In 2008 the RNC released this web video titled “Lapse in Judgement”.
The ad revealed Barack Obama’s dealings with convicted felon and close family friend Tony Rezko.

The ad detailed Obama’s relationship with the Chicago crook.
Fortunately for Obama, the left-wing media didn’t do its job and protected Obama from any honest attacks during the 2008 campaign.

Today, Barack Obama’s close friend and felon Tony Rezko was sentenced to 10.5 years in prison.
The Sun Times reported:

A federal judge sentenced Tony Rezko to 10 1/2 years in prison Tuesday, describing his actions under Rod Blagojevich’s tenure as “selfish and corrupt.”

Rezko, 56, has already served about 44 months. His daughter burst into tears at hearing the sentence.

U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve said she found it offensive that Rezko put at risk the Teachers’ Retirement System by scheming for kickbacks with a board member in 2004.

“You put their retirements at risk for your own greed and your own thirst for power,” St. Eve said.

A pale, thin Rezko gave a brief statement before he learned his sentence, saying “there are no words to describe the pain and regret,” he carries and the amount of suffering his family has endured. He apologized to the court and to his family.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Chris Niewoehner said Rezko’s conduct was severe and included scheming with former Gov. Rod Blagojevich and others to control state deals so they could make money off of it.

“That’s about as bad as it can get in a political corruption case,” he said. “Illinois was for sale at the very top levels of our government.” Rezko’s attorney, Joseph Duffy, said his client would never commit a crime again.




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  1. I see a pardon in Rezko’s future.

  2. Wheels turn slowly in IL. But now Tony will finally be doing hard time. The thing about IL is you have to do something really bad, offend lots of people for it to come to this. For the most part the media swoons over the ability of local politicos to bamboozle people. Heck, a former mayor even destroyed a public airport in the dark of night. And come to find out he used federal money to do it. Then he used city money to pay the triple damages when he was caught. Never charged with anything.

    So, all things considered, it is a good thing that Tony did get what he got. One small victory for mankind…

  3. Alas, the link represented by “protected Obama” is not working. :(
    I’ve been thinking about that land deal (who around here hasn’t been doing that on this day?) Leaving all else aside, it took some strong ties to allow a real estate lot in that upscale neighborhood to be subdivided, and it left Mrs. Rezko’s part unusable I would imagine. But the real pity is the power represented by these people.

  4. Two words:


    ’nuff said

  5. Have we hit bottom YET?

  6. let’s see…
    If Obie loses the election…Eric Holder’s last day in office.. Rezko gets a pardon…

    If Obie wins the election… Eric Holder’s last day in office.. Rezko gets a pardon..

    Chicago on the Potomac.. I can smell it from here!

  7. “Rezko’s attorney, Joseph Duffy, said his client would never commit a crime again.”

    Given a second chance, people like Rezko and Blo-Boy-O-Bitch would try to pull the same crap again and again.

  8. ++

    Obama & Rezko

    more here & connecting links..


  9. Actually, I do not see a pardon comming Rezco’s way. According to my calculations, Rezco will be released just BEFORE the election. Do not expect him to talk to anyone until after the election as that was no doubt a part of the unofficial plea bargain agreement.

  10. Tony isn’t scared….He remembers what Mr. Obama said….” The sentance is just like pictures in a book Tony….It isn’t real ” ….300 days and he’s out with a pardon….>>>

  11. Tony Rezko? I am not familiar with Tony Rezko. Well except for that article you reprinted about him.

  12. Look for a pardon about 13 months from now.

  13. I’m sure Obama’s pardon is coming in 3, 2, 1……

  14. ++

    funny how the MSM just skips over the fact that Obama not only
    supported Blago, but helped him win his cam gain, and that Rezko
    was an old Obama schoolmate that ran fundraisers for Obama
    amongst numerous other connections & transactions the trio
    participated in throughout the years in Chi-town.. /s/



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