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Over the past month we have seen crazy examples of people showing up in Congressmen’s offices, in malls, and parks who decide to “Occupy” the space in the name of economic equality (or any other number of reasons).

But St. Raymond, a Catholic church in Downey California, decided to ‘Co-Opt’ the Occupy theme and hold an “Occupy Christmas” Flash Mob at Stonewood, a local shopping mall.

This event may not be earth shattering news, but a religious flash mob held in a mall in uber progressive California is definitely something you don’t see everyday.



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  1. It’s nice to see something positive for once. I’m surprised the mall allowed it.

  2. Amount this flash mob cost taxpayers . . .$0

  3. AWESOME!!

    Obviously they had the mall’s approval, with the security guard walking with them. Kudos to you all!


  4. California has a liberal coast and conservative inland – the number of conservatives, while in a clear minority and being re-districted into ghettos, still totals more than the entire population of all but a couple states.

  5. Love it! And I’m not even devout, just hate leftist speech codes.

  6. Amen. Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him.

  7. Looks like no crimes committed and no fecal matter left behind, so why not? God bless ‘em. Kneeling that long can’t be easy on the old bones. They earned it.

  8. ++


    LOVE IT!! :-)

    loved those flash singin’ & dancin’ mobs too.. ;-)


  9. In Indonesia they would have been beheaded

  10. OK, but how many people showed up? The article doesn’t say.

  11. From the video I would say about 30 or so.

  12. God bless ‘em all. NO pooperscoopers in sight. No profanity. No nudity, no mastubation, no drums, no lice, no screaming, no bloody cops. Had to smell better!

  13. That was Great.

    Thanks for posting the video…made my day

  14. California is indeed much more than the lunatic left dominated San Francico Bay area and the environs of uber left Hollywood & the westside of the Los Angeles basin. Thanks to the repeated gerrymandering of the state since 1958 when the democrats won a control of the legislature conservative & republican voters have been neutralized. We live in a region that had a republican congressman & state legislators for fifty years runtil it was gerymandered out of existence in 2002.
    In 2002 republican candidates for Congress i California got 52% of the total votes cast in congressional races but thanks to five decades of unrelenting democrat gerrymandering won only 31% of the states congressional seats. Thanks to leftist judges the picture is likely to get even worse in 2012 even though population has shifted to the conservative inland counties. Somehow the democraps always ace the state’s cluelss republicans in the reapportinment game.
    Nowhere in the nation is the repub establishment more clueless, ineffective, and rino ridden than in California.

  15. Big eyeroll. If they really wanted to make an impression, the Blessed Sacrament ought to have been accompanied by some sort of light or candle as well as a bell as the ministers and alcolytes approach the space – just as they used to do when bringing viaticum. Since the clerics were dressed in albs and stole – why not an appropriate display for the Bl. Sacrament? The idea is fine – perhaps – just executed rather dorky.

  16. I know the priest. He’s on Facebook and a strong Conservative! His parish is just 10 minutes from my house.

  17. God Bless you Fr. John Higgins!

    Very Nice, Keep doing Gods work.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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