Black Activists Sue Democrat Party For History of Racism & Abuse

When the Civil War ended, and after Republican President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, Democrats initiated Jim Crow laws to keep the black man down. Democrats didn’t much like blacks. In fact, the KKK, as you know, was founded as the the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party.

The Ku Klux Klan assassinated many Republicans including Republican Representative James M. Hinds (December 5, 1833—October 22, 1868) of Little Rock. Hinds represented Arkansas in the United States Congress from June 24, 1868 through October 22, 1868.

Setting the Record Straight

A group of black activists led by Wayne Perryman has filed a brief against the Democrat Party for its long history of racism and discrimination of the black community.
Zilla reported:

Suing President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party for racism would be a joke if the Plaintiffs were anyone other than Rev. Wayne Perryman, a respected black minister and community activist. Perryman, an author, lecturer and a former newspaper publisher and radio talk show host who has received a multitude of honors and awards for his work and community service, was recently recognized by Chairman Benjamin Jealous of the NAACP for his latest research on racism and politics.

On September 11, 2011, Perryman brought together blacks from the West Coast and the East Coast to sign one of the most comprehensive legal briefs ever prepared for a racial discrimination lawsuit. The suit was to filed on September 12, 2011 in US District Court against President Barack Obama and the DNC. The plaintiffs, who refer to the defendants as the “Father of Racism,” allege that as an organization, the Democratic Party has consistently refused to apologize for the role they played in slavery, Jim Crow and for other subsequent racist practices from 1792 to 2011. Mrs. Frances P. Rice, the Chair of the National Black Republican Association is also a named plaintiff in the class action lawsuit.

The case cites the collective work of over 350 legal scholars and includes Congressional records, case law, research from our nation’s top history professors, racist statements from Democratic elected officials, citations from the Democrat’s National Platforms regarding their support of slavery, excepts of speeches from Senator Obama, individual testimonies from blacks who lived in the Jim Crow South and opinions from the NAACP.

Perryman said President Obama was named as a defendant not only because he is the official leader of the Democratic Party, but because of certain statements he made about his own party in his book, Dreams from My Father.

Kudos to Wayne Perryman and the brave black activists who joined him in this historic pursuit of justice.

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  • listingstarboard

    The only way blacks can save their race is to renounce the Democrat Party. I applaud black conservatives that are leading the fight–for their integrity and courage. Fighting the Democrat Party is difficult at best for anyone, but even more so for blacks.

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  • Granny

    Good for them! Kudos to these brave folks.

  • Thank you so much for linking my post, Jim!
    The Democrats’ long, disgusting, history of racist abuse needs to be repeatedly exposed for all the world to see. It is far past time to destroy their narrative of flat out lies for once and for all.

  • Richard Aubrey

    This would be a bad idea if. If the dems weren’t forever slamming reps for racism, unfairly and constantly.
    I’m not a lawyer, not, especially, a lawyer specializing in frivolous lawsuits. But I think there have been worse cases.
    It will be fun to see how this goes.

  • rabble-rouser

    I bet you won’t hear anything about this in the main stream media and if you do, it will be to slander this group

  • jd

    sounds like an april fools joke

  • MN Jim

    Black Perryman and his black activist group must be racists!

  • rwginger

    I see in the article that the suit was to have been filed in Sept. Was it actually filed?
    Which district court?

    Good for them if they actually did file this and will pursue it

  • Taqiyyotomist

    …but, but: the Democrats turned into Republicans and the Republicans turned into Democrats! Dixiecrats! Southern Strategy! I learned it in College!!…

    — inevitable Moonbat Lib who Will Not See that the Dems still own the mind-destroying school system, are responsible for every single ghetto-‘hood in the nation, and who still kill blacks by the millions via their murder-mill Planned Parenthood.

    You will see that, in this thread: watch the inevitable regurgitation, as if on cue, of the bulls@%t their lying leftist educators have fed them. “Conservatives were Democrats back then, and sometime between slavery and now they ALL SWITCHED SIDES.”

    While completely ignoring that the Democrats still see blacks as their slaves, still refuse to educate them, still see them as animals who cannot help but do violence, and who cannot make it in life without the benevolent help of the enlightened Left-wing masters. Nobody switched, nobody changed a thing. The slaveowner racists then are the slaveowner racists now.

