Sick… Johnny Depp’s Blasphemous Christmas Song Mocks Jesus Christ (Video)

Tis the season to bash Jesus and Christians…
(If you’re a Christian-hating leftist)
Hollywood star Johnny Depp lent his voice to a new Christmas song that mocks Jesus Christ – right in time for the holidays.

“Jesus Stag Night Club” is the first track off of UK band Babybird’s 2011 album, ‘The Pleasure of Self Destruction”.  The song features a guest performance from Johnny Depp.

The Christian Post reported:

This time of year is usually filled with songs about baby Jesus and expressions of the great joy that emanates from the Christmas story. It seems no one told actor Johnny Depp who lent his voice to the rock band Babybird for a Christmas song filled with images of a drunken, party going Jesus, in the song “Jesus Stag Night Club.”

The song portrays Jesus as the facilitator for a stag night or better known in the states as a bachelor party. Hired by a group of teenagers believing him to be a look-alike, they discover in the end that he wasn’t a fake but the real Jesus.

During the night Jesus invites many to his night club as he enjoys his drunken night which leaves him passed out by the end.

The lyrics begin with “Saw a man in a bar with his hair like a lady/ Bloody thorns round his ear like he was a crazy/ He had holes in his hands and a cross for a spine/ Crushed a berry in his Perrier and called it wine.”

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  • paul52

    Happy Hollyweirdness to all.

  • Valerie

    Ugliness and perversion pass for creativity in many circles.

  • RL

    Glad I’ve never paid for any of this imbecilic moron’s non-movies…

  • bg


    don’t want to watch it, probably wouldn’t have
    even known about it if it were not posted here..


  • The Lord Jesus endured mockery and rejection while here on earth physically. He was crucified and buried. BUT!! He rose the third day and is now seated at the Right Hand of Almighty God. Johnny Dupe and all the other liberals are not worth our time other than our Blessed Lord told us to pray for them. He will settle all things when He comes back.

  • Thomas

    Awesome I just ordered the cd from amazon….. Honestly you right wing folks gave up on Jesus’ teachings a long time ago. You all hate the poor lick the boots of the rich and are everything he warned about.

  • Redlite

    That is one more actor I won’t be watching at the movies anymore! Every time one of these hollywood idiots speak out I mark them off of my list of actors that I might want to see at the movies . That list is getting bigger and bigger all the time.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  • Joe College

    I’m not going to watch it either because I don’t want to give it another hit. As a Jew I want to lend my voice to the outrage over the reported slurs against the religion which has been so tolerant to me all my life.

  • workingclass artist
  • Thomas

    Jesus never existed get over it and welcome to the 21st century.

  • Rose

    Thomas, Thomas, Thomas…oh thou doubting Thomas. Drink some kool-aid and take a chill.

  • succotash

    #10..Thomas, glad I am not you or Johnny Dope.

  • Dave-O

    Johnny Depp must be a big, tough guy – picking on those belligerent Christians like that. I’m impressed with his “edginess” and willingness to speak Truth to Power (not!!). Let’s see him do something similar to the Mooselimbs and then I’ll believe that garbage. But something tells me that he won’t dare touch the Mooselimbs – that inside the charade, he’s just a big pussy, a loudmouth bully picking on the non-violent, a weak, coarse, vulgar cretin.

  • only people who would waste a buck on this trash are……….brain-dead……….anyway……………just saying

  • averagemelon

    Tolerance for all…..but Christians. Ah, Thomas, we were warned about the Johnny Depps and the likes of yourself in this world. You have my greatest pity.

  • workingclass artist

    Even if you take out the lyrics…this is L A M E !

  • dunce

    When i became aware that movies were often laden with political messages that i found were the real story in the background , i quit paying for political indoctrination and the only movie i have paid for since was Gibsons “The passion of Christ”. I recommend that Hollywood productions be boycotted unless you are sure that what is presented is pure entertainment or you will find that you are financing the destruction of America.

