and make something that people wanted and/or needed for a profit. Under Clowerd-Piven, Socialist and Communist deconstruction of our law making processes, our governmental procedures, our court systems, and our culture, traditions, and way of life with liberalism, environmentalism, and multiculturalism, over taxation, burdensom and unconstitutional regulations from overpowered government departments have nearly completely destroyed what was once the nation that could guarantee someone coming here from a foreign country their dreams could come true.

    Because of American’s belief in the good of people, their concern about the needs of others, and our compassion, and our faith in God, our belief that America was a blessing from God to us on this Earth, we were easy to take over by people who were evil godless people who wanted something they could never provide for themselves because of their evil intent towards their fellow man. We American’s have been to easy on these people, and have believed that if we tell them to do right and not wrong, that they would see the evil they have done. They will not do right because they are evil. The Bible tells us that our job on Earth is to destroy evil by beginning in ourselves then we can begin on our fellow man. Our faith in the God who gave us that purpose will be the only thing that will give us the strength to destroy these people’s efforts to finsh this nation off.

    We have waited much to long, and we have made our job that much harder by waiting way to late to begin trying to take our nation back from those evil people who have taken it from us. We must stop being nice to liberals, because we need to understand that they will never change because they have been taken over by evil. If we care more for the people and not at all for the evil that has taken them over, we will be able to destroy that evil in them. We can do that by taking away all their power over us by not being nice to them anymore regardless of what they accuse us of doing to them and those like them. We must not pay any attention to their accusations or charges because that is just the evil in them trying to protect itself. That is the part that needs to be destroyed.

    Take liberals power away from them by using our Constitution, which is a blessed article of freedom and liberty for all American citizen’s. We can do this if we follow the law that is in the Constitution. There is more than enough in it to do this job if we follow what we know to be true, and disregard the accusations and charges of the liberals, Socialists, Communists, and their agents of deception and lies. Our attack on them must not be let down. It must be relentless in our mission of undoing all they have done. I believe our Constitution is a blessed article from God and holds the power we need to kill off this evil that has taken our country from us.

    Afterward, we must not ever allow ourselves to be so nice to someone that we would give them all that we have because they say their need for it is greater than ours.

  • west1890

    Every time I hear him speak I wish that he were a “natural born American” and not a “native born American”. There seem to be very few true Conservatives in Congress-and Marco Rubio and Allen West both are standouts.

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  • daryl

    Hold the House, retake the Senate, elect anybody to the White House other than Obama.

    Know the TRUTH about the Government Health Care Bill H.R.3200 – Key Points – YouTube

  • daryl
  • mcc

    And now, for the first time in my adult life, we have a President who’s asking us to abandon our economic heritage. 9emphasis mine)

    Nice touch, if he chose those words purposefully…

    But – yes – I wonder, too, if he bends too easily to the establishment. What a shame, if so.

  • Ausonius

    Wow, you deleted the other post because I ask why the story earlier this week never showed up here?

  • WillofLa

    American’s have been convinced that they still have power through their ability to “vote” someone into office and out of office. Even though that is a fact, it’s the outcome of their vote that has been changed. What has changed is the litmus test given candidates by the people in order to vet those who had ill intent to get into office, and those who had good intentions for getting into office. There was a time in this country where you were not elected unless you were a Christian, church going, good law abiding citizen. That was slowly but surely taken away from the people and given rather over to the political parties as who was put before the people as a candidate. Instead of demanding that the men who were running prove that they are good men by no less being able to follow the law in order to qualify, we don’t even do that anymore. Why wasn’t Obama forced to obey the law of the land that states very clearly that for the candidates for the office of the President, they must provide original and true documents that prove place of birth, Social Security number (which Obama doesn’t have), all school records of the kind from their college education and qualifications, medical, and military records if applicable. Obama is the only person in the history of this nation who refused to turn over these Constitutionally required documents for being a candidate to run for the office of the President of the United States of America. The only one, and he wasn’t even the first Black man to be a bonified candidate for the office of President. Black men like Allen Keys, Jessie Jackson, and others turned over their documents to prove who and what they were according to Constitutional law.

    As mentioned by Marco, the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. It must be obeyed, and it is the extreme responsibility of those whose job it is to make sure everyone who runs for President turns over those documents on time and totality, that means everything required. Obama turned over….nothing! Since he’s been in office his Social Security number has been submitted to the Social Security Administration for verification and the Administration returned a rejection of that number as being nonexistant. That means Obama’s Presidency must be nullified immideately due to not being qualified for holding the office of the President. He must be turned over to authorities so that the documents can be obtained and reviewed for accuracy and truth. If it turns out that he is not a “natural born” citizen as the Constitution requires, his Presidency will and should be nullified.

