FOX News Panelist Charles Lane: Ron Paul Has Same Foreign Policy as Jeremiah Wright (Video)

Washington Post editorial writer Charles Lane told the FOX News Sunday panel today,

“I think one of the amazing thing that this all shows is that Republican Party might be about to crown winner of the Iowa caucuses someone (Ron Paul) with the foreign policy views of Jeremiah Wright. remeber that?”

What a clusterfark.

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  • bronxdude

    Merry Christmas!

  • Conservative to the Core

    Looks like Ron Paul got a set of long knives for Christmas.

  • Rose

    I’ve – JUMPING PAGES – always said that Ron Paul had Democrat Foreign policy and Democrat mentality about mind-altering, addictive, life-destroying drugs, too – and his chosen allies being our mortal enemies because they are also the biggest drug producers.

    And his brain is fried on his chosen preferences of illegal substances.

  • CT

    It is very likely that Ron Paul will receive a significant number of votes, if not a majority in the Iowa primary. The question is, are these Republican votes or Ron Paul votes? Would or could these Paulbot votes ever accrue to a Republican candidate; would a republican candidate want a Paulbot constituency? What does this say about Iowa or anywhere else there is a significant Paulbot vote turnout?

  • atticcellar

    Who cares what this neocon main stream media stooge says. He is simply parroting what all the other globalist shills are saying.. Just for your information RON PAUL CAN WIN!! I don’t care what all the talking heads who are parroting lies say. It’s time to take the country back from the criminal banksters and it starts in Iowa.. God bless and protect Ron Paul…. 2012

  • Gride

    Ron Paul 2012 because being White is Right!!

  • ar05075
  • Sonofthunder

    Uncle crazy can’t win. He is a liberal in foreign policy which is left of Obama. Sorry you tin foiled hat Paulies. He has got no shot of winning!!!!

  • bg
  • Little Orenthal

    Ron Paul doesn’t have a foreign policy

    Funny that the libs bring up Obama’s favorite Pastor only when criticizing a ‘republican’ candidate.

    Hint: Ron Paul isn’t, and has never been, a conservative, or a republican. He’s a liberal who talks about gold and silver dimes

    He hated Regan. Paul is a cancer to us. Time for some chemo in upcoming primary

  • bg
  • bg


    re: #1 & All

    Merry Christmas! :-)


  • bg
  • Soze

    Ron Paul 2012 because this world still has too many Jews.

  • Moreliberty

    Yawn. I for one am glad to see that there is at least one individual that doesn’t believe in decade long perpetual war the ends in thousands dead and more debt all for nothing. Try guarding our own borders for once.

  • bg


    btw re: #13 December 25, 2011 at 12:12 pm bg

    wonder if TYT have one with A Message to Ron Paul Supporters?? /s/

    eh, Barry & Ron two sides of the same coin..


  • amdg

    I have serious doubts that an empire can downsize to a republic, but I am hopeful.

    GO Ron, GO!

  • Moreliberty

    Romney/Gingrich/ Bachman 2012 – because we need more war, more debt, less individual liberty, more legislation that is basically the same as dems.

    That’s right you fake conservatives. You vote for idiots like Bush or McCain that do nothing but increase debt, increase war, increase the size of government and bailout corporations. You are not conservatives – you are just more of the same

  • bg


    Soze #14 December 25, 2011 at 12:12 pm


    Moreliberty #15 December 25, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    yeah, damn Hitler & Japan, if not for that useless WW11, we
    could have been living high off the heels of the heils.. /sarc/


  • Moreliberty

    @ BG, the USA actually declared war, and it ended in less than 5 years for the USA. I did three tours in Iraq and it was a waste, although I was initially for it. Not one American soldier or marine was worth those people. They are ungrateful and will eventually fail.