Ron Paul: “If I Were an Iranian I’d Like to Have Nuclear Weapons, too, Because You Gain Respect From Them (Israel)”

Yesterday: Ron Paul told Israeli Haaretz News, “I am not anti-Semitic.”
Today: Ron Paul told supporters, “If I were an Iranian, I’d like to have a nuclear weapon, too, because you gain respect from them. (Israel)”

The LA Times reported, via Pat Dollard:

Reporting from Perry, Iowa—
Defending himself against charges of isolationism, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul told voters in Iowa on Thursday that western sanctions against Iran are “acts of war” that are likely to lead to an actual war in the Middle East.

Paul, one of the leading contenders to win next week’s Iowa caucuses, said Iran would be justified in responding to the sanctions by blocking the flow of oil through the Strait of Hormuz. He compared the western sanctions to a hypothetical move by China to block the Gulf of Mexico, which Americans would consider an act of war…

…Apparently alluding to Israel and its nuclear-weapons arsenal, Paul said that “if I were an Iranian, I’d like to have a nuclear weapon, too, because you gain respect from them.”

More… Ron Paul: I wrote most of the newsletters but not the “ten” or so sentences people don’t like.

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  • Mick

    Ron Paul is 100% Lunitron!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Ron Paul told supporters, “If I were an Iranian, I’d like to have a nuclear weapon, too, because you gain respect from them.

    Sounds suspiciously like an apologist for the Mad Mullahs…

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    If Ron Paul even gets close to winning the Presidency, I’m doubling my ammo cache!

  • pink tie Republican

    Funny how no one knows what a Semite really is. Semite, Hebrew and Jew are all equated in today’s media, yet they are very different things.

  • Craig

    Michele Bachmann chair defects to Ron Paul


    In a shock announcement Wednesday night, Iowa state senator and onetime Michele Bachmann campaign leader Kent Sorenson declared that he is now supporting Ron Paul for president.

    Sorenson made the announcement at a Paul rally with veterans here in Des Moines, telling the crowd: “I believe we’re at a turning point in this campaign.”

    Calling the decision to abandon Bachmann a painful one, Sorenson said he felt obligated to join Paul as the “Republican establishment” tries to undermine his campaign.

    “I thought it was my duty to come to his aid. Sorenson said, pledging to go all-out for Paul over the next few days.

    To cheers from the crowd, he continued: “We’re going to take Ron Paul all the way to the White House.”

  • Craig

    “Apparently alluding to Israel and its nuclear-weapons arsenal”

    Apparently alluding? WTF! He was saying that a country who has nuclear weapons gets respect because of it’s nuclear arsenal. And he is RIGHT.

    Do you think, USA would be feared or respected, without them. NO And it’s the same thing for every countries who has THEM.

    Your fu…ng medias are so biased and corrupted with their distortions, it’s not even funny.

  • MJ

    Im not anti semitic, Im not anti semitic.

    Bla bla bla with ru Paul and his merry band of DADT supporting WACKJOBS

  • Remco Kimber

    Loony Tunes,

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Clarification on #1:

    For those of you who don’t know what a Lunitron is – A Lunitron is a particle that refuses to revolve around any recognizable nucleus. Its composition is unstable and (by comparison) is indefinable by all physical, reasonable and political standards.

    It does, however, adhere to (and shows a preference for) elements comprised of idealitonium, isolationonium, and gold with trace elements of puritanicum.

    Any particle coming in contact with a Lunitron is subject to unpredictable interactions, and is likely to lose its own identity.

  • #3 bing…………..i double mine under Obama………..if Paul is elected i’ll tripple mine……..just sayin

  • Bonanza driver

    Despite what Iowans think, RP is a fringe candidate who will never break out of single digit support nationally…He is a senile crank, a walking gaff-omatic, with virtually no redeaming qualities. The perennial Presidential candidate feeding his ego, spouting his bull$hit, and lapping up the attention of the lunatic fringe…Please Texas, retire this gasbag.

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  • Charlie

    WTF! Has he lost his mind?

    Makes one wonder if it was ever there in the first place.

  • MikeSilver

    I don’t think he is anti-Israel. He is really pro-Islamist.

  • flameofjudah

    Poor lil grandma Paul….she aint get no respect from da Joos…

  • usamopatriot

    You are so right. I’m continually amazed at what happens to seemingly rational people when they become infected with paulitis. It’s rather scary and is causing me to loose confidence in the discernment of the average American.

  • Patty

    Paul, one of the leading contenders to win next week’s Iowa caucuses. This in itself is a surprise.

    Hear he has a great ground campaign. Referring to Israel or not Nuclear Weapons in the hands of tyrants is scary. Sanctions are on Iran because of their threats.

    The Iranian government’s threat to block oil shipments from the Persian Gulf further inflames the fight over the Keystone XL, a proposed 1,700-mile pipeline that would bring 700,000 barrels of oil a day from Canada to the U.S.