    That means that every law Obama signed, every Presidential Directive, and Executive Order will also be nullified and will be null and void. Also to, those who partisipated in the cover up should be prosecuted for commiting fraud and possibly treason. For all the over riding of our Constitution and the Congress by Obama he is guilty of treason. And if not a legal citizen he should be imprisoned for treason and being a illegal alien that should be deported back to his native country, probably Kenya. This of course would create a Constitutional crisis that has never been dealt with before. What would we do? What condition would our country be in if we had and should do what by law we must do to correct this mistake?

  • Sasja

    On the natural born v native born issue. One of the concerns was, if a child is born in the US to parents (or as you will note in the link below), the father who was a citizen of another country, where would the child’s allegiance lie. Rubio would not be eligible to run as president, nor VEEP. We have learned a very hard lesson with this one in the WH, that it is important to distinguish the difference between natural born and native born. Zero’s nomination for and subsequent winning the presidential race should never have been allowed to happen. As most of us realize.

  • Sickofobama

    Rubio must not be aware his party is dividing people.

    Rubio turns out is just another Establishment Republican in it for his own benefit.

    And Romneycare who will never, ever repeal the fantastic program copied from his plan he so happily signed with Ted Kennedy sitting behind him.

    Screw them!

  • WillofLa

    How many crimes must Obama committ in order to be enough to finally have him arrested and prosecuted? And his wife?

    There are many people in our government, it’s agencies, and departments who are true patriots and want everyone to be required to obey the law of the land. We cannot continue on as a nation if we don’t take a stand for the survival of our Constitutional law. We cannot be continueously told by people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid they will not do what they must do according to the Constitution without facing the penalty of the law of the land. I am told that nothing can be done to punish these Socialists, and that’s what they are because there is no such thing as the Democrat Party anymore. It is now the Socialist Democratic Party, and everyone who is in it as a Democrat is a Socialist now, not what they continue to call themselves because they are afraid to let the American people know what has become of the Democrat Party. They won’t have any excuse as to what happened to it other than the Party leaders conducted a transformation in order to continue to do the kinds of things the liberals have been doing for over the last 50+ years. And what have they been doing? They have been conducting Socialist law making which has taken our nation away from the people and has given it over to the government. We the people don’t really have any power over it’s government anymore.

    Don’t think I’m telling the truth? Try to tell your representative to do his duty and have Obama arrested for committing treason and see what happens. What he will tell you is nothing can be done right now because the party that could do it doesn’t control both Houses yet. That this would need to be done before they could get enough people who believe that arresting Obama needs to be done because of the requirements of the law of the land. Why? Don’t those in the Houses know that this needs to be done, the obedience to the Constitution? Why can’t we do this? Why was Obama allowed to become President? Who did it? Was it us? Yes! It’s because those in power have us convinced that there is nothing we can do to make our government work like it’s supposed to. Really? Then we the people have truely lost control over our government that the Constitution tells us that we should have. When did we give this power away? Or was it slowly taken away from us and in it’s place we were told that those who took it had the authority to take it from us. We were lied to. Now, it’s time to take our power back from them because it doesn’t belong to them, it belongs to us, the people. And who is it that has our power? The Socialists and Communists who control our representatives. And who is at least one of them? Obama!!

  • Gus

    If you were born here, you are a natural born citizen. The CONSTITUTION does NOT stipulat otherwise.
    Rubio is qualified to be President. He was born HERE.

    Currently, Title 8 of the U.S. Code fills in the gaps left by the Constitution. Section 1401 defines the following as people who are “citizens of the United States at birth:”

    •Anyone born inside the United States *
    •Any Indian or Eskimo born in the United States, provided being a citizen of the U.S. does not impair the person’s status as a citizen of the tribe
    •Any one born outside the United States, both of whose parents are citizens of the U.S., as long as one parent has lived in the U.S.
    •Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year and the other parent is a U.S. national
    •Any one born in a U.S. possession, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year
    •Any one found in the U.S. under the age of five, whose parentage cannot be determined, as long as proof of non-citizenship is not provided by age 21
    •Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is an alien and as long as the other parent is a citizen of the U.S. who lived in the U.S. for at least five years (with military and diplomatic service included in this time)
    •A final, historical condition: a person born before 5/24/1934 of an alien father and a U.S. citizen mother who has lived in the U.S.

