Everyone Must Sacrifice… Obamas Hid Extravagant “Alice in Wonderland” Bash From Public

In January 2009, before the president signed his failed $787 billion stimulus bill into law, Barack Obama lectured America saying,

“Everyone must sacrifice for the greater good… Everyone must have some skin in the game.”

Everyone but Barack and Michelle Obama.

The Obamas hid an extravagant Halloween “Alice in Wonderland” party from the American public for fear of creating the wrong impression during the worst recession since the Great Depression.

More pictures here.

The Telegraph reported:

The White House covered up an Alice in Wonderland-themed Halloween party staged by film director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp for fear of creating the wrong impression during a recession, a new book on the Obamas has claimed.

Depp greeted guests in the costume he had worn in a film version of the Lewis Carroll story released around the same time by Burton, who was given carte blanche to transform the state dining room into a Mad Hatter’s tea party in “his signature creepy-comic style”.

A long table was “set with antique-looking linens, enormous stuffed animals in chairs, and tiered serving plates with treats like bone-shaped meringue cookies”, writes New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor in The Obamas, which is released on Tuesday. Fruit punch was served in blood vials at the bar, she adds.

George Lucas sent Chewbacca from Star Wars to mingle with invited guests, who included the Obamas’ two daughters Malia and Sasha and friends, the children of White House staff members and military families.

The White House press corps was allowed to report on more modest festivities earlier that day for Washington-area school children, but did not release details of the more glamorous festivities that occurred later for what was the Obamas’ first Halloween in office in 2009.

UPDATE: Verum Serum has pictures from the bash.

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  • patman

    all this hope and change is making me not egg mcmuffin.

  • BurmaShave

    My Dear Leader… NOT!

  • BurmaShave

    I wonder what else went on at that Halloween Party.

    Many Halloween Parties are creepy through and through, especially in certain liberal precincts.

  • moron

    More like the press hid it from the public at the request of the King. Like the LATimes and Obama-Khalidi video.

  • Tyranny’s Bain

    “Everyone hobbit must sacrifice for the greater good… Everyone hobbit must have some skin in the game…
    The One to rule them all, The One to find them,
    The One to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
    In the Land of Barackdur where the Shadows lie.” -Obama the Deceiver

  • Must be part of that whole new “transparency” thing, huh?

  • Red 5

    And the MSM and their crack staff missed this one too. Like it was a top secret CYOPS operation or something. I’d like to see their excuse on how they missed this. It amazes me that people still defend this admin.

  • tallflagal

    Just a “kids” party? Well when was the last time I had one for $80.000.00? Where was the press? Who thinks this OK even in good times? Guess that’s why they had to hide it. What else are we not sharing? November can’t come fast enough, what a waste of money!

  • George Bush or any other Conservative couldn’t FART in the privacy of his own bathroom without it being front page news and looped 24/7 on all the cable outlets, yet these dirtbags can throw a perverted party on steroids on taxpayer money and…….crickets from the media….make that, COVER UP by the media…disgusting…and NO Christmas unless all the ornaments on the “KWANZA Holiday Tree” have OBAMA worship on them….sickening.

    …and the horse they ALL rode in on……

  • usamopatriot

    This will surely come back to haunt them. Oh, I forgot, we no longer live in a sane world…..

  • Sasja

    Zero has skin in the game. It’s just not the same one he wants to force us into playing.

  • Mikey

    The White House press corps was allowed to report on more modest festivities ..

    THAT is the problem!
    Who allows the press to “report”.
    What happened to our free & investigative press?

  • bear

    Misleading title: “obamas hid…. .” In fact, the ENTIRE lefty, anti-American political/media complex conspired to hide the outrageous perversity of the current administration’s continuing wholesale LOOTING of the treasury from the whole world, while still bleating about Sarah Palin/Nancy Reagan/Laura Bush wardrobes.

    The mantra of “we’re for the little guy” sounds like the same crapola as “religion of peace” and “we support Israel.”

  • shibumi

    “Who allows the press to “report”.”

    A tin pot dictator.

    And that’s what we have.

    Prez for Life Hussein.

  • Patty

    Is he or is he not part of the 99%? 😆 Wish like all the other billionaires and millionaires in Washington they could leave a crumb for those who are having difficulties keeping their heads above water.

