Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told reporters this week that 160 million Americans will have their taxes increased if the payroll tax cut extension does not pass.

160,000,000 working Americans?
That’s more Americans than there are in the entire work American workforce.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are only 140.5 million Americans employed today.
Thanks to Pelosi and Barack Obama the work force is at its lowest rate in years.

By the way… 3,000 mainstream media outlets ran with this bogus number.




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  1. innumerate and ugly!

  2. To call Pelosi stupid is to insult stupid

  3. This is what too much Botox will do to the brain. But, then again, she was demented to begin with.

  4. There would that many jobs if McCain or anybody besides the zero was prez.v

  5. no, no, no, this is their “new” math! you know, the math system where any number can mean “any” thing, it doesn’t need to add up, subtract properly, no multiplication or division complications, etc. it’s similar to algebra, where a letter can be “any” number. now any number can mean “any” thing the proglibtards want it to!!! just look at all the great examples piglosi’s already given us, every dollar of unemployment equals 2 dollars of spending ability, extending unemployment benefits equals over 600K new jobs, etc!! see, any number really can mean “any” thing!!!!

  6. Nancy, the San Francisco Treat, Pelosi is using “Chicago” voting numbers, you know, the dead vote.

  7. She had to say this before she read it, the employment figures that is.
    Seems this is taste of how things will get better the closer we get to election time. The numbers for unemployed will get down to 8%, or better, economic growth will be better and the Obama media will speak of him like he has parted the seas.

  8. yal what about the hidden mortgage fee hidden inside of their bill? Dirty lyin dogs…I say stand strong..dont cave repubs…while he goes on friggin vacation. We all know what these rats are doing and the repubs had a plan for a year with 2yrs for medicare!

  9. Pelosi: When brain-dead just isn’t enough.

  10. Nobody left in the Democratic Party does math.

  11. your forgetting the 20 million illegal colonists.

  12. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy. ya forgot who you’re talkin’ to. Algore had it right,it’s “workin Americans”

  13. The woman has lost her mind.

    Can you imagine what would happen if people would begin to pray to remove the evil, the hate, the lies, the greed that she holds in her heart, soul, mind and body?

  14. Typical piglosi counting more people just like the demoturds double count votes

  15. Give her a break, it’s Nancy Pelosi, she never get facts right.

  16. Maybe she’s counting all the dead people who somehow are still able to vote democratic.

  17. 20 million imaginary jobs….hmmm. must be the those “jobs created” that the drive-bys mention when they blow through here. and would those 3,000 mainstream media outlets be fed by the AP?

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