Obama Thinks Hawaii Is in Asia (Video)

While promoting socialism at the APEC Summit in Hawaii, Barack Obama thinks he’s in Asia.
“Here in Asia…”

It’s OK. He’s a democrat.
Hat Tip Susan.

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  • MrGoodWench

    Oh c’mon , Asia is the 57th State donchano ??

  • Greenstew

    We have Rick Perry’s and Herman Cain’s flubs all over the media. I wonder if they will even show the Great One Obama’s new flub. I guess we can just add his to all his other flubs.

  • justpassingthrough

    Let’s see, Perry is a crappy debater makes a gaff instant headlines.
    The scoamf is suppose to be super duper smart Harvard type and we get this added to a long list of gaff.

  • Dumbass Marxist d**k.

  • Militant Conservative

    Can we please get a non affirmative action

    Poser? He is such a disgrace to the common mans

    Intellect. Obama is just a crack head.

    Make Jimmy Carter look brilliant, and he got a

    Nobel prize too. Maybe both will leave in 2012.

    Obama leaves WH and Carter assumes room temp.

    Powder is dry

  • StrangernFiction

    But is he worried it may tip over?

  • MrGoodWench

    Happens when the cocaine bump is wearing off , you tend to forget the year, the date and where you are 😀
    He needs to get himself a new connection , someone who can hook up the brotha with some
    crazy C

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    Didn’t Obama tell you? He sold Hawaii to China for some campaign cash.

  • MrGoodWench

    Soooooo….Obama was born in Asia ?

  • Captain Chaos

    So…he was born in Asia now?

  • progressoverpeace

    Obama Thinks Hawaii Is in Asia

    That’s the other bookend to his belief that California is not on the Pacific:

    “I’m America’s first pacific President,” stated some retard from Indonesia that America chose to carry out its national suicide.

  • Mike

    Quayle would have been drawn and quartered for that. Just sayin’…

  • Buffalobob

    #9 great observation. This will go way over the MSM heads. However, Chelsie Clinton will be on board at NBC soon and all will be with the news world. At least that is what Brian Williams would have us to believe.

  • SeniorD

    Can’t blame the intellectual lightweight sitting in the Oval Office. TOTUS must have had too much Wagyu and Arugula to miss an entire continent.

  • American Woman

    He has a diploma from Harvard. Once upon a time that degree meant something. Now, not so much.

  • Kermit

    Obama would know – he’s a native.

  • Clutch

    Behold the eloquence of The Stuttering Cluster-F**k Of A Miserable Failure.

  • Liz

    He’s given signs of mental illness for some time now.

  • Tjexcite

    Yeah, but Cain is over his head.

    Does this make Obama a birther as he was born in Asia as well as everyone else born in Hawaii.

  • The “here in Asia” gaffe aside, what else did he say in this minute and a half? It’s nothing but a bunch of meaningless cliches and platitudes wrapped in socialist rhetoric and topped with complete and utter know-nothing-ness. Even listening to the clip three times you’re still left asking, “Wha???”

    But CNN and other members of the DBF* media have the nerve to call Republicans ignorant, out of touch, and uninformed.

    “The Jewish Republican’s Web Sanctuary”

    *DBF = Democrat-b*tt-f**king

  • Mike

    Obamer is signaling to the world that Hawaii is not really a part of the U.S. – not because he thinks it is part of Asia – but because he thinks it should belong to Asia.

    Obamer is willfully destroying the US. If you can’t see that, something is wrong with you.

  • Redwine

    #15 November 15, 2011 at 8:10 pm
    American Woman commented:

    He has a diploma from Harvard. Once upon a time that degree meant something. Now, not so much.

    Do you have proof that he actually has a degree from Harvard? Or Columbia, for that matter?

  • geezer


    Come on guys! Give him a break. He’s been to 57 States with one more to go. He has got to be worn out. /s/

  • geezer

    #21 Mike,

    True words

  • Practical Jane

    Works for me! Born in Asia – Can’t be POTUS!!

