Democrat Ad Paints Newt Gingrich as ‘Original Tea Partier’

Because government restraint is a bad thing(?)

The Democrats have a new ad out painting Newt Gingrich as the “original tea partier.”

ABC reported:

For the first time in the presidential primary campaign, Democrats are turning their web video and “rapid response” email attack machine on former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Just hours after the ABC News presidential debate in Iowa Saturday, the Democratic National Committee blasted the GOP front-runner in a 90-second ad, labeling him the “original Tea Partier.”

While top Democratic and Obama campaign strategists had made a rhetorical shift in recent days – abandoning their previously exclusive focus on Mitt Romney – the video marks a new phase in their offensive and recognition of Gingrich’s rise in the polls.

DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz underscored the new line of messaging in a statement following the debate, calling the former Speaker “a Tea Party politician even before there was a Tea Party.”

Of course, the fact that anyone would want to limit government spending horrifies democrats.

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  • Babsy

    Well, please keep in mind that the current Squatter-in-Chief referred to the Constitution as a ‘charter of negative rights’, or some such drivel. The point being he didn’t then, and does not now, look with favor upon restictions of any kind on the Federal government.

  • Babsy

    Addendum to post #1: Hey, it’s the dimmocrap way!

  • Rachelle

    That will only help him.

  • zooomzooom

    speaking of partiers………..his response needs to be swift regarding the ones own parties with thugs in the white house…….!!!!!!

  • an observer

    “their web video and “rapid response” email attack machine on former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.”

    The only people who might even care are the usual sufferers of tertiary syphilis that make up the Democratic Party “base.”

  • Sha Sene

    Obama and the Democrats were hammering Romney all this time and I didint’ hear about it?
    LOL No they weren’t .
    They want Romney as the GOP candidate
    He’s so much like Obama, voters won’t see a valid A or B choice, Just 2 A’s Most will sit out the election BECAUSE of the lack of a stark difference

  • bg


    ooh, can’t wait to see the rebuttal.. 😀


  • m1

    These are the type of dem ads I can support.

  • bg
  • StrangernFiction

    So does this mean they want to face Newt or they don’t want to face Newt? LOL

  • wanumba

    I LOVE this AD!!! It’s AWESOME!!!

    Eliminate the Department of EDUCATION!! I LOVE IT!!!

  • SOB

    Obama and the Democrats were hammering Romney all this time and I didint’ hear about it?
    LOL No they weren’t .
    They want Romney as the GOP candidate


    They have been “attacking Mitt” (according to some dubious sources) while simultaneously proclaiming him “the only serious candidate” and “candidate by default” and “person who scares Democrats the most” etc, etc, etc…

    Mittens has long been endorsed by the Democrats and Liberal media – they have been open about that. Obama has also played his hands (the whole anti-wall-street/class warfare stuff) based off the assumption they can get us to nominate Romney (who is Wall-street personified, and oozes “wealthy”, silver-spoon Republican)

    There is no way Obama or the Lib Media wants anyone but Romney – the only thing that can be considered “attacks” are things they are floating out there to ideally deflate the GOP enthusiasm and eventually set up for the general election of Obama v Romney they desperately want to see

  • bg


    re: Babsy #1 December 11, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    re: #9 December 11, 2011 at 3:13 pm bg

    Breaking Free from The Constitution

    [Mr. Obama’s comments take a turn from discussing the historical record. Unprovoked he laments that the Supreme Court “could not break free from the essential constraints placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution.” He further describes the Constitution as “a charter of negative liberties.” This is at odds with the preamble to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.]


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  • dba…vagabond trader

    The demonrats are so out of touch they think this is an insult? lol.

  • bg


    Obama et al were saving their best shots for Romney..

    hah, looks like they’ll be a tad disappointed
    that it’s not him, nor Perry for that matter..


  • Swifty

    They have never understood what the Tea Party movement is and they never will.

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  • MrGoodWench

    bg commented:
    ooh, can’t wait to see the rebuttal..

    Newt : I’m a TEA Party candidate, running against the Pee Party President
    Newt : In 2012, you decide, TEA or Pee

  • Rhoda R

    Not only is it not an insult, I just wish it were true.

  • No Man

    Why would anybody give a dam about bu!!$hit spurted by Obama worshiping idiots and godless [email protected]?