  • bg


    parents must be US citizens.. don’t trust
    wkipedia, or altered so Constitution info..


  • bg


    Requirements to Become President

    [Only native-born U.S. citizens (or those born abroad, but only to parents who were both citizens of the U.S.) may be president of the United States, though from time to time that requirement is called into question, most recently after Arnold Schwarzenegger, born in Austria, was elected governor of California, in 2003. The Constitution originally provided a small loophole to this provision: One needn’t have been born in the United States but had to be a citizen at the time the Constitution was adopted. But, since that occurred in 1789, that ship has sailed.

    One must also be at least 35 years of age to be president. John F. Kennedy was the youngest person to be elected president; he was 43 years old when he was inaugurated in 1961. There is no maximum age limit set forth in the Constitution. Ronald Reagan was the oldest president; at the end of his term in 1988, he was nearly 77.

    Finally, one must live in the United States for at least 14 years to be president, in addition to being a natural-born citizen. The Constitution is vague on this point. For example, it does not make clear whether those 14 years need to be consecutive or what the precise definition of residency is. So far, however, this requirement has not been challenged.

    These are the only explicit criteria in the Constitution.]

    hope someone gets a pic of this, as everything related to this topic has
    been, and is being systematically changed via the net, guess Library’s
    may still come in handy..


  • WillofLa

    How can I prove to you people that we do not have anymore control over our government? By telling you to call or email your representative right now, or Monday, tell them to have Obama arrested and jailed for conspiricy to overthrow the government of the United States. Of course the government has already been overthrown a long time ago by liberals who told us that they were Congressmen/women, and Senators and could do it. And since we weren’t being protected by those who knew better, those people who were telling us that we didn’t need control over our government, and we weren’t given that power by the Constitution, and they were going to do what they believed was what America needed, lied to us!! We have been lied to by liberals on every front, environment, culture, traditions, exceptionalism, and “allegence to the flag”.

    Who is it that has the knowledge, experience, and ability to understand the Constitutional law as is given to the people of America, and can do what needs to be done to correct the mistake we have allowed ourselves to make. And at the same time he needs to be wise enough to tell us that we are the ones who let this happen to the country, and it is going to be up to us to get rid of the rest of the rats who have taken over our states and cities. We’ve got our work cut out for us if we can get a man in the office of the President this time who will be able to hand the power back to the American people. Will we know what to do with the power if we are able to get it back into our hands? We will be able to give it back to those representatives who will know how to use it in it’s proper way and obey the law of the land and get rid of the Socialists and Communists who hold that power now.

  • bg


    WillofLa #34 January 28, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    Secrets of Communion

    Death by Government

    [But communists could not be wrong. After all, their knowledge was scientific, based on historical materialism, an understanding of the dialectical process in nature and human society, and a materialist (and thus realistic) view of nature. Marx has shown empirically where society has been and why, and he and his interpreters proved that it was destined for a communist end. No one could prevent this, but only stand in the way and delay it at the cost of more human misery. Those who disagreed with this world view and even with some of the proper interpretations of Marx and Lenin were, without a scintilla of doubt, wrong. After all, did not Marx or Lenin or Stalin or Mao say that. . . . In other words, communism was like a fanatical religion. It had its revealed text and chief interpreters. It had its priests and their ritualistic prose with all the answers. It had a heaven, and the proper behavior to reach it. It had its appeal to faith. And it had its crusade against nonbelievers.

    What made this secular religion so utterly lethal was its seizure of all the state’s instrument of force and coercion and their immediate use to destroy or control all independent sources of power, such as the church, the professions, private businesses, schools, and, of course, the family.]

    btw re: #33 January 28, 2012 at 3:13 pmbg

    albeit still on the right track so to speak.. yes, they have even altered
    that sites definition (which i posted in here somewhere, but finding it
    would concur with that old needle/haystack cliche) a bit since the last
    time i checked .. *sigh*


  • Pete_Bondurant

    Obama wasn’t the only person Rubio rightfully crushed this week. He also put longtime Washington insider, Newt Gingrich in his place.

    I guess Hoft was too busy to post the latter story though.

  • wanumba

    THE POTUS has a Constitutional duty to “preserve domestic tranquillity.”

    Since Obama was elected, nothing but increasing chaos and setting states and citizens against each other, starting with the Democrat Party-organized and coordinated boycott of Arizona – Democrat-controlled cities declaring boycotts expressly to “punish AZ” for SB1070, and pressuring other government and private organizations to join their PARTISAN boycott. The boycotters read like a Who’s WHO of radical Leftist organizations.