  • justbelieveit

    I’ll buy it when they come out with a song mocking Mohammed and his “merry” band of pedophile, wife beating, goat raping moslimes. In the mean time I will not waste a single dime on any of Hollyweirds crap.

  • greenfairie

    I’d like to see Johnny Depp do a song that mocks Mohammed, especially since he lives in France among so many Muslims. I triple dog dare ya, Johnny!

  • donh

    This is an advanced work that better fits to Good Friday. These people belong to the Thelema Cult founded by Aleister Crowley. The title alludes to ” Innaugruation of the Pleasure Dome ” a cinematic occult ritual to the Babalon Work. The band name Babybird mimics (Babylon). The goddess babalon is the Mother of Abominations..the Whore of whores. Magic rituals to babylon are intended to give birth to a moon child. A demaculate conception in which the Devil is born into this world dawning an age of hedonism returning man to the paradise of Soddom and Gomorrah. The way this world is going to Hell…their sorcery has been quite successfull. Here is a Pleasure Dome video of the same 4:15 length to play at the same time at lower volume with the video above…>

  • Thomas

    I so love the xtian answer of “oooooo you are soo gonna get it…when you die” LMAO pathetic.

  • coolidgerules

    It’s almost like they are trying to get a reaction out of someone. Notice Hollyweird has amped up the rhetoric since the 2010 elections?

    Don’t fall for it.

    Thomas- we have been amply warned about you and your revolutionary bretheren for centuries by men much more enlightened than yourself. You don’t look for the truth, only catch phrases and words. The communist clowns lick their chops at you. Educated Idiots are much easier to control and never question the motives.

    Your nothing more than cannon fodder.

  • Dotar Sojat

    Thomas – face it – you’re not a player in the game – you don’t make anything happen – you don’t matter – nothing you say matters – the world operates without you. If the progressive dystopia you desire comes about, you’ll still be one of the faceless masses, with no say so in anyting, much like you are today, only with a worse life, if that is indeed possible. The only thing you do here is amuse people, who laugh at your inane little posts as if you were a pet mouse running around for their amusement. All you can do is stick your tongue out at the grown-ups.

  • Enjoy your time here on Earth Johnny boy- you’ll burn for this one

  • More Liberty

    Every time I come to this blog I have to see that damn advertising for Alan Greysan. That liberal moron – why is Gateway Pundit posting his advertisement?

  • catwoman368

    Thomas one day every word you have said will come back to haunt. I feel sorry for you, please dont judge Jesus Christ by those that believe He is the Savior. Jesus was sinless, we that believe in Him as our Savior are not perfect just forgiven.Christ is either your Savior or your judge, choose wisely for it is a decision for all eternity.

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Hollywood star Johnny Depp lent his voice to a new Christmas song that mocks Jesus Christ – right in time for the holidays.

    I wonder, would this guy be willing to do the same to the Muslim prophet?

  • bg


    Thomas #10 December 7, 2011 at 10:38 am

    whether or not Jesus exited is a moot point..

    fact is, Jesus should exist in each & every one of us @ all times..

    ergo, find the Jesus within yourself & doubt no more..

    there is a God, Amen..


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  • bg


    More Liberty #25 December 7, 2011 at 11:46 am

    there have been many more of the like, not to mention offensive in
    other ways, and far as i know, the reason given was that GP has
    no control over the site ads.. whatever..


  • Granny

    #28 December 7, 2011 at 11:55 am
    Blacque Jacques Shellacque commented:

    Hollywood star Johnny Depp lent his voice to a new Christmas song that mocks Jesus Christ – right in time for the holidays.

    I wonder, would this guy be willing to do the same to the Muslim prophet?

    I wonder how long YouTube would allow this video if it referred to Mohamed rather than Jesus?

  • George

    Spoken like a true christian! Bless you my brother in Christ!

  • Greg

    Well I’ll be throwing out his movies we have just like I did with Tori Amos albums and Matt Damon movies when they smeared Sarah Palin. Sometimes it’s good to be intolerant. This is one of those times.