  • Practical Jane

    This is delightful!! Keep it up DNC!!

  • SOB

    Not only is it not an insult, I just wish it were true.

    Don’t be one of those who are trying to turn the Tea Party into the new “we get to make your decisions for you because we know better” Establishment…

    Newt has actually been the closest thing we have seen to a Tea Party Patriot when actually having the control to effect things. Both of the Contracts with America are Tea Party thru and thru. The fighting against the Establishments desires like having 1stBush break his Tax Pledge is exactly what we would have done.

    Newt, in his actions, is Tea Party. Some of his statements or money-making adventures of course blur the lines, but as a member of Congress he was exactly what we have been looking for and has already given us a pledge to do much of the same again.

    The Tea Party will be behind Newt as long as the self-described Tea Party leaders dont turn on what is best for us.

  • DaveinPhoenix

    And we thought the RNC was hopeless?

    Ensure a Conservative group of leaders in Washington – send yer cash to the DNC to really promote this ad nation wide 🙂

    WTG Debbie !

  • aprilnovember811

    It shows you how stupid they are. They live in their own world. They are insulting most of America.

  • Stuart

    Let me see: In the same week that Obama virtually declares himself to be a communist in his Ossowattami address, the DNC declares a two minute hate against Gingrich because he allies himself with the Tea Party?
    The horror! The horror!

  • exceller

    it would be a compliment if it were true.

  • coolidgerules

    dba…vagabond trader commented:
    The demonrats are so out of touch they think this is an insult? lol.

    No, these a$$holes just wanted to say “Tea Party” in commercial to rile the base a little.
    These communist stooges don’t understand any of the policies or their consequences, just certain words such as:

    greedy capitalist
    one percenter
    religious wingnut
    social justice

    You get the picture. Our inept rulers over at the Politburo just continually take a sling shot to the hornets nest anytime they need cover for something they are trying to subvert. And the Make Believe media gleefully goes along.

    For the love of everything holy, please fire John Boehner

  • An Original Tea Partier. How horrible! I’m shocked. Vote Romney!

    Half the time Romney seems to take the Democratic line. On cap gains, it’s like he’s an Occupier, trying to divide income groups. In response to a good child labor law idea of Newts, Romney parrots the Dem line.

    On the moon base, it’s the Dem line! Obama canceled GWB’s plan to go back to the moon. For Romney to, in effect, mock the moon issue, when it is Republicans that by and large think we should go back, shows Romney is a Dem in moderate clothing. And just when China is starting to “shoot for the moon.”

  • Mark1957

    O.T.P. is in da House!!

    It sounds good except that Newt is a big Gov Progressive.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    So splice together clips of news reports of the murders. rapes overdoses, violence against cops with clips of commiecrats praising the Occupoopers and say 4 decades of The Occupy Party.

    Is Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s old man still in prison? Has her mother been sent up yet? Yeah stealing that “green money”, it’s what democrats do.

  • ombdz

    Wow. The DNC must be idiots to go after Newt. You would think they’d be going out of their way to help him get the nomination. First and foremost, the GOP needs to select a nominee that can win. Traditionally, GOP primary voters have understood that this is the one qualification that stands above all others …

  • SOB

    It sounds good except that Newt is a big Gov Progressive

    Please, show me the bills he pushed that prove this.

    I mean, we have countless Conservative Agenda bills proposed, pushed and passed; as his 90% ACU tally indicates. Let’s see all the “progressive” bills though

    Newt is despised by progressives like no other person walking the planet (they like Reagan more then Newt, for Gods sake…), so it would be nice to see some of this supposed “Big Government, progressive agenda, Newt” in practice.

  • lizzy84

    Ha ha–coming from Ding Dong Debbie, this is truly high praise.

    Makes me like Newt more.

    No one likes Mittens.

  • It sounds good except that Newt is a big Gov Progressive

    Baloney. Ultra-overthinking. Beck is way off base here. We have to stop “killing off our own.” Well, except in the Romney case. What an obvious dim Dem thinker is Romney.

  • Kurt

    I’ve got my share of reservations about Newt Gingrich, but the fact that the Democrats are running this ad already shows that they’re worried about him. In particular, they’re worried that he will eviscerate Obama in the debates. They’ve got to go on the attack now because they don’t want to have Obama called out as the anti-capitalist, redistributionist tool he is.