    Count the break-down in domestic tranquillity state by state, starting with Wisconsin …

  • bg


    Pete_Bondurant #36 January 28, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    proof please..



  • bg


    wanumba #37 January 28, 2012 at 3:47 pm

    Collapse the system and create a new one.


  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    [Thanks for the transcript; my old-slow dinosaur of a PC doesn’t do audio or video.]

    Wonderful speech by Rubio.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Now, on to the pressing matter of what to do about the G.O.P.’s Divisive Plan to pit Americans against Americans.

    Sure is making itself known here at GP.

    Our trolls are coming in and just laughing — lulz, as it were. Because we’re giving these lulz-seeking ignorant children exactly what they want.

    “Chaos! Conservatives fighting conservatives! Hateful, Dark Side, venomous invective from all sides! YAY! My day is complete!”

    —typical Lib troll, in their television-comedy-addled mind.

  • Gus

    bg. No where in FEDERAL LAW nor the CONSTITUTION is there any requirement that both parents be American citizens.

  • Mutnodjmet

    WE CITIZENS HAVE A MIGHTY STING. I think Team Obama does not realize how much Nov. 2012 is going to hurt.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #37 wanumba

    I suppose one could argue that North Korea has “domestic tranquility.”

    North Korea, you could even say, is the closest thing (in the Lefty mind) to “peace on earth”.

    No fighting. No murders. No dissent. Almost no crime.

    Peace is not the absence of conflict. A prison state whose people all live in daily fear and complete “cry hysterically on command for the cameras or die” subservience is not a place of “peace”.

  • RedBeard

    The Constitution does not disqualify Rubio from the presidency, and neither does the case law. The preponderance of opinion is that anyone who is a citizen at birth is natural born, and Rubio meets that definition.

  • bg


    Gus #42 January 28, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    beg to differ, but yawn. not up for
    another go round in circle debate..

    the truth shall prevail, else we’ll all go to heil.. 🙁


  • valerie

    “#34 January 28, 2012 at 3:16 pm
    WillofLa commented:

    How can I prove to you people that we do not have anymore control over our government? By telling you to call or email your representative right now, or Monday, tell them to have Obama arrested and jailed for conspiricy to overthrow the government of the United States. ”

    Nobody is going to do that, unless you can point to specific actions that constitute treason. From Wikipedia:

    Treason was specifically defined in the United States Constitution, the only crime so defined. Article III Section 3 delineates treason as follows:

    “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.”

    This charge has a particularly unsavory history, due to the McCarthy hearings.

    “On October 11, 2006, a federal grand jury issued the first indictment for treason against the United States since 1952, charging Adam Yahiye Gadahn for videos in which he appeared as a spokesman for al-Qaeda and threatened attacks on American soil.”


    So, in order to launch a credible charge of treason against the President of the United States, you would have to have evidence from two witnesses of an act of war against the United States.

    The rule-of-thumb for treason is the same for impeachment: disagreement over policy does not count.

    If there were evidence that Obama had committed treason, as opposed to a mistake of judgment, we would all recognize it instantly. Nobody is going to succeed with a letter-writing campaign on the subject of treason based on anything I’ve heard so far.

    However, in addition to holding your nose and voting against Obama in the next election, you can support people you admire in the upcoming elections to reinforce the House of Representatives and turn over the Senate. Turnover in the position of Senate Majority leader plus retention of the position of Speaker of the House by Republicans, would put a stop to the current nonsense, whether Barack Obama is re-elected, or not.

  • Gus

    Nothing personal bg. There is nothing in Federal law nor the Constitution to back your theory.

  • Steve

    We have pictures posted of Mark Levin’s hugely successful Book Signing of Ameritopia at Tysons Corner Mall in Northern Virginia. Check them out here…

  • bg


    Gus #48 January 28, 2012 at 4:36 pm

    nothing personal Gus, whatever..

    like i said, time will tell..


  • Sasja
  • Molon Labe

    I am tried of the Left’s always pitting American against American. Rich against poor, northerner against southern, union against management, students against teachers. They live for conflict and control. They contribute nothing but destroy everything. They hate values that honor tradition, courage, patriotism, inetgrity. They honor the weak, the stupid, the violent, the revolutionary. Look at Obama. What has he ever accomplished?

    No wonder Americans honored Reagan. In five years Obama will reside in the same place of honor we reserve for Carter.

