While promoting socialism at the APEC Summit in Hawaii, Barack Obama thinks he’s in Asia.
“Here in Asia…”

It’s OK. He’s a democrat.
Hat Tip Susan.




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  1. Oh c’mon , Asia is the 57th State donchano ??

  2. We have Rick Perry’s and Herman Cain’s flubs all over the media. I wonder if they will even show the Great One Obama’s new flub. I guess we can just add his to all his other flubs.

  3. Let’s see, Perry is a crappy debater makes a gaff instant headlines.
    The scoamf is suppose to be super duper smart Harvard type and we get this added to a long list of gaff.

  4. Dumbass Marxist d**k.

  5. Can we please get a non affirmative action

    Poser? He is such a disgrace to the common mans

    Intellect. Obama is just a crack head.

    Make Jimmy Carter look brilliant, and he got a

    Nobel prize too. Maybe both will leave in 2012.

    Obama leaves WH and Carter assumes room temp.

    Powder is dry

  6. But is he worried it may tip over?

  7. Happens when the cocaine bump is wearing off , you tend to forget the year, the date and where you are :D
    He needs to get himself a new connection , someone who can hook up the brotha with some
    crazy C

  8. Didn’t Obama tell you? He sold Hawaii to China for some campaign cash.

  9. Soooooo….Obama was born in Asia ?

  10. So…he was born in Asia now?

  11. Obama Thinks Hawaii Is in Asia

    That’s the other bookend to his belief that California is not on the Pacific:

    “I’m America’s first pacific President,” stated some retard from Indonesia that America chose to carry out its national suicide.

  12. Quayle would have been drawn and quartered for that. Just sayin’…

  13. #9 great observation. This will go way over the MSM heads. However, Chelsie Clinton will be on board at NBC soon and all will be with the news world. At least that is what Brian Williams would have us to believe.

  14. Can’t blame the intellectual lightweight sitting in the Oval Office. TOTUS must have had too much Wagyu and Arugula to miss an entire continent.

  15. He has a diploma from Harvard. Once upon a time that degree meant something. Now, not so much.

  16. Obama would know – he’s a native.

  17. Behold the eloquence of The Stuttering Cluster-F**k Of A Miserable Failure.

  18. He’s given signs of mental illness for some time now.

  19. Yeah, but Cain is over his head.

    Does this make Obama a birther as he was born in Asia as well as everyone else born in Hawaii.

  20. The “here in Asia” gaffe aside, what else did he say in this minute and a half? It’s nothing but a bunch of meaningless cliches and platitudes wrapped in socialist rhetoric and topped with complete and utter know-nothing-ness. Even listening to the clip three times you’re still left asking, “Wha???”

    But CNN and other members of the DBF* media have the nerve to call Republicans ignorant, out of touch, and uninformed.

    “The Jewish Republican’s Web Sanctuary”

    *DBF = Democrat-b*tt-f**king

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