    Must be nice to preach to the millions every day that this nation’s job creators have too much, so they are the ones Obama wants to destroy. Far be it from Obama to make a sacrifice or Michelle to do all her shopping at a thrift store. Wandering if your 15 year old car will start so you can go to that job that is beneath your education. And then after graduating you can even find work other than flipping burgers. Do the elitists like Obama and Michelle care for Americans other than a hour in a Soup kitchen twice a year.

    He is president and he is of course allowed to have a party every now and then but it flies in the face of all his speeches on tightening OUR belts, while 90 rounds of golf, trips two time a year to Hawaii, then gallivanting to Spain and Martha Vineyard.

    I wish someone in the Media this week during the press conference would ask Obama what are his sacrifices that he has made.

    Never lost a home, has always had someone drive him, food is plenty, has a job, (NOT DOING TO WELL AT IT), and then he has the audacity to tell us to sacrifice more. The only thing that I can give up now is my blood. We have given our sweat and tears, we are the people who obey the law, make a budget, pay higher taxes every year so Washington can get its fix.

  • olm

    I was reading about this little affair this morning.
    The book/movie/mini series/x rated film, that will come out of this ridiculous presidency is going to be good.
    The funniest part (because the majority of it is not funny) is that the liberal media is touting this book as all about what a support Michelle is to her husband.
    Here’s the headline from The (zero) Oregonian
    “First Lady adapts to role learns to use clout”
    Page 1. I kid you not.

  • Patty


    I saw that today. Obama is like a partner with Sony and all the Hollywood elites love him.

    It the media’s eyes Obama and Michelle are Camelot rebirth of two great historic figures. Barf

  • Multitude

    Remarkable how much more the Obamas have in common with Czar Nicholas II than they do with Obama’s idol Lenin. Extravagant costume parties, skinny dipping, imported food rarities, celebrities and other significations of radical excess while the Russian people starved.

    Barry might want to consult his history book; the real revolutionary Lenin, who wasn’t a privileged elite with a faux populist masquerade, didn’t particularly take favor to the Romanov family.

  • mike

    The White House covered up an Alice in Wonderland-themed Halloween party staged by film director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp for fear of creating the wrong impression . . .

    uhh, no I think they covered it up out of fear of creating the right impression.

  • donh

    It shows the wasteful redundancy of government spending…like using 2 planes to fly out on a vacation.

  • Practical Jane

    There are a few places where you just shouldn’t serve blood punch in vials:
    The Vatican, Buckingham Palace, The White House…

    Such poor taste these mongrels have.

  • retire05

    #16, the White House press corp are invited to the White House at the pleasure of the President. If he says they don’t get in, they don’t get in.

    Franklin Roosevelt was infamous for that. If somone reported on one of FDR’s actions in a negative manner, Roosevelt barred them from every being invited to any White House action or press conference. So reporters learned quick, who was buttering their bread.

    One except was William Randolph Hearst. He broke with FDR and FDR’s policies in 1935 (after the Great Depression continued on and the FDR did nothing to help those of the Dust Bowl) and for that, FDR sicced the IRS on Hearst. Hearst also reported on the Holocaust, while every other publication in the U.S, who also knew about it, refused to report on it for fear that Jewish Americans would demand that FDR do something.

    There is no honesty in the press anymore. That all ended with Walter Cronkite, who is touted as the epitome of a reporters. Cronkite single-handedly lost the Vietnam war for us with his false reporting on the Tet Offensive.

    So if these reporters want to stay part of the ones allowed to even enter the White House press room, they go along or they git along, like the little doggies they are.

  • donh

    Well clinton did sex in the oval office . Obama holds a black mass in Satan’s honor. Made a mockery of the hanukka menorah. They are running out of ways to punk the sacred places and turn them into the House of Belshazar. To sink any lower into depravity, Obama will have to call for the Pope’s head on a platter.

  • charlie

    Come on folks!

    Let them enjoy their holiday.

  • bg


    Obama has done everything on “down-low” his entire life..


  • bg


    re: #34 January 8, 2012 at 8:38 pm bg

    on the “down-low”


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  • thescribbler

    I wish I could sacrifice like the Obama clan. Just saying.

  • Milkman

    When obama speaks to the nation, he does not include him self because he does not part of this nation. He is a usurper of power. He does not care about anyone but himself

  • Milkman

    the bama’s get away with it because they are not true americans; they feel america owes them

  • Carbon Pootprint

    I thought every Wednesday night was theme party night at the White house? That’s the way it started out anyway.