    It will also all but ensure that fights over higher gasoline prices and energy security will be a central issue in the 2012 elections. But energy experts say that in reality, construction of the Keystone pipeline probably wouldn’t do much to change the global impact of the Iranian threats.

    The standoff over Keystone is already resonating in the 2012 campaigns: Environmentalists fiercely oppose the pipeline, saying it will worsen global warming by creating a market for oil extracted from Canadian tar sands. The process creates up to 70 percent more greenhouse gases than conventional oil production.

    Republicans and the oil industry say building the pipeline will reduce U.S. dependence on Middle Eastern oil and create thousands of jobs. President Obama had hoped to avoid attacks from both sides by delaying a final approval of the pipeline until after the 2012 elections. But Republicans inserted a provision in last week’s payroll tax-cut extension law, requiring Obama to decide within 60 days.
    The move put Obama in a terrible position politically, as his opponents know. If he approves the pipeline, he risks losing crucial support from his political base. If he nixes it, Republicans will attack, saying he has kept the U.S. dependent on volatile sources of foreign oil – a situation highlighted by this week’s standoff with Iran. The State Department indicates two months simply isn’t enough time to complete the studies necessary for a final decision.

    But Republicans pounced on this week’s Iranian threat to cut off access to the Strait of Hormuz, which could block transportation of most oil exports from the Persian Gulf. They said the developments highlight the need for a project that could replace up to half of U.S. oil imports from the Middle East.

    Already, the threats by the Iranian government sent the price of oil to more than $100 a barrel early on Wednesday.

  • Patty



    Personally, if Obama has any guts he would start Canada’s XL pipeline, now. Then we drill like we never have before. Iran can be blown out of the water. That isn’t going to happen because they know we can do it with our Excellent Naval Forces.

    Paul will never be president. But for what he has said about Iran and Nuclear development is true to a point. Tyrants want power and if it is nuclear to prove they can be link other nations then that is that. Horrible thought but the want to look powerful. But Israel needs respect and Paul from what I see has no respect for Israel. Read here, recent posting.

  • Craig

    To Patty, # 17

    Today, Jesse Ventura cited as an example the response of the United States to Iran’s announcement that if may block the Strait of Hormuz if the United States and the EU impose a crippling embargo – essentially an act of war – on the country. The U.S. has vowed to respond if Iran blocks the strategic waterway.

    He compared the latest actions of the U.S. to an earlier embargo – the oil embargo imposed on Japan by the United States that ultimately resulted in the attack on Pearl Harbor and the start of the Second World War.

    Jesse Ventura Endorses Ron Paul as the Only Anti-war Candidate

  • Craig

    Why get oil from Canada, Patty? You have more oil than us. Start drilling in your own country. Oh, I forgot, the establishment doesn’t want that. It wants to get oil from Islamist countries…. their friends, so Al-Qaeda will keep working for them…lol. What a screwed-up country you have become.

  • FurryGuy

    #19 December 29, 2011 at 9:21 pm
    Craig commented:

    A Ventura endorsement is about as fringe as can be without being totally off the ends of reality.

    A buffoon endorsing a loon. Yeah, that’s winning combination for idiocy.

  • FurryGuy

    Iran can have Ron Paul. He’d fit in quite well with the Mad Mullahs.

  • donh

    It looks like the Tea Party is going to need to build its own nuclear program if we are to have any hope of pushing the elected Republican Establishment to move our agenda.

  • Craig

    Peter Schiff endorses Ron Paul for President

  • Craig

    Fury little boy, #22

    So does Judge Andrew Napolitano. Do you think Peter Sciff or Napolitano are buffoons also?
    And what about Iowa state senator and onetime Michele Bachmann campaign leader Kent Sorenson? is he a buffoon also?

  • Economan

    I’m not prepared to replace one maniac for another. God help us!

  • e pearse

    The answer to the Iranians has been perfectly given in a piece, “To Iran: Go Ahead, Make Our Day”, which uses the famous Dirty Harry respond to a thug to win the argument of supremacy.

    This piece actually wishes – but does not think likely – that Iran would dare to block the Strait so we can resolve the nuclear issue at the same time. Read HERE

  • saveus

    who let him out of the assylum?

  • If I were a libertarian and Ron Paul supporter, I’d want him to drop out the race ASAP. Then I could choose from the remaining candidates the one that best fit my views, and in 4 to 8 years I could back Rand Paul for President. The longer that Ron Paul stays in, the more damage he is doing to his son’s future chances, and the more he is drawing libertarians down a dead end. Ron Paul, for the good of your supporters, drop out of the race.

  • saveus

    to #16
    the voters elected obama so it proves they are senseless

  • donh

    I supported Peter Schiff for CT Senate. Still have his bumper sticker on my car…..This Tea Party favorite was snuffed out by the country club
    republican Candidate who bought off all the local poobahs of the party to peddle a WWF wrestling millionaire Linda McMahon who had never run for any office and had ties to Democrats. None of the local ” conservative ” radio shows would so much as mention Schiff’s name…because they are bought off for chump change to put the kabbosh on candidates not hand picked by the bosses. Don’t let the Sean Hannity’s and Mark Levins of the world bully you into trashing Paul….When they get bob Beckle on the phone they call him ” brother “. These frauds all belong to labor unions and they just con the conservative talk to control you. They are really old school fascists working the globalist agenda.

