Two New York Democrats went on trial today for for their alleged actions to steal votes for Democratic candidates in the Working Families primary by forging absentee ballots.
FOX News reported:

So far four democrats have pleaded guilty in the case.
The Times Union reported:

Jury selection in the Rensselaer County ballot fraud against two Troy Democrats is set to begin Tuesday.

Former City Councilman Michael LoPorto and Democratic County Elections Commissioner Edward McDonough will be tried for their alleged actions to steal votes for Democratic candidates in the Working Families primary by forging absentee ballots.

McDonough will be tried on 38 counts of second-degree forgery and 36 counts of second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument. LoPorto will be tried on 29 counts of second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument. Each charge carries a maximum prison sentence of seven years if they are convicted.

So far, eight people have been charged in connection with an investigation conducted by Special Prosecutor Trey Smith and the State Police. Four have pleaded guilty.




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  1. And the Judge (who is also a member of the Democrat Party) will, of course, find them all not guilty of any wrongdoing whatsoever.

  2. They pleaded guilty…………..this is NewYork …………they will not get a day…………just sayin

  3. Wait. I read in the Huffington Post that voter fraud didn’t exist and that voter fraud laws are racist. Don’t shatter my liberal world!!!

  4. Another 5 letter word for Fraud… OBAMA!

    Another 6 letter word for Felony… BARACK!

  5. Soros funded the campaigns of hundreds of these low profile offices to facilitate vote fraud and stop any investigations of the same. Does anyone have any idea of who funded the campaigns of your local officials? My bet is that you have no clue and could not find out if you tried.

  6. Sounds like the PRI in Mexico. I doubt any of them will be convicted. By the way, are the dhimmies still insisting that voter ID is a crime?

  7. I’ll take “Embarassing Democratic Truths That Are Underreported” for $200, Alex.

  8. This is wonderful but a handful is just the tip of the iceberg. Someone somewhere is going to blow the whistle. I believe their are 1,000 of others and I suggest pulling up Soros and his sheep to see where that leads us. And ACORN UNDER FIFTY DIFFERENT NAMES.

    Let’s try the letter “R” for rat Radke or the letter “L’ leftist Bertha Lewis.

  9. voter fraud is a very widespread problem. we should all be lobbying our congress people to do something about this problem. it will be a major factor in the november election. if your elected representative is a democrat they will like the illegal voters so you have to lobby twice as hard.

  10. Business as usual for the demo-craps….you ain’t seen nothing yet until you see the illegal crap come november

  11. “Massive” voter fraud?

    This concerned the election of City Councilmen inTroy, NY. A city of 50,000 people.

  12. It’s just not fair that these four, poor, dems are being discriminated against, when entire dem machines in other places commit voter fraud as a matter of course.

    I mean, it’s what dems DO. And they do it with the blessing of the state-run media.

    Can a tiger change it’s stripes?

  13. Yet voter ID is called racist.

  14. How can you have massive voter fraud in Troy, NY?

    Troy is a town of 50,000.

    By definition that is not massive.

  15. By definition, you’re a moron!

  16. Wake up America. The simple fact is that the United States Government was overthrown in a Bloodless Coup on the day that Barack Hussien Obama was illegally sworn into office. You have been betrayed by a bunch of self serving quislings.

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