    Kind of funny how the progressive traitors ended up with all the money in this country huh

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  • USMC Thomas

    African tinpot dictator’s would be proud of the boy.

  • west1890

    Little do Obama’s supporters, both black and white, realize that in his eyes they are no better than we are. We are all “untermensch’ as far as he and his elite circle are concerned. We are to be tolerated until it no longer fits his plan to tolerate us. I’m willing to bet that if he wins the election the mask will come completely off and life as we knew it in this country is over. He and his elite circle hold us in contempt and I’m sure it pains them to smile and remain civil awaiting his second victory through fraud at the polls. We cannot depend on a Congress of self centered jackasses to save us. They’ve already handed us over on a silver platter. We will have to save ourselves or we will perish.

  • Joe Bean

    The American sheeple never hear about this because the news media refuses to cover it. Instead the news media is more interested in asking whether or not a presidential candidate approves of condoms or something.

  • Voice of Reason

    Obama has consistently said one thing and did another. He wants us to trust and don’t verify. Then when his hypocrisy is exposed, we get the Obama Ministry of Truth political spin machine to distort and distract ad nauseum. America is reaping what it sows by electing this incompetent president, and it isn’t good. Okay, Bush wasn’t really that much better if any at all one might say. Regardless, we cannot afford this folly.

  • kato

    With so many black parasites in this country, why would anyone expect these two grifters to be any different?

    Time for white liberal media people to do what they do best: Kiss ass.

  • bg



    meantime the “doublespeak” continues..

    January 8, 2012

    Panetta: We Will ‘Stop’ Iran’s Weapons Program

    [On the Strait of Hormuz, Dempsey said Iran
    could close the waterway “for a period of time.”

    “We’ve invested in capabilities to ensure that if that happens, we
    can defeat that. And so the simple answer is yes, they can block it,”
    he said.

    “We’ve described that as an intolerable act. And it’s not just intolerable
    for us, it’s intolerable to the world. But we would take action and reopen
    the Straits.”]

    January 4, 2012

    EU defies Iran’s threats over Strait of
    Hormuz, agrees to tentative oil sanctions

    [The embargo will force Tehran to find other buyers for oil. EU countries buy about 450,000 barrels per day (bpd) of Iran’s 2.6 million bpd in exports, making the bloc collectively the second largest market for Iranian crude after China.]

    December 19, 2011

    Defense Secretary Panetta: We Will Take Whatever Steps
    Necessary To Stop Iran From Getting a Nuclear Weapon ..

    [Pelley: A nuclear weapon in Iran is…
    Panetta: Unacceptable.]

    October 29, 2005

    Why Haven’t We Seen This?

    [We have a strategy drawn up for the destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization… we must make use of everything we have at hand to strike at this front by means of our suicide operations or by means of our missiles. There are 29 sensitive sites in the U.S. and in the West. We have already spied on these sites and we know how we are going to attack them.


    The Americans are not ready to send a million men (to defeat the Islamic Republic),” Abbasi said. “Even economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic will fail thanks to opposition from the Western public opinion and the refusal of most countries to implement (them).]

    bit more here..


  • Valerie

    #24 January 8, 2012 at 8:38 pm
    charlie commented:

    C’mon, Charlie, admit that you don’t care about the many people who remain out of work because of this administration’s policies, and you wouldn’t even care if somebody died because of this administration’s incompetence…..

    Oh, yeah, that happened. I’ll tell you one thing, “Charlie,” Mexicans count with me, too.

  • Niki Branson

    The pretender and his wife are using the people’s house and taxpayer dollars to throw lavish parties for their Hollywood minions while ordinary everyday hardworking Americans suffer through a recession HE caused.

    Can you imagine if George W Bush even daring to have a good time during a recession? The lamestream media would crucify him. It makes me so mad I could spit.

    One good thing about having Romney for president is that at least he can afford to pay for multi-million dollar his own parties and vacations and multiple trips on air force one and won’t have taxpayers footing the bill.

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  • Patty

    When he says sacrifice I want a clear and present explanation that all the folks in his kingdom will understand.

    I want to here what he is actually saying, it has to be community service as many in Obama world live on minimum wage as it is. For the millionaires and billionaires who in his opinion make to much is it higher taxes to keep the king’s nation alive and well.

    Really, explain to the nation what is proper sacrifice for the the Party goers in Washington.

