Merry Christmas! Record Number of Americans Bought Guns on Black Friday

The Scottsdale Gun Club is offering pictures with Santa… and your favorite high-powered fire arm this year.

Festive: The Scottsdale Gun Club is giving families the chance to pose with Santa – and their choice of fire arm. (Daily Mail)

Data derived from the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check revealed that a record number of Americans bought guns on Black Friday.
Opposing Views reported, via Free Republic:

Data derived from the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) shows that November 25, 2011, Black Friday, had the most background checks for firearm purchases in a single day (129,166) with a 32 percent increase over the previous NICS high (November 28, 2008). Federal law requires FBI background checks on all individuals purchasing firearms from federally licensed retailers.

These statistics represent the number of firearm background checks initiated through NICS. They do not represent the number of firearms sold. Based on varying state laws and purchase scenarios, a one-to-one correlation cannot be made between a firearm background check and a firearm sale.

“More citizens lawfully exercising their Second Amendment right to carry a firearm, coupled with a growing awareness since the Supreme Court’s decisions in Heller and McDonald that the Second Amendment protects an individual fundamental right to keep and bear arms, helps to explain the continuing rise in sales of firearms and firearm-related products throughout the Untied States,” said National Shooting Sports Foundation Senior Vice President and General Counsel Lawrence G. Keane. “Clearly, Black Friday was a big day for both the firearms industry and our nation’s law-abiding gun owners.”

Once again… It looks like Barack Obama was the best thing that ever happened to the gun industry.

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  • donh

    Yes lets celebrate the immaculate conception of SNIPER CHRIST…

  • Mark1957

    Yeah man, nothing brings Christmas Cheer like blowing some Ho Ho Holes in targets at the firing range.

  • RedBeard

    [RedBeard raises hand]

    Well, I wanted a new pocket pistol, and Ruger was running a sale, so…………

  • Captain Chaos

    Santa, I want that M249 SAW. My son used it in Iraq and swears by it, he waxed a few of Jihadis with it. I’ve been a good boy this year (mostly).

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    unless you live in Illinois or DC….I hope everyone is carrying concealed…things will get rodney king ugly when odumbo is voted out

  • Moonbat_One

    Heheheh, I was one of them. A gun I’ve been thinking about buying all year was 20% off on 11/25.

  • They know what’s coming down the road………HEHEHEHE

  • carmen

    Woot!! Hubby got me a Smith & Wesson AR-15 w/green laser site & LOTS of extra clips – Happy Happy BLACK FRIDAY.

    “as fast as u can pull the trigger”

  • RedBeard

    I’m not admitting to anything, other than the fact that I may, or may not, own one, or possibly more, firearms. But I need a bigger gun safe. Maybe Santa will help.

  • StrangernFiction

    The 2nd Ammendment is a real b!tch if you are a Leftist.

  • dt

    And don’t ever, EVER!

    Give them up!

    For ANY reason!

  • RedBeard

    StrangernFiction, you are correct. They have to get rid of our 2nd Amendment before they can trash the rest of them.

  • Granny

    Just make sure you don’t wrap your ammo in waterproof wrappings! That will automatically make you a terrorist and make you subject to arrest and detention by the military without trial. I guess I’m screwed too – I have about 3 months worth of food supply on hand, just in case I get snowed in. And if I wanted to eat just jam, pickles, canned fruit and tomatoes I could hold out for a year or better. We’re ALL terrorists now!

  • Metalhead

    Got the guns, bought the reloader instead. Ammo may be another route they take to limit our enjoyment of the shooting arts.

  • 1911

    #1AMERICAN commented:
    unless you live in Illinois or DC….I hope everyone is carrying concealed…things will get rodney king ugly when odumbo is voted out

    I hope you are wrong but i dont think you are.

  • Metalhead

    And shooting a full auto is a bitch if you’re a Lefty and it’s not (spent cartridges across the face).

  • Franklin Ryan

    “They do not represent the number of firearms sold.”

    Yep, because I bought two on my one background check 😉

  • UpChuck.Liberals

    Ya’ll have a VERY MERRY 2nd Amendment. This says something about the (sorry) state of our nation. Change is a commin’, vote for REAL Hope & Change in 2012. Get the Liberals OUT.

  • Militant Conservative

    Been telling y’all that a massive TEAnami is coming.

    I got my night vision scope mounted on a AR-10.

    Granny, I have 1000 rounds of .308 in plastic

    200 round battle packs. I accept the fact that I am

    a threat to my government. It should fear us, that’s


    Powder is dry

  • patman

    Ruger makes a SR-22 that looks like an AR-15. I got one for the kiddies as a stocking stuffer. All the reliability of a Ruger and the looks that make the other kids at the range envious. Ammo is cheap too.

    Teach your children well. When Obama is voted out in November, you better be prepared to fend off whatever comes at you, no matter what age you are…

  • Eubulides

    You are deluded.

  • orisda423

    So did I Franklin

  • Conservative to the Core
  • Militant Conservative

    #22 December 2, 2011 at 11:09 am
    Eubulides commented:

    WOW, showing your ignorance in just three words. New record.

    When the public fears the government, that is tyranny.

    When the government fears the people that is freedom.

    One of our founders said this. Kinda makes you an anti American.

    Now who is deluded??

