Occupy Portland Goons Attack KGW News Crew (Video)

Occupy Portland protesters attack the KGW news crew yesterday at their squatters camp. The attacker kept screaming “no violence” as he verbally assaulted and shoved members of the news crew.
(Warning on offensive language)

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  • Epsilon

    How did “Hope finally make a comeback” on this website?

    I’ve never read a positive, or hopeful, thing here yet.
    Just a lot of ranting.

  • Calamity Jane

    The KGW crew showed much more restraint than I would have….That little bastard with the pink bandana would have been wearing a 77mm Tiffen monocle……(that is a head butt with the front of the lens)

    Full disclosure….I was a camerman/photog with one of the networks for over 27 years.

  • lol

    wow, they are in full melt down mode. they probably wear the bandanas around their faces because of the foul smell. still crickets from the main stream media about the multiple deaths, and violence.

  • Epsilon

    Maybe they were unhappy about this?

    “KGW Airs Graphic Counting ‘Stinky People’ and ‘Angry People’ at Occupy Portland”


  • Necrophidius

    Yeah. I would have broken his nose. Hats off to the news crew for their restraint.

  • Epsilon

    These Occupy Portland people are no better than Penn State Students!


    “Penn State Rioters Destroy WTAJ News Van”


  • Molon Labe

    Is that a picture of Epsilon? Nah, no cloven feet.

  • Molon Labe

    How does hope make a comeback on this blog? When Epsilon goes back to the DU.

  • Molon Labe

    Wow stinky and angry people. I’d sue them for sexual harassment Epsilon.

  • Ace

    I wonder if “Obama” has yet fired the brilliant mind that came up with this #OWS idea?

  • Epsilon

    Molon, if you want to sound clever…..you need to sound clever.

    It’s sort of a requirement.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Epsilon: Are the Penn State students making me pay for thier problems and personal choices?

    And why aren’t you supporting them? Aren’t they part of the 99 percent?


  • Epsilon

    The name calling is funny, really.

    Such short little fuses.

  • Epsilon

    If any of those Penn Students are getting fnancial assistance in the form of Federal Grants, like
    the Pell, then you’re funding them.

    But, it’s good to know thay they’re learning useful skills wiht your money….like how to tip
    over a news van.

  • Farmgirl

    OH MY GOSH!!! THIS is what our youth are becoming! Be afraid. Be VERY afraid. Can we please use language that doesn’t involve the F word? No? okeedokee then. WOW.

  • Ginger

    Is this where the liar and her buddy Ax…rod lives?

    http://www.spokeo.com/search?q=Sharon Bialek#Chicago, IL:8435490602

  • Come on, folks. Let’s not be too hard on Epsilon. I mean, the poor guy has enough on his plate already, trying so desperately to defend the indefensible.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    “But, it’s good to know thay they’re learning useful skills wiht your money….like how to tip
    over a news van.”

    Occupy Wall Street trainees.

  • Ginger

    “Only Love Can Break A Heart….

    I dare you to open this link and read it. Do not forget to open the video. 🙄


  • William

    Someone is off his meds, escaped from the maximum security wing of the mental hospital, is on drugs, has some kind of disease, perhaps a venereal diases which messes up the brain, or is just a nasty, crazy person.

    I hate being around people like that. They cause concern and fear among those they exhibit their frothy, foaming at the mouth, rabid dog, insane, violent, hate filled behavior, as they vomit their foul mouthed invectives, spewing their venom, all while praising themsleves as saints, holier-than-though peace lovers, ‘standing up for what they believe in,” a leftist mantra for today, meaning, “Acting inappropriately, encroaching on others, fomenting and performing violence, and blaming it on their victims.

    Did anyone call animal control, reporting a rabid dog loose in the area?

  • Adirondack Patriot


    Now your brethren are shooting at each other.


    Occupy = FAIL.

  • Ace

    TB outbreaks in OccupyAtlanta

    The hits keep comong.

  • squeaky

    like the oakland crew who broke windows and created mayhem at wells fargo one day only to deposit $20,000 in the same bank another day.
    some state workers just know how to take care of themselves i guess.
    and for anyone who thinks that we would be wallowing in surpluses if only we didn’t take on two wars. i always thought that the money would be redirected to dem causes or dem pockets. peace dividends ring a bell?

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Man shot at Occupy Burlington.


    Let’s see how long it takes for the Occupy “spokesperson” to give us phony medical updates like they did for that fake Scott Olsen.

  • Molon Labe

    Epsilon projecting again? But then again someone who’s a charter member of NAMBLA would really hate the Penn State students.

