David J. Hodson was arrested today for throwing a Molotov cocktail at the World Trade Center in Portland.

Occupy Portland protester was arrested again today at the squatters camp. He was arrested on Sunday for setting fires at the camp.
Oregon Live reported:

A 29-year-old man was arrested this morning inside the Occupy Portland encampment, police said, on suspicion of throwing a Molotov cocktail onto a staircase at the World Trade Center last night.

David J. Hodson was booked into the Justice Center Jail on accusations of first degree arson, manufacturing a destructive device, possession of a destructive device and second-degree criminal mischief. His bail was set at $272,500.

Lt. Robert King, a spokesman for the Portland Police Bureau, said officers were given a “very good description” of the man who threw the incendiary device and located him inside the Occupy Portland camp.

King said Hodson was arrested on Sunday for starting several fires inside the camp.

No one was injured in the incident, which scorched a staircase between two escalators at the center, located at 121 Southwest Salmon Street.

Paul Corah, a Portland Fire Bureau spokesman, said Hodson was responsible for the incendiary device as well as separate act of vandalism to the Smart Park parking structure at 123 Southwest Jefferson Street.




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  1. So will the 1st Mooch invite him to the next White House party ?
    You know since the flea infested vermin seems to be a connoisseur of fine marxist themed cocktails ?

  2. Lovely looking gent, ain’t he?

  3. Wow. The gene pool could use some chlorine.

  4. Good grief–every one of these mug shots are right out of central casting for the sorriest sad sack degenerate low life losers imaginable. Yeah…99%…sure.

    These idiots remind me of the scum that are attracted to the white supremicist movement. That ilk fancies themselves as the better than the rest aryans, but they’re all miserable failures who embody everything BUT “aryan” attributes.

    These gutter trash protesters are cut from the same cloth. Simply the worst four coilers life has crapped out.

  5. He looks like some alien creature that dropped off last night’s Hale bopp asteroid…. http://www.lovetoeatandtravel.com/Graphics/Photos/NewMexico/Roswell/Alien_Face_000004534692.jpg

  6. Must have been hard having parents who are first cousins…………..

  7. You lookin’ at me? YOU LOOKIN’ AT ME?!? Oh. I guess you’re not. Nevermind.

  8. Oddly, they always look like sub-cretins.

  9. Dudes right eye must have a problem, his left eye keeps looking at it….

  10. Press release from Mayor’s office. “It’s not like he started a fire – fire”.

  11. Well, it’s obvious that this man is a squirrel hunter. That right eye of his is always scanning the tree line, looking for squirrels – while the left eye is looking straight ahead, looking for a good place to roast the little buggers! ROFL

    Obviously that tat on his neck makes identification an easy thing, along with his ‘eagle’ eye. What a tool.

  12. He reminds me of the kid in the “Dueling Banjos” scene in the Deliverance.

  13. Yikes … I guess they aren’t kidding when they say it’s not safe to walk through the crowds at these protests. Pretty much every photo and video I’ve seen is full of greasy scum, but this guy is really scary looking…

  14. So which TEA PARTY attendees looked and acted like this. It’s gone way way past ridiculous.

  15. He looks like the other 99% of the progressives at these riots.

  16. With this guy in the slammer, Max Factor stock plunged on the Street

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