How’s That Hopey-Changey Stuff Working Out For You?… Just 55.3% of Americans Between 16 & 29 Have Jobs

How’s that hopey-changey stuff working out for you?

In 2008 the youth vote propelled Barack Obama to the White House.
How did he repay them?
By giving them no jobs.
CNN reported, via FOX Nation:

In 2008, the youth vote helped sweep Barack Obama into office. Americans 18-29 spread the word on social media, energized energized fundraising and went to the polls.

In 2012, the youth vote is moving on and throwing those omnipresent “Hope” bumper stickers and t-shirts in garbage bins.

Not because of apathy. Not because another candidate generates more enthusiasm. Not because of his character. Not because they think voting is pointless. The 18-29 vote is up for grabs in 2012 because youth can’t afford cars to put bumper stickers on and those t-shirts are worn out from too many days sitting on the couch unemployed.

The sobering reality: just 55.3 percent of Americans between 16 and 29 have jobs. And earlier this year, Americans’ student loan debt surpassed credit card debt for the first time ever.

Rather than develop a lasting initiative to help young unemployed Americans, the President launched “Greater Together” – a campaign tool that offers community forums rather than jobs. Rather than provide a bailout to those crushed by the burden of educational loans, his student debt relief program was pathetic – only reducing interest rates by a measly 0.5 percent.

No wonder less than half of Americans 18-29 approve of Obama.

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  • gus

    Who will Opie the Kenyan dimwit blame next??

  • shibumi

    Well, according to Obamacare, you are a child until 26, so, using that logic, there should be no employment under that age. So… there is no unemployment at all under the age of 26 because that would mean child labor, and that’s against the law.

    As for the 27 to 29 age group, they should all be in college and not working.

    Another problem solved by Herr Obama! Is there nothing he can’t do?

  • Paddy

    There is an partial fix that cannot happen so long as Democrats hold either the White House or at least one house of Congress. It is repeal of the federal minimum wage laws in a way that preempts enforcement of state laws as well.

    The 16 and older group will find it rather easy to find work in an market driven environment.

  • Three years in and you guys still don’t understand it’s BUSH’s fault?


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  • valerie

    This is the guy who was involved in the Annenberg Challenge, which was supposed to improved education of children. Obama’s group got lots of money, which they spent on organizing the parents. This did nothing for education of children, and their end work product was a report that said they needed more money.

    So, apparently Oblama learned nothing from his experience with the Annenberg Challenge.

  • dba…vagabond trader

    Blame the eeeevil tea party right librals?

  • jhump

    Without government no show jobs, and union do nothing jobs, the zippy economy is pretty much a disaster.

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  • everything is going according to plan.

  • Patty

    So those who have jobs do and those that don’t OCCUPY.

  • USMC Thomas

    The only thing transparent about SØBama is his lies.

  • valerie

    It’s not just the bad policies badly implemented. It’s also the venality. We’ve had enormous redistribution of wealth, from the taxpayers to Democratic Party supporters. The Stimulus never had a chance.

  • OldSailor

    Don’tch mean “Dopey Changey Stuff?” It’s all “Change you can step in.”

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  • WillofLa

    “The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all of history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.”

    Do you know who said that? I sounds very relavant to, doesn’t it? With Obama’s Socialist/Marxist agenda, that by the way is right on schedule because of the support system’s that he has been allowed (because no one in government takes the authority that they have Constitutionally to stop every single thing Obama has started) by establishing his administration by setting up “czar’s” instead of following the Constitution and having all his administration picks confirmed by the Senate. Along with his czar’s, Obama has had the overwhelming committment of the Socialist Democrats in the Pelosi and Reid Houses, has done more damage to this nations economy than all the Presidents and Congresses and Senates since Washington our first President. This may seem impossible but none the less Obama has been “allowed” to do these things because to do otherwise would invite attacks of “racism” upon themselves to no end until they would have to resign to fight the suets from radical leftists. Look at what happen to Tom DeLay.

    Now, I’ll the quote above may seem like it could have come from anyone today who has a finger on the pulse of America, but it wasn’t.

    The person who made this statement was Thomas Jefferson!!! That’s something isn’t it?
    Now, don’t tell me our founding fathers weren’t smarter than anyone we see today in government. That’s why our Constitution is so important for us as the people it protects to make sure we tell our representatives to stand up against Obama and the Socialists and Communists who want to take our GOD GIVEN freedom to govern ourselves, and not to let elitists they see in our government who want to take that freedom away from us.

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  • bear

    Not to criticize, but to expand on this post’s stats: The bureau of labor statistics reports that the total # of 16-24 year olds making themselves available for work was approx. 23 million.

    The BLS then states that whites in this age group have an unemployment rate of over 15%, hispanics over 20% and blacks at over 31%.

    These #s support the gist of the post, that young folks are experiencing a depression (during a time of so-called recovery), and that entry-level jobs are evaporating for this age group.

  • J Descartes

    But 9t would have been so much worse if Obama hadn’t been president. We could all been knee deep in marshmallow fluff and coated with chocolate syrup.

  • chuck in st paul

    Stupid… EVERYONE knows it the tea baggers’ fault! I heard it on Kos. It MUST be true.

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    The illegals have ALL their jobs–no retiree jobs, no youth jobs..ya know all those jobs no Americans want? 20 million jobs….makes me sick. Australia gives jobs benefits to Australians FIRST..Canada gives jobs to Canadians first..America?????? We are last. They give them free benefits, free foster care, free tution, free college, free WIC, free…

    Americans are treated like dogs…in Australia they tell Muslims or any immigrant—you don’t like all culture our religion our laws–GET OUT! Leave. Here??? They change our laws to make them happy…it sick a bunch of liberal weenies!!! I DO NOT CARE IF THEY ARE OFFENDED GO HOME!

  • Charlie

    22.3% by this time next year

  • George

    It’s Bush’s fault.

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  • Shawn

    Hope and Change. I hope your ready because nothing is going to change.

  • greenfairie