  • Ginger
  • Buffalobob

    Is this the same MSM that has been fawning over the cute little protesters? Yea reap what you sow . OWS a gift that keeps on giving.

  • How Many Murdered With Fast and Furious Guns?

    I’ve lived in Portland. It is a cesspool of the insane and is run by politically correct far left whackjobs. However, there are many many nice and kind people also. They suffer in silence so as not to offend. Sad really.
    No, I don’t miss it.

  • bg


    missed the following GP posts: /s/

    Move the protest to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

    Inspiring Speech at the Values Voter Summit

    Newt Mocks Bartiromo’s ‘Funny’ Defense of the Liberal Media

    “What is amazing to me is the inability of much of our academic
    world and much of our news media and most of the people on
    Occupy Wall Street to have a clue about history.”


  • squeaky

    [[[In response to the media frenzy over the allegations of impropriety aimed at Herman Cain, some people on the Internet, I included, began to revisit the allegations from 2008 that Barack Obama was a member of the homosexual DLC arranged by hate whitey preacher Reverend Wright, either in blogs or on social media. In a story of thwarted bromance almost as compelling as that of the “gay penguins,” Reggie Love is now leaving the White House:..]]] one good allegation deserves another…….he he he he

  • mike c

    if saturday night live was funny, that’s what it would be like

  • chuck in st paul

    Kneecap meet Louisville Slugger.

    It is wa-a-a-a-ay past time to take a fatigue liberty in these trash cities built by the useless morons and mental incompetents. It would be a shame if a fire broke out and burnt the entire mess to ashes.

    As for, “We don’t want you here!”… He’s got that horse and saddle reversed. I find our city governments are disgracefully dysfunctional in letting this crap go on for more than fifteen minutes. They need a recall election in every one of these cities.

  • Cro

    Racist! Just look at that white guy attacking an African American reporter!

    Where is the lame stream media to report on the racism of the OWS?

  • kakypat
  • olm

    I was reading on one of the local websites that the Occupy Portland morons got a message from Sam Adams (gay mayor who is not running for re election and entered office on a scandal involving a 17yo boy) to get out of the parks by 12:01 Sunday. Immediately after the morons marched on a building that then had to go into lockdown. These morons have been here for 36 days. The liberal nutballs of the city totally support the idea of the protest but the cost is what is making public opinion swing the other way. Property taxes were due yesterday, there is a lot of really pissed off taxpayers. Sammy has no choice but to give them a deadline and hope like heck that they go on their own.

  • Katie

    No one who has ever countered an anti-war event is surprised by how the people at any of the Occupy events behave since it is made up of most of the same cast of characters…intolerant, profane, violent, and many fries short of a happy meal

  • jimg

    Be afraid. Be VERY afraid. – Farmgirl


    Be prepared.

  • Catherine

    Man Arrested for Breaking EMT’s Leg at Occupy Wall Street
    The paramedic’s leg was fractured.

    OH my!
    Stop the peace nuts please.

    Tuberculosis Breaks Out At Occupy Atlanta’s Base
    The home base for Occupy Atlanta has tested positive for tuberculosis.

    The Fulton County Health Department confirmed Wednesday that residents at the homeless shelter where protesters have been occupying have contracted the drug-resistant disease. WGCL reports that a health department spokeswoman said there is a possibility that both Occupy Atlanta protesters and the homeless people in the shelter may still be at risk since tuberculosis is contracted through air contact.

    OH MY!

    And lets not forget the ows that has the body lice outbreak?

    Man shot in Vermont ows after a punk rock band finishes?

    how many over doses up to like 7 I think

    Then we have all the rapes of men and women

    No these are not who the American people are these are who the Democrats are remember who supported these freaks bho, nancy, reid and how many other democrats and yes bloomberg is a democrat

    A Hobbit who does not quit

  • overthehillbill

    I wonder if the guy with the pink bandana over his face kisses his momma with that filthy
    mouth?????? Just sayin’.

  • People like this have never progressed beyond infancy. You get the same response when you pull a bottle out of a baby’s mouth. This is very sobering.

  • KC

    The older guy said,

    “Shut up, my brother has an MBA and I have a $400K house don’t talk down to me”

    We have to talk down to you, you’re already dumbed down!

    (I’m from the Portland area and these type’s you encounter everyday, everywhere)

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  • Ina_Ginalship

    Someone needs to kick 99% of his punk ass.

  • Ina_Ginalship

    Oh yeah; and his wannabe punk ass Christian comrade as well.

  • Mad Hatter

    KGW is a NBC affiliate in Portland.

    I wonder if this will make it on MSNBC?

    Sorry, I couldn’t pass that up.