  • Adi

    Reminds me of “the world without Obama” add.

    Pure gold, keep’em coming, DNC.

  • Seth

    So, its a free ad for Newt by the tin-eared DNC, which thinks that it is damning Newt, when it is, in fact, recommending him to a whole host of Americans who consider themselves limited government, low tax, low government interference and regulation “Tea partiers. “

  • Patty

    Why would the democrats want to Blast Newt? I do believe they think that Americans who have stood in Unity for our Constitution something that just get their goat and for the trillions in spending, lack of Job security, Homes underwater, taxes being raised. Americans will stand with anyone other than Obama and Wasserman has her job in store for her if she believes America wants another for years of a do nothing president, when it comes to progress and growth for this nation.

    They believe that The Tea Party will alienate voters and is a useful ploy to destroy any win for the Republican Party. I do believe the political pundits on the left have been using the words Tea Party as their bases for attack. That will get them no where fast. Obama is done.

    He has no other recourse but to attack the Tea Party and the Republicans as he has no record of great accomplishments.

  • Highlander

    “Original Tea Partier?” That sure sounds like a compliment to me …

  • Texas_Treeroach

    I kept waiting for a slammer in the Ad — you know — something that was insulting or dishonest.
    . . . . nothing but the cold hard truth. Newt in his own words, YES SIR.

    Newt says it like it needs to be said.

    Our thanks to the clueless DNC for the free Ad!!!

    (I’m going to play it again, because I like it so much)

  • Patty

    In watching the debates I can see first hand that the more intelligent viewer has come to a conclusion that a couple of Candidates have it all over Obama. His vision for Americans is divide and then destroy the right, Republicans, Tea Party and anyone who gets in his way.

    That would mean more than 50% of America. The more the left speaks the less they want us to know that Obama has been a complete loser and has made America suffer more each day he is in Office.

    So, all they have now is attacks and hope that the little people with no clue will buy this rhetoric and if not they will stop to some other lie.

    Obama has had the nerve to call the Republican the Rich Party. I truly have no clue where he is getting this from. All of the rich are on the right. First a stupid statement and second a complete lie. So, stay tuned it will only get worse. But keep the lies and Political attacks as it will only help Newt and the other Candidates as well, they need to keep their cool and attack Obama on his lies, scandal and Holder.

  • Patty

    stoop to some other lie

    Correction: not stop

  • Chrissy


    I was expecting it to be negative, but everything they say in the ad I AGREE WITH !

    Makes me wonder what the Dems could be thinking – are they that far off the reservation ??

    ha ha – the jokes on them. With ads like this, Newt won’t have to do anything but sit back and watch till the votes come in on election day 🙂

  • LIndensant

    I wonder if Newt will have to pay royalties or something to the DNC for this ad. They have no idea what a gift they have given Newt

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Are the Democrats cracking up or something? It’s as if they’re all turning into copies of Nancy Pelosi.

  • Sasja

    #46. Blacque Jacques Shellacque commented:

    Are the Democrats cracking up or something? It’s as if they’re all turning into copies of Nancy Pelosi.

    No. This is who, and what, they have always been. They have just stopped trying to hide it.

  • elmo

    It’s a brilliant ad because it makes Gingrich look good to far right primary voters, but bad to moderate republicans and independents. The predictably dumb responses, mostly along the lines of “how is this criticism?” and “this makes me like Gingrich more” show a stunning lack of self-awareness. Apparently you people have never heard the story about Brer Rabbit and the briar patch. The Democrats prefer to face Gingrich in the general election!

  • Militant Conservative

    #30 December 11, 2011 at 4:24 pm
    Mark1957 commented:

    Yup big progressive alright. That damn contract with

    America that reduced welfRe rolls and it got vetoed by

    Slick Willie twice before hemsigned it on the third

    Round. The dem’s know to fear Newt, a true thinker

    That can out do the slime republicans and dem’s.

    All three branches in republican majority, yup the

    real progressives will be on the run soon enough.

    Powder is dry

  • Darkstar58

    You know what, I just figured out what this add is about…

    This IS an attack on Newt – but you have to think about it from the underhanded Democrat angle.