  • MrGoodWench

    geezer commented:

    Come on guys! Give him a break. He’s been to 57 States with one more to go. He has got to be worn out. /s/
    It’s time for Hussain to read an ” I’m no waaaaays tired ” speech in his ghetto accent , with his wee-weed cousin Pookie and Maxipad Waters in jackboots standing behind him !!

  • Tony

    So does this make him an Asian-American?

  • Adi

    In Austrian, “Asia” means in fact “United States”. Du-uh! The Wohn was speaking Austrian.

  • kansas

    The media is ridiculing Obama over this. Wait. What?

  • Sandy

    Gee You would think Obama would know Hawaii is part of the USA because he was born there or was he?

  • KornKing

    Didn’t the CBS Evening News cover this?

  • MrGoodWench

    Tony commented:
    So does this make him an Asian-American?
    Nope, he is still an anti-American

  • JPL17

    Mike – I think you probably nailed it.
    But who does he want to give Hawaii to?

  • Syble

    He is Tired don’t cha all know… He has played golf in all 57 states and um um ah ah.. even “here in Asia” where he was born and raised. Visiting and campaigning with all those home town buddies and jet lag ..can just get to ya. At least the MSM had a nice assignment as a pay back for a (smile) job well done!!!

  • SeniorD

    Actually, The Oval Office Incompetent’s enablers in the Definitely Not Texas Northeast and the Mushroom Governor in his land of fruits and nuts may be willing to sell Hawai’i to Japan, China, Malaysia or even Vietnam. The sale would certainly turn a handsome sum, the C’critters would fill their pockets with the vigorish. The final act is when Barry declares himself King, moves the capitol to the new country of Ob’am’a.

    Best of all, Barry can dress like Paiʻea Kamehameha. Only this time the title would be Barry the Clueless. Michelle can hold luaus every night, be carried around in a sedan chair and would ensure all the children of Ob’am’a properly cleanse their palates before eating the wagyu steaks.

  • L.E. Liesner

    This comes from the smartest President we have ever had besides Clinton. Makes you really appreciate the dumb ones, don’t it.

  • valerie

    Those who get all in a snit over certain Republican candidates are not “qualified” or who give a bad answer to a question need to really remember the opposition.

  • olm

    He could be in a commercial for “This is your brain on drugs”
    No fried eggs needed

  • KC

    #28 Adi commented:
    In Austrian, “Asia” means in fact “United States”. Du-uh! The Wohn was speaking Austrian.

    In America, “Asia” means in fact the “largest continent in the world”.

    Du-uh, Wohn was referring to Du-uh Wohn’s brothers!

  • SEHaase

    I look at the last few seconds of this clip, at the faces of those listening to this man, and all I can think is – shame on them.

  • Francesca

    The man cannot speak without his teleprompter. Pathetic, really.

  • KR

    Barry just got a little confused with all his lies.

    He was thinking of his foreign student status: Indonesian/Asian and living in Hawaii.

    Next he will be saying Hawaii is part of Pok-ee-stan.

  • MrGoodWench

    Francesca commented:
    The man cannot speak without his teleprompter. Pathetic, really.
    You mean sPEEk , right ?

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  • SpideyTerry

    Good lord, that was painful to watch. Honestly, whoever the GOP candidate is should be able to wipe the floor with this guy in a debate.

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  • Bob

    He can see China from his house!

  • rk

    the audience, i.e. the press, have no clue. Our annual deficit is actually quite high relative to OECD countries. Our current debt to gdp ratio is middling, there are worse…but I think that the long term debt to gdp is as bad as EU countries.

    But, the important thing is that he is casting this as revenues vs. public pensions. Our public pensions (ss/medicare) are not the majority of our current deficit by a long shot. So he’s trying to play the old pea under the thimble trick. His green, big government excess spending is sacred. The pensions can be cut.

  • R.M. Rice

    B.O. doesn’t like the fact that he grew up, even partially, in America. He has deluded himself into thinking otherwise.

  • Gregory Koster

    I think you’ve all missed something. Note that at the 1:22-1:26 mark, where The One has all but sighed that he still hopes a “light bulb” moment will come (not after 1 January, though) there’s a reaction shot of the press, smirking and smiling, nodding their little condescending heads at those bitter clingers. No wonder he says dumb things when TOTUS not Occupying The One’s brain> Being in an echo chamber with all that 200 proof adoration sloshing around would knock over a far stronger character than The One has.

