Four NY Democrats Plead Guilty to Voter Fraud

Four New York Democrats pleaded guilty to voter fraud after they were caught forging signatures on absentee ballots in a 2009 primary election.
CBS06 reported:

NewsMax reported, via Orbusmax:

Four Democratic officials and political operatives have pleaded guilty to voter fraud-related felony charges in an alleged scheme to steal an election in Troy, N.Y., reports.

The group forged signatures on applications for absentee ballots and on the ballots themselves in a 2009 primary of the Working Families Party, which was affiliated with now-defunct community group ACORN.

Voters whose signatures were forged expressed outrage to Fox. “I feel extremely violated,” said Brian Suozzo.

Former Troy Democratic City Clerk William McInerney, Democratic Councilman John Brown, and Democratic political operatives Anthony Renna and Anthony DeFiglio entered guilty pleas in the case. They admitted to one count of various charges, ranging from forgery to falsifying business records, and criminal possession of a forged instrument.

In November 2009, DeFiglio told New York State police investigators that forging absentee ballots represented business as usual and was common practice in all political circles.

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  • Sasja

    “In November 2009, DeFiglio told New York State police investigators that forging absentee ballots represented business as usual and was common practice in all political circles.”

    Sure. In demoncrat circles.

  • FurryGuy

    Prosecution for voter fraud happened to several ACORN workers after the 2004 Washington Gubernatorial debacle, and the Dems were still able to successfully steal the 2008 election.

  • Remco Kimber

    Yet another exhibit of why the states are passing voter fraud and voter id statutes.

    Paying attention, Holder?

  • Majority of voter-fraud in this country is done by Acorn and other front-groups for the demorats…………… wonder their working so hard to push no ID …………just sayin

  • FurryGuy

    #3 December 22, 2011 at 7:27 pm
    Remco Kimber commented:

    Yet another exhibit of why the states are passing voter fraud and voter id statutes.

    Paying attention, Holder?

    Voter ID is only part of the solution; voter intimidation at polling places has to be prosecuted and not given official commendation from the DoJ would be another facet in making for less corrupt elections.

  • Joe

    It isn’t brain surgery to figure out which side is depending on voter fraud. The democrats don’t want any kind of voter ID and the republicans insist. And thus, case after case of those caught are democrats, wow, I’m stunned.

  • dunce

    The political circles he was referring to are city, state, county, and federal elections by democrats.

  • Patty

    so, reaches any place at any level of the poll. Now, isn’t this interesting and as we thought, in 2008 Presidential Election how much voter fraud was there?

    If in N.Y. it is anywhere!


    Political bosses such as Richard Daley or George Wallace may have died, but they have successors. Party machines in Hawaii and south Texas intimidate critics and journalists as they harvest votes from illegal aliens and the dead. A left-wing “community organizing” group called ACORN has seen its employees frequently convicted of voter registration fraud. This year its employees are under active investigation in several states. Perhaps one reason for ACORN’s go-for-broke behavior is that Barack Obama used to be a lawyer and top trainer for the group. In August, the Obama campaign was caught misidentifying an $800,000 payment it had made to an ACORN subsidiary for “election services.”

    Even after Florida 2000, the media tend to downplay or ignore stories of election incompetence, manipulation or theft. Allowing such abuses to vanish into an informational black hole in effect legitimizes them. Should “anything goes” continue to accepted as an election standard, voters may wake up to a crisis even bigger than the 2000 Florida folly. Perhaps then it will demand to know why more wasn’t done to fix the system before it failed again. That’s why officials need to enforce whatever safeguards we have this year – and then lobby hard for better voter education and protections against fraud in the future.


    Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens our Democracy
    By John Fund

    The Florida Fiasco of 2000, with hanging chads, butterfly ballots and Supreme Court intervention, forced Americans to confront an ugly reality. The U.S. has the sloppiest election systems of any industrialized nation, so sloppy that at least eight of the 19 hijackers who attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were actually able to register to vote in either Virginia or Florida while they made their deadly preparations for 9/11.

    In Stealing Elections, John Fund takes the reader on a national tour of voter fraud scandals ranging from rural states like Texas and Mississippi to big cities such as Philadelphia and Milwaukee. He explores dark episodes such as the way “vote brokers” stole a mayoral election in Miami in 1998 by tampering with 4700 absentee ballots. He shows how, in the aftermath of the Motor Voter Law of 1993, Californians used mail-in forms to get absentee ballots for fictitious people and pets, while in St. Louis it was discovered that voter rolls included 13,000 more names than the U.S. Census listed as the total number of adults in the city.

    Election officials try to reassure voters by turning to computerized voting machines. But Fund shows that with the new technology come even greater concerns. Early in 2004, for instance, the state of Maryland, which has 16,000 new Diebold machines, commissioned a security expert to try to rig a practice election. He and his team broke into the computer at the State Board of Elections, completely changed the outcome of the election, left, and erased their electronic trail—all in under five minutes.