  • mcc

    Herb Titus explains the importance for POTUS to be a natural born citizen – and why it was a requirement for that high office and no other:

  • bg



    i have copied & pasted & posted the following from Obama’s own Fight
    The Smears Website re: his BC link several times over the past several

    “When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.

    Since Sen. Obama has neither renounced his U.S. citizenship nor sworn an
    oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship automatically expired on
    Aug. 4, 1982.”

    ergo, he had DUAL CITIZENSHIP at birth, another disqualifier (oh yes,
    that to has been twisted into a contortionist pretzel as well) but the
    fact is, it’s an undeniable fact..

    now it’s gone & this is in it’s place..

    ‘Fight the Smears’ Website Admits Obama
    was Kenyan Citizen: Where’s the MSM?

    i’m telling you, and i am not alone, we are so
    f’n screwed, i don’t know where to begin.. 😥


  • bg


    re: #54 January 28, 2012 at 5:35 pm bg

    G-D bless Pamela Geller for her photo-copy penchant!! 🙂

    [oh yeah, that to has = that too has]


  • Sasja

    Sorry, folks. But Rubio cannot run for president. O’bama, just by the fact his father was a British subject, disqualifies him. One cannot make the case that Rubio can be president because he’s native-born, but Zero cannot (if he really was born in Hawaii), since his father was a British subject, won’t wash.

    Natural born vs native born. There is a difference.

  • wanumba

    #44 January 28, 2012 at 4:18 pm
    Taqiyyotomist commented:
    #37 wanumba

    I suppose one could argue that North Korea has “domestic tranquility.”

    North Korea, you could even say, is the closest thing (in the Lefty mind) to “peace on earth”.

    hmmm.. How about it’s what bg is alluding to up there … this is pitting citizens against each other to create a chaos to exploit. Let’s say North Korea did that decades ago, the divisive part.
    Now we get to see the fruit after the chaos … North Korea horrible, dismal, suppressed, controlled vs South Korea alive, noisy, bustling and thriving.

    The Cloward-Piven’s of the world think a shattered vase glued back together is better than the original solid one. They’re just nasty, wealthy, sheltered brats who like to hear smashing sounds, with no care for the mess.

  • Pingback: Marco Rubio Gives GOP Weekly Address – Slams Obama’s Divisive Plan to Pit Americans Against Americans (Video) | Liberal Whoppers()

  • wanumba

    #56 January 28, 2012 at 5:58 pm
    Sasja commented:
    Sorry, folks. But Rubio cannot run for president. O’bama, just by the fact his father was a British subject, disqualifies him. One cannot make the case that Rubio can be president because he’s native-born, but Zero cannot (if he really was born in Hawaii), since his father was a British subject, won’t wash.

    Natural born vs native born. There is a difference.


    THis is a good question then, why is everyone then claiming children of illegals born in the USA are US citizens? “Anchor babies?” They get automatic US birth certs and passports, all based on the location of their birth.

    So, if one is born on US soil automatically a citizen or not? The entire illegal lobby claims those kids of illegals are 100% American, and thus eligible for every benefit… which means also POTUS eligible. SO, if Rubio was born on US soil, he’s eligible.

    The things that qualify OBama’s citizenship as a bona fide mess are questions about mother’s age, whether she actually had a legal marriage (the apparent husband was booted out of Harvard later for evidence of polygamy), remarriage, renouncing citizenship, adoption, switch here switchback there. As usual, nothing about Obama is straight up, and it doesn’t help matters he doesn’t look anything like Obama the elder.
    There’s a lie, maybe two in there, but people can’t pin it down.

    Ivory Coast came up with a rule that presidential candidate had to be born of two Ivorien parents. That instantly disqualified the first president’s own children who were born nd raised in Ivory Coast but their mother was foreign.
    The rule also effectively disenfranchised a chunk of the population.

    So, the both parents must be American lso seems to be beyond what was intended. A lot of early Americans would have been like that , and frankly still many come from grandparents or parents with one naturalized or unnaturalized immigrant parent.

  • Toa

    I’m typing this before even having read the article or the comments: this guy needs to run for higher office as soon as he thinks the time is right.

    Cuban-Americans are one “minority” whom “Liberal intellectuals” feel it’s OK to despise.

  • decentAmerican

    PALIN/RUBIO 2012

    You will soon admit to yourself, there is no other way to get our country back.