  • PJ

    I agree. He said Asia to indicate that we nasty Americans have conquered Hawaii and ruined it.

  • effess

    Aw c’mon guys, Obama was just disoriented.

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  • Mike Rohrer

    I’m not an Obama supporter–far from it. But, in this case he was in Honolulu for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting. It truly was just a slip of the tongue–had he said “Asia-Pacific” instead of “Asia” there would be no reason to smirk.

  • nick

    you GOpers are moron.

    he is at An ASIAN summit and his audience is Asian leaders with focus on Asia
    his reference frame is for the audience not you fox new retards

    hes not at his Punaho high school reunion talking football as you are prone to do
    or your KKK rallies talking about taking back America!

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  • squeaky

    “It truly was just a slip of the tongue–had he said “Asia-Pacific” instead of “Asia” there would…” true but if it were Bush it would live on thru infinity with every night show host, rank comedian, talk radio personality, etc. taking their shots.

  • “KKK rallies”… Way to go, Nick, to prove that you are a nasty and rather pathetically ignorant leftist with nothing of any value to add to this discussion.

    Buy yourself a history book (it’s one of those thick heavy rectangular things containing lots of sheets of paper with printing on them) and see if you can manage to discover who created and guided the KKK. Hint: It wasn’t Republicans.

    Uneducated dolt.

  • KR

    “or your KKK rallies…”

    Nick, are you addressing your DEMOCRAT buddies?

    You need to work on your history.

  • KornKing

    Thanks for stopping by Nick, Now that we’ve all had our daily dose of your stupidity and ignorance, is OK for you to climb back under your rock

  • TheCableGuy

    He also paused for almost 8 seconds in the middle of his comment. If he was a conservative black president, this would mean he was unfit.

  • No Whining

    Oh, boo-frickin’-hoo, Barky One-Note: “Fair, baraaaack! Fair! Fair!”

    The “light bulb moment” when everybody says, “A ha! This is what we gotta do!” will come in the voting booth next year when your sorry behind gets tossed out of office, sir.

  • Bob

    He got there by the intercontinental railroad. So, it must be Asia.

  • WWillie

    I counted 15 “Uhs” and “ahs”. Thats an average of one every 6 seconds. You can always tell when he is not reading the teleprompter as he is an inarticulate mess.

  • bandit

    Surprising he’d make a mistake about Hawaii – you know where he was born?

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  • Ramsey

    More interesting are the knowing grins and nods by the press…..you can alsost see the bubbles over their heads saying ” You da man!”…..

  • Roux

    His gaffe is minor…. the rest of the speech is about his socialist ideals.

  • Ramsey

    …bandit commented:
    Surprising he’d make a mistake about Hawaii – you know where he was born?…

    Kenya??? Is that in Asia too????

  • Wreck

    The funny thing about this is several goofy looking reporters nodding their heads in agreement. I wonder if these idiots realize that in most if not all socialist countries, there is no free press. In other words if Obama got his way, they would not have jobs.

  • regeya

    I guess you’ve forgotten about journalists being arrested for dishing dirt on the Bush administration, for national security reasons. If Obama did that, even for national security reasons, y’all would be screaming about how he’s the second coming of Stalin.

  • regeya

    I also guess people have forgotten that there was a mass exodus of the Klan from the Democratic party after Kennedy and Johnson. You know, that was so 48 years ago. Just forget the Southern Strategy.

    OK, I’ll be fair. Maybe y’all are hearkening back to the days of the Dixiecrats, when the Democrats split between old-school Democrats and the more liberal, civil rights-oriented northern Democrats, in 1948. You know, 63 years ago. I’m sure nothing has changed since then. I mean, I’m sure Democrats helped get Obama elected because of his blinding whiteness.

  • bg


    no, he meant to say he can see Asia from his home state Hawaii..


  • Andreas K.

    Is it even one of the 57 states and if not, do they speak Austrian there?