  • Patty

    He has been quoted as saying that he believes in a ‘supreme being’ and that he draws his spiritual beliefs from an eclectic range of religious belief systems. Given his descent from indigenous Americans and Europe, one can only guess that his religious beliefs are rich in depth and heritage.

    “one can only guess that his religious beliefs are rich in depth and heritage”.

    I think this needs to be rethinked.

    And he never married? not sure but if so those kids will be rich in dept? You think!

    This is exactly what is wrong with these actors, Alec Baldwin, O’Donnell, Barr, Garofalo all open their mouth on Religion, Politics or 911, doesn’t matter if always comes out the same way. And if these actors don’t have things written down for them a whole lot of insanity and hate usually falls out. There is a word for a kid that doesn’t have parents who married and I won’t mention it but these kids generally turn out to be the same morons as their parents.

  • bg


    uhg re: #29 December 7, 2011 at 12:00 pm bg

    exited = existed


  • Patty

    Never watch Johnny Depp, he always seemed to be too insane for me, heard him speak and now after this, soooo glad my intuition was right.

  • Thomas

    @29 Well if that is true then I’ll just believe in Thor. Jesus was nailed to a stick and Thor has a hammer..I’m sticking with the more powerful myth.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    I wonder how long YouTube would allow this video if it referred to Mohamed rather than Jesus?

    Probably not longer than the time it takes for some Muslim to threaten an employee or executive at Google (assuming that Google would actually wait for a threat to be made).

  • John T

    Mocking Christians is so… Last millennium.

    I have one -Let’s mock people who’s primary job skill is playing make-believe!

  • mercador

    People we do not war against flesh and blood, but against principalities in high places. Pray for those that use you.

    #38 You have a problem and you are trying to make friends with the enemy of mankind.

  • reliapundit

    atheists and leftists have no problem accepting that plato existed, socrates existed, julius caesar existed, but draw the lion with jesus.


    becasue judeo-christianity is the value-laden tradition that buttresses the family and is a wall between western civilization and the atheistic socialist UTOPIA they want to put in its place.

    that’s why the left loves gramsci.

    the left wants an atheistic cradle to grave nannystate which allows libertinage.

  • bg


    Thomas #38 December 7, 2011 at 12:37 pm


    Thor was not of this Earth, Jesus was & still is via those
    who do their best to follow in his footsteps so to speak..


  • Granny

    #42 – love your post, but I cannot resist pointing out that your cell phone auto correct has betrayed you. You draw the line, not the lion. Though the mental picture drawing the lion brings to mind is amusing 🙂

  • aprilnovember811

    God is aware of what’s going on. He will make sure life punishes them. We reap what we sow.

  • #38….. Believe in Thor if you want……But on Judgment Day you’ll see that the real super hero will be Jesus Christ……Dress for hot weather that day……

  • #6…the only thing the poor are to people like you are a PERMANENT bought and paid for constituentcy. your socialism give poor people money. just enough money to stay poor. capitalism gives poor people an OPPORTUNITY to make enough money to not be poor.

    there is no justice in socialism. it is an excuse for the politically powerful to steal the fruits of the workers labor. you know the politically powerful, thepeople that are suppose to serve the citizens but instead use socialism to make the citizen serve them. it has been the economic system of every dictatorship in history.

    there is nothing humane about an economic system that says if you want more you have to make yourself worse off. sharing according to your need is the most evil idea in the history of mankind. if you want to see your wonderful economic system in practice move to inner city america and a get a first hand look at the evil you espouse.

  • Eubulides

    Why are all of you breaking character? If you hate socialists, you can’t love Jesus Christ.

  • Eubulides

    Thomas, please go elsewhere. These are my trolling grounds.

  • bg


    Eubulides #48 December 7, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    uhg.. smao samo myth about Jesus who was not a myth, not that it
    matters much in final analysis, as we should all be Jesus like, Amen..

    as a matter of fact

    Jesus was no pacifist

    nor close to being a socialist

    more here..


  • TammyChicago

    Not surprised. The left has no belief in any prophet unless he smells like goat jizz.