  • Craig

    # 29 idiot comment.

    Ran Paul have the same policy as Ron Paul. Wake-up!
    No wonder you are a teacher…lol

  • FurryGuy

    #25 December 29, 2011 at 9:37 pm
    Craig commented:

    Yes, yes, and yes. I don’t need self-appointed pundits to tell me how to think or vote.

    You are not making a case with any of the names you regurgitate, but then I’m not expecting much from an Alex Jones drivel imbiber.

    GW Bush could endorse your false Messiah and I would be just as unconvinced. An anti-American Canuck such as yourself certainly doesn’t make a good recommendation for local dog catcher, let alone who should be POTUS.

  • Rick

    I’m so confused, how is making this statement

    “If I Were an Iranian I’d Like to Have Nuclear Weapons, too, Because You Gain Respect From Them (Israel)”

    the same as

    “I want IRAN to get the Bomb and destroy Iran!!!!!!”.


    It’s not, whats wrong with you people??

    None of your neocon GOP contestants will stop Iran from getting the bomb, what they will do is screw over the poor in Iran with sanctions while the ruling Iranian class continue to eat caviar paid with U.S. dollars for their oil you fools.


    Ron Paul is another mooslime appeaser…just like Perry…why can’t we get a bad ass candidate….something better change or watch out for another 4 years of Hussein and the corrupt commies

  • dunce

    Iranians do not share a border with Israel, they are not arabic, the Saudis consider them heretics. Why do they need “respect” from Israel? They are sticking their noses in something that is none of their business. It is time for Paul to go home and build wooden toys for his grand children. They only need respect if they consider themselves the local hegemonic country which in their case means bully and threat to everybody else, not just the Israelis.

  • Craig

    Ron Paul not a conservative? THINK again!


    The assertion that Ron Paul is the not only the least conservative candidate in the 2012 GOP field, but also the most liberal is beyond ridiculous. In fact, Ron Paul is not only the most conservative candidate, he is OFFICIALLY THE MOST CONSERVATIVE MEMBER OF CONGRESS and more conservative than any senator or president, not only today but dating all the way back to 1937.

    Out of 3,320 individuals, Ron Paul ranks number 3,320 (number 1 being the most liberal) in a Common Space Scores tabulation by distinguished political scientist Dr Keith T. Poole. The scores are computed from all the roll calls cast in the House and Senate for the 1937 – 2002 period.

    To suggest that the other GOP contenders are more conservative than Ron Paul is truly laughable. Both Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney supported the banker bailout and Romney was the author of an almost identical proposal to Obamacare, while Michelle Bachmann, the so-called Tea Party (Taxed Enough Already) candidate, is a former tax collector. All candidates also endorse an aggressive militaristic foreign policy.

  • atticcellar

    Fact, Iran has never attacked another country in modern history.. On the other hand the US attacks multiple countries without provocation including Iran.. The US using their CIA plant Saddam used WMD against the Iranians in the 80’s.. These weapons were provided courtesy of the good ole USA.. In addition we are currently clandestinely bombing Iran using missiles.. If Iran were smart they would push ahead with their nuclear program as it is their only hope to stop the obvious intention of the NWO’s military machine (aka US military) to attack and place a puppet government over them.. They should immediately produce dirty bombs to keep the evil globalist from enslaving their nation as they have enslaved every nation they have taken over.. The United States has interfered in Iran since the 1950’s placing the tyrant Shah in power.. When the people of Iran were completely fed up with the Shaw and the support he received from Washington they had a grass roots revolution.. After the US lost control of the situation they used their puppet Saddam to attack Iran.. Fortunately Iran was able to repel the aggression.. The idea that Iran somehow poses a threat to Israel is laughable as Israel has 100’s of nuclear weapons and could obliterate Iran.. Just a lie to keep stealing wealth from the American people through taxation. End the Wars, End the FED, End all foreign aid, Restore the Constitution.. Ron Paul.. 2012

  • FurryGuy

    #25 December 29, 2011 at 9:37 pm
    Craig commented:

    Linking to prison planet?!?

    BWA-HA-HA-HA! You really are desperate, and delusional.

    Thanks for the laugh, Craig.

  • FurryGuy

    #38 December 29, 2011 at 10:02 pm
    atticcellar commented:

    You forget the takeover of the US Embassy in 1979?