  • Faye

    Good time to do this before all of those who lived during and under the Jim Crow laws are no longer living.
    I remember those days as a child in the south. I could not understand why there were brown colored and white colored drinking fountains. Or why there was one side for white patrons and another side for “colored” patrons at the local hamburger joint.
    To a child it looked like a bunch of silly rules but I saw the sadness on the faces of dear friends from the “colored” race when they had to obey these silly laws. Even as a child it made be ashamed that my race was doing this to these once noble people.
    Thank you democrats and Pres Johnson for enslaving this race again with the government handouts and for destroying the family of not only the African Americans but of a lot of others too.

  • Ipso Facto

    Suing people today for what their ancestors did to your ancestors is pure lunacy. It completely misplaces attribution as it seeks to punish the innocent for what they never did. This is the essence of the mentality of victim-hood that has been cultivated in the black community by the Democratic Party over the years in order to develop subservient and indentured constituents.

    They should be bringing to everyone’s attention that the Democratic Party has systematically decimated the black community through insidious entitlement programs. While it may be counter-intuitive, the Democratic Party has been solely responsible the programs that have severely limited the life potential of those in the black community. The essence of the facts are that you cannot possibly “help” people unless you are in a one-up position on your high white horse and it thus naturally follows that the people you are “helping” must be in a one-down position in the dirty black ditch.

    By giving black people money (in exchange for their support) in the form of entitlement programs, the Democratic Party has systematically held them back from developing the pride and motivation that any people must possess in order to transcend their difficulties and realize their fullest potential in life. The money given to the black communities is like the crack that only results in dependency and it only insures two things. One, that people will NEVER rise up and overcome any difficulties they may have. Making people dependent upon external support may seem in the moment like a benefit, however, over the long term it will only insure that they never develop their own unique abilities and capabilities to have their own lives free from oppression and subjugation. And two, it underscores and reinforces, in the most insidious way, that black people are not able to take care of themselves, but instead, they are innately deficient and incapable of being responsible for their own lives. And thus, they falsely develop a detrimental mind set of dependency.

    This insidious and transparent scheme, developed by the Democrats, to subjugate the black race by supposedly “helping” them, has produced a people that have, to some significant extent, no idea that the delay of gratification and the pursuit of education are the prime values possessed by people of accomplishment. No, no, the black race must never develop these traits, because if they do, they will no longer have a need for the crippling ‘assistance” that the Democratic Party would have them believe is their only way up out of the dirty black ditch. If that day comes, they will flee the plantation (the Democratic party) that has been holding them back for so many years.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #12 Ipso Facto

    That was an excellent comment.

  • Faye

    #10 Taqiyyotomist. Your comment really hits this nail on the head.
    Wonder why these same college profs don’t tell the whole truth and post the votes of those democrat legislatures who voted against the voters rights bill back in the 60’s and tract how many of them remained in the democrat party. I don’t recall any of them switching to the GOP.

  • Faye

    #12 Ipso Facto, excellent comment.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Faye, #14 — I don’t wonder at all. The same reason these Communist college professors have most of America believing the Hitler was the world’s worst mass-murderer. Because they can call him, erroneously, a Rightwinger.

    Democrat college professors will never teach anything negative about Democrats’ history, just as Communist college professors will never teach anything negative about Communist history — such as the mass-murders by Stalin and Mao, making Hitler look like an amateur.

  • Militant Conservative

    Not just past but present abuses by current

    Membes in office. Read his book.

  • Faye

    # 16, isn’t that the truth. They have been spewing this misinformation for decades.
    Had one college prof hate to see me in his class because I challenged him too much with FACTS and not the party line in his Black\White relations class back in the early 70’s. I was not intimidated by him cause my father was also a prof at the university and he knew it.

  • Scott

    After Tea Partyers were being called racists on a daily basis 1-2 years ago, some blogger linked to this fantastic history of Democratic Party racism at Free Republic (I don’t remember where I found the link, maybe it was Gateway Pundit who linked to it).