  • John Schuh

    The case law is not conclusive, either way. However, if we look at the differences between Obama and Rubio, we see that Obama has a much looser connection to the United States than Rubio. Obama never in fact lives with his father, either as an infant or later on. After a short interval, his mother married an Indonesian man and took her son to live in Indonesian. He may or may not have been adopted by his step-father. He then returns to Hawaii to live with his mother’s parents through his teen years. After awhile his mother returns to Hawaii, but her connections with the country remain tenuous. By outlook and life style she was an expatriate. Whenever she managed to alienate her son as she moved from place to place is hard to determine. Obama grew up in the state that is culturally least like every other state,2500 miles from the California coast and as close geophraphically to Tokoyo as to Washington DC. He goes to Occidental, under which name we do not know, for somewhere along the line he has resumed the name of Obama, probably after a brief encounter with his natural father around the age of 10. Burt we don’t know what name he was using at Occidental or Columbia, not do we know exactly how he managed to transfer to Columbia.

    Rubio, by contrast, was born, grew up in the United States and his parents became naturalized. He has never lived anywhere else. He is assimilated to a far greater extent than Obama.

  • Sasja

    Wanumba. A native born citizen is one who is born in the US and it doesn’t matter that its parents are citizens of another country.

    A natural born citizen is one who is born to citizen parents. If they are born overseas on an American installation, they are considered natural born, as was the case with McCain. Although there was some doubt as to whether he was born on an American installation. That is why the Senate voted him eligible to run for president.

    Then there’s Mitt Romney’s father who was born in Chihauhau, MX. Since his parents were US citizens and had not renounced their citizenship, and since Mexico did not consider them citizens of Mexico, from what I have read, he would be recognized as being natural born.

    One concern the framers had was that those born to a parent who was not a citizen of the US, but held citizenship from another country, would have divided loyalties.

    I have a cousin who was born in Germany to US citizens. Since he was born in a German hospital, when they returned to the US, he had to go through the process to become a naturalized citizen.

  • Ausonius

    #36 Pete_Bondurant
    #38 bg

    The stories (3) are on Drudge (archives now) and are title as follows:

    Marco Rubio: Mitt Romney is no Charlie Crist
    Tampa Bay Times, Jan 24, 2012

    Rubio Scolds Gingrich camp, says ad bashing ‘anti-immigrant’ Romney’s inaccurate, inflammatory
    The Miami Herald, Jan 25, 2012

    Gingrich Pulls Ad After Rubio Dubs It Inflammatory
    National Journal, Jan 25, 2012

  • bg


    decentAmerican #61 January 28, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    fyi: Rubio endorsed Mitt Romney..

    Palin, Cain, Gingrich (not to mention his pro
    -USA cabinet), Tea Party.. Ging O Newt!!


  • elhrac

    Rubio is a sellout. He just used the Tea Party when it was convenient for him.

  • Sasja

    Wanumba. The lawsuit filed in Georgia against Zero is based on 2 things.

    One, is an 1875 Supreme Court opinion which states only a natural born citizen, or someone born in the US and whose parents are US citizens, can be president. Since Zero’s father was a British subject, it would make him ineligible.

    The second alleges that Zero’s birth certificate, SS number, and passport records are forgeries.

  • Sasja

    bg, so Rubio has endorsed Mittens.

    elhrac. Be interesting to learn what Mittens promised for his endorsement.

    As I posted on another thread. For the right price, pols will jump into bed with anyone. I just hope this doesn’t include Rubio.

  • Ausonius

    #65 bg:
    Where did you see Rubio has endorsed Romney? I haven’t seen him announce.

  • Ausonius

    #66 Elhrac:
    So if someone doesn’t fall in line for Newt, they are a sell out?
    I just saw a national pole that showed Newt had 52% support with those identifying themselves as “tea partiers.” So, the 48% that don’t want Newt are not ‘authentic’ tea partiers?
    It kind of sounds like getting rid (supposedly) of one set of establishment sorts only to replace it with another establishment, one that doesn’t represent a majority of R’s either.

  • bg


    Ausonius #64 January 28, 2012 at 7:30 pm

    Marco Rubio: Mitt Romney is no Charlie Crist

    Rubio Scolds Gingrich camp, says ad bashing
    ‘anti-immigrant’ Romney’s inaccurate,

    Gingrich Pulls Ad After Rubio Dubs It Inflammatory

    eh, that’s nothing, there’s at least 100 i would have liked to
    seen with it’s own headline.. but hey, as far as i know, this
    website isn’t a ‘lets post Marco Rubio’s every last word’ ala:
    MSM covers Obama..

    btw, you should have seen what wasn’t posted re:
    Herman Cain.. never mind the lies that wetre.. 🙂


  • bg


    Ausonius #69 January 28, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    sorry, could have sworn i not only read that somewhere, but, posted
    about it.. on the other shoe, i know Romney endorsed Rubio in 2010..
    will keep looking.. there’s also a possibility that they may have made
    a mistake and pulled it..

    btw, unless a miracle occurs, it looks like it may
    be over
    , and Romney will be the nominee.. 🙁

    here are Gingrich’s endorsements, click on [show]..