  • bg



    American Islamists and Iranian Propaganda

    [Tune in to Press TV, the Iranian government’s English-language
    broadcast outlet, and you will see reports of the pervasive evil
    represented by the United States. It seeks war. It fabricated an
    international report on Iran’s nuclear weapons program. It leads
    an elaborate “Iranophobic” conspiracy aimed at invading Iran and
    “plundering its natural resources.”

    Watch long enough and you’ll also see a parade of American Muslim
    activists, all lamenting their problems with government policies and
    decrying the plight of life here for Muslims.]


  • al

    Well, there are certainly enough racists in this country who think so, until, of course, it does not fit into their agenda to associate with those who look . . . well you know!

    Perhaps POTUS was merely trying not to confuse them (them = deep south, not so deep south, Texans, many “conservative” talk show hosts (hh, dp, bc, js, rl, and many more), most if not all of Wisconsin (the closer you live to WI indicates how racist you are), tea partiers, tea party organizers, but hey tea partiers have friends who are black and Mexican, sssssoooooooooo, their not racists. Really!

    . . . personal experiences.

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  • bg
  • bg


    Muslim Societies in Asia, Hawaii University

    he was just sayin’.. /O’sarc/


  • bg


    ps re: #80 November 16, 2011 at 12:00 pm bg

    more here..

    btw: The Rapid Spread of Islam in America

    if true, i’m not at all surprised.. 🙁

    more here..


  • ltlolady

    He surely left his teleprompter at home he can’t say are think of what he is talking about. I think he needs his nipple.

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  • tiredofthebs

    Just go to show what an azzclown this guy really is

  • CommieJuice

    He has no clue where he’s at. No big deal. Now Rick Perry taking 53 seconds to remember the 3rd agency he would cut is front page, headline news. But, the man who is leader of the free world, who has everything catered for him, laid out for him, given to him on a golden platter, the same guy who’s work day starts around 10am and normally has 2 meetings and maybe a round of golf between fund-raising and a game of hoops, the same man who will not rest except for his dozen tax payer funded vacations a year and his 88 rounds of golf, he is the genius who’s brain numbness needs to be overlooked.

    His motor doesn’t run it just idles…. nobody expects this loser to know anything, he is just delivering the uhh, uh, uh, uh, ummmm, uhh, uh, uh, uh, ummmm, uh, uh, uh, uh goods!

    What it seems that nobody caught was the fact the he looked out at the faces in the crowd of Hawaiians and saw what he thought was a bunch of Asians and naturally thought he was in Asia. That to me sounds more racist than calling him the lying piece of garbage he really is!

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  • supportourpres

    Geezer, when you comment on someone elses mistakes, you should be careful not to make your own. It’s oops, you idiot, not opps. It’s okay though. I’m sure you have as much pressure on you as Obama has on him so it’s understandable that you would make a mistake.

  • Questionman

    It certainly isn’t in North America. It’s the northernmost of the Polynesian islands, so it should be considered as part of Asia (or at least Australasia). But that’s too much for rushie the racist pig’s listeners to understand Geography!

    Also, #21, do you work 24/7-the President does,so drop the BS about him wasting time on vacation and spending more you republicans/tea-baggers are beating a dead horse on that subjest. The problem with the American people(white) in reference to this President ,he will never be worth a damn in their eyes but to the rest world he has done a good job with what he has to work with. No doubt anyone who calls him a fraud is racist!

  • Mike

    #89 “…but to the rest world he has done a good job…”

    Huh? I thought he was the President of the United States – not the president of the world!

    and “…with what he has to work with…”

    Do you mean by with – white people?

    Who said anything about his vacation schedule? I certainly didn’t….being president is a tough job…no doubt.

    Doesn’t change my opinion…he’s deliberately trying to crack the foundation of this great nation. Obamer is a third world leader looking for a third world of his own to lord over…and he’s diligently working to make this country a third world.

  • Lrobby99

    What in the F8ck are you people talking about? It’s three words than needed just a bit more seperation between them. Here, in Asia, economic reforms, yada yada, yada. That was all. You people here see and hear things that simply do not exist. Get help.

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