    Yeah, that’s not an unprovoked act of war. (roll eyes)

    You might consider reading something more than the drivel Alex Jones (and others of his ilk) spews at

  • atticcellar

    The take over of the embassy in 1979 was the result of the anger they felt toward America for placing and enforcing a tyrant over them for decades.. If the US minded its own business there would have been no take over of the embassy.. Our founding fathers clearly warned us against meddling in other countries.. To claim that our aggression is or was justified by the 1979 embassy is ludicrous.. It is the US that is and has been the aggressor.. The current and past presidents of the US (since Kennedy) have been puppets of the bankster criminal NWO thugs. End the unconstitutional wars, End the FED, A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for American Independence, Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.. Ron Paul.. 2012

  • atticcellar

    Absolutly.. AN ACT OF WAR!!.. End the wars.. Ron Paul.. 2012

  • Craig


    You wouldn’t be so ignorant if you would listen to the Alex Jones Show.

    The best experts on all subjects and coming from all parts the world come on his show. You would also be well informed by them, like no one else ever did. You have all the documents and videos.

    I believe you must know US 4 stars General Webster Clark?

    Listen to what he said on this video:

    Wesley Clark ( US 4 Star General ) US will attack 7 countries in 5 years.

  • I thought Ron Paul wanted to disengage from foreign entanglements.

    Maybe he could at least keep his lips zipped and stop giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies.

  • Soze

    Ron Paul, the number one choice for Jihadists around the world.

  • atticcellar

    A vote for any candidate besides Ron Paul is a wasted vote (ALL THE OTHERS WILL SIMPLEY DO AS THEY ARE TOLD!!)..
    Ron Paul.. The only choice for Independence and Freedom!!
    If you are ready to complete the hand over of the nation to the banksters vote for any of the others shills..

  • Craig

    You are all idiots… you don’t want to learn the truth, except for Anticellar and donh.

    Who listened to the video I’ve posted on comment # 44? No one, I’m sure. Of course not, you scared sheeple can not face reality.

    Well good luck, elect your traitors Romney and Gingrich and have fun, I won’t share a tear for you. I used to like Americans, I thought they were great people with a corrupted goverment. But now, I not so sure of that. I think you are as corrupted as your government… at least on this blogsite.

  • Craig

    Ron Paul a racist? Think again!

    The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul

  • notblind

    Well I guess our troops are a bunch of wackjobs also since the majority of them support Dr. Paul. All you sheeple stop saying you support our troops and are behind them when in fact you are not! Send your children to another senseless war we cannot afford because voting for any other candidate is putting our troops in harms way once again! All for the almighty DOLLAR!

  • FurryGuy

    #44 December 29, 2011 at 10:38 pm
    Craig commented:

    Yeah, I’m an idiot because I not a true believer of your Holy Messiah.

    I’d rather be an apostate in that cult.

    Craig, you aren’t winning over any hearts and minds here constantly insulting those who differ from you. I, on the other hand, am not trying one bit to convert you or your fellow RonBots. I’m here to laugh at you folks.

  • atticcellar

    Craig 48; This site is a neocon war monger site.. They would not even be interested in truth.. For the most part they are more interested in fear mongering and killing brown people on the other side of the planet than actually facing the truth.. Then they call Dr Paul a racist.. If it weren’t to tragic it would be comical.. There are obviously many who do not share these idea’s, Thus the growing support of Ron..

  • Patty

    But Ron Paul isn’t an Iranian. And if he were he would wish to live in a nation where justice and freedom his nation would exist.

    Iranian People Want NO War And Tried To Assassinate Their NWO Freemason Dictator ! (Ahmadinjad)

    Iran’s possible development of nuclear weapons has now come front and center in U.S. foreign policy, as well as in consideration overall of preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction. It has assumed particular importance because of its potential to reshape the security and politics of an already turbulent and critical region. In the middle of the Middle East, such a capability would at the very least lead to a basic reassessment by countries near and far of a full range of security, political, and other issues. more @ link.


    It surprises many to learn that Iran’s official state websites are filled with information about the Mahdi. In fact, Ahmadinejad actually believes that he was born to be “the great jihadist” that would prepare the way for the twelfth Imam. But in order for the Mahdi to return, the belief is that there must first be a great cataclysmic event. So is Iran’s nuclear weapons program designed to facilitate this cataclysmic event and hasten the return of the Mahdi?

    That seems to be the most rational explanation for Iran’s current behavior. The government of Iran knows that Israel and the United States will never let them develop nuclear weapons and will go to war if necessary to prevent Iran from getting them.

    Most Americans and Europeans simply cannot conceive of a government that makes all major decisions based on an obsession with religion, but that is exactly what is going on in Iran. The government of Iran believes that the Mahdi is really going to return and that they are the ones who are going to pave the way for it to happen.

    Meanwhile, Israel continues to prepare for war. Israel’s air force has introduced a fleet of huge pilotless planes that can remain in the air for a full day and could fly as far as the Persian Gulf. In fact, each one of these “super drones” is reportedly as wide as a Boeing 737.

    Israel’s government understands what is happening in Iran and they know that a showdown is on the horizon.

    Iran continues to recklessly pursue a nuclear program as Israel continues to prepare to neutralize it. It appears as though it is more likely than ever that war between Israel and Iran is inevitable. Let us pray that war can be averted if possible, and if not, that God’s will be done.

