Texas Christmas Honor Killings: Mass Murderer Didn’t Want Daughter Dating Non-Muslim

Aziz Yazdanpanah, dressed as Santa, shot dead his former wife, his daughter, his son, his-sister in-law, his brother-in-law, and his niece. Then he shot himself.

Aziz didn’t want his daughter Nona Yazdanpanah to date non-Muslims.

Via ABC News:
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On Christmas Day Aziz Yazdanpanah shot his family dead. He didn’t want his daughter dating a non-Muslim.
ABC News reported:

A Santa-suited gunman who killed six people on Christmas morning was the estranged husband of one of the victims and the father of two teenagers who died in the massacre.

Aziz Yazdanpanah, 56, showed up to his estranged wife’s apartment on Christmas morning dressed like St. Nick and opened fire shortly after the family had unwrapped presents.

Yazdanpanah then killed himself.

The six victims were identified by ABC affiliate WFAA as: Nasrin Rahmaty, 55, who was Yazdanpanah’s wife; Nona Yazdanpanah, 19, his daughter; Ali Yazdanpanah, 15, his son; Zohreh Rahmaty, 58, his sister-in-law; Hossein Zarei, 59, his brother-in-law; and Sahra Zarei, 22, his niece.

The Dallas Morning News reported more on the killer, via Jihad Watch.

But a more ominous portrait emerged of Yazdanpanah in interviews with some of his daughter’s other classmates.

“She would come to school crying and telling us her dad was crazy,” said Lacie Reed, 18. “He wouldn’t let her wear certain things. He was always taking her phone away, checking her call history and checking her text messages.”

Friends said Nona’s father had installed cameras all around the home so he could watch the family’s comings and goings. Others said he nailed her bedroom window shut so she could not sneak out at night and see her boyfriend.

“She couldn’t date at all until she was a certain age, but when he was going to let her date she couldn’t date anyone outside of their race or religion,” Reed said.

Atlas has more on the killer.

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  • midusdew

    Satan and muzzies are two of a kind…..

  • Remco Kimber

    Gee, I hope the mass media doesn’t mention the muslim/islam connection here. There’s so much islamophobia around and mentioning that fact – which of course would explain the motive (though that’s not particularly important ever to the media) – might cause a backlash against muslims though that’s never happened despite the huge number of muslim crimes including 911 itself.

  • jmar

    Wake up America

  • Babsy

    At least he saved us the cost of prosecuting him and serving our cocktail to queue him for his seventy two Virgils.

  • jainphx

    How can they call this a belief in any g-d? It’s better to kill your whole family, than to allow your daughter to live her life. Whats worse, they call this honor. Honor to who? This whole death cult is just that, a death cult.

  • chasbronson

    Notice how fast the networks dropped the story,even the muslim facts.

  • bg


    sad & tragic.. :-(

    Ron Paul would condone that under Sharia Law in a heartbeat..


  • Bill Mitchell

    Crazy ass religion or not, it really amazes me that modern humans are even capable of thinking this way. I mean you don’t like who your daughter dates so you murder her? And while you are at it, why not just kill everyone?

    What kind of monster is the god these people worship?

  • sliderblaze


  • NeoKong

    Wait a second.
    Muslims celebrating Christmas…?

    Haven’t we been told again and again the reason we can’t celebrate Christmas at work, school, the mall or any place public was because it might offend the aaaahhh…ahem, non-Christians…?
    Now here we have a muslim family celebrating Christmas with presents and wrapping paper and Santa outfits and of course the traditional honor killing.

    We can’t offend muslims with Christmas but a muslim can kill his whole family on Christmas day and the media won’t even go near the fact they were all muslims.
    We only find out on the crazy right-wing internet.

    Once again we have the media filtering out information they don’t think we need to know.

  • Sasja

    Islam. Satan’s church.

  • donh

    The Israeli Fogel family massacre on our own home soil. Islam sure did bear down the fruits of blood offerings this Christmas with a ritual inversion of the adoration of the magi….the abhorrence of the jihadi. A bad omen for the coming year of fear . The year of the 4th horseman . ..> http://youtu.be/T_WwiwWxDd8

  • Redpillpatriot

    Dick… We live in the same neck of the woods. My Granny lived there for a year, was a nice complex, but over the last few years has had more and more muzzies moving into it. The entire metroplex has had a huge upspike in moozlim population. But still the Media and the masses are lulled to sleep with the peaceful moozlim rhetoric.

  • Luddite

    This could be worked into the Muslim reality TV show. It could be the season finale.

  • Patty

    More reporting on this should be done until every American hears this story. These men who are Muslim and believe in this should never have children or be castrated.

    Time for this nation to come to its senses for once. Many in America are unaware of the sickness that is spreading in America. All we can do is have this reported and then those who hear will tell someone and they will tell another and possible our leaders will wake up. This young lady needed help from her teachers or more help from her friends.

    This family was in distress and the signs were there and if only an adult could have reacted in some way. This is unimaginable that this keeps happening in America.

  • Patty

    Honor? Really? They don’t know the meaning of the word.

  • jony101

    something was fishy about this story when it first came out. When they didnt mention the victims or nationality I assumed it was african american or illegal aliens involved and moved on since this a normal occurence during the holidays.
    But I would have never suspected asians where involved, in texas? Why would an asian be wearing a santa claus costume and celebrating christmas?
    Now everything makes sense, no doubt the news media knew who was involved from the beginning, real newsmen know how to get the facts from a crime scene but decided not to release the facts this time. A conspiracy to suppress bad news about certain groups of people?

  • CT

    Americans may wish to consider how safe it is to have Muslims in their neighborhoods, but that would make us bigots wouldn’t it.

    Islam is a deathcult

  • Old One

    We must all reciTe The script of the pols & The marxstream media Islam is a religion of peace love. Recite that mantra lunacy of The establishment like buffoonish Occupoopers drone their media Mutters & OFA scripted chants.

  • bg