    I was able to spot check a few of the facts listed during the 1960s and they checked out, so I ASSUME the whole list is accurate but don’t take that for granted. If most or all of it is true, it’s fascinating:

  • mitch Rapp

    Ipso – the best way to get the attention of the Democrats is to sue them – That event might even wake up a compliant media and education system. Ask yourself, why didn’t out Dept of Education tell us this?

    It will give Obama something to ponder as he vacations for his 37th week this year.

  • Scott M

    Kudos to Wayne Perryman and the brave black activists who joined him in this historic pursuit of justice.

    Somehow I doubt that you would be using this final sentence if the topic was reparations.

  • Peggy R

    I am glad that the Democrat Party’s history of racism is being exposed. It needs to be further revealed to the public, black Americans in particular of course. But, I think a lawsuit is silly and could set dangerous precedence for reparations and the legal system in general, which is already fragile.

  • Ipso Facto

    #10 Taq

    Thanks. I only hope more and more people will come to see the real truth. The black community can only save itself despite whatever injustices they have endured – and they have indeed endured many. First taken into slavery was a horror, but now, being tricked into subservience only to end up with the loss of their true life potential through insidious deception – what’s worse?

    At least the slave trade was out in the open for all to see what it was. Today, the charlatans in the Democratic Party are masquerading around as people who are doing “good” when what they are actually doing is deceiving people and systematically depriving them from having exactly what they claim they are providing. Not only are the black people not getting any benefit – they are being screwed out of their life potential on top of that. It’s a double whammy, but its difficult to convince people not to take free money isn’t it?

    The Democratic Party is the only entity deriving any benefit from this hideous scheme. The black community continues to have low test scores, low graduation rates, low incomes, low participation in the economy – low everything. But the Democratic Party elite are enjoying the fruits of support from the black community as they live in splendor. The Democratic party is systematically destroying our economy, ruining our energy industry, taking over our healthcare system and fouling up everything they put their hands on through ineptitude, corruption and mismanagement. Despite this, the party elites are eating lobster, drinking fine wines and getting invited to take part in great IPO’s because they have already gained entry into the money club. These people need to keep the others OUT of the money club and what better way to accomplish that objective than to systematically decimate all of the recipients of government largess? Look at the poor Native American’s!

    It’s just a completely deceptive scheme. Too bad so many people fall for it, hook, line and sinker!

  • David In Tucson

    #12 Ipso Facto

    Thank you THOMAS SOWELL …


    like this will amount to anything…

  • Eubulides

    This is one of the most ridiculous briefs I have ever read. Any competent defense lawyer will motion for 12(b)(6) dismissal and any competent judge will grant it.

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  • workingclass artist

    strange times indeed.

  • juandos
  • TigerEyes

    It’s about time the Democrat Party is brought before a court and exposed for their exploitation of Blacks . They may not win the case and I’m sure the media won’t be very kind but, it could put a dagger in the heart of the Democrat “Race Card” charade.

  • Andrew X

    Kudos NOT NOT NOT!!!!! Ipso has it right, and needs little elaboration. It is always funny to see your opponents hoisted by their own petard, but do NOT forget that petard will fit just as well on you, and do not rule out that the Democratic Party may not be the end-all target here, just a strategic misdirection to a bigger end.

    This loathsome, filthy, despicable ideal of holding people personally and financially accountable for actions carried out by persons long dead, but “linkable” to the present by race, culture, administration or whatever MUST be stomped out as the cancerous idea that it is wherever it raises it’s putrid head. It is a recipe for never-ending civil conflict.

    Put simply, if someone comes to me and tells me that I personally owe them for transgressions committed by long dead people, who are not even related to me (though that itself should not matter), then quite simply, it is time for the weaponry to come out. “Take your sniveling little claims and get the hell off my property, or your payment will come in about ten seconds, and it won’t be in gold, but a different metal altogether.”

    Do NOT fall for this. It is dangling a shiny metal object in front of you, in preparation to slitting your throat and that of your country, and it should be responded to as such.

  • Ace

    President Uncle Tom.

  • StanInTexas

    #21 December 6, 2011 at 9:01 am Scott M commented:
    Somehow I doubt that you would be using this final sentence if the topic was reparations.

    Reparations TO WHO?

    Tell you what, Scott. I will agree to reparations on ONLY two conditions.