    Stealing Elections gives us a chilling portrait of our electoral vulnerability—in the 2004 presidential election and on into the future. Writing with urgency and authority, John Fund shows how a lethal combination of bureaucratic bungling and ballot rigging have put our democracy at risk.


    John Fund of National Journal wrote this above article and I finally found it.

  • Patty

    Stealing Elections and the 2008 election

    – Barrack Obama was a very successful community organizer in a sub organization of ACORN. He rose to the top of ACORN and became, first, their national trainer, then their attorney. He doesn’t brag about this (my emphasis).

    – The 1993 Motor Voter Act required the risky practices of registering people by mail and while getting driver’s licenses without appearing before an election official. It opened the door. Illinois Governor Edgar refused to implement parts of Motor Voter he found unconstitutional. He was sued by attorney Barrack Obama on behalf of ACORN. He doesn’t talk about this accomplishment – he won in court.

    – ACORN, the empire of vote fraud, cannot be audited or even tracked. It is not one organization, but 154 organizations in the same building: any attempt to trace funds will be futile. The $700 billion bail-out bill included 20%, that’s $140 billion, for community organizations including ACORN. Correction: The 20% for ACORN was in the Friday version of the bill, but not the Monday version.

    Looks like he writes for National Review

  • voter fruad is a nationwide problem yet nobody in congress will do anything about it. be aware illegally registered voters have a much higher voter turnout than legally registered voters.

  • Carl T.

    We’re always told these are isolated cases. Bulls–t! Stuff like this really makes me angry because they lie through their teeth repeatedly about it. Does anyone tell the truth anymore?

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  • Molon Labe

    Seems to me cases of voter fraud should carry lengthy prison sentences and six figure fines. Let’s see how many people will commit it then. Oh yes, I’d also brand the person on the back of the hand so that they could never vote again.

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  • Nelle

    Branding wouldn’t fly, but maybe they could be required to wear an electronic bracelet that would cause any voting machine they approached to count their ballot as straight Republican.

  • ChillytheAlaskan

    Secure photo voter ID is needed, please don’t force the drivers license. There are already so many illegals with drivers licenses out there, we need a secure photo ID where our citizenship and eligibility to vote is determined before the ID is issued. I have read, that Washington state has allowed over 400,000 illegals to have drivers licenses. Many of these illegals work in Alaska canneries in the summer and then exchange the Washington license for an Alaska license, and vola, they are a legal citizen. Same happens in many other states. We need a real reform and verification and exclusion of those ineligible to vote, like illegals, felons, and force those who have mail in ballots sent to them to come in and provide this secure verification before an absentee or mail in ballot is sent. I’m sick and tired of hearing the democrats and the NAACP attempting to assert some hypothetical minority won’t have an ID and will be disenfranchised! It’s plain to see that more real voters are being disenfranchised by the voter fraud, and this needs to be addressed NOW! Here is another example of voter fraud, conveniently ignored by the lame stream media.

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    Molon Labe commented:
    Seems to me cases of voter fraud should carry lengthy prison sentences and six figure fines. Let’s see how many people will commit it then. Oh yes, I’d also brand the person on the back of the hand so that they could never vote again.

    Try the death penalty…until there is a deterent none of this crap will ever stop

  • mg4us

    I am shocked and in disbelief!!!

    Four Democrat politicians committing voter fraud!! No way. . I do not believe it!!

    Now if they indicted all the Dems. . then maybe I could believe it. . but only four, no way!

  • Nancy Bakos

    ACORN is alive and well! Working Famlies is the New York “new name.’ ACORN changed it’s names(all different names from state to state. But, did not change it’s tactics!

  • DC555

    They are well trained by Obama, the community organizer, in what he knows how to do best: “defraud” the electoral process for the leftists gain. They have been trained to believe that fraud is acceptable as long as it serves the left. I still wonder if Obama won against Hillary fairly and squarely.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Heck, forget voter fraud. Too risky! Now Democrats in some States are pushing for legislation giving non-citizens the right to vote.

  • squeaky

    last week doug ross [i think] had a post. a union vote was being held and there was a sign on the door advising people to have their ID. but for voting purposes in politics, these same people would accuse you of trying to supress the vote if you require the same.

  • BurmaShave

    I hope some industrious researcher makes a collection of accounts like this — I have heard a bunch of them, and I know that there many of them out there — to throw back a lying Liberals who claim there is “factually absolutely no need for voter identification.”

    Liberals lie using made up “facts” all the time (these fraud perpetrators are four more examples). That is part of why we are in the mess that we are in.

  • P. Aaron

    All in a days work for the Democrat Party.

  • theCork

    This is going to have a chilling effect on civil rights for the recently deceased, who vote overwhelmingly Democrat. What have you got against the dead, evil Rethuglicans? /s

  • theCork

    Mel Carnahan was like the MLK of the dead. That was the first election where the dead voted for their own.

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