Iran Rejects Request For Return of Billion Dollar Drone (Video)

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After Obama politely “asked” Iran for the return of the Billion dollar American spy drone, Iran gladly refused the request.

Story and Photo by UPI

TEHRAN, Dec. 13 (UPI) — An Iranian lawmaker said Tuesday the country had no intention of returning a U.S. spy drone Tehran says it brought down in northern Iran Dec. 4.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, also said the United States must compensate Iran because the RQ-170 Sentinel spy drone violated that country’s airspace, Iran’s Press TV reported.

“[U.S. President Barack] Obama is ignoring the fact that a spy drone has violated Iran’s airspace and according to international law, this is a violation,” Boroujerdi said.

Boroujerdi said the United States must “pay compensation for the violating [of] Iran’s airspace” and apologize to the Islamic Republic.

His comments came a day after Obama acknowledged for the first time a U.S. drone was in Iranian hands and said Washington wanted it back.

“We’ve asked for it back — we’ll see how the Iranians respond,” Obama said at a White House news briefing with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Obama would not elaborate on why the remote-controlled spy aircraft fitted with reconnaissance equipment did not return to its base in neighboring Afghanistan.

Press TV reported the Iranian army’s electronic warfare unit landed the spy drone “with minimal damage” Dec. 4 after it was flying over the northeastern Iran city of Kashmar, about 140 miles from the Afghan border.

U.S. officials have attributed the drone’s loss to a technical malfunction.

Tehran last week lodged a formal complaint with the U.N. Security Council alleging the drone violation of Iranian airspace amounted to a U.S. “invasion.”

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  • Bill Mitchell

    A billion dollars for a remote control airplane that doesn’t even work very well?

  • gus

    Why didn’t Obama have the DRONE….SELF DESTRUCTED on COMMAND??

  • FreddyB

    3,000 million dollars? The F-22 is $125 million. That can’t be right, can it?

  • Its price tag is about 6 mln dollars not 3 bln… A B-2 is about 1 bln dollars though.

  • onbe

    That would be kind of neat.They drag it back to HQ

  • Rock

    You mean our spineless commander couldn’t bow far enough and say pretty please. Anyone think this would have been the results under Bush or Reagan?

  • gus

    The MEDIA is reporting NONE of THIS.

    Obama allowed a top secret drone to be taken by IRAN. There are SELF-DESTRUCT COMMANDS built in to these DRONES.

    Why? Why would OBAMA not allow the DRONE to be blown up?
    Who the HELL do you THINK has our TECHNOLOGIES NOW????


    Get it YET LIBTARDS???? Probably not.

    Libtards are too stupid to save themselves.

    They expect GOVT. to save THEM. Fvcking fooooools.

  • Rose

    Gateway’s Niece, you are doing great! LOVE your sense of humor – “Iran gladly refused”…


  • gus


    2 morons. Complete and utter MORONS.

  • gus

    Rose and Bill Mitchell. Our LIBTARDS and our LIBTARD COMMIE PRESIDENT, have no idea how much blood, sweat and tears and more BLOOD, went into the creation of the DRONE that Obama has SACRIFICED.

    Obama is a secular Muslim. IN his Psychological DYSFUNCTION, Barry Hussein….RELATES more to COMMIES and MUSLIM THEOCRACIES, than he does to you and I.

    Obama is WORTHLESS. He is less than WORTHLESS, because he CONTINUES to COST AMERICA. Big Time.

  • gus

    VETTE-RACER, Obama claimed to have ELIMINATED X amount of Al Qaeda, number 1’s and number 2’s ETC. Obama is a PROPOGANDA GAFF MACHINE.

    Obama is a fvcking clown. Everyone knows it. Unfortunately the MSM, is the ONLY source that DAY TO DAY American fools see and listen to.

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  • Nelle

    Maybe the drone is stealthily taking pictures and waiting for the Chinese to assemble for the transfer ceremony, before it goes kaboom. Then Obama will say oops, the self-destruct mechanism must have been damaged but not destroyed, and we’ll all have a good laugh.
    I think I’ll go check my temperature now, I seem to be delirious.

  • gus

    Nelle. Obama said that DESTROYING the DRONE, might be considered a HOSTILE ACTION of WAR by IRAN.

    No schit???

    What does Iran consider flying the DRONES over it’s country????

    Obama is an illogical, psychologically damaged IMBECILE.

    Obama ERRS, to the favor of OUR ENEMIES.

    He’s a COMMIE, red diaper baby. And he is psychologically INCAPABLE of LOGICAL nor PATRIOTIC thought. He’s a fvcking DISGRACE.

  • American Woman

    He is an enemy of the United States involved in stealth jihad.

  • Zim

    Come on guys he is tired and stressed out. It is not as easy as it looks destroying the best country in the world. He could use a vacation and chill out for 17 days. It will be easier to make this hard decisions after some R & R

  • squeaky

    someone said no! i’m sure he’ll need some time to reasses his awesomeness. don’t they know just who he is? it’s tough being a narcissist with all the messaging of one’s ego and all… this type of personality has destroyed a lot of companies never mind giving him the keys to the kingdom.

  • camilla
    Ex-Iran Guard commander visits White House with Iraq leader
    A former commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, which the FBI says played a role in a 1996 terrorist attack that killed 19 U.S. servicemen, accompanied Iraq’s prime minister to the White House on Monday, attending an event at which President Obama trumpeted the end of the Iraq War.
    Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has been involved in “countless acts of terrorism, which are acts of war against the United States,” Mr. Freeh said in an interview.