  • Jet Jaguar

    The verses from Matthew 5 (do not lust, do not swear, do not be angry at others, take any slap in the face, love and give freebies to your enemies) are often used by Liberals and ignorant Christians to turn Jesus into a collectivistic, pacifistic, flower-child. The point of Christ’s message is that we **can’t** do those things. God knows that we are but dust and have been twisted by sin. He is never surprised that we do lust, swear, hate those who are supposed to be closest to us, fight, argue, and get revenge against our enemies. Jesus is telling us that we are without hope in these things. Lest there be any doubt, verse 48:

    Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

    …punctuates the passage! How come this seems to missed by so many?

    Jesus is trying to get across that we aren’t as good as we think we are – not by a long-shot! He wants us to understand that we are truly without hope by any measure that we use to gauge our worthiness to enter Heaven. Later, He offers himself as the hope …the only hope of mankind. In Christ, we CAN be perfect.

    Beware of anyone trying to beat you over the head with the idea that you should “turn the other cheek” or give away stuff just because “Jesus said so”. Don’t surrender the “moral high ground” to Liberals who pick and choose verses to twist the Bible into justifying Big Government and not defending our borders. Don’t let them make you feel bad for not being a “love your enemies” Christian. For whatever their accusations they make, they are just as guilty of the same crimes against God. It’s really odd how people think they can live by the verse “turn the other cheek” but ignore the nearby eye-plucking and hand-lopping verses. Maybe I’ll have more respect for Liberals if I start to see a lots of eye-patches and stub-hooks at the DNC Convention!

  • Firebird

    Fools mock but they shall mourn. This is the reality of Hollywood culture. Reject it.

  • Chris in N.Va.

    Just one more reason to continue to boycott little Port-a-Johnny Dipstick and anything he is now or ever has been associated with.

    Enjoy your little self-important snit fit, Johnny, but don’t forget who has the last laugh.

  • Kimo

    What? A Rock & Roll song that offends people? Stop the presses!!

  • Tyranny’s Bain

    An attempt by Johnny and Babybird to appear edgy. I have news for them, mocking Christ to appear edgy has become trite. It has been used by every no-talent has-been since the 1960’s when the Beatles proclaimed they were bigger than Jesus Christ.

    Hey Johnny…if you really want to be edgy and alternative…try substituting Mohammed for Christ in you mockery. But of course you won’t do that because you are a poseur and a coward.

    For all the lefts screeching about how intolerant Christians are, they know they can mock Christ and Christianity with impunity. They also know that if they mock Mohammed and Islam they risk their heads. Even knowing all this, leftist Hollywood screeches about Islamophobia, discrimination and hate crimes against Muslims. It is quite a sick pathology really

  • Kimo

    By the way….small factoid here. Johhny Depp did NOT SING the song. He did NOT WRITE the song.

    He PLAYED GUITAR on the song. It’s not his band, but that of his friend. He sat in to play on the song.

  • bg
  • Kimo

    Full lyrics. Sounds more like a song about going on a heavy drinking binge, and thinking you see Jesus in the bar with you.

    I don’t see where the “Making fun of jesus” part of the song is:

    Saw a man in a bar with his hair like a lady
    Bloody thorns ’round his ears like he was a crazy
    He had holes in his hands and a cross for a spine
    Crushed a berry in his Perrier and called it wine

    He said, “There’s great sadness in life, but don’t sit there and blub:
    Here’s some tickets for your friends to the Jesus Stag Night Club!”

    I can’t remember where I was last night
    Think I was hanging naked off a church spire
    Tied by my ankles to a weathervane
    Felt like I was Jesus on fire
    Cuffed to the bumper of a big truck
    I begged my dad (?) to take me to a strip bar
    Drank kerosene slammers through my eyeballs
    Drove myself home in a stolen car

    Turn a bird upside down and it lies in your fingers like a dead man
    When you throw it in the air it’s resurrected from your hand
    We went to a motel, he showed me his Bible
    I said, “Tell me the truth,” while he looked me in the eyeball

    He said, “There’s great happiness in life but don’t just sit there in love:
    Here’s some tickets for your friends to the Jesus Stag Night Club!”