  • elhrac

    If the GOP nominates McRomney, I think it will be the end of the GOP. Conservative voters won’t continue supporting a party that nominates losers over and over again.

  • bg


    January 28, 2012

    Cain Endorses Gingrich for President

    [Cain and Gingrich both come from the Atlanta area and have been friends for more than 20 years. The two men worked together in the early 1990s to help defeat Hillary Clinton’s plans for healthcare, and as House Speaker, Gingrich appointed Cain to the National Commission on Economic Growth and Tax Reform Commission – better known as the Kemp Commission.

    Gingrich said he was “honored” to have Cain’s support and immediately announced that the former pizza mogul would co-chair his tax reform and economic growth advisory council.

    “America’s challenges are too great for mere tinkering around the edges. Just like Herman, who ran his campaign based on big ideas, I am running on bold solutions that will boost job creation, cut bureaucratic red tape, and fundamentally transform Washington,” Gingrich said.

    When Herman Cain suspended his presidential campaign, he promised to stay engaged. This he has done. The watershed moment of that engagement might very well be his endorsement of his former rival for the highest office in the land.]

    Newt Gingrich Delivers Keynote a Palm
    Beach, Florida GOP Party Event


  • I’ve watched Rubio for a while. He is the real deal. No matter who wins, they would be a fool not to make him the VP. He’ll steal all the Hispanic and conservative voters.

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    Obama is a fraud and Valerie Jarrett is the puppet master. This blueprint for America is being lead by her ….her father-in-law Vernon Jarrett is Head of the Communist youth
    Hat tip Bunkerville:

    Vernon Jarrett was a leader of the Chicago chapter of American Youth for Democracy – the youth wing of the Communist Party. Chicago communist journalist Frank Marshall Davis was a national sponsor of American Youth for Democracy, as well as being a Progressive Party supporter. Both Davis and Jarrett worked on the radical Chicago Defender newspaper and in 1948, both served on the publicity committee of the Citizens’ Committee to Aid Packing-House Workers

    Iranian born Valerie Jarrett – the real center of Obama’s inner circle is a great post to start out with if you need a refresher. Valerie Jarrett: It is claimed she is the other half of Obama’s Brain in the Vid. She doesn’t deny it.

    Valerie Jarrett is the true Puppet Master the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place–but when they put them all together they should ALL be tried for treason..all of them who knew and had a part in the biggest SCAM of American history.

    Learn fast everything on Valerie Jarrett your President behind the scenes and SHE is pulling the strings–she hired Van Jones ..

  • bg


    re: #74 January 28, 2012 at 8:37 pm bg

    Allen West is the first speaker up.. 🙂

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  • elhrac

    Herman Cain is the real deal. I thought his SOTU response was much better than Mitch Daniels, who the establishment loves.

  • bg


    re: Ordj #76 January 28, 2012 at 8:45 pm

    [Illinois: The first NP member heads to Congress, as Danny Davis wins an overwhelming 85% victory yesterday (he got a higher percentage of the vote in that district than the President). NP member and State Senate candidate Barack Obama won uncontested. Interestingly, it appears that the local Democratic machine is trying to distance itself from our folks. At a “Democratic Unity” march on Chicago’s West Side, a flyer invited community members to join with a host of local democratic candidates. The only two west-side Democrats not listed: NP members Danny Davis (U.S. House candidate) and Michael Chandler (Alderman and Ward Committeeman).]

    a bit more of much more here, also more throughout thread as well..


  • WillofLa

    #47 Valerie,

    Yep, knew that about treason, but I say that in hopes that we could get our hands on the Black Berry that Obama also refused to turn over to the FBI when he became President, I’ll bet there is plenty on it to charge him with aiding and abetting the enemy of this nation Islam. Also to Valerie, Sedition was done away with back after World War One, it’s been that long since people have stirred others up with their ideas, like Obama, and speech like Obama? I would say at no less Obama is guilty of having his Presidency nullified by all the crimes of over riding the Congress and the Constitution, and from his speech of dividing American’s for the purpose of “divide and conquer” sort of thing. And the serious crime of being involved with Eric Holder in Fast and Furious. That is enough. My Congressman agrees with me that Obama has committed “many crimes worthy of his (Obama’s) removal”. How much more are we supposed to put up with before we see our nation lost for good, then what? Are they going to say, “Oop’s. I guess we waited to late.” My money is on very many inside and outside our government who are just chomping at the bit to rush in there before Obama does anything really dangerous, and does serious damage to our nation. There is so much in government that none of us laymen out here know anything about, that goes on each day. There is also very much that Obama has done that we are unaware of that really isn’t worth fooling with that we would think was serious. But it’s those in government who know that make the difference. I am banking on them to save our butts before it’s to late, and American’s have hit the streets with their guns. You know?

