Bizarre… Bill Kristol Says Mitch Daniels Won the Debate(?)

The power of non-participation.

The Republican establishment is coming unglued. They can’t stand that Newt won the tea party hick vote in South Carolina. Bill Kristol just gave the boring debate last night to Governor Mitch Daniels.
The Weekly Standard reported:

I’ve got to think Monday night’s debate further swelled the groundswell of support for Mitch Daniels. The liveliest part of the debate was at the beginning, when Mitt went after Newt—and Republicans all over America watched with fascinated horror at the thought that these are the two GOP frontrunners. The only spectacle in American politics more off-putting than Newt Gingrich in self-righteous defense mode is Mitt Romney in self-righteous attack mode. I thought Mitt’s attacks were somewhat more dishonest than Newt’s defenses were disingenuous, but it was good to move on to the rest of the debate, where little further damage was done.
Mitch Daniels

My conclusion: If Mitch Daniels’s effective tax rate is 30 percent rather than 15 percent, and if he was never paid $1.6 million by Freddie Mac, he can be the next president.

Sorry Bill. Mitch ain’t running this year.

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  • crackermike

    Obama’s method of destroying his opponents is to use sexual innuendo, just ask Ryan in Illinois. Obama’s problem is all the good sex dirt on Newt is already out there and thus rendered useless to Obama in Nov. Daniels on the other hand has a wife that actually did swap Husband and lover and then back again and Mitch took her back like the good little cuckhold he is. Just IMAGINE what Obama will do with such dirt in the General. Obama knows Romney won’t fight back and he’s just salivating to say: “Do we really want a slut as 1st Lady”? At this point the so called Republican Elites are either incredibly stupid or have cut a deal with Obama to ensure his 2nd term.

  • mamabear

    Methinks they are throwing Romney under the bus

  • Lady Mondegreen

    Of course he’s wrong about Mitch Daniels, but he’s right about the fascinated horror. We’re polishing the plate on which we’re going to hand Obama his second term.

  • Terry Gain

    Is this the same Bill Kristol who welcomed The Arab Spring? He thinks a brokered convention will help the GOP, as if a top down solution which ignores the results of the primaries will help the party.

  • bg
  • Bill Mitchell

    Well, if Intrade is any gauge, nobody won, but MSNBC clearly lost for producing probably the most boring debate of all time. I mean seriously, no audience participation? Could they be any more transparent in trying to deny Newt an advantage?

    Try watching Seinfeld sometime without the laugh track. It’s not nearly as funny.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Why do people love Mitch Daniels so? For me he is completely unappealing to look at. He looks skeletal.

  • bg


    oh no, not the Weekly Standard too!! 😆

    not anymore..


  • bg


    Bill Mitchell #6 January 24, 2012 at 7:09 am

    re: [I mean seriously, no audience participation? Could they be
    any more transparent in trying to deny Newt an advantage?]

    exactly my thought, and seriously doubt we’re the only ones to think it..


  • RedBeard

    Freudian slip.

    Of course that doesn’t excuse Kristol’s abysmal RINO-ism.

  • RedBeard

    On second thought, I retract the Freudian excuse. Kristol is just a half a bubble off plumb.

    I met, sat with, and talked with Mitch Daniels for some time, during his run for governor of Indiana. Nice enough guy, semi-conservative perhaps, but charismatic he ain’t. I can’t imagine him doing well in a head-to-head debate with The One.

  • bg


    mamabear #2 January 24, 2012 at 6:54 am

    that’s what the establishment RINO Party do..

    ergo, me thinks that is a correct assumption.. 😉


  • bg



    Andrew Breitbart to Be a Featured Speaker at CPAC 2012

    [The American Conservative Union (ACU) today announced Andrew
    Breitbart will be a featured speaker at CPAC 2012 – the 39th annual
    Conservative Political Action Conference. America’s largest gathering
    of conservative leaders and activists will be held Thursday, February
    9 – Saturday, February 11, 2012, in Washington, DC.]

    Congratulations AB!!


  • CT

    On subject here is a repost of a comment I made last night.
    “Newt got neutered. Bluster and answer avoidance is easy to see without the yahoo rah rah chorus in the cheap seats.”
    Debate audience participation does not make for a better debate unless all you are looking for is entertainment. Our candidates looking forward instead of the past would be novel. Solutions out way accusations every time they are put forward.

  • CT

    I was a Mitch Daniels advocate over a year ago, but Mitch has declined to run. I suspect there is more than a little truth to comment #1 from crackermike, however the cuckold crack is distasteful.

  • Gary Ogletree

    Groundswell? This is code for GOP honchos smoking dope dowb in southern Indiana’s limestone cave. So much code, so little time.

  • valerie

    A writer, trying too hard to find something new to say, often comes up with gibberish.

  • bg


    South Carolina Message

    by Thomas Sowell
    January 24, 2012

    [But the message from South Carolina was about more than a reaction
    to how Gingrich dealt with a cheap shot question from the media. Nor
    was it simply the Republican voters’ response to Newt’s mastery as a

    The more fundamental message is that the Republican primary voters
    do not want Mitt Romney, even if the Republican establishment does
    — and it is just a question of which particular conservative alternative
    the voters prefer.]


  • StrangernFiction

    With a President Romney or a President Daniels the bully pulpit would become the bullied pulpit.

  • Freddy

    There was a strange statement from last nights debate that I cannot figure out.

    Romney claimed that Gingrich was so bad as speaker that he led the Republicans to ‘historic losses’ in 1998.

    When did a 5 seat change become historic? The 86 seat change in 2010 was the largest change in 80+ years. So what was historic in Romneys mind?

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  • bigL

    unglued??? I heard Ann Coulter on O’ Reilly replay in the middle of the night and she was unhinged. I thought she was going to pop her cork. All about conservatism ultimately.
    NOTE that the elites of either party want Us the reg GOP etc americans to pick or candidate for Pres.