    I can’t remember where I was last night
    Think I was getting on a night bus
    Lyin’ on the laps of my good friends
    Judas Priest and Lazarus
    I’m getting married in the big bad morning
    But it feels like I’m giving birth
    I feel so happy I could scream
    “This is my last few seconds on Earth”

    Saw a man in the street lying on the floor beaten up
    He had a fish finger sandwich and a yellow M coffee cup
    I bent down drunk and tried to pick him up
    But when I turned around I could see…it was Jesus…

    I can’t remember where I was last night
    Think I was hanging on a church spire
    Tied by my ankles to a weathervane
    Felt like I was Jesus on fire
    Cuffed to the bumper of a big truck
    I begged my dad to take me to a strip bar
    Drank kerosene slammers through my eyeballs
    Drove myself home in a stolen car

    I can’t remember where I was last night
    Think I was getting on a night bus
    Lyin’ on the laps of my good friends
    Judas Priest and Lazarus
    I’m getting married in the big bad morning
    But it feels like I’m giving birth
    I feel so happy I could scream
    “This is my last few seconds on Earth!”

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    I think its saying look how bad its gotten…which its true …..gays who commit anal sodomy or sex with animals is no longer against the military law..soon it will be sex with children and animals will be OK-Since he has taken office evil demon dogs have crawled out of their hole. There is no guilt shame the me generation their morality is gone. Young women killing their children with no remorse, a football player killing dogs over and over, coaches raping small boys..but no one cares. This is bad and the man the leader does nothing but promote more distaste and sadness.

  • donh

    #59 I do think the song is about hitting bottom from a life of hedonism and hallucinating visions of Jesus upon your near fatal overdose . It is a sign a conversion may be taking place amongst the drug possessed demons walking the path of death and suicide. I hear a cry for help rather than a malicious insult. I encourage the song as Jesus does descend into Hell to redeem sinners, Why else did God put us in this sewer world, but the timing to Christmas is way off.

  • WarriorLemming

    This song isn’t about mocking Jesus but mocking people who call themselves “Christians” on Sunday and then go about acting like this “Jesus” in the song for the rest of the week. Get it? 😉

  • Kimo

    Be nice if people knew the full lyrics before ranting about it, though….wouldn’t it?

  • Sasja

    Stupid lyrics, but as for mocking our Saviour, don’t see it. Having one bad trip from a drunken bachelor party is what I see.

  • bg


    Kimo #63 December 7, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    Jesus rocks!!

    Johnny Depp sucks, the few so called lyrics
    i managed to get though suck as well.. 😛


  • johnny

    I didnt watch the clip above, and I wont.

    All I can say is that Depp $hit just ended his career.

  • Janet Prasad

    It is sad to see Johnny take such a downward spiral, but he doesn’t know any better; he just likes to get his name out there. Not too many people know better; they keep x-mas and don’t even know the real meaning; has nothing whatsoever to do with Christ.

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  • Chris B

    Johnny Depp has donated millions of dollars to charity. What have you lot done which makes you so much superior in the eyes of the Lord?

    I’m guessing nothing but go to church every week and think you’re better than everyone else!

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Thomas, America is a country that practices religious freedom.

    I can worship Oz, the great and terrible, if I feel like it.

    Welcome to the 21st Century, and get over it.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Johnny Depp is a wealthy actor, who has plenty of money to throw at charities, to make himself look good.

    What have you done, Chris B., to make you think you’re so superior?

  • Meg

    Never liked the guy for some reason and he just validated my feelings about him.

  • bg


    Johnny Depp Donates To Children’s Hospital

    [There is an unconfirmed report that actor Johnny Depp has made a
    huge donation to the children’s hospital that saved his daughter’s life.

    Several of the world’s major news networks have reported that the star
    of over 40 movies has given $2.2 million to the Great Ormond Street
    Hospital in London, although the Charities Aid Foundation in England
    has reported the story as a hoax.