    There are people out there, especially overly-vocal people proclaiming themselves Tea Partiers, who do not support Newt at all.

    So the DNC has two options – run similar adds to the ones everyone else will run anyway. Or…

    Run an add proclaiming him Tea Party and hope it sends those vocal Tea Party types over the edge.

    Its a trap – and just watch, Bachmann will fall for it hook, line and sinker almost instantly.

    They are using this add to divide the Tea Party and the populous. They want us fighting with each-other, and this is the kind of thing which will have us bickering over “what Tea Party is” and, in their eyes, ideally lead to a “Tea Party against Newt” movement.

    Already you are seeing Beck-supporters running around calling him “Big Government Progressive” (based off Glenns idiotic statements) on countless threads – this type of add is geared at taking that to a much higher level.

    I hope others figure this out, and don’t fall for what is clearly bait aimed at having the TeaParty/GOP destroy Newt for Obama so he keeps his hands clean.

    Luckily, 50% of Tea Party people are behind Newt at this time; so it might backfire. But make no mistake, this IS an attack, and its of the most disgusting kind…

  • Agathon

    It’s not true, of course, but Newt sees himself as the original everything.

  • Ron?

    The LibDemCom hordes are going full tilt boogy on Newt. Newt is cunning and calculating. Love it! Now, if the prudes on our side can overlook the problems that he had with his first wife, we can get behind one candidate and take the fight to the LibDemCom masses. Newt/Perry 2012! It’s getting close to do or die time folks. I still think Governor Perry would be an asset to conservative movement in an executive level position, but reality is what it is. Note how Newt’s stand on illegal immigration is very close to Governor Perry’s. Funny how some our side tend to overlook that (bg anyone?). The word denial comes to mind when I read the posts from some on this board claiming builderberg, Grover Norquest and other such drivel. They use the words conspiracy and new world order as an excuse to hide such prejudices. I will get behind Newt if he gets the nomination. F*** the RNC and establishment Countryclub Republicans. Not this time. They and Robamaney can KMA! I remember the Contract with America when Newt was speaker. Obama doesn’t want to face Newt in a Presidential debate, he would get pantsed, spanked, powdered and changed in front of the entire country by Newt. Watch; if Newt gets the nomination, Obama will come up with an excuse or some other rationale to avoid it. A made up national crises or something.

  • Path

    I’m not an especially big Newt fan but must admit that his ad gave me a couple of additional reasons why I might vote for him. My bottom line is: anybody but Obama.

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  • What a great spot! It does a fantastic job of selling him as a conservative, both for the primaries and the general election. Newt’s people should buy the master and run it everywhere as is, until the oxide wears off the tape. (I know, I know, stations use mp4s now, not tapes, but you get the idea.).

  • Ron?

    #53 Path:

    I feel the same way. Governor Perry would be my first choice because I know his record here in Texas. With majorities in the House and Senate we would see what kind of leader Governor Perry could be. But in the same aspect, Newt has shown what kind of metal he is made up of when he went against a very popular sitting President with “The Contract with America” and won.

  • gin

    Agree 100 %, #52
    Perry could most definitely deliver THIRTY EIGHT electoral votes right out of the gate from the top or bottom of the ticket. Nothing to sneeze at if you ask me. Newt could use some of those Texas funds too before this thing is decided, because say what you will about a well funded campaign, money helps.

  • Conservative to the Core

    I guess “Tea Party” isn’t polling well.


  • Militant Conservative

    51 December 11, 2011 at 5:51 pm
    Agathon commented:

    Amazing how many new names come to throw trash at a leader.

    Not backing anyone in particular yet. Anybody but the Affirmative inaction Erkel.

    “Did I do that?!” Yup this one has got to be flushed down the dustbin of history.

    Obama is the enemy within, Romney is the ringer for the MSM.

    powder is dry

  • Elmo #48 said “The Democrats prefer to face Gingrich in the general election!”

    This also is overthinking. Evidence goes both ways. Main thing: Romney is a Dem shill. Again, half the time Romney sounds like a Dem, and I’m sure Romney doesn’t even know it himself. It’s who Romney is: left leaning, and he thinks he’s right leaning? No.

    It’s telling that Mitt doesn’t have the guts to call O a socialist. Go ahead, it’s true. Newt says it! We all think O is a socialist. Socialist Obamacare medicine to start! Is Mitt smarter than us all?