    “We must prepare ourselves to rule the world and the only way to do that is to put forth views on the basis of the Expectation of the Return.”
    -Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Read more @ link, very informative article.

    Published 2010

    If I were Paul, I would not mention this subject again. It seems he is opening another can of worms.

  • FurryGuy

    #52 December 29, 2011 at 11:16 pm
    atticcellar commented:

    So why do you and your RonBot ilk still hang around here? Surely not because you like getting laughed at. Could it be you want to proselytize those you believe to be heathen and heretics?

    Fat chance of winning the hearts and minds of people you constantly denigrate and insult.

  • FurryGuy

    #53 December 29, 2011 at 11:19 pm
    Patty commented:

    If I were Paul, I would not mention this subject again. It seems he is opening another can of worms.

    You’re sane; unlike the person who keeps showing his true anti-Semitic, Islam supporting nature.

  • atticcellar

    PATTY 53; Israel has hundreds of NUKES.. This is more than enough to ensure no other nation will attack them.. The build-up of other weapons systems are not for peaceful purposes.. All of these systems are being paid for using money stolen from the US taxpayers.. She provides links to Zionist neocon websites which try to justify their theft of others property.. The non-Semitic Khazar’s occupying the holy land want to steal more property that does not belong to them, Then call the people they stole the land from terrorist for trying to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.. That, Patty, is the reason for the military build-up..

  • atticcellar

    furry #55; To push the truth in your face.. Seek the truth and the truth shall set you free..

    Ron Paul.. 2012

  • FurryGuy

    #57 December 29, 2011 at 11:33 pm
    atticcellar commented:

    I’ve seen the truth, and it ain’t your false Messiah.

    Thanks for playing.

  • Craig

    Thanks Anticellar #48,

    Here in canada we ALLsuport Ron Paul. As a matter of facts, most country in this world supports Ron Paul, except maybe for one or two.

    I know this site is a bloodthirsty warmonger neo-cons. I used to blog here 3 years ago and I was just as misinformed as they are. But I took a break for 3 years and decided to educate myself to the truth. It worked and now I am ashame of what I was 3 years ago.

    I learned more in 3 years than in my whole life. And by the way, Infowars is one of the best place to get the truth and only the truth. I wish they would wake-up, but I know they won’t.

  • Patty

    The Sage From South Central Larry Elder The truth about Israel’s ‘stolen’ land
    Posted: January 08, 2009
    1:00 am Eastern

    © 2011

    Much of the world buys the line – peddled by the Palestinians and the Arab Muslim world and, indeed, many Western countries – that paints Israel as the bad “Goliath” that “stole” the land from the “Palestinians.”

    Israel gave Gaza self-rule in 1994, unilaterally withdrawing the last of its citizens and soldiers from Gaza in 2005. Hamas, voted into power via free elections in 2006, fought and defeated their political and military rival, Fatah, to seize de facto control of Gaza in 2007. In the past eight years, Hamas has fired more than 10,000 rockets and mortars into Israel – 7,000 of them after Israel’s 2005 withdrawal. With improved technology – reportedly assisted by Iran – Hamas’ rockets can now fly 24 miles before impact and explosion, thereby threatening, injuring and killing more and more Israelis living in southern Israel.

    But why the “disproportionate” response by Israel? Reportedly, more than 600 Palestinians have been killed, some civilians. Set aside for the moment that Hamas’ charter specifically calls for the “obliteration” of the state of Israel. And set aside the fact that the Palestinian “militants” fight in heavily populated areas, assuring, indeed encouraging (for PR purposes) civilian casualties.

    We turn our attention to the “stolen” allegation.

    (Column continues below)

    Israel lies in the ancient Fertile Crescent’s southwest corner, with some of the oldest archeological evidence of primitive towns and agriculture. Historians and archeologists believe the Hebrews probably arrived in the area in the second millennium B.C. The nation itself was formed as the Israelites left Egypt during the Exodus, believed to be in the late 13th century B.C.

    The 12 tribes of Israel united in about 1050 B.C., forming the Kingdom of Israel. David, the second king of Israel, established Jerusalem as Israel’s national capital 3,000 years ago. Jewish kingdoms and states existed intermittently in the region for a millennium.

    After conquests by Babylonians, Persians and Greeks, an independent Jewish kingdom was briefly revived in 168 B.C., but Rome took control in the next century, renaming the land of Judea “Palestine” after the Philistines, historical enemies of the Israelites.

    Invading Arabs conquered the land from the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantines) in A.D. 638 and attracted Arab settlers. Within a few centuries, the Arab language and Islam prevailed, but a Jewish minority remained. After a brief period of prosperity, waves of invasions and changes of control followed, including rule by the non-Arab empires of the Seljuks, Mamelukes and European crusaders, before becoming part of the Ottoman Empire from 1517 until 1918.

    The crusaders massacred thousands of Jews, along with Muslims, in the 11th century. But soon thereafter, European Jews established centers of Jewish learning and commerce. By the time the Ottoman Turks occupied Palestine in the 16th century, according to British reports, as many as 15,000 Jews lived in Safed, which was a center of rabbinical learning. Many more Jews lived in Jerusalem, Hebron, Acre and other locations. By the middle of the 19th century, Jews constituted a significant presence – often a majority – in many towns.