  • Chris B

    @Rhinestone Suderman “Johnny Depp is a wealthy actor, who has plenty of money to throw at charities, to make himself look good. ”

    Yes, he has a lot of money but how many people – who have a lot of money – actually do throw it at charities. He didn’t do it to make himself look good. He did it because they saved his daughter’s life.

    And it’s not a hoax – he did actually donate the money.

    Why I am superior? I don’t consider myself superior but I certainly don’t follow extremist views like a sheep. I also don’t rush to judge people like the majority of this forum.

    Ridiculous statements claiming gays have “sex with animals.” Yes, it must be great to align yourself with people like this.

  • bg


    DEPP HATER #77 December 8, 2011 at 10:40 am

    you are a damn lot sicker than Depp..


  • bg


    Chris B #75 December 8, 2011 at 9:52 am

    you aren’t that far behind #77…


  • Chris B


    I’m not that far behind someone who wants to kill another person.

    Fail to see the logic in that one.

  • bg


    Chris B #80 December 8, 2011 at 11:42 am

    look at it this way..

    both are blinded by love – hate extremes..

    even if counter to the Charities report it is not a hoax, i doubt he would
    have contributed a dime had he not ‘almost lost his dear daughter’, the
    child he sanctioned capable of smoking pot before she was even born
    .. /s/


  • bg


    btw, i believe it is fans of Johnny Depp who run a charity in his name,
    great thing for THEM to do, again, JD has little to nothing to do with
    what they do for charity via him but act & be worshiped..


  • The asskicker

    Yeah, I’m with Depp Hater. Lets end these heathen f**ks!

    I want to shoot Depp in the face. He’s a disgrace to humanity.

    This record sucks and that Babybird guy will be next. I’ll stab him in the mouth to shut him up!

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  • Sherry Robertson

    Johnny Depp has become Johnny Dope. Mock God and see who has the last laugh on Judgement Day. And Thomas will be right there with him, confronting God and begging for mercy.

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  • Lover of Christ

    Why does Johnny Depp and his Babybird buddies want to ‘humour the world’ about Jesus Christ in this way for Christmas? Is it that they want to show Him to be a non-virtuous person and the Good News Bible is all fake and just a ‘once a upon a time story’ which was made up by a so called unknown novelist?

    Or could it be that Johnny Depp is projecting his own character onto our Lord Jesus Christ? In his earlier years Mr Depp was into drink and drugs BIG TIME. In recent years he quoted that he made a lot of mistakes in his early life and he said he made many wrong choices…looks like nothings has changed Mr Depp as you are still making childish immature decisions in your life…at the age of 48.

    I would like to know would Johnny Depp be pleased to have a few verses written about his ‘hey-days’ of self-medicating and alcohol addiction. Followed by a chorus of his previous girlfriends who were fellow manic depressives and also into drink, drugs or shoplifting. How about a musical bridge talking about his early successful acting career that blew a drug-induced fuse, which saw his career dwindle into nonexistence for over a decade.

    Ironically enough, Mr Depp then made a explosive ‘come back’ playing a drunk a.k.a “Jack Sparrow” in the Pirates of the Caribbean. No doubt he had plenty of time to get into character over the ten years that he was so wasted that even Hollywood gave him the cold shoulder.

    Now he is playing as a hellraiser (boring) in his new film the “Rum Diary” which is now becoming the biggest flop of his career. No wonder it is reported that he wants to be buried/preserved in a barrel of whisky when he is dead so his bereaved family members can drink from it. This wino can’t stay away from the tonic as he wants to live and breathe it whatever he is doing. Johnny Depp is a 48 year old drunk who dodges the taxman and doesn’t like the word marriage in his vocabulary.

    Nobody would even think of doing this evil, malicious, nasty tasteless jibe towards Nelson Mandela or Mother Theresa. So what is Johnny Depp’s beef with the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour of the World? In the Bible Jesus Christ spoke of people like Johnny Depp over 2000 years ago who would make a mockery of him with filthy comments so Johnny Depp had better wake up that Jesus is real and not fiction.