    Newt was on top of it last night. He’s going to take O to town in debate. Gingrich has said he wants to dismantle much of govt (Romney: “keep it the same”)… that Newt approaches cutting govt with caution is not necessarily a bad thing, though I would much prefer Perry’s approach actually. We need to slash and burn.

  • gus

    I heard that NEWT was an illegitimate KOCH BROTHER.


  • gus

    Spot on Eric. If you DO NOT KNOW that Obama is a Socialist/Commie, you are either a COWARD or an IDIOT.

  • Ron?

    Anyone else having trouble posting?

  • bg


    Ron? #52 December 11, 2011 at 5:54 pm

    Perry’s illegal immigration policy is the same as Newts??

    [He spoke out last year against using E-Verify to prevent illegal
    immigrants from getting jobs as state employees, who get their
    paychecks from the taxpayers. He insisted it “would not make a
    hill of beans’ difference.”

    Numbers USA, a group that supports immigration control, gives Perry a
    “D-“ for his positions supporting amnesty, open borders, and opposing
    border security.

    When he first took office as governor in 2001, Perry went to Mexico and
    bragged about his law that granted “the children of undocumented
    workers” special in-state tuition at Texas colleges, the first state in the
    nation to do so.

    “The message is simple,” Perry concluded, “educacion es el futuro, y si
    se puede.”
    Education is the future, and (echoing Cesar Chavez’s slogan)
    yes we can.]

    Perry, in a speech in Mexico in 2007, said he supports completely
    open borders, calling for the “free flow of individuals between these
    two countries who want to work and want to be an asset to our
    country and to Mexico.”]

    bit more here & here & just about everywhere..


  • Bonanza driver

    Newt resigned from his short tenure as Speaker of the House. He did so to avoid being voted out by his own people…He’s not a leader. He’s a divider. Nominate this gas bag with nine chins and more baggage than you can fit in a dumptruck at your own peril…Way sick of Republicans swooning over a guy who is another Washington grifter…I really respect the fact that Mitt made his money in the private sector…

  • and…….this is a bad thing?

    Don’t let them fool you they want to run against Romney. If he gets the nomination you will see this picture:

    His link to Wall Street will be used against him.

    His Mormonism I predict will be an issue.

    Mitt wants to try to make a big deal about Gingrich’s three marriages. Don’t get me wrong if he was running to be my conciseness I wouldn’t vote for him. In regard to Romney I think some people would be surprised while the Bible teaches that marriage is until death do you part with the only exception being a spouse that commits fornication and then that person is still bound and the other is free to remarry. Mormons believe that IF you are married in a Mormon Temple, like Romney, you are married for eternity.

    In finding that link I came across this one that has a disturbing article concerning Romney and Mormonism. Not sure how much truth is in it. I have read some of the Book of Mormon and it is very odd, almost laughable. It has went through MANY revision of major significance. Anyway here is the link:

    I really don’t want any part of a Romney Presidency! Will I vote for him over Obama? Absolutely! But may have to use an industrial sized clothespin because I’ll need one hand to vote and can’t do that while holding my nose with both hands!

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  • mcc

    A terrific ad for Newt. Because it tells the truth. Newt hasn’t always been right, but I’m convinced he’s always loved this country – honored our founding fathers (and documents) – and searched for solutions to the problems we’ve encountered over the years.

    Now if the Left begins to discredit him with lies, he’ll set the record straight. Like this most important moment in the debate —

    The importance of Gingrich’s comment was that it skewered a false historical narrative which dominates the international debate and is used for the demonization of Israel and its chief supporter, the United States.

    Newt was absolutely correct to say enough already with the falsehood. If it upset the Palestinians, well too bad. […]

    The Palestinian issue also gave Newt what may turn out to be his most important moment in any debate, aligning himself with Ronald Reagan in refusing to be timid in the politically correct propaganda war being waged against us.

    Dave Weigel saw what ensued as the winning moment for Newt:

    His last full-on grapple with Romney came when the former governor attacked him, in a sort of more-in-sorrow-than-anger way, for saying that the Palestinians were an “invented people.” That, said Romney, was complicating things for Israelis.