    Still, in the 19th century, the Holy Land looked mostly like a vast wasteland. When Jews began to return to their “promised land” early in the 20th century, the desert literally began to bloom under their industry. Arabs followed, coming in large numbers for the jobs and prosperity.

    After four centuries of Ottoman rule, Britain took the land in 1917 and pledged in the Balfour Declaration to support a Jewish national homeland there. In 1920, the British Palestine Mandate was recognized. A declaration passed by the League of Nations in 1922 effectively divided the mandated territory into two parts. The eastern portion, called Transjordan, would later become the Arab Kingdom of Jordan in 1946. The other portion, comprising the territory west of the Jordan River, was administered as Palestine under provisions that called for the establishment of a Jewish homeland.

    The United Nations, in 1947, partitioned the area into separate Jewish and Arab states along meandering and indefensible boundaries. The Arab world, insisting that any Jewish claim to Palestine was invalid, staunchly refused to compromise or even discuss the subject.

    When Israel’s independence was declared in 1948, Arab forces from Egypt, Transjordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq combined to crush the one-day-old country. They lost. Still, Egypt occupied most of the Gaza Strip, and Transjordan (calling itself “Jordan”) held most of the West Bank and half of Jerusalem. Neither Arab country gave the “Palestinians” a state. Read more @ link

  • FurryGuy

    #59 December 29, 2011 at 11:40 pm
    Craig commented:

    Many people in other nations LOVED Obama in 2008. You are not helping your case bringing up claptrap like that.

    But then you wouldn’t be a real cultist proclaiming your false Messiah amongst those you consider heathen and heretics if you didn’t blather about people who can’t vote wanting a certain candidate.

  • Craig


    LOL… you see Patty, Israel is able to defend itself alone. You just proved Ron Paul points of view with your new comment. Thanks!

  • Patty

    Israel won more land after a series of wars, land since returned or offered for return in exchange for peace. The Jews “stole” nothing.

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  • Craig

    Are you kidding fury boy! Canada hated this Kenyan illegal alien and most of the countries around the world hated him also. The countries who loved him, believed he would end the wars. They were uneducated gullible idiots not to see the fraud he was. He never fooled me since day one!

  • Patty

    Israel is a peace loving Nation. They are tired of the Threats from a demonic and tyrannical leader.

    They want nukes and Israel will fight Iran and Win. But as far as Paul’s comments, he needs to keep his big trap shut. He looks ridiculous. He will completely screw up things if he becomes president. But he never will. So, this all is mute. I am surprised I wasted so much time on him.

    The guy is living in the stone age.

  • Patty

    Netanyahu to Obama: Stop Iran or I will. Love this guy. And he will stop them. Rest assure because he has something Obama or Paul will never have, Courage of his convictions. The Jews aren’t taking it again. They will stand together and again, they will win.

  • Craig

    The Jews stole nothing and can defend themselves. They don’t need you. Don’t bride them with your money. Don’t boss them around. Let them deal with their own things. Nowaday, they have to ask for your permission for every move they make. Respect isral, STAY OUT of their lives.

  • atticcellar

    Patty #60; First of all the people occupying Israel are not from the 12 tribes. They are Khazar’s and call themselves the 13Th tribe.. Neither the bible or god recognizes this “13Th tribe”.. They are not Hebrew.. They are not the seed of Abraham.. The are the Synagogue of Satan.. They do not follow the laws of Moses but the Babylonian Talmud.. Their Talmud teaches them everyone in the world that is not in their tribe” is subhuman, soulless and to be used at their discretion. The land they now occupy was stolen by these criminals with the help of the Masonic 33rd degree and above satanist whose master is Lucifer (in their own writings).. These Zionist banksters under the leadership of Khazar Lord Rothschild have seized control of nearly the entire globe through financial terrorisim.. They plan to soon place into effect the plans as laid out in public (Google the Georgia Guidestones)..

  • Craig

    Sorry Patty, but Ron paul as the courage of his convictions. If elected, he will do everything he said he would. End the Fed, end the wars, end the income tax, abolish 5 government departments, cut one trillions in one year.

  • Craig

    And end foreign aid to all countries.

  • FurryGuy

    #65 December 29, 2011 at 11:50 pm
    Craig commented:

    No, Craig, I am not kidding. Even a majority of Canadians approved of Obama in 2009.

    Since you are so fond of polls, here: Approval Rating of Obama in Canada Polls

  • Craig

    #69 Anticellar,

    I know all that stuff and the corruption around it. The Israeli government is corrupted to the bones. But the jewish citizens are not. I believe that if they wake-up, like many American citizen are already doing, they will also kicked out there government and will be able to live in peace with their neigbours.