    #76 Obamas regulation destroys jobs

    Read Michele Maulkin’s book “Culture of Corruption”, and she tells us all we need to know about Valerie Jerret, the Communist. She’s the one who guides both Barrack and Michelle on how to adhere to the Communist Manifesto in overthrowing the United States. And they are sticking right to it and have been able to do every bit of it because no one will lift a finger to stop them, because no one will accuse them of being Communist, and they won’t expose Valerie as being one to the American people, at least the one’s who would know what a Communist is would say something about her and the rest of Obama’s administration who are card carrying Communists. People like the conservative radio host Mark Levin who just put his latest book out, “Ameritopia” that explains all we need to know about liberalism and Communism and how these disgusting people took our government and our country away from us and when. He also goes deep into the mind of those people so we’ll have a deeper understanding of how they think.

    It’s called “know your enemy” something we were taught in the Army for war. And we are at war with liberals and Socialists and Communists, and unfortunately Muslims to. It would be very easy to stop the Mexican’s and send them home. But to get rid of a fellow American who is a Communist or a liberal is a lot harder to do. Hell, it might be somebody you grew up with and now you are going to have to make a choice, him or your country. It’s just like the War Between The States, commonly known as the Civil War, which it wasn’t. A Civil War would be everyone in the whole country warring together. What happened back in 1861 -1865 was the war between the states above and below the Mason Dixon Line. The states below this line wanted to susceed from the country and form their own country. Those above it wanted to join the “union” that Lincoln wanted to create in order to join the whole country together. And I know there was a whole lot more to it than I just said, and, no, I do not want to start a conversation about the proper terms for, and reasons for that I just happen to not include here. I’m very generally correct so forget it. I’m just making a mere statement about Southerner’s who I am proud to be!! I am a true Southerner who belives there is a North and a South. And I know that Obama hates Louisiana and the South in general. Remember we’re the “bitter clinger’s who cling to their Bible’s and guns.” You damn better believe it!!

  • Fionnagh

    #77 THANK YOU. I love this man, who so obviously loves America, and I hope I live long enough to see him elected President. For those of you who missed Comment 77, we’re talking about Allen West here. Scroll upwards and watch the video.

  • valerie

    #81 January 28, 2012 at 10:01 pm
    WillofLa commented:

    I’m just being practical. If we simply hold the House, we can minimize the damage. With both the House and the Senate, we can force him to triangulate, and maybe override a veto. With the House, Senate, and the right President, we can repair a lot of damage, and set the stage for a long-term rebound. This is going to take a lot of effort, and I’d rather concentrate on electing responsible, competent people that fighting over legal side-maneuvers.

    This does not mean I think well of the current administration. I think Barack Obama really is the sock puppet that Nancy Pelosi wanted, which is why our treasury has been raided by all those green shell companies.

  • therese

    When it comes time to Vote I know a lot of people will get up on Nov. 6th and Never get around to voting. There will be some who will have “Important” Meeting, those who will be out of town, those who ran the kids around all day, and so on and so on. PLEASE VOTE ABSENTEE IF YOU CAN NOT VOTE NOV. 6 YOU CAN START SENDING ABSENTEE APPLICATIONS TO THE ELECTION BOARD NOW…. ABSENTEE VOTING STARTS 42 DAYS ( I may be off by a day or two) PRIOR TO THE NOV 6 ELECTION…. NO EXCUSES…. GET OUT AND VOTE !!

  • RedBeard

    Some of the vicious comments here about Marco Rubio are very disappointing. He has done nothing to deserve such treatment.

    I don’t always agree with my own family members, but I don’t shout pejoratives at them.

    Sometimes these comment threads remind me of the nuthouse play-within-a-play in Marat/Sade.

  • wanumba

    #67 January 28, 2012 at 7:40 pm
    Sasja commented:

    A bit later in the day, but thanks for your clarifications.