  • valerie

    #22 December 2, 2011 at 11:09 am
    Eubulides commented:

    Unfortunately, he’s not deluded. There’s an insight that the next election will fall out one of two ways: There’s going to be a TEAnami with election of the Republican candidate, and followed by riots, or the TEAnami will be insufficient to remove the President (and possibly control of the Senate) followed by four more years of shambling disaster, including impeachment of Barack Obama.

    In either scenario, the street theater in pursuit of a Kent State Moment will continue, because those delusional old fahrts that never left the 60s are still trying to recover their youth, and very willing to let other people’s children get hurt in the process.


    @MC….right on…there will be a massive outbreak of violence when omooslime loses the election…been sayin that for years…arm yourselves people

  • There may not be correlation between gun license application background checks(126,000) and actual gun sales, but I think there is a correlation between the increased gun license applications and the increased numbers of unemployed Americans who’ve stopped looking for work(315,000.)

  • Eubulides

    What I meant was that your circlejerk fantasies of gunning down evil ATF agents are nonsense. If the US government wants to kill you, your .308 won’t stop them.

  • RedBeard

    Just what we need; some cynical guy intent upon belittling gun owners and the critical importance of the 2nd Amendment.

  • dba…vagabond trader

    Hope this authentic stat was shoved up Husseins tailpipe as he crows about those faked up jobs numbers.

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  • Spider

    This is what makes America truly unique.

    When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns!

  • Talgus

    #29: true, case in point, the ATF and the Branch Davidians. The FBI is not far back with guy in charge complicit with the mentality that killed an innocent female citizen in her home in Idaho.

  • Eubulides

    I am a gun owner, jackass.

  • Militant Conservative

    #29 December 2, 2011 at 12:35 pm
    Eubulides commented:
    What I meant was that your circlejerk fantasies of gunning down evil ATF agents are nonsense. If the US government wants to kill you, your .308 won’t stop them.

    Eubulides moron gunowner at that.

    I am arming myself against the usefull idiots the current regime is using.
    The BATFE is not an issue here, assume much?

    powder is dry

  • RedBeard

    Eubulides, I don’t care if you own 100 firearms. That doesn’t alter the fact that you came into this thread belittling people and being unpleasant. If you have an opinion, try express it without the vitriol aimed at other posters who, according to your claim to gun ownership, should be your friends, not your enemies.

  • Eubulides

    Agreeing with people has nothing to do with it. I just have a lot of fun antagonizing people.

  • platypus

    Self-protection AND good for the economy. What’s not to like?


    Eubulides commented

    time to crawl back into your mom’s basement…play time is over you little fool

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  • RedBeard

    Eubulides, there are better ways to have fun, other than deliberately irritating people. Really. Honest.

  • Eubulides

    I love you, too.

  • Militant Conservative

    Dont play with it, you have no idea where its been.

  • chris

    Which high-powered military-style automatic weapon was Jesus’ favourite, I wonder?

    I suppose I’ll have to go back to my Bible and re-read the Sermon on the Mount to find out.

    Why do so many American Christians have such warped views of Christianity?

  • Eubulides

    If Revelation is to be believed, it’s some sort of mouth sword.

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  • Truth teller

    Bought AR15 as well….Militant Conservative….what is the minimal arsenal you recommend?

  • Militant Conservative

    I buy that which is readily aviable. 9pm and .223

    Is the logical choice. 9mm is easily handled by male

    And female wrists. .223 is a pussy cat but going old style

    Is even better. M1 carbine is small and fits a woman’s

    Body frame. My wife loves the Rossi 92 lever action

    .38 cal or .357 nasty. With .38 it’s barely a bump

    To your shoulder. an AR-15 is just the best though

    Plenty of ammo and lots of do dads and add on’s.

    I just added a gen 1 night sight to my .308 for

    Killin ferel hogs. Not like the other trolls thinking

    I’d be hunting gubmnt folks. The left is mighty

    Stupid And funny.

  • Truth teller

    Thanks MC (#47)…I bet that .308 AR10 with nightscope is a blast to fire…pardon the pun!

  • Militant Conservative


    I have ten thousand rounds of .223

    Almost one thousand is in box magazines.

    Remember you must be self sufficient for awhile

    Food energy and necessities. Fish hunt, we are looking

    At a global depression of what do you think that will

    Do to the market??! We’re on our own. This is gonna

    Be bad. Buy boy scout manuals and other equipment.

    Powder is dry

  • Truth teller

    Amen MC…

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  • You really can’t go wrong with a weapon (or better still, weapons) chambered for the .223. My favorite for all-around utility is the basic ranch model Mini-14, which will also digest 5.56 rounds if one happened to run into some by accident.

    For handguns, I’m also old school, and can’t think of any better all-around utility piece than the 1911A1 in .45ACP.

    But never underestimate the utility of a few items chambered for .22LR as well, strictly as camp backups. Bricks of ammo can be bought for little dough. Nothing better for practice, keeping the stew pot full, and various emergencies.

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  • Militant Conservative

    Batteries and other power generation. All hardened

    Against EMP burst, yes i over think everything.

    Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

  • There’s really no such thing as being too prepared.

  • Militant Conservative

    Noticed skippy left with his tail tucked.

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  • Wiscodoc

    I’m as liberal as y’all are conservative, but I’ve got guns, ammo, morphine and nonperishable food all tucked away safely, too. If and when it hits the fan, there will be plenty of folks on the other side of the political spectrum who will be armed as well. Just waitin’ on my concealed carry permit!