No justice… No peace… Hold the pickles.

The Occupy LA goons marched into Burger King and started chanting “Shut Down Burger King.” Yup. They’re just exactly like the tea party.

What a lovely group. They’re just like you and me… The 99%.

Hat Tip Mara

Honestly, is there anything about this group of hoodlums that makes you want to stop what you’re doing and run down to Burger King and join them?

Related… Three Occupy Boston protesters were arrested at a Burger King this weekend.




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  1. Wisconsin was a test trial.
    Black Mobs wilding was a test trial.
    Get ready for full implementation.

  2. No free food ?

  3. Unbelievable.
    What did they think ?
    That they can have it their way….?

  4. Keep it up, goons. Eventually even your lying allies in the leftist media will no longer be able to cover for you.

  5. Were they all wearing them stupid paper crowns that BK gives out to the kids ?

    You know like the ones Stymie and Moochie took from BK three years ago, so they can role play on date nights……

  6. You are getting close to a justified shooting.

    Powder is dry


  8. Why not Taco Bell?

    Only burger joints, that’s racist lol

    This is what the reality TV generation does when Jersey Shore isn’t on?

  9. Apparently Burger King should give away free food. However, it is unclear exactly how Burger King would buy said food or pay their staff that serves it. Oh, I know, just print their own fake money – that was the OWS idea, right?

  10. That Burger King was in Oakland not LA. Change your title

  11. Oh the humanity!

  12. What was these “PUNK” point.

  13. Ugly Americans = Occupy types

  14. The politicians have sufficient disturbing the piece laws to stop this,,,Burger king will probably get a fire marshall citation for locking the doors preventing escape from a fire.

  15. Jim, I have an idea for a contest. How about suggestions for the next event, groups, or locations that interruption would cause these punks to get a good smack down!

    1 ) Occupy NASCAR
    2 ) Occupy WWE
    3 ) Occupy Gun Shops
    4 ) Occupy Biker Bars
    5 ) Occupy UFC
    6 ) Occupy PBR
    7 ) Occupy Heavy Metal Concerts
    8 ) Occupy Welfare Offices
    9 ) Occupy Mexican Drug Cartels.
    10 ) Occupy Mafia.

  16. I find it difficult to blame these poor, dumb puppets.
    One day their masters will lead them into a situation from which they shall not return.

  17. Fast Food chains are part of the system mannnn. They’re filling our bodies with corporate filth and making us fat to control our minds. Woooah. Double rainbows.

  18. If I was having lunch there and they came in like that I would have gotten up and shoved that stick up his butt.

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