  • Craig


    If you beleive these two polls, you are a moron…lol At the very beginning, Canadians beleived Obama would end the wars and they liked him. Since he started more wars they all hate him. We Candians are not warmongers… we are not even interested on getting nuclear weapons.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Iran has never attacked another country in modern history..

    They don’t need to, when they have surrogates that are willing and ready to do the necessary footwork.

  • Did someone leave the screen door open? Where did all these pests come from!

  • atticcellar

    #76 opus; Jim left the screen door open.. He knows that a blog about Dr Paul will get hits.. Thus the numerous Ron Paul stories.. Good for his numbers!!

  • FurryGuy

    #74 December 30, 2011 at 12:13 am
    Craig commented:

    So you pick and choose what polls you want to believe, like the true believing cultist you are.

    I, on the other hand, don’t trust in ANY poll not an actual election, no matter what the results are. I posted that poll solely to give you a chance to not highlight your partisanship since you LOVE to pimp polls that assert how holy your false Messiah is. And you showed your true colors.

    Thanks for playing the hypocrite, Craig.

  • atticcellar

    #76… Oh, that pesky truth thing..

  • atticcellar

    Good night war mongers.. Maybe Jim will post another Paul story so we can have more fun tommorrow night!!

    Ron Paul.. Patriot, Veteran and Defender of the Constitution.. 2012

  • FurryGuy

    #76 December 30, 2011 at 12:14 am
    [email protected] commented:

    Did someone leave the screen door open? Where did all these pests come from!

    Blog posts about Ron Paul are like catnip to the RonBots. They have this weird addiction, trying to proselytize those they consider heathen and heretics.

    Too bad they can’t stop insulting and denigrating those who don’t instantly imbibe their cult koolaid and worship their false Messiah.

    I’m here in RP posts to laugh at the RonBots.

  • Craig

    Little baby fury,

    Just like in your country, some polls are true propaganda, We know which ones are honnest in our country and which one are not. And the ones you presented are simply not.

  • Craig

    Have nice dreams all of you. I hope you won’t have Muslim’s nightmares…lol.

  • FurryGuy

    #82 December 30, 2011 at 12:29 am
    Craig commented:

    Ah, the arrogance of a true cultist, proclaiming they are the sole possessor of The Truth.

    I have no need of your revealed truth, so just denounce me as a heretic and heathen and have done with it.

    Thanks for showing your hypocrisy, Craig.

  • atticcellar

    Before I go to bed just this little clip of a black mans experience with Dr Paul.. Once agian good night..

  • Ron’s a doctor so he can prescribe drugs to himself right ??? Someone should really look into this…….

  • Molon Labe


    Cellar Dweller brays more nonse from our usual hand puppet masters. More banality packaged as repugnant bombast.

  • Molon Labe


    Craig brays Ron Paul a racist? Yeah StormFront uses him as their poster boy because Ron Paul is so nasty to Nazis and people of that ilk.

    Take another dose of lithium skippy.

  • FurryGuy

    #87 December 30, 2011 at 1:22 am
    Molon Labe commented:

    The RonBots provide a cheap (free) laugh as they try to be missionaries proselytizing amongst the heathen and heretics (us). Insulting the very people they are trying to convert to their false Messiah cult, the height of hilarity I say.

    Totally amazing how they think they are conservatives when they regurgitate the most basic of Leftist creeds of anti-war, anti-capitalism, etc.

    The RonBots make the Obama cultists look very ecumenical in contrast.

  • Molon Labe

    Cellar Dwellar demonstrates his remarkable ignorance claiming Iran has never attacked anyone with the minor exceptions of:

    -Waging genocide on the Kurds throughout the 70s and 80s
    -Supportin Hizballah and Black September as well as other proxies in Lebanon and Gaza to wage war on Israel and attempt to install an Islamic regime in Lebanon.
    -Attacked both Baharain and Kuwait during the 80s and 90s with cruise missiles.
    -Sponsored various terrorist attacks throughout the Gulf as well as South America.
    -Has supplied radical insurgents in Afghanistan and was instrumental in establishing the Taliban there. Rendered major support and training to destroy its democratic opponents.

    Yeah Tehran is a clean nation, except for the blood dripping out of every pore.

    This is the kind of Walter Duranty BS the NYTimes gave us regarding the peaceful USSR. I am also reminded of the same kind of Marxist pap in the 60s that proclaimed the Vietnam conflict a civil war. The Left never acknowledged the NVA overruning of Laos, Cambodia and the ARVNs even as 20 divisions spearheaded by 600 tanks defeated our allies while cretins like the Cellar dwellar and his associated hand puppets cheered the NVA on.

    Traitors then, traitors now.

    These are Ron Paul supporters.


  • Molon Labe

    I see Craig is still pulling I’m a Canaduan who lives in Montegormery County Maryland BS.

    Why skippy Canadians realized Ron Paul is something like yoou pick up on your show on a summer day, very stickly and smelly and difficult to remove. Little wonder StormFront loves him so, but perhaps you know more about Canadians loving raving racists like Ron Paul. We’ve heard how Canadians bends over for Islam and how the people feel about their government’s policies, but then you’ll tell us they are alll soooooooo estupidos tooo.