    “The Israelis are getting rocketed every day,” snorted Gingrich. “We’re not making life more difficult. The Obama administration is making life more difficult.” Plus, he was right on the facts. “Palestinian did not become a common term until after 1977.” That’s the sort of knowledge-bomb that Republicans dream of dropping on Obama—they feel like this is right, but here’s a candidate who can say so.

    And then Gingrich closed the loop.

    “I’m a Reaganite,” he said. “I’m proud to be a Reaganite. Even at the point of causing some confusion with the timid.”

    Who was “the timid?” Whoever viewers thought it should be. Obama. Romney. The media. All of them, as far as they’re concerned, would lose in a showdown with Newt Gingrich. And this is how he won the debate.

    And if you remember, as I do, Diane Sawyer or that wimp at her side predictably tried to cut his last words off…they couldn’t bear hearing any more. Well, I say, get used to it – we may have found a partner in getting the truth out.

    We’re a sick nation because we live with lies. It’s time to expose them all and be healthy again.

  • bg


    hm, thought we were pro-capitalist, so what’s wrong
    with making money legitimately vs say pay to play??


  • bg


    re: [His Mormonism I predict will be an issue.]

    it’s always an “issue” that is not an “issue”.. /s/

    at any rate, Huntsman and Reid are
    Mormons as well as several others..

    Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, elected in 1998.

    Newly elected Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah.

    Sen. Tom Udall, D-New Mexico, elected in 2008.

    Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah, elected in 2002.

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, elected in 2008.

    Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., elected in 2000.

    Rep. Dean Heller, R-Nevada, elected in 2006.

    Rep. Wally Herger, R-Calif., elected in 1986.

    Newly elected Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho.

    Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah, elected in 2000.

    Rep. Buck McKeon, R-Calif., elected in 1992.

    Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, elected in 1998.

    Rep. Eni Faleomavaega, D-American Samoa, is one of five territorial representatives in the House. He is in his 13th term as American Samoa’s nonvoting delegate.

    [might or might not need updating]


  • TEA Party patriots know better, but don’t particularly care. Independents will eat it up. To Newt’s benefit. Donkey slips on banana peel.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • Rose

    WHY are DIMS trying so hard to HELP RINO NEWT??????????????

  • bg


    mcc #68 December 11, 2011 at 7:24 pm

    Cain must have rubbed off on him.. (not to mention Bolton).. 😉

    here & here..


  • bg


    Rose #72 December 11, 2011 at 8:04 pm

    heh, it’s a reverse psychology FAIL!!


  • Tell me again Glenn Beck that Newt is a progressive, cause I’m not seeing it.

  • Molon Labe

    We don’t need any more RINOs. Newt is a RINO spelt LARGE.

  • a couple of more slurs like this from the democrats and newt will be a shoo-in.

    #33 newt is a colonizer.

  • Ron?

    bg: Yada Yada yada, illegal immigrants, Builderberg, Guardisil e.t.c ad nauseum. So Robamaney is your girl. You have such a stellar record with your chosen candidates in the past. Going for strike 4 I see. Every time I come over to GP, bg’s always has to come over and drop one of those turds about Governor Perry on the sidewalk in front of me. bg your personal prejudices are showing. Dude, quit obsessing already. Oh and by the way; You keep picking those winners now sweetheart.

  • bg


    Ron? #78 December 11, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    ooh, hit an Alinsky nerve did i..

    perry on..


  • bg


    btw Ron? #78 December 11, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    you did ask..

    [Ron? #52 December 11, 2011 at 5:54 pm

    (bg anyone?).]

    i did respond..

    #64 December 11, 2011 at 7:08 pm bg

    so cry me a river..


  • #64 bg THANKS! I was thinking of moving to Perry (cut cut cut..), cuz [Ron #52:] “Newt is the same on immigration.” WRONG WRONG. Perry’s refusal to support essential E-Verify shows that he is in the hands of big biz that exploit aliens. There’s no other explanation. Immigration is #1 issue, cutting #2. Able to debate, not as impt.

    #62 Gus said: ~ “Spot on Eric #60. If you [like Romney won’t call Obama] a Socialist, you are either a COWARD or an IDIOT.” … … or a leftist

  • mcc

    For more info on Newt and his ideas…from a commenter at Legal Insurrection who’s compiled a list of what he might propose should he be elected. (See what you agree/disagree with…)

    Go to my #38 comment here:

  • bg


    testing 123..