    Condition#1: All money will come from former slave-holders and be paid ONLY to former slaves.
    Condition#2: The bill to Blacks in this nation will be marked PAID IN FULL and we go to a colorblind society.


  • i don’t believe this suit has anything to do with money……………….its about open the eyes of black population………………..educate them about the party that supposely represents……………so many blacks know so little about the history of dem-o-rats party……….. they only know what their black-leaders like (Jackson-Sharpton)have told them……………..Carry on……….

  • white people should sue the democratic party for the discrimination they practice againist whites via affirmative action(another of their vote buying schemes). the entire country should sue them for destroying competence in employees via affirmative action.

  • WillofLa

    Unfortunately though, like most life long Democrats, like the ground level membership will never believe that about their own party. It’s like most American’s would never believe that our own government would conceal from us, the people who pay the taxes, that we are all being played a fool and have been lied to for generations and have had our money stolen from us for purposes that had nothing to do with making our country a better nation for everyone. The people would be shocked to find out how much money has been spent convincing everyone that Blacks didn’t deserve to have as much as White people. But now the plot of the Democrats is to denigrade White people in order to try to make them as poor as Blacks in order to show Blacks that the Party understands their plight. And in order for White people to see what it was like to do the things that White people “did” to them all these years, and of course it wasn’t just being White that made life for a Black bad, it was Democrat laws that kept them down. But now the Democrats are going to make the White man pay for his mistreatment of the “po’ Black man”.

    In order to do that the Democrats are going to do the three things that make life good for everyone, take over the banks, get rid of the good paying jobs in industry and manufacturing, and take the religious base away from the nation. Once the money is turned off, the jobs dry up, and you can’t gather to pray about it, then the will of the people will be broken. That is the way Democrats control all of us, and still there are people who just can’t bring themselves to believe the Democrats could do such a thing to Whites, and Blacks.

  • Gary

    Blacks were heavily Republican when it was a young party. They moved over to the Dem side last century along with all the poor people who sought relief from true poverty (not what is called poverty today). It’s not beyond the scope of imagination that they’ll make their way back.
    People just have to realize the importance of long-term interests over short-term interests, and they are starting to do so.

    Still, it’s a steep uphill battle if ever there were one.

  • WillofLa

    And I’ll tell you another thing and that is we need to understand who it was that was promoting what the Democrat Party was putting out as truth about the Right. And they are the leftists in the media. They also need to be sued by every American other than those who still don’t see the light, and charge them with racism and brain washing us since the Vietnam War because they stood behind the anti-war activists, and anti-American Socialists, the Communists, and the leftist Democrats who were putting the media up to the garbage we watched every night on the news about the hard life of the Black because of the way White people were treating them. What? Who was treating them bad? Most White people didn’t care one way or another what the plight of Blacks were because we knew what was being said about us on TV at night by Walter Cronkite was a lie about most White people in America. We were more concerned about working and taking care of our families. We didn’t like the fact that in the 70’s when all the hop la started about Black “equality” and we didn’t like what was happening to our schools either. But who was it that we saw systematically destroying our education system? Democrats. They were the ones who said that discremination existed in our schools, and after 45 years the surprising thing is the Democrats are STILL saying White are discreminating against Blacks in how education of Blacks is still “unequal”. I don’t see it. As a matter of fact it’s the other way around. That is why Reagan was trying to stop what the Democrats were doing to the Blacks in America. He was trying to end “quoata’s”, and “Affirmative Action” laws which was legislated racism against White people by Democrats.

  • Miss8ys

    It is true you cannot hold persons responsible for actions of the past.

    However, if those actions continue in a roundabout way they are completely valid targets for retribution and litigation.

    The Jim Crow laws are gone, Bull Connor is long dead and Robert Byrd no longer runs the Klan but all of those ghosts still haunt us today in the form of political slavery through legal plunder.

    Perryman’s target isn’t the past violators of natural rights, it is the present abusers of legal authority.

    The permanent political class writes laws to extract electoral loyalties from a dependent class of people they see as “lesser beings” for the purpose of rendering them servants to their needs.

    Slaves are kept healthy by their masters so when they are required to labor on their behalf the master can always rely on a specified level of productivity.