  • Patty

    And for the unemployed who keep on getting more unemployment from the government. They are apparently the ones under Obama’s thumb and dependent on Government. which the middle class who he is supposedly helping, they are to carrying.

  • Patty

    So, sacrifice? Obama needs to sacrifice and for once be A PRESIDENT. Your are not God, or our parent.


  • Patty

    And this! Really sickening but most of all hiding it. What are we becoming and where in God’s sweet earth are we going.

    The money being spent on this could bring laughter to some of the poorest little eyes. And yet, we have this.

  • donh

    Nice to have a president who looks like a box of Count Chocula cereal.

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  • Molon Labe

    I’d like to see how much his parties cost, what the travel expenses are. I’ll bet he has spent triple the amount ofthe last three presidents combined.

    He should be billed.

    He is a typical black despot.

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  • wanumba

    They party-plan for their daughters like Saudi princesses. Not exaggerating. Over the top all out extravaganzas. If it was their own money they were using, it’d be kitchy but fair. Thats OUR money they took from us. Whole ‘nutha game.

    Anyone notice that Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter looks suspiciously like his WIFE-ish (partner – er mother of his two kids)? The frizzy orange hair, the face, the tooth gap? Thought there was something familiar-odd about it. Maybe the rumors of their breakup are true. What a jerk to do that to her.

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  • MN Jim

    What DID make the news around that time was speculation that Sarah Palin got a boob job after some great pictures of her with a new bra appeared. No word about the obama satanic cult party in the White House, though. That would have been too controversial.

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  • Eriah

    First of all, is the President wearing a priest costume? And what in the hell is Malia suppose to be? I believe that is a giant container of morton’s salt she is holding. WTH?

  • Eriah

    I answered my own question. Malia is dressed up as the Morton Salt girl

  • paul52

    C’mon, that’s not a party pic. That’s a file photo of the Emperor and his Cabinet (though I do see a Wookie).

  • burt

    We do not have a media. During the Presidential Election of 1944 – FDR was essentially dead. Every one in government and their allies the media hid that fact from the American people. God forbid that an evil Republican would be elected. To make this even worse, they didn’t even inform Vice President Truman of Roosevelt’s extremely poor health, and no one kept him up to speed. He didn’t even know about the work on the atom bomb.

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  • Not Likely

    The right-wing blogosphere: proving there is no rock-bottom to the petty depths to which they will sink, every day.

  • ReadingIsAwesome

    Outrage! Except, this event was so super top-secret that The Today Show ran a segment on it. And it was announced at the press briefing, and written up in the press pool report. And Johnny Depp’s fan site publicized it. And it wasn’t some super hoity-toity secret affair, some “lavish parties for their Hollywood minions”: it was a party for thousands of DC schoolkids and military families. So, in a nutshell, you guys were wrong about every single aspect of this non-story.

    And, “black despot”? Really? It’s nice finding the racist sprinkles on top of the “Gateway Pundit’s readers will believe anything” sundae.


    @ReadingIsAwesome and Not Likely:

    Just TRY to convince us that you leftards wouldn’t have had grand mal seizures had Bush done crap like this. We know you love the way the Marxist-in Chief has dragged the country into an economic and foreign policy cesspool, but don’t expect the rest of us to follow suit.
    Get up off your knees and wipe your chins.

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  • ReadingIsAwesome

    UHhhh…I can pretty safely say that I would not ever be angry at any President for throwing a big nice party for school children and military families, because of the thing where I’m not insane.

    Nice goal-post move, also. Instead of admitting that you guys were wrong, you turn it into a Bush vs Obama thing and insult me for the crime of “bothering to actually learn the facts surrounding the supposed incident.” The assertion here is that Barack Obama, the President of the United States, threw a lavish, private party for himself and his friends, and that claim is plainly untrue.

  • William

    There was an entire slideshow of AP photographs from the event on the Examiner back in 2009! http://www.examiner.com/us-headlines-in-national/halloween-white-house-stylepicture

    There was an AP article about it that ran on MSNBC.com and an article on the Chicago-Sun Times. It was even covered on Johnny Depp and Tim Burton fan blogs. The party was announced by the Press Secretary, there was a video on the WH website, more photos on the WH Flickr page and etc. How is that hiding the party? All the information was there and in the open!

    Seriously, what kind of idiotic, Orwellian nightmare are we living in when people (on either side of the political divide) can just make claims up without having to show any evidence or proof as well as denouncing a stack of evidence that denounces those claims. This is getting ridiculous!