John McCain was a bit offended today when he heard that Newt Gingrich called him a “moderate” conservative. (Really John?) McCain fired back at the Gingrich camp claiming Sarah Palin doesn’t know Newt like I know Newt.

McCain also blamed Newt for the “Bridge to Nowhere” even though he had been out of office for several years when that earmark was pushed through.

So who are you going to trust, Sarah Palin or John McCain?




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  1. Hey what do you expect from John McCain ?

    Limp wristed republican.

  2. Johnny has his own agenda. I’ll take Palin’s ideology over McCain’s any day.

  3. Believe it or not, but Romney is worse than McCain….

  4. John McCain needs to retire. I’m sure they have a place for him somewhere in Hanoi.

  5. Meaning… Palin can see something in Newt – that Romney lacks.

  6. This from a Moron who got spaked by Obama

  7. McCain, we know you well enough to know that your word is trash. Sarah Palin understands what people want, you couldn’t even challenge the socialist, instead tried to tell us he was a good guy.

    Nobody wants you around anymore, just drag your useless a$$ back home to Arizona.

  8. Some one needs to hook up a machine to McCain to see how much methane just came out of his mouth, lots of BS!

  9. Furk McCain and all RINO $cumb@gs.

    They are responsible for the ruin of America as much as the liberal ass hats.

    That Includes Christie who just nominated a gay rights fanatic to a NJ judge job and Nitt Womney.

    The guy bought the NJ appointment with a double cheeseburger and fries – super-sized.

  10. Just remember the disdain for the members of the TEA Party:

    Oh by the way they said that raising the debt ceiling was supposed to keep us from a credit downgrade.

  11. John McCain is a vessel for the entrenched cannibal establishment. Time to retire John and take meghan with you!!!

  12. Remember when McCain sat on that couch with Pelosi.

  13. I am a Romney supporter. I had to push down a big chunk of bile when McCain endorsed Romney. I really don’t like seeing McCain out there at all. He is an mental midget who gets his jollies by poking a stick in the eyes of conservatives.

  14. What they haven’t taught her the secret reach around hand shake in the progressive party clubhouse? My Friends My Friends fight with me GTF Away already

  15. It was the SENATE…Senate Republicans who stimied any conservative agenda when Gingrich came to power. John McCain, Bob Dole, and a hand full from the deep blue North East states most dependant on the Welfare estate beat down electoral mandates to balance the budgets. It was the Senate that did not want the Impeachment trial dropped on its desk, and Newt was willing to pay the ultimate price for bringing the case because it was the right thing to do. Nothing good has come out of DC since Newt was toppled by the morally bankrupt cannibals inside our own party. Johnny must have eaten human flesh while staying in that vietnam POW camp. He is a savage little back stabber of a man…. good for nothing but scalping people of better morals and talents.

  16. I trust neither! Republicans are gonna crash and burn! This is a train wreck! Divide and conquer!

    Don’t throw RINO at anyone who disagrees! I’m with #13, Newt is anything but, the “outsider”!

    If Sarah has the answers, why didn’t she in all her glory step-up and enter the race???

  17. He invoked the name of Sarah Palin in order to get his statement noticed by the

  18. It will be interesting to see if Romney wins who his VP nominee is. If it wasn’t for the nomination of Sarah Palin I may have not have voted. By voting for McCain I broke a vow that I would NEVER vote for him. Unfortunately I live in Missouri so I never had a choice in the primary of 2008. It had already been decided. As far as I am concerned there should be one date when EVERYONE votes in the primary for the Presidential Nominee!

  19. McCain is a disgrace. If anyone should be apologizing it’s him for being such a miserable candidate in 2008. Not to mention his cluelessness about the S&L crisis.

    I will not vote for Romney. Period. Even against Obama.

    Even if Romney wins against Obama, his disdain for conservatism will lead him to abandon conservatives and the Tea Party and join forces with the Democrats and RINO-Squish Republicans.

    All in the name of ‘Bi-Partisanship’.

    So no, ObamaCare will not be repealed under Romney, just altered.

    Nor will the Republican Congress and even Senate under John Boehner and Mitch McConnell fight against Romney’s intransigent Bi-partisanship. All they will do is rubber stamp it.

    So, no, make that HELL NO will I vote for Romney as it will lead the Republican party to the pitiful state it was in between 2006 and 2008 until the Tea Party saved its a$$.

    I’ll even support Ron Paul should he go 3rd party despite my huge reservations for his foreign policy views.

    Romney is UNACCEPTABLE under any circumstance!!!

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