    Try and work harder with your hand puppets Craig. Its pathetic. Worse than that it reveals the intellect of a very diminshed indivual with deep mental problems. What’s the matter mommy wanted a girl had had you cross dressing till you were 26?

  • Molon Labe

    Descartes thinks overthrowing a government is an act of war. So Obama’s attempts to overthrow the Hondurian government in 2009 make him a war criminal by your definition. Just as he waged war on Libuya and now wages war throughout the war. Especially on the individual states of the nation where he ignores and tramples the constitution to install his little police state.

    The Paulians and Obamaistas one and the same. Fascists the lot of them.

  • Soze

    Paulbots, You do realize Paul will not ever win the nomination don’t you? You are all wasting your time. Save your energy for the re-election of Obama(your obvious second choice).

  • J Craig

    If I wanted to hear from the House’s foreign policy castrati I do not want to hear from Ron Paul. I want to hear from Anthony Weiner and failing that Barney Frank. Those who can’t sing baritone can’t be expected to have any sort of foreign policy credibility. Especially when they cross dress.

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  • Paul is just as nutty as Ahmadinnerjacket- small wonder the affectionate demeanor


    Of the ‘Santorum Surge’ (and Gingrich Slide) in Iowa…

  • Rose

    As far as I am concerned, Ron Paul is pure evil. He is not a Christian and has no honor for the Abrahamic Covenant of the Living God.

    Jesus said, you shall know them by their fruits. Matthew 7:20

    Matthew 7:15-26

  • Rose

    #93 December 30, 2011 at 2:07 am

    It is my firm belief that Odrama Queen and that ilk are the “paulbots’ FIRST choice.

  • Rose

    Does it say anything one way or the other about Michelle that she didn’t know her own Chair any better than to NOT see that move coming? I’m curious. I’ve made serious mistakes in judgement myself a few times, but didn’t anyone smell that coming? Should have been a smell in the air around Sorenson like burning rubber, I should think.

  • Rose

    #25 December 29, 2011 at 9:37 pm

    Andrew Napolitano is a registered DEMOCRAT. Fact. I heard Sean Hannity ask him, one time. He was sure caught off guard by the question, too!

  • J Descartes

    Can anyone imagine Ron Paul’s finger on the button? This man brings new meaning to the word boneless wonder. This is why Craig loves him so.

  • J Descartes

    Ronulian is an euphemism for persistent vegetative state.

  • RedBeard

    The crazier the statements from Paul, the more adamant his mindless minions become when racing to his defense. The whole Paulian world is like a perfect storm of mental instability.

  • David

    To the person that said ‘Iran has never attacked another country in history’ are you joking? What do you think they are doing now? They are using their proxies to initiate wars everywhere (Lebanon, Israel, Iraq etc). You are now paying 25pct more than you should for your gas because of the Iranians. They are responsible for the deaths of thousands of US troops in Iraq. no one is invading or retaining Iran, they should just mind their own business. The Downright stupidity of people amazes me

  • doc

    Ron Paul is a fruitcake who would surely f*** this country worse than the current POS.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Ron Paul: BOUGHT and (continues to be) PAID FOR by Hamas et al.

    Be perfectionistic on finding some perfect candidate, but Romney stands with Isreal.

  • jimg

    Keep in mind at all times, Craig is a Truther nutjob.

    Take nothing he writes seriously.

  • atticcellar

    #107.. We must not have any of that CRAZY truth.. We prefer lies on this site..

  • RedBeard

    AtticCellar, are you ready to come out in support of Crazy Craig’s 9/11 Truther agenda? Seems like it. We just need your confirmation.

  • Ron Paul’s views belie the fact that he can be a world leader. Paul would have us believe that our concern about Iran is the same as Cheney’s lies about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction. If that is the case then why is the European Union so concerned about all of this?

    How should we think of Iran and the Ayatollahs who may someday possess the bomb? Well, how would you feel if a crazed drunk was handed a revolver knowing that this same guy on a previous occasion had an argument with you? Israel should be very concerened.

    The ayatollahs are dangerous. As Muslims they may not use alcohol but they are on something.

    Why does Iran need a bomb anyway? Are they afraid of Bahrain or Yemen? Has Egypt threatened Iran? They want a bomb because they want to use it against Israel, and everyone knows that.

    This is not to suggest that America should start a war with Iran. Israel is more than capable of defending itself.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Secret: the ayatollahs most certainly do drink behind the walls of their elite/rich private city compounds. Just an FYI.

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  • Molon Labe



    How many handpuppets does Craig need?

    Craig just doesn’t have the moral standards to be a Sauron, and he doesn’t have the IQ to be a cabbage.

  • Molon Labe

    If you crossed Craig with the Cellar Dweller you’d still have Barney Frank.

  • mervin

    Paul is right, lets wake Americans we should mind our home now.Israel has nukes and iran can build her own.our blood should not be spilt for other people who have no love for our own nation.

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