  • 66chevelle

    Right on, SOB. Between this Dem ad, Nomney’s flailing attacks and Glen Beck’s “racist” schtick, it is becoming obvious that there is more than one “Establishment” which has been thrown for a loop. With enemies like this, who needs friends?

    I’d like to see one person here name a Republican congressman who has accomplished as much for conservatism as Newt. It’s not his fault that his successors and the heirs to the Reaganite legacy Gingrich bequeathed them have pissed it all away.

    If I were a Tea Partier in Congress now, I would look forward to a President Gingrich. He could probably teach them a thing or two about their jobs and help them do the right thing in spite of themselves and the other side of the aisle.

  • frank smith

    Original Tea Partier? And that’s bad?

  • Valerie

    #9 December 11, 2011 at 3:13 pm
    bg commented:

    NDAA 2012 does not relate to detention of American Citizens. I read the legislation. Sections 1031 and 1032 need to be read together. People are all excited over summary recitation of the background authority of this legislation that specifically neither adds nor subtracts from the previous public law.

  • mcc

    Oh dear. Found one more for Newtie:

    GOP voters are turning to him because they are tired of nominating candidates who simply pander to the electorate. They want a candidate who can teach, inspire and lead, and Newt fills that role by aggressively presenting specific ideas and a broader philosophy that they can get behind. While other candidates have been campaigning as salesmen for themselves, Newt has been campaigning as a salesman for conservatism. He treats the spectrum of public opinion not like a fixed quantity, but like a fluid variable that can be influenced.

    Newt’s explanation of his now-infamous criticism of Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan actually gives insight into his view of politics. He says that he “is opposed to any political party imposing dramatic change against the consent of the governed.” Though many conservatives understandably questioned Newt’s substantive position on this issue, his explanation hints at a higher form of politics that is often forgotten among “political science” pundits. That is that the most important element in the make-up of government is the philosophy of the citizenry, and that true leaders are those who can impact that philosophy. […]

    The 2012 election is more than a battle for the White House. It is a battle for the philosophical soul of America, and the GOP needs a candidate who, like Reagan, can change the way people think. Enter Newt Gingrich.

    Read more:

  • mcc

    #50 — Darkstar58 !! You’re here with us! Confession: I’ve been sharing your list from Legal Insurrection on about 3 different threads here — #82 on this one.

    Hope you don’t mind, but I thought they were so great as did others at LI, I wanted even more eyeballs on them.

  • squeaky

    [[The Illinois African American Libertarian Alliance (IAALA) is home to hundreds of Chicago African American conservatives and has decided to endorse Newt Gingrich for the upcoming 2012 election.]] hundreds not something to write home about but there’s more out there. by more i mean abo.

  • TxAnn56

    Amazing that it no longer matters that Newt has always been not only anti-conservative on cap-and-trade, but has lied about what his position was. Suddenly it doesn’t matter that he said the profiteers at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be criminally investigated even though he was one of the profiteers — and that he, again, apparently has been lying about what he did for Freddie. Suddenly it doesn’t matter that he has always been wrong on a health-care mandate, wrong on ethanol for all the years he’s been paid to be wrong on ethanol, wrong on entitlements and on Paul Ryan’s budget, wrong on amnesty for illegal immigrants, wrong could be on ethical issues and behavior aplenty, wrong on the TARP bailouts, wrong on liberal candidate Dede Scozzafava, wrong in the past on the Fairness Doctrine, wrong on leadership, weak on gun rights, weak at actual negotiating (actually, “melting” – Newt’s word not mine) against Bill Clinton, weak at actually running a government, so much so that he was the only speaker to be ousted by his own party.

    Call me crazy, but that doesn’t sound like a Tea Partier where I come from.

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  • Babester

    I don’t understand. Has no one commenting here ever experienced the need for a governmental safety net? No one has needed unemployment? Disability? Medicare? Social security? School loans? We need to make sure these programs are running efficiently before we decide to gut them. And how is this achieved? How about those work there be rewarded for pointing out the inefficiencies and redundancies? How many government workers have you known who complain of idleness and complacency among the government employees? Give the government back to those who are willing to work hard for their pay and let’s get rid of the bloated bureaucracies – not the much needed services! Especially in the military!