The caption reads (translated): Do you see what is wrong with this picture?

Swedish news agency Afton Bladet claims the famous “chipmunk in the small chair” was photoshopped.

What’s wrong with this picture?
The Swedish news agency, Afton Bladet, is telling us to

“Look closely, the picture from the White House ‘Situation Room’ in connection with Bin Laden’s death holds an impressive error … Can you detect it?”.

They say Obama was photoshopped into the picture. AB insists that the president was just way too small in the picture. It must be a fake.
Via Free Republic.

Obama was really out golfing that day.  Maybe he got stuck at the 19th hole?

UPDATE:  Afton Bladet mocked the White House. They added Keanu Reeves to the photo in their video. Hah!




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  1. Regret to inform you. Yes he’s that small but

    Like dynamite he is way destructive dispite his

    Size. Still a terd in the punch bowl.

  2. No NO NO Obama was the only one in the room because he did took out UBL all by himself. Everyone else wss photoshopped in. bahahaaha

  3. I’m gonna go them one further and say he was photo shopped into the presidency.

    He’s too small for that too…

  4. Now that it is mentioned, seems the lighting on Barry’s head is different from the others in the room.

  5. No, he really is that tiny. Little little small dwarf of a man.

  6. ++

    ROTF :lol: MBO!!


  7. First of all. This is not the Situation Room. Secondly, the whole picture is a phony so who cares if the putz was photoshopped.

  8. ” ……he was photo shopped into the presidency.

    He’s too small for that too…”

    Great line!

    I’m just waiting for the rimshot…..Is there a three drink minimum here?

    Seriously….Obama is a tall guy (6’3″ or so), yet he looks disproportionate when compared to the rest of the people in the room. It would not surprise me if he was “shopped” in. Actually, nothing about this administration surprises me anymore.

  9. Barack Obama: President of the Spectacle

  10. Obama is a pathetic lil worm of a socialist.

    I, me,me, I is all he knows till something goes

    wrong. Then it everyone else’s fault, typical

    Affirmative inaction zero attitude.

    Powder is dry, Obama is dispised.

  11. If only they had used a picture of Obama golfing, they would have got away with it…..

  12. If that is a Photoshoped image it’s a very good one, even going as far as altering the meta data to correct and remove any inferences of Photoshop and ensuring the proper Canon EXIF data remained. The issue with the Swedish paper’s analysis is you can’t compare Obama and Biden’s head size to determine if he was added to the photo since the perspective and depth is off between the two men. The better comparison would be between Obama’s head size and the four star general to his immediate left. Obama seems to be leaning in enough that it would place his head on the same level of depth as the general and therefore a quick comparison between the two would tell you if it’s real or not. My guess is it’s real, insofar that he was in the room at the time of the photo, not that it wasn’t staged.

  13. looks like the Swedish are trying to defend their Nobel Prize…………..couldn’t have a winner looking that small…………..just saying

  14. If oBama was photo shopped into the picture, none of the crapweasels* in that room. including Joe ‘the buffoon” Biden, would ever admit it.

    *I’ll excuse the General from the crapweasel comment, but not Admiral Mullen.

  15. OT

    AG Holder is testifying today on F&F.

    Sensenbrenner threatens impeachment (of Holder) if he doesn’t start complying with subpoenas.

  16. No, if they had photo-shopped Obama into the picture, they would have put him in a suit and tie (like everyone else) and not in his golf clothes.

    Assuming that Obama knew all of this was going down that day and the disaster it would be for his presidency were it to fail, one would assume that Obama would be in suit and tie and sitting at the head of the table (sort of like a President). Yet, we see him sitting off to the side wearing of all things, golf clothes. How odd.

    Now why would Obama be wearing golf clothes on such a momentous day where he must have known he would be photographed? Why would he not be sitting at the head of the table?

    Could it be that Obama had no idea this was taking place? That he was actually (as insider reports have stated) called in off the golf course as the operation had already begun? That he is sitting off to the side because he was the last arrive? That Obama actually had nothing at all to do with the killing of Osama Bin Laden?

  17. Surely they just did a small adjustment. You see, he was beside that woman at the back of the pack and then someone said ‘hey, it looks like he’s hiding back there’ and they moved him forward a bit.

  18. Thank you, Sean. I was hoping somebody would look at the meta data.

  19. #16 December 8, 2011 at 10:15 am
    Bill Mitchell commented:

    It is undisputed that he (finally and reluctantly) ok’d the mission. People who have claimed that “Obama killed Bin Laden” are trolls, just like the ones who said there was something wrong with the “Mission Accomplished” banner on that warship.

  20. How the hell can I talk to Jim..He liked my phone bank style enough to want to video me last year..
    I have a dynamite story for him..
    joe the pill pusher

    Please excuse me for being off topic..

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