    What is the DNC doing today?

    They “keep” blacks, hispanics and asians in public housing, they feed them, they clothe them, they “care” for their children, they provide “free” yet extremely substandard education and they are about to provide taxpayer funded “health” “care” to them.

    At first glance one thinks “that’s not slavery, it’s actually kinda nice” but if you dig into the reason for this the intentions become very clear.

    This is not “benevolence”, it is a form of servitude with fluffy chains to the benefit of the legislators, administrators and bureaucrats who benefit from these programs most.

    It is legal plunder for the purpose of perpetual power.

    The “slaves” are kept happy in their warm fluffy chains while the “abolitionists” are kept at bay with demonization of their efforts to set them free from the clutches of the political plantation owners.

    This a more subtle form of servitude in exchange for guarantees of relative comfort from their masters so long as they obey and the media serves as the task master for the political plantation owners.

    We have come full circle.

  • 8675309

    If this does get any main stream press, Rev. Perryman will be destoyed. Women will come out of the woodwork claiming past sexual harrassment. Remember, only the allegation counts. You can buy a lot of those with 1 billion dalllars in campaign funds.

  • Derak

    Andrew X at 32:

    Amen. Nose in camels tent.

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  • Patty

    Change- a singular word which was ubiquitous this past campaign season. Bumper stickers and buttons with the word were commonplace in Houston and most large cities with substantial black populations. “Change” was the tag word politicians used, as slap to the face, to wake supporters driven to sleep by long, self aggrandizing rhetoric. And no candidate used word more effectively, than Barack Obama. Obama yelled change from the mountain top, trying to evoke memories of the great Martin Luther King, and the bygone civil rights era. His powerful oratory, and that word caused grown men to weep as simple babes.Blacks all across the country boasted that it was their time to reign ,also claiming that the slaves servitude has now been rectified. His enraptured followers believe that his presidency will bring forth change,and they defend every policy he edicts as proof of such. As the political dust settles we will see that nothing has changed.

    If Bill Clinton would have called every black person in America the N- word , and French kissed a dog, he would still not be as hated as George W. Bush is in black the community. Bush is the measuring point by which change is measured. Any thing in agreement with Bush is jeered as status quo ;anything to the left of him is praised as change. Black people often called Bush and the Republican party racist, yet Bush placed blacks in positions never before attained. Comparing and contrasting Bush’s and Obama’s respective cabinets will show the actual racist .
    to be continued

  • Patty

    I am sure that the 90% of blacks that voted for Obama could be a bit smaller than Obama’s last run. Maybe not much but there is a real Awakening in America. And the time will come when Democrats just don’t look quite as good as they did years ago.

    This Change is a good thing.

  • Scott M

    @StanInTexas on comment #34

    Reparations TO WHO?

    Tell you what, Scott. I will agree to reparations on ONLY two conditions.

    Condition#1: All money will come from former slave-holders and be paid ONLY to former slaves.
    Condition#2: The bill to Blacks in this nation will be marked PAID IN FULL and we go to a colorblind society.


    You should concentrate on reading comprehension and hyperventilate (judging by the number of question marks) less. Nothing in my comment suggests anything like my support for slavery reparations. Nadda. I abhor the very idea of slavery reparations. However, you don’t particularly care. You see red meat and you want to chow down.

    My point was that the very same sentence could have been written at the end of a reparations thread. Thus, it comes off as disingenuous at best, opportunistic at worst.

  • Patty

    Reparations? That subject makes me livid. The word is overused in this day and age. The leaders have squandered so much money and seems this is such an emotional subject for both those who are black and those whites who just wish it would stop.

    Like me without a racist bone in my body. Parents would hard and built home for a woman who needed one. By the way, single black mom. She was the love of my parents life and all us kids.

    Dear God. When will this end and when will we all be equal. How many years must past before this is just a memory. It makes me sick to hear Blacks who have so much money and yet they continue to call out racism, hateful comments and continue creating more discrimination where there never was any. We owe no man a thing. We are ALL struggling to make ends meet, in a different way, now. It is insane with all the laws on discrimination these days, on everything as a matter of fact that this subject on racism still persists to this day.

