Occupy Black Friday Protesters Hand Out “CUM-sumer Whores” Fliers to Wal-Mart Shoppers (Video)

What wonderful people.
The Occupy Black Friday goons called Wal-Mart customers “whores” today while they were out shopping.

The Occupy protesters were handing out “Don’t be a CUMsumer whore” fliers to the shoppers.

From the video:
(Warning: This is nuts)

A group of us from Occupy Wallstreet begin to protest the mindless consumerism being displayed on black friday at WalMart locations across the country. Join us as we engage and disrupt corrupt capitalism!

Although on private property, once a transaction is completed, the property on your person belongs to you. stopping you at the door after you have completed your purchase to check through through your personal property is “unreasonable searches and seizure”. There is also an issue of unlawful detainment.

If there is a question of security, it should be done before the purchase and only of items that are owned by the store. Logically, there is no difference between checking your bags (your property) or your purse (your property). No American should be subjected to unreasonable search and seizure.

And, these loons were wondering why the cops were following them out of the store?

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  • lynched1

    I’m guessing Occufraud failed again?

  • Gerry

    “Just goes to show you how the system works”.
    Follow the law, no problem.
    Pass out crap propaganda on private property, GTFO
    Read the first ammendment, idiots.

  • JDStone

    Living here in Central Mexifornia we haven’t had the problem with the Occutards that the big cities have had. Fresno has had some activity but nothing on the scale of Oakland, LA,NY and others. Chalk this up as another fail by the Occutard movement. I would love for somebody to call me a “whore” and find out my response. They will pay for it dearly.

  • Professor Why

    These idiots really are clueless… (No, never doubted they WERE clueless, but it still amazes me the depths of their stupidity…)

  • BridgetGB

    More 1st Amendment Abuse from the OWS dumbasses

  • American Woman

    Wow, the OW terrorists are concerned about “unreasonable search and seizure,” but have no problem verbally assaulting American shoppers as they exercise their right to spend their money as they see fit? (Note that they especially seem happy terrorizing the women.)

    Where did these people come from? Oh, I forgot they are Progressives. Make a note to remember that Progressives are not “Liberals” in the old fashioned sense of that word.

    Progressives do not believe in “live and let live”, instead Progressives believe Americans are too stupid to think for themselves and Government must do it for them. Progressives believe in being “liberal” with your money and your assets.

    Make a note to remember that the Democrat Party is dead and to call it the Progressive Party. When anybody talks about the Democrat Party. remind them it’s dead.

    The 2012 election must focus on truth. Progressives are fascists, who want to take our freedoms and control every aspect of our lives.

  • WillofLa

    No, we’re not whore’s, we’re consumer’s looking for a bargin on stuff we use every day. Where do they think that shampoo comes from when they take a shower? Where do they think that ipod came from if their parents are not looking to pay full price? Where do they think all those video games and computer games come from for their birthdays, and Christmas, and any other times? Where do they think all the other things they consume comes from? Yeah, Walmart has sold out to China, and is guilty of putting out thousands of mom and pop stores and small hardware stores when they came to town. But you know some of those small businesses stayed in business due to a loyal clientel, and some small businesses have come back or were started by people who found a niche of something Wal Mart didn’t sell that much of, or were priced a bit higher than some of the other stuff Wal Mart sells.

    These kids obviously don’t ever have to go out to buy something they need for themselves and have somebody else go get it for them. And I can say that because Wal Mart has everything that was needed on any Y2K list I’ve ever seen, and cheaper than any other place that was in any of the survivalist lists of stuff for Y2K. And that includes the ordinary boogie bag in case of emergency that we’re told we ought to have on hand. And if these kids who seemingly don’t have to take care of themselves and know that Wal Mart is the cheapest place to buy most things people use everyday, then they wouldn’t be saying anything about the people who are going into a Wal Mart 24/7/365.

    No, we’re not whore’s. We’re the people who are running out to buy water for their sorry butts. We’re the people who are running out to get them some crackers and peanut butter because we’ve only got a couple of dollars. We’re the people who run out and buy them some clothes that were ruined because they were hosed down with pepper spray, and we’ve only got $20.00 for clothes. I wouldn’t be slapping that gift horse in the mouth when it’s Wal Mart that has been taking care of them for years to save a few bucks.

  • Jayne on the Left Coast

    Walmart is always evil to “progressives”. They are no different than any other retailer, profits and stock holders.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    I’m glad I don’t have a need to go shopping on Black Friday.

    Because I really, really don’t want to come into contact with rabble like the Occupy people.

  • American Woman


    Did you see the pics of the Progressives at the OW Protests with their expensive phones and their computers?

    The OW protesters see themselves as leaders of a movement, just as the children in Hitler’s youth movement did. (In NAZI Germany, the youth movement informed on their parents to the SS.)

    The OW protesters see themselves as elitists, who are smarter and more savvy than the average American. They don’t plan to give up their toys; they want the rest of us to be subservient to them and to give them control of our lives.

  • Professor Why

    I hope that a lot of these shoppers decided to institute #DeOccupyXmasList on any of the Occutards they might have in their lives…

  • Practical Jane

    This is just an attempt to engage middle America in their madness. They’re hoping to push some law abiding citizen too far and get punched or shot for “the cause” they can’t articulate.

    This is what comes of giving everyone a trophy and sparing the rod – spoiled children from cradle to grave!

  • Tamminator

    What did they shoot the video on? A camera they bought from and EVIIIIL corporation.
    What did they post the video on? You Tube. Another EVILLL corporation.

    These occupy “hipsters” are so clueless and out of touch, they probably think that their water comes from water bottles.
    They’re movement is equivalent to a bowel movement.

    Move on, occupiers are nothing to see. Oh, and I got a great deal on a camera at Walmart today, so these occudouches can kiss my ass. I LOVE capitalism!

  • martha

    These little marxists just hate capitalism,and free choice, no one holds a gun to your head and makes you go to walmart at 10:30 at night. But the little marxists and their politicial enablers are going to tell us what light bulbs to use.
    I hope everyone in that walmart was stocking up on on incandescents.

  • Aries

    Read the flyer, it is worse. They call them “Cumsumer Whores”, (not Consumer), even more vile than just whores. Not sure if the spelling was an error due to illiteracy, or intentional.

  • ddiddly

    It’s time more of these dolts occupy emergency rooms. Buy bats at Walmart.

  • joe

    How is it an unreasonable search and seizure to ensure the store isn’t being stolen from? Don’t like it? Buy your stuff online for less.

  • Alvin

    An odd interpretation of “whore” but it was Wal Mart 😉

  • gus



    It’s not real difficult LIBTARDS.

  • Patty

    First of all, I know why I don’t shop at Walmart and it has nothing to do with this protestor.

    I never liked the store the one time I was there. I want to say “Is the Mexico”? Of course not, it is America. I question one thing, is this Christmas. All I see is pushing and shoving for items these people have no business even purchasing. Seems to me they maybe be using a credit card. That is one thing that is probably where I do agree with protester but it the buck stops there. 😆

    Sad what America is becoming, materialism no matter how rich or poor you are. It is a sad commentary on just how we have become animals on some sort of feeding frenzy.