Fred Thompson: Mitt Campaign “Has Drudge in Their Back Pocket” (Video)

Former Senator Fred Thompson, a Gingrich supporter, told Meet the Press today that the Mitt Romney camp has “Drudge in their back pocket.”
Via Meet the Press:

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The Politico reported:

Former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.) on Sunday attacked Mitt Romney for “unseemliness and overkill” in his aggressive campaign against Newt Gingrich, the candidate Thompson has endorsed.

Romney’s “modus operandi, basically, is to play Mr. Nice Guy until somebody gets close to him,” Thompson said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “And then he unleashes his attack machine. And that’s what happened in Iowa and it’s what’s happening in Florida.”

Thompson said that a story in Sunday’s New York Times depicts “Romney’s staff … patting themselves on the back, talking about how mean and down they are. How they’ve got Matt Drudge in their back pocket. And how Romney is in on all of it.”

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  • Militant Conservative

    Go ahead, make my day.

    The more Mitt attacks the more Newt wins.

  • Opaobie

    Stand by for attacks on Thompson for having a “trophy” bride and for selling reverse mortgages and getting old folks tossed out of their homes just to make a buck. Alinsky tactics are not just for the candidate, they are also for anyone who tosses him a lifeline.

  • ClinkinKY

    Hey, did you see that?. Matt Drudge just jumped over a shark on his surfboard?

  • No Man

    You hit a 10X pinwheel with that, MC.

    Each day, Nitt becomes less attractive and grows more into a mitwit.

  • RB

    In the interests of fair and accurate reporting: Thompson did NOT make this charge directly. He said that Romney’s team bragged about Drudge being “in their back pocket.”

    Please don’t stoop to Maureen Dowd-like quoting technique.

  • Jimmy


    Juan McCaint sitting next to Fred.

  • Ella

    Romney is acting like he won’t need the Tea Party vote in November. We can certainly accommodate that.

  • Nanna

    Mitt Romney as brought a new low to the Republican party. I have never seen anything like this in my life.
    He is so dirty, and throat cutting. He is too much like a leftie democrat for my taste.

  • Ariel

    Yeah, kinda figured Drudge was compromised after his site deluged us with a torrent of anti-Gingrich articles after Newt won South Carolina. Some even remarked at the unusual circumstance of so many hit pieces coming out at the same time and ending up foremost among The Drudge Report’s headline articles. It was almost as if the attacks were coordinated by some unseen, nefarious group (eg. the Romney campaign) Nah! Nothing to see here folks, just move along!


    Ella, speak for yourself. Anybody but BO (except of course Paul).

  • ClinkinKY

    Anyone else noticed that Matt Drudge/Drudge Report doesn’t have a Twitter account? What do they say, “he can dish it out, but he can’t take it”?. What a coward.

  • jainphx

    Wait he did say it though didn’t he? What matters whether he said he knew it or Romneys operatives said it, if not true he’s open for a suit. Romney is an evil man with no morals what so ever. Lie, cheat, steal, bare false witness, it doesn’t matter as long as he gets the power that he wants and needs. We are screwed with Mitt.

  • Jeremy Cannone

    If Mitt becomes the GOP nominee, he better find a way to get me to vote for him. What he and the GOP establishment are doing is despicable! I’m no fan of Newt either, but Mitt has taken this way to far, and I’ll write somebody else in if he is the nominee. I am so disgusted by Mitt and his teams actions.

  • cnation

    Nice sensationalistic and highly inaccurate headline, Jim.

    Tonight’s assignment is to study the meaning of the following words:

    1- Attribution

    2 – Credibility


  • Kaitian

    “He is so dirty, and throat cutting. He is too much like a leftie democrat for my taste.”

    What about Huckabee (I’m running because I’m anti-Mormon!) and McCain when they gamed the primaries against Romney in 2008? Even George W. Bush in the 2000 election in South Carolina? Hello! Welcome to the primaries. This is nothing new.

    Did you guys miss where Drudge had good headlines last week when Gingrich won South Carolina?

  • Tjexcite

    Mitt may have drudge but he just shows truth via links. If Newt wins he will need thicker skin when they really find who is in the back pocket of Obama and they don’t just point to links they lie.

    The state media aka the whole MSM will not follow the ideology of the new leader of the state. They will work overtime to destroy him. If Newt can not handle the simple Drudge links he does not deserves anything.

  • Kaitian

    “I am so disgusted by Mitt and his teams actions.”

    What about the anti-capitalist / OWS attitude by Gingrich? Are you suggesting that Gingrich is right on being anti-capitalism?

  • Militant Conservative

    Negative ads work, when your running against

    a democrat/republican in the general.

    Doing negative ads against someone in your own

    Party. Shows what a class act the attacker is.

    yup, Mitts going to need TEA partiers to get the

    nomination. Where I’m sitting, he’s pissing in the

    Wind, and trying to tell us it’s raining. LOL

    Trust that GOD still favors America.

    Obama is an evil we HAD to endure.

    Powder is dry

  • Remco Kimber

    Romney is despicable in all of this; he so lusts for the power of the presidency. Perhaps it’s shades of Joseph Smith himself.

  • ClinkinKY

    @Kaitian—I suspect that, if he’d been around during the time, he would have felt obliged to report on the Hindenburg also. Really?