  • I don’t believe this suit will go anywhere. However, I’m delighted that some long awaited “light” is being shed on the Democratic Party. “The Party of the People” is a CHARADE; the day will come when they’re exposed. Hope they can handle the sunlight.

  • Here is the interview with the guy behind the lawsuit on Michael Medved’s Show:

  • Patty

    BTW, we all are equal, All men are created equal. It doesn’t say but no the blacks.

    Yet, they struggled, they have stories, they had hardships but why is it in our face still to this day? Ask that question, I would love to here from by Parties.

  • Patty

    And hasn’t it been odd that the party that touts their respect for the blacks is the very same party that calls others racists. Hope that more eyes are open and are for once and for all see this and will begin to believe this.

  • Patty

    Obama will lose a great many Jews. Now, wouldn’t it be wonderful if he loses a great many of the black votes.

  • eaglewingz08

    Gee, three months go by without any mention in the lamestream (democrap) media. I’d bet dollars to donuts that if it were black democraps filing suit against the RNC and a Republican President for racism, it would lead the dinosaur media for every day for the past three months, and every reference to the Republican Party would be prefaced with the fact that there is a suit alleging it to be a racist organization, and that the RNC is “embattled”.
    But there’s no bias, whatsoever, no not at all.

  • bg


    glad to see they’re finally playing “catch up”..

    because i can’t wait until they discover slavery’s big bang.. /s/


  • bg


    Patty #52 December 6, 2011 at 12:13 pm

    he won’t, because he & the Dhimmis made sure blacks have
    nowhere to turn but BIG GOVERNMENT in order to survive..


  • bg


    The Racist History of the Democratic Party

    scroll thread for much more..

    [ipso facto: apprx 5,000 salves were trafficked to the US, a minuscule
    amount in comparison to the rest of the worlds slave trafficking back
    then, as well as today, yes slavery still exists, majorly in ME & African


  • American Patriot

    This just can’t all be true. It has not been covered on ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC or PBS!

  • Ipso Facto

    This lawsuit isn’t going to go anywhere. I’d be surprised if it even makes it to court. First, it’s lawyers suing lawyers so it’s not like anyone is going to get hosed with legal fees. This is just a bunch of baloney to get PR.

    Unfortunately, the slugs looking for reparations are lost in their own victim-hood mentality. The despicable practices of the Democratic Party, creating programs that leave black people in the dust, are the real story here. Look at the black people today and you will see to a very significant degree that those who are addicted to the crack of welfare and other entitlements have been reduced to being little more than street urchins with a total loss of their human dignity.

    The Democrats knew what they were doing when they came up with this scheme. So many of the blacks have been brought along with no value for education – in fact many of them reject it as a part of white culture. So the Democrats have created a class of people who now reject education – and it is only education that will save them from this complex counter-intuitive scheme.

    I’ll tell you that many of the black people I know may be uneducated, and many of them have been brain-washed by the Democratic Party, but if they ever figure out how they have been relegated to the ash heap of human achievement by the Democratic Party, they will indeed come around in short order. Right now too many of them have been denied the education that leads to the critical thinking so that they can free themselves from the Plantation. Isn’t that just a perfect Democratic plan?

  • They aren’t asking for money, they want the Democrats to admit the truth about their own history and apologize for it. That is all.

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  • MrKnowitall1965

    I am a truck driver, I have been driving close to twenty years.
    I just spent the last two weeks, down near Birmingham, Alabama. Visiting a brother friend of mine, we grew up in the same church there in Lansing, Michigan .
    One of the issues we talked about there, was the lacking in growth, there are a lot of churches folding up. I got a chance to visit some of the local churches. While there I had discovered, that there was still a lot of race “Division” Most churches that I know become stagnated. For this reason, God can not bless this!!! As long as we live with this mind set, when we can look on a man, and look at the condition of his soul, and not what he looks like on the out side.. Did God say, “Let us make man in our image “? There is no black or white with, God, and that all are created in his, Glorious image. Amen..

  • Ipso Facto

    Again, in my opinion, the lawsuit is going nowhere. Being stupid, backwards and in denial are not violations of the law.