    Mr Depp thinks that by challenging Jesus he can prove that Jesus does not exist, but Mr Depp needs to bow down and repent because The Lord is remaining silent out of incomprehensible mercy, and once the time for repentance has passed the door shall be closed to him forever. Jesus is just toying with you, you silly little man. You can never ever defeat Jesus.

    Johnny Depp is clearly not a fan of Jesus Christ and has a problem with him because is he completely PEEERRRFFEEECCCTTT and that gets up his stinky satanic nose. The bottom line Johnny Depp is jealous of Jesus Christ’s works before and after his death and his resurrection as nobody has ever claimed or will ever achieve the status of being the one and only True Son of God Almighty…we can only be resurrected by Jesus himself.

    Johnny Depp your young daughter was very ill some years ago…who do you think saved her? How would you like it if someone decided to make a song making a mockery out of the pain and suffering she endured? It would hurt of course.

    Therefore, as a parent I think it is sick that you are making a mockery out of the Christian religion at a time when children all over the world are looking forward to this special time.

    Mr Depp you have shown yourself to be the complete opposite of the image you portray as ‘free spirit’, as you are a narrow minded bigot, whose best years are well behind him. You look like a bloated bitter old hippy, with your scarecrow makeshift ‘wife’ and your satanic views. May God punish you, son of Satan.

  • Chris

    @Lover of Christ I think you’ll find the doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London saved Johnny Depp’s daughter.

    If you claim God “saved” her, surely by that reasoning, he gave her the illness in the first place!

    BTW, your post is unintentional comedy gold – “Son of Satan” = brilliant!

  • Johnny Depp is probably a ‘recovering Catholic’.

  • Lover of Christ

    The Doctors ‘saved’ his daughter? Did they save her body or did they save her soul? Even if they saved her body did they do it with the power of their word, or with synthetic medicines? Only Jesus can save souls my dear Chris. No doctor has ever claimed to do that, nor shall they ever do either. My comedy sure is gold, but it ain’t unintentional as Johnny Depp is a Son of Satan, as only someone so evil would insult a deity/religious figurehead, whether they believe in them or not. That is the sign of a loser; he is no gentleman.

  • vive la vida

    To all the ignorant people posting hateful words, bad wishes and truly barbaric (albeit comical) opinions, this country was founded by people who wanted to escape religious oppression. And what’s so great about our country is that we have that freedom of religion. And whether you agree with it or not, Johnny Depp (and everyone else, celebrity or not!), has the right to that freedom of speech. I was raised by conservative Baptist parents, so I know the Bible. Isn’t Christianity about not passing judgment, but letting God do the all the judging. You should know that. Be Christian, not Christian-like. Even your Savior forgave more easily that you all do.

  • Lover of Christ

    If having a Conservative Baptist background didn’t make you believe in the power of God but was more of prison experience as in your opinion religion is cruel and unfair. This makes you pass judgement on so called “Christian like People with your “shame on you attitude as you should know better than that” as you know the Bible so well?

    God himself was first in line to give man freewill to choose life or death through his own tongue and if that means saying Johnny Depp is nasty wicked vulgar “Viper Room Man” well he is.

    BTW Christians aren’t weak people but instead have fire in their bellies and speak up not shut up. In the Bible Job, Samson and David who became King later were straight talking followers who weren’t afraid to show their love of God.

    Jesus Christ is a “Warrior with a Sword in his hand” and is not here to make peace on his return for the Second Time round. Jesus will divide the universe such as a family of five with two against three and will completely destroy the Slimy Reptilian Loser Satan himself within one hour of his return…. Jesus will be here to judge all humanity.

  • Cammiz

    This is really sad for Johnny Depp! I will never see one of his films again, nor ride on ‘Pirates of the Carribean’ with my family, or anything for that matter. Too bad for him, not a smart career move! Sick country we live in, wow, I’d love to see what happens if a celebrity were to mock the muslim faith, be taken to court?