National Treasure James O’Keefe III Catches Corrupt Rutgers Profs in Play for Pay Scheme (Video)

James O’Keefe III and Project Veritas catch a corrupt Rutgers professor in a pay for deal. The professor, Bruce Baker of Rutgers Graduate School of Education. agreed to ink deals based on specific outcomes.

What fun.
Another successful operation by James and Project Veritas.

From the video:
Bruce Baker of Rutgers Graduate School of Education on tape talking about “inking deal” with Ohio union and “playing with data.” We ambush the Dean of students with the tape and Dean tries to take our camera and computer. We follow up on Huffington Post report.

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  • Militant Conservative

    Uh oh. tis is not going to end well. This is major league NCAA violation.

    Sorry, my kid cannot even get a McDonalds meal due to the NCAA rules.

    Stricter than the congressional rules for lobbiests. Kinda crappy ya know.

    Powder is dry

  • donh

    Seems like James is fishing in a smaller pond on this one. The bigger issue we face is public tax dollars going to Universities to organize OWS mobs that take to the streets vandalizing private sector businesses funding the tax revenues paying the professors scripting this anarchy from their tenured sanctuaries . We now have a serious organized crime ring coming out of our educational system.

  • American Woman

    Donh, you said a mouthful, and it is the truth. Our tax dollars are funding the terrorists of the Ivy League.

  • Bear

    Outside “consultancies” are o.k. in academe, but knowing that the academic integrity (at rutgers, at least) of our universities is for sale to the “proper” and “correct” political ideology speaks volumes.

    BTW, billy ayers is a professor, n’est ce pas? The obamster claimed to be one, also. hmmmm.

  • coolidgerules

    Figures don’t lie, but liars can figure.

  • coolidgerules

    Notice his first reaction was to shut the camera down. The second reaction was to grab the computer.

    These aren’t educators. They’re ideological criminals.

  • MrGoodWench

    Thugs for hire masquerading as professors.
    Who knew ?

  • if he’s teaching at rutgers he is probably a marxist.

  • savethenation

    This is what is teaching our youth. Time to make a big reset of the entire corrupted system.

  • Ipso Facto

    This clearly illustrates what a sewer academe in America has become. People with “credentials” who are seemingly “objective” are cutting deals with crooked unions (and who knows what other entities) to produce policy papers that will subsequently be used in court, at congressional hearings, in grand jury hearings, in campaign literature, etc.

    It just doesn’t get any worse than this.

    That this is occurring at Rutgers, a bona fide Communist, Marxist institution is no surprise. If everyone will remember, it was a professor from Rutgers that invited herself to give Paul Ryan and two of his dinner companions a lecture in the midst of their meal at a restaurant in NYC not too long ago.

    Academe is thus not only absent of political objectivity in their leftist views, they are completely corrupt, and the money families are paying for their kids’ college education is nothing more then extortion for sheep skins. Again, abolish the Dept. of Education. Stop giving these communists government grants to produce propaganda, and allow students to take qualification exams instead of pursuing absurd and shallow college diploma’s. It has gotten to the point where many college diplomas are not worth more than the stuff that comes off the roll in the bathroom.

    If the students want to truly express their rage over valid corruption, they should start protesting the manner in which they are simply being used by the left as lab rats who are being brain washed with corrupt liberal rhetoric. If the students ever figure out the extent to which they are being abused by the current university system, a few institutions would be totally burned to the ground in short order.

  • DV1252x

    The law schools are the same way and have been for years. Lino Graglia at Univ. of Texas Law was talking about this years ago. And the liberal indoctrination in law schools has been going on for a century or more. It all started with the “case system” method of teaching law school courses.

  • Eubulides

    Please elaborate.

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  • Nick

    Wow…a bunch of believe anything people. James O’Keefe has proven time and time again that his “reporting” is nothing of the sort. Every story he has done thus far has been proven to have been altered in numerous ways. It was shameful how he altered the tapes at Planned Parenthood. He is a criminal with no credibility at all. I have nothing against sting operations run properly. Unfortunately he has proven that he will lie, cheat, and steal to make up his stories that are factually incorrect. I realize i’m on a right wing website and I’m going to get slammed for spreading the truth, but it is the truth regardless. Go about your bashing now.