  • squeaky

    [….“Curse of Ham” theory from all of their publications. The curse theory had existed for over 500 years and was used by Southern Christians and Democrats to justify slavery and their mistreatment of African Americans (see attached documentation).] from wiki on wayne peterson

  • Democrats began the first gun control laws to keep blacks from getting guns – particularly laws
    regarding cheap guns because those were the ones poor blacks could afford. That was the start
    of the anti-gun movement in America, and it began with the Democrats trying to keep guns away from black people.

  • bg
  • Militant Conservative

    It’s the nature of the evidence AND the seriousness

    Of the charge. Member dat?!

    Powder be dry

  • Ted

    Demoncrats gun control the media and the courts. If the case receives any media attention at all, they will dredge up whatever dirt they can find and blow it up out of proportion, and misrepresent it so that Perryman will be ridiculed as a nutjob.

    Whatever court this suit may find it’s way into will be officiated by a demoncrat controlled “judge” who will naturally dismiss it. Same with appeals. The demoncrats have infiltrated the US justice system to such an extent that it is a contorl system and has nothing to do with real justice anymore.

  • Wayne Perryman’s a con man whose lawsuits always get laughed out of court. Somehow this article overlooked that.

  • Wayne Perryman is the author of “When Our Homes Had Porches” which waxes nostalgic about the days before the Civil Rights movement. He claims that in that time, any black who wanted to could get education and salutes the practice of fathers beating their children. Go look it up on Amazon; it’s quite a remarkable book!

  • Ted

    rewinn is already starting the discrediting meme. Must be a lefty media plant.

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  • Molon Labe


    Care to mention how all those New Englanders justified the purchase, transportation and sale of their slaves was justified? Did they believe they were cursed or less than human or did they just worship in front of a calf of gold and sell their fellow human beings into slavery?

    And their fellow blacks who sold them to the New Englanders. What justification did they employ?

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  • Claire Solt PhD

    After watching the media lynch Herman Cain reflect on just how racist our press is. Oh, they think they are borad-minded and tolerant but they never cover the black community and just trot out Jackson or Shaprton, instead.

  • bg


    Claire Solt PhD #74 December 7, 2011 at 7:31 am

    GP & several other so called con blogs helped them tie the knot.. 🙁


  • bg


    uhg, as many a time as i have posted the
    following, i think most have missed it..

    Black Slave Owners

    [According to federal census reports, on June 1, 1860 there were
    nearly 4.5 million Negroes in the United States, with fewer than
    four million of them living in the southern slaveholding states. Of
    the blacks residing in the South, 261,988 were not slaves. Of this
    number, 10,689 lived in New Orleans. The country’s leading African
    American historian, Duke University professor John Hope Franklin,
    records that in New Orleans over 3,000 free Negroes owned slaves,
    or 28 percent of the free Negroes in that city.

    To return to the census figures quoted above, this 28 percent is
    certainly impressive when compared to less than 1.4 percent of
    all American whites and less than 4.8 percent of southern whites.
    The statistics show that, when free, blacks disproportionately
    became slave masters.

    much more @ link/s & in thread/s..


  • Wayne Perryman is a plant by the government to discredit and tarnish the living history that Barak is making. He has the audacity to sue the Democratic Party for being unapologetic about racism now, when this has been the case long before we had a black president in office. And why only sue the Democratic Party? Why not sue the Republican Party as well for the wanton attempts at disenfranchising black people, systematically since the party’s inception? It is a risible and nescient notion to embark upon villifying the man that represents the demise of the American racial order. He should be focused on doing what Malcolm was assasinated for, suing the American government bedore the UN for acts of oppression and genocide. That is a much more worth cause to enact because it encompasses the sanctum of evil itself, not just the figurehead the puppet masters use to make it look like all humanity is at wicked as they are. They use Barak for this insidious end habitually, make him commit acts of genocide on his own African people, exploit other colored nations for natural resoruces and even passing a bill that approves uninhibited survailance on American citizens. The shceme is to make a black man look as vile as they are, so that the treachery is seen as human flaw instead of white deleteriousness.

  • Falcon D. Stormvoice

    Taqiyyotomist: Is that you?! From AIWOR?

  • D.A.R. Member

    WHEN WE TRY TO POST THIS STORY TO TWITTER the post is deemed ( unavailable )

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