    Mr. al-Amiri served as a commander of the Revolutionary Guard’s Badr Corps, a battalion that was tasked with operations in Iraq. He remained active in the Badr Corps during the late 1980s and 1990s, when he was working on resistance efforts against Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq.

    The FBI linked the Revolutionary Guard to the attack on the Khobar Towers in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, on June 25, 1996. Nineteen U.S. servicemen were killed by a bomb blast at the towers, which were
    housing American Military Personnel….
    SOOooo…BHO coulda asked him about the Drone right then and there.
    Plus ,,,,WTF is the Iranian Guard doing in the Oval Office???
    BHO coulda said no!! To the Iranian “””guest”” inside OUR WH….

  • camilla

    BHO will not stan up to Iran….but WORSE is that Obama pizzzed the Chinese off

    China’s Hu urges navy to prepare for combat
    Hu’s announcement comes in the wake of trips to Asia by several senior US officials, including President Barack Obama, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    And China said late last month it would conduct naval exercises in the Pacific Ocean, after Obama, who has dubbed himself America’s first Pacific president, said the US would deploy up to 2,500 Marines to Australia.

    China’s People’s Liberation Army, the largest military in the world, is primarily a land force, but its navy is playing an increasingly important role as Beijing grows more assertive about its territorial claims.

    YES!!! Iran is our Enemy….
    BUT NOW China is pizzed……
    Not to be taken lightly…
    Thanks Obama/s

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  • Joe College

    The thing’s probably loaded full of Israeli technology which Obama is more than happy to hand over to the mullahs.

  • Is this the most humiliating thing Obama has done in his presidency? How about just in 2011? What a putz. He has made America look so weak and impotent.

  • Militant Conservative

    This is what affirmative inaction leadership from a

    Entitlement pop looks like, happy?!

    Brought to you by the ignorant people who voted

    For the “harmless” black guy. Idiots, America is

    Suffering due to your ignorant vote. Now then,

    To prove your not stupid, vote it out.

    Powder is dry

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  • nadadhimmi

    RE #2: Obama wanted to give his Moslem brothers our most secret tech. Clinton signed off on Loral and Hughs for campaign cash bribes, Obama just wants to help his brothers. Both are guilty as hell of Treason. But that’s ok, both are Democrats dontcha know.

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  • Bill Mitchell

    Is it just me or does that drone look like a prototype mockup and not an actual drone? I mean I can see the weld seams on the wings – not very stealthy.

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  • Deanna

    Obama reminds me of Oliver Twist…”please sir, may I have my drone back?” What a disgrace.

  • Come on, you mean Persians. Don’t you know our President won the Nobel Peace Prize and gave a speech once in Cairo? And he said “please.”

    Sheesh, y’all are so mean . . .

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  • bobdog

    Obama’s asking for our drone back is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in weeks.

    Since the last ridiculous thing I heard from him.

    The only thing worse I can think of than Obama in the White House is Joe Biden in the White House.

  • Larkin

    Clinton jeopardized our national security, selling dangerous military technology to China.

    Now, obama conveniently finds a way to funnel more secret military technology to China.

    It’s all part of the plan.

  • Greg

    The Hunt for Red October closing scene where the USSR diplomat is leaving the US ambassadors office and says by the way do you have any information on a Russian submarine in quadrant x and the ambassador sez, Vladimier, come now you haven’t lost another submarine now have you??

    Let the pimping begin…..

  • Dave

    Once again folks fall for things they shouldn’t fall for. Like all things intelligence related, you can’t really believe any of the reported facts are true do you? for real? I’m positive, just positive that we actually flew a billion dollar spy drone into Iran, it got shot down, the U.S. didn’t do anything to avoid it being captured, and that China and Russia will learn all sorts of engineering details about it, I just positive this is the case. Governments don’t engage in media propaganda do they? Governments don’t accidentally have bad info captured for the purpose of misleading do they? Nah, never. That sure does look like a plane that crashed doesn’t it? All nice and shiny and intact. but please, carry on with your arm chair intelligence discussions.

  • L.E. Liesner

    The Iranians won’t give it back because Obama forgot to add “pretty please”. And the MSM still has the guts to tell us how smart Obama is. In this case it’s “stupidity breeds contempt” and there is an awful lot of stupidity in this administration.

  • Kissmygrits

    Bush never lost a drone. Now our dear leader has lost 2. One in Iran and one in the Pacific over an island nation that just extended port service to the Chicoms. hmmmm.

  • Gary

    Gus #15

    It’s more like this. Obama is like a cheating husband who’s been caught several times, and now he hardly even bothers trying to make up believable excuses. The wife (i.e. the sheeple) know he’s not telling the truth, but it’s just too much of a hassle to try and get at the truth. So they just drop it and tell themselves that he’s doing better than he used to.
    We can’t fault Obama for blatantly getting away with it. We have to fault the sheeple who refuse to demand better. But they’re already talking about something else by now.

  • BarbaraS

    That drone sure looks in good shape for one shot down. And after it was shot down did the Iranians just scoop it out of the air before it crashed? Did the Iranians have help? Did they maybe buy that drone from someone looking for campaign funds? Then again, maybe they acquired the equipment to land this drone. Goodness knows we seem to have citizens willing to not only break the law but to commit treason knowing they will never be brought up on charges. If any of this is true, then heaven help us. They could redirect all our drones sometime in the future. And acquire equipment that protects us too.

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  • Martin

    And after close inspection scanning a de engineering it will be re assembled and sold to the highest bidder. China!