  • I tell you what Nick, you lefties keep trying to change the subject and conservatives will keep working to take down the media wing of the Democrat Party, brick by brick until it collapses on itself. We on the right are quite aware that our battle against the progressive left ie: communists/Marxists/socialists start and end with the media. It will be their end that will be the beginning of America’s future!

  • Militant Conservative — The NCAA is the National Collegiate Athletic Association. It has no governance or oversight role in the academic affairs of universities other than as those affairs relate to the universities’ sports.

  • squeaky

    “Go about your bashing now.” said the pot to the kettle.

  • Yes, Nick, oddly enough, we do tend to believe what we see and hear with our own eyes and ears.

    Did O’Keefe do a voice-over to change the words the crooked “educators” spoke? Did he employ “fake Shemps” to impersonate them? Did he use a room full of CGI equipment to fabricate the whole thing? Or did the “educators” incriminate themselves and shame their profession via their own biases and willingness to be dishonest?

    Please tell us, with as much detail as you can muster, precisely how O’Keefe did that “lie, cheat, and steal” business with regard to the incriminating video we just saw. Present your case. We’ll wait.

  • squeaky

    when you underestimate your enemy…i did deal [in the past] with people who quite often out and out lied or gave only part of the truth in whatever case they were trying to make on any given day. it was usually in their particular interest to cover up facts and if you accepted what they said without follow-up questions you were absolutely the bestest person in the world but if you were to dig deeper [as what was really part of the job] you were a ___ [any number of things depending on how mad they were]. i always knew on the side that they did their own rating of you as being either stupid or a fah [which i perferred as it meant that i did my job]. the good prof either thinks we can’t think beyond the box or that we’re part of the borg. it’s always amazing what people will say when they think you’re like minded. that assumption thing that gets so many into trouble.

  • mg4us

    This sort of research is what is known as BIAS. . and the leftists & media are masters at it. . how you ask question, to whom, in what what & order. . with the aim to getting the answer you want. .

    And University Researchers are the biggest con artists themselves. . playing games to get more government funding for their departments. . .and research. . .

    Global Warming being the biggest farce!

  • Julia Miller

    @Ipsofacto: The sad fact about brainwashing is just that: The brain has been removed of all coherent thought except what the brainwasher wants them to remember!! There is no “figuring out” anything, because the act is complete! I guess that’s why the usual rhetoric from the left is that the Republicans are stupid, they don’t care about facts, etc. We have been taught to think for ourselves & can separate the bull from the bull **it!!

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    I went to law school in the early 80’s. Indoctrination into Leftist Ideology was pervasive and the ideologues attending classes were as thick as thieves. For 3 years, I silently existed amongst a horde of Leftist wackos while Leftist Professors spewed leftwing ideology mixed with law straight from the podium class after class after class. Occasionally, students would test each other by asking for your position on political and social issues if they had any suspicion that you were not truly one of them. It was like being amongst people who were out looking for “traitors” in their ranks. Leftists controlled the law school admissions office, they had the entire faculty, and Leftist Radicals ran the student body. In fact, for a year prior to applying there, I participated in leftist marches and the like, just to get my street cred, because I KNEW that without it, they’d never have admitted me in the first place. The day I graduated, I literally walked off the stage, got in my car, and never looked back.

    I can ONLY IMAGINE what it must be like being a student in todays ultra-politically charged atmosphere. Odds are they hang you if they find out you’re not one of them..

  • Mahdi, I was heartened to find out that there are a few lawyers with principles. The firm we use for labor law told the ABA to take a long walk on a short pier, and withdrew every dollar of support for the ABA. This was in response to the ABA’s awful decision to invite Bill Clinton to be their convention keynote speaker, AFTER he had been found guilty of lying under oath.

    Apparently, to the leftists who run the ABA, being a dishonest lawyer is not only permitted, but celebrated and honored. My lawyers would have none of that. Good for them.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    By the early 90’s, the ABA had been fully compromised by the Left and started coming out with “Position Papers” where the ABA formally took a side on political issues, like abortion, etc.. It was then that I quit the ABA.

    As with everything else from local dog-catcher to school boards to student-body government to law school admissions offices, to organizations like the ABA, AMA, and AARP etc., and on and on and on, once Leftists get in there, they proceed to fill their ranks with like-minded people, and then once they control it they completely take the organization over and it ceases to be whatever it originally was intended to be and gets transformed into a political-wing of the Democrat Party.

  • Go, james O’Keefe, go. We all know that academia is a cesspool, but video