  • Mad Hatter

    #44, ROTFL!! Good one!

  • ExExZonie

    The guy with the pink bandana mask is a mental case. He is paranoid or delusional or both.

  • JPeden

    Here’s some hope on GP, Epsilon, you hopeless case of progressively more well deserved hopelessness and disease: we are going to squash you!

    #34 kakypat commented:

    Occupy Portland is being shut down Saturday night.


    “Once the squares reopen to the public, the mayor said the city will enforce all city laws in the parks and on the sidewalks.”

    Well, duh.

    The Portland Police Association ripped Mayor Sam Adams a new one about a week ago – Lars Larsen read their statement on his radio show – essentially for the failure of Adams to help them do their job, and after a Police Officer was pushed by a “protestor” in front of a City TriMet Bus.

    Adams is also the Police Commissioner.

    Imo, along with essentially charging Adams with dereliction of duty, the Police had also put the city of Portland on notice that it could be liable to various suits. Larsen had already effectively suggested this possibility in a Press Conference well before the latest incidents, when he essentially asked Adams repeatedly just when Adams will stop the OWS rabble from breaking the laws, act to prevent violence, and preserve the rights of the the rest of the 99.9999% of the American citizenry under the Constitution.

    Adams kept babbling about needing to balance “free speech” rights against the illegal acts which the OWS “free speech” Mantra is designed to cloak and justify, as a cover for committing crimes against the rest of us and denying us our rights, freedoms, and Liberties.

    It’s another “perception is reality” scam were “free speech” supposedly covers everything done while practicing it. But no longer!

    Attn., Progressive Commie OWS rabble, the Police of one of the most Liberal Cities in America do not support you. Your days are numbered, and the real citizenry of America will back the Police and the U.S. Constitution quite vigorously.

    Poor Epsilon…snif

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  • JPeden

    In other words, imo, the Progressive “OWS” mob has just exhausted their inapplicable “free speech” cover for doing almost anything they want.

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  • Molon Labe


    Well done sir.

  • DMC in DC

    Note to all news crew… you may want to wear protective masks next time, so as not to get airborne drug resistant tuberculosis from these roaches.

  • clay

    Occupy Portland???! Isn’t that just a bunch of lice ridden anarchists waiting until they get their chance to go out and “express their freedoms” by breaking windows and violating the society they proclaim to speak for? Yea that’s a group I would have lead a movement. Occupy Portland, please take your message back to the streets of Moscow where it came from! We’ve had enough of you!

  • Annie

    The constant use of the same profane language shows a decided lack in intelligence. Are they all that well spoken?

  • Chuck Jackson

    I hope he changes his attitude

  • Mutantone

    Got to wonder what the other channel does that they are allowed but this station is not?

  • Shelly

    According to the dems these are the ‘best of America’? Personally, I think the bar needs to be raised up out of the gutter.

  • guest

    This is the look and sound of liberalism. It is insantity. The guy ranting in the video did not make sense. Was he drunk or on drug’s? I can’t imagine our country being led by men/women of such hateful way’s. This is totally unacceptable.I sure don’t want to share neigborhood’s..school’s and community with such people. Have their brain’s been fried from long use of drugs?

  • Anne

    Everyone make sure your registered and vote for the Republican candidate in 2012. When people say they won’t vote for anyone but the nominee they supported that’s a very selfish and unpatriotic thing to say. We need every vote end Obamas presidential career. If you don’t vote for the Republican candidate you are voting for Obama. Things under him have gotten worse everyday. For those who think they can’t vote for a Morman, are you really believing it’s better to vote Obama? Please! That’s just crazy.

  • Glad the USMC is here

    None of these twits are sane. Why the police across the country don’t clean up this mess is beyond me. These fools have provided ample reasons for the police to lock them up and otherwise run them off.

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  • Moya Schloegl

    This people should not get time and exposure on TV. The slogans used are typical communist slogans, we the people, rich are bad, so called people are good. Of course, they can make dirt, the cleaning up brigade must use gas masks, and this “lovely People” don’t pay tax anyway, so they don’t care, that Portland taxpayers get stock with 3 hundred thousand police overtime, and 20 thousand (or more) cleaning and replanting.
    I heard this slogans before, and my original country suffered from elements like this. I’m sick and tied of the media recording those idiots, parade them on the news, make them feel important, when they are only uneducated pocked up activist, or ignorant useless jerks.

  • lucy

    That is one person out of a large respectful movement. The man in the pink bandana does not represent the 1,000’s of intelligent Occupiers who are protesting respectfully. I recommend those of you who have opinions about Occupy Portland and who haven’t actually participated in it to check it out before forming unrealistic judgments.

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