Let the Class Warfare Begin… Obama SOTU Address – January 24, 2012

SOTU- Too Long, Too Partisan, Too Barren of Policy

Let the Class Warfare Begin!

Barack Obama will attack the rich tonight in his State of the Union Address.

Warren Buffet’s secretary is sitting with the First Lady tonight.

Obama to Congresswoman at SOTU: Don’t Get Lipstick On Me (Video)

Obama attacks the rich. Drink.

Obama: It’s American to bash the rich.

Obama blasts banks for giving loans to people who couldn’t afford them. (In His Activist Days Obama Sued Banks to Ease Lending Practices)

Obama: No company should not pay taxes while sending jobs overseas. (Except for GE)

Obama has a LOT OF NERVE pretending to be a protector to the middle class after he nixed the Keystone Pipeline last week.

By the way… Here are the talking points for tonight’s speech.

Higher education cannot be a luxury.

Obama calls for amnesty.

Obama says he’ll sign DREAM Act right away.

Obama circles around and starts talking about fairness again. Drink.

Obama talks about consensus – This is the same guy who rammed through Obamacare, right?

Obama says we all want a smaller efficient government – This is the same guy who raised the annual US budget by a TRILLION dollars.

Obama wrapped it up by spiking the SEAL Team football.

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  • a_gryphon

    GRITS – Gingrich Republicans In Touch, SUCKAS

  • http://biggovernment.com gee!

    I would rather be water-broaded…………..than watch this lying dip-stick…….just sayin

  • bigkahuna

    Let the Lying and over stating of the economy begin.. oh and taking credit for everything Bush did in Iraq, etc

  • regularguy

    Hell, the class warfare has been around at least since Marx. Still, times like these I’m grateful I get nary a single channel on the TV to have even the slightest temptation to watch this crap.

  • bigkahuna

    For the first time in our history we have a douche for a [president and have one who takes credit for something he had nothing to do with

  • aeroguy48

    I am watching re-runs of Pawn stars on the History Channel! Much better info.

  • bg


    January 24, 2012

    Herman Cain Delivers Tea Party Response to SOTU TONIGHT!

    [Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest tea party political action
    committee, is teaming up with Herman Cain who will deliver the
    Tea Party response to the State of the Union Address tonight.
    The response is being held at the National Press Club in
    Washington, D.C., immediately following the GOP response.

    watch live here..


  • Patty

    Obama in my neck of the woods would be considered rich. How did he make his money? He has some investments somewhere but never seen any in the American people.

    If Americans continue to listen to what Obama has in mind for America, really listen, you can take it to the bank, he will never have a second term. Punishment for a teen to have a baby, now a punishment for Americans to work hard, invest and then hire more workers and those workers invest and then they too will own their own company.

    Gingrich has the right ideas. Rebuild the America we love. It is not a dream like Obama to spread the wealth. It is a fact that has built this nation before and can do it again. But with Obama ideas, investments won’t be made for fear the taxes will not be worth their investment.

    I do believe Buffet is in the first stages of Dementia. Obama loves his rich boys. Soros and Buffet have no problem to tell Americans what the should do with their money. They are filthy rich. Billionaires who have lived their life and don’t have anything better to do but tell others how they should live theirs and that is why Obama is in their company.

    They love telling others how they should spend their money. Romney won’t give more no even a dollar more and that sounds good to me. On this point I agree. Government is taking more than its share of the rich investment money and using it for bad. It is incomprehensible that Obama with 11 Solyndra failures, Recovery Act Failures, Auto industry Failures and Obama care failure. This is what he wants the rich’s money for. More government take overs and more failures.

  • a former dem

    I guess he’s given up on the independent vote, I hate the class warfare crap!

  • bigkahuna

    My grandfather …..,was a middlke class hero…so why cant you??? Its those rich eveil republicans

    Relect me Evil, rich, fair shair, fair shot, same rules..ecept for Liberals and poor people and my cronies

  • Patty



  • bigkahuna

    Wow Business saved and created 3 million jobs. They have never created more. Its perfect thanks to me all me

    All those bad loans democrats forced to make to stupid people like you….Thats all republicans fault.

    I will work with anyone except republicans I wont talk to

  • bigkahuna

    I saved the unions and auto industry by stealing it and giving it to the suckers who voted for me and committed voter fraud.

    It only cost you the taxpayer $80 billion dollars and we screwed the rich evil shareholders and bondholders.

  • a former dem
  • bigkahuna

    Business people you can save the country..So what can you do to save us ??? Vote that duchebag out of office

  • Patty

    Americans need to know that Rich are taxed 35% on their income. On investments they are taxed again a second tax of 15% called capital gains tax.

    45% after income and then investment. Taxes. This is something that must be kept low for the economy to grow.

    Obama is using Class Warfare to destroy our economy. And once again, Buffet is a sick and tired old man. A billionaire.

  • bigkahuna

    So he wants to reward companies differently based on what they make ???

    That should simplify the tax code… Screw you jerk off. Lower all corporate taxes

    What a tool

  • Patty

    a former dem.

    He has investment in Railroad on West coast to carry barrels of oil down from Canada and the cost of this is triple the EX Pipeline

  • TeachX3

    I do not comprehend why most the room is always giving him a standing ovation. Is it just respect for the Office of Presidency, or do all of these people truly believe what he is saying??

  • Patty

    Teach X3

    Well, there is one lawmaker who is absent tonight out of protest. I wish they all had the ___ to do that. I would waist a last wish on that.