The SEIU is planning a “Bridge Action Day” for Obama.
The overpaid government union goons will shut down traffic on US bridges and harass US workers going to work on Thursday morning.

This sorta goes hand-in-hand with his job-killing economic policies, huh?

The SEIU reported:

Join with SEIU members and community activists on Thursday, November 17, 2011 on Bridge Action Day. There will be actions in Detroit, Kalamazoo, and Saginaw. We will be highlighting the need for investment in our infrastructure and the jobs that these investments would provide. Michigan needs jobs now. Instead of giving handouts to big corporations, we need our leaders to stop the power struggles and focus on creating good jobs that pay a fair wage. By investing in our crumbling local bridges, we can put Michigan back to work and get our economy moving again.




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  1. Stop the violence. Clean up the poop piles. IMPEACH!

  2. Call me they announce “Jump Off a Bridge Day”. I will watch

  3. Napalm them.

  4. Wait, I don’t get it. If all of the bridges are so badly deteriorated that they need million dollar make-ups, why are they advocating that everyone go stand on a bridge at the same time?

  5. simple fix, get a couple D-9 and proceed forward.

  6. The left used to protest the government. Now they protest the people.

  7. Just another target rich environment.

  8. I can only hope they are right and the bridge collapses with them on it.

  9. Certainly wouldn’t want to see anyone go to work

  10. harass US workers going to work on Thursday morning.
    harass US workers going home Thursday evening.

    snip: 4pm

  11. Bring it on. If I see anyone trying to block a bridge here they better get there arse out of the way of my car.

  12. Of course the fact that His Obamaness delayed the oil pipeline that would bring thousands of jobs into this country doesn’t matter at all.

  13. “Michigan SEIU thugs? I HATE Michigan SEIU thugs!”

  14. Don’t they have a toilet to clean, or something?

  15. I might just have to rent a Kenworth and see if I can make it over the bridge.

  16. Class warfare endorsed by Biden. Hope to see a large casualty list by noon tomorrow…

    Support the American Jobs Act by preventing workers from getting to their jobs… The logic behind this is astounding.

  17. I don’t hope that the bridge collapses, only due to the fact that hundreds of police officers will be on it trying to control these mobs.

  18. the SEIU is the SDS unionized.

  19. You have a right to drive over bridges which are paid for by your tax dollars (and toll fees), if someone stands in front of your vehicle to prevent you from traveling the bridge that you pay for and to prevent you from getting to work, run them over, because they should not be in roadways blocking traffic anyway. If you drive an SUV, install a plow to the front of it to make clearing a path easier.

  20. Time to bolt a “bush pusher” on the Silverado. They’re not just for deer anymore.

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