The far left leader of the #Occupy the Rose Parade is a convicted thief, a 9-11 truther and a former democratic assembly politician.

Peter Thottam (in suit and tie) appears at a 2007 Los Angeles “9/11 Truth” rally (Venice for Change)

Big Government reported:

For college football fans, the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA is sacred ground. “The Granddady” of the college football tournament games, it has been played every year since 1902.

The accompanying parade, the Rose Parade, predates the game, dating way back to 1890. It’s a tradition that normally goes off without a hitch–that is, until this year, when “Occupy the Rose Parade” has decided to disrupt the festivities.

Led by Peter Thottam, who we will return to in a moment, the Occupy the Rose Parade activists will follow the long parade with their own demonstration. It won’t be the first time that Thottam has tried to disrupt the parade.

In 2008, he–along with supporters from the Los Angeles National Impeachment Center–worked with Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink, and Iraq Veterans Against the War to try to make a statement about impeaching Bush and Cheney.

But this year, Thottam obtained approval for a protest to follow the parade. At the parade’s conclusion, his group plans to pilot an “Octupy Octupus,” a puppet made from recycled plastic bags and bamboo that takes 40 people to operate. The organizers say that the puppet symbolizes Wall Street’s tentacles, strangling American politics.

To prepare for the Occupiers, who will include Sheehan and filmmaker Michael Moore, the City of Pasadena had to double its police presence to deal with the supposedly peaceful protestors.

Thottam makes clear that his beef is with the parade, not the game. “A total of nine floats are underwritten by banks. We believe the parade has not only been corporatized but militarized,” Thottam told the local press.

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  1. All Little Peter needs is a bag of feces and a case of the crabs and he’ll feel right at home among his own. So glad he’s a pal of the Code Pinkos.

  2. At least the guy is consistently crazy in everything he does.

  3. “A total of nine floats are underwritten by banks. We believe the parade has not only been corporatized but militarized,” Thottam told the local press.
    and WHO is paying for his own float of garbage and the vehicle under it ?

  4. won’t someone just shoot these folks? Oh, no – here comes AttackWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatch!

  5. a puppet made from recycled plastic bags and bamboo that takes 40 people to operate.

    Sounds flammable. Someone call the Fire Marshal

  6. ++


    Repo Men

    [That’s a pretty fantastic lineup, from Wall Street’s point of view, but the real bonus turned out to be Treasury secretary Tim Geithner, who came up through the ranks as part of the bipartisan Robert Rubin–Hank Paulson–Citigroup–Goldman Sachs cabal. Geithner, a government-and-academe man from way back, never really worked on Wall Street, though he once was offered a gig as CEO of Citigroup, which apparently thought he did an outstanding job as chairman of the New York Fed, where one of his main tasks was regulating Citigroup — until it collapsed into the yawning suckhole of its own cavernous ineptitude, at which point Geithner’s main job became shoveling tens of billions of federal dollars into Citigroup, in an ingeniously structured investment that allowed the government to buy a 27 percent share in the bank, for which it paid more than the entire market value of the bank. If you can’t figure out why you’d pay 100-plus percent of a bank’s value for 27 percent of it, then you just don’t understand high finance or high politics.]

    much more @ link..

    In fact, Hitler did strengthen the German establishment, but not
    exactly in the way the bankers and businessmen had wanted;
    and now, fifty years later, it is clear who was using whom.

    bit more here..


  7. My many democrat friends are totally disenchanted

    with former candidate Obama. There are good

    Democrats, rank and file dem’s are good Americans.

    Leadership Dems are traitors to the constitution

    And America. Finally got so bad as to be obvious

    To the simple minded (rank Nd file Democrats).

    Powder is dry

  8. These creatures are completely anti-American hence their Soros support and links to the WH. Can anyone imagine them doing anything beneficial for American society? They are so Canadian.

  9. #9 bing……………Soros has alot money yet to be spent……….just sayin

  10. I love the “no blood for oil” poster…Have we ever taken one-drop of oil from these middle eastern barbarians that wasn’t bought on the open market? Desert Storm? Iraqi Freedom? What is with these people???

  11. What a pitiful, $hit stain spectacle…Ignorant zombies manipulated by Soros, Obama, and Van Jones.

  12. Of course, not a single msm reporter bothered to check him out.

  13. Let’s see. He lost $800,000 of his and his siblings’ trust fund on bad investments. Got fired from at least 2 jobs with “corporate america”. I am assuming there is still money left in the trust, so under whose mattress is it kept? Surely he is not keeping any money in a bank! A typical moronic demorat.

  14. i’d never support a pogrom, except if the recipients were handing out lead pipes claiming to be the majority…

  15. Many of the truly scummy far-Left radicals have crawled out from the underbelly because they have been emboldened by the Socialist in Chief.

  16. “No Blood for Oil”

    Well, the anti-Left idiots have gotten their wish with our capitulation in Iraq. The Chinese are benefiting from our troops’ sacrifice, though.

  17. this is planned and inspired by members of the democratic party. this guy is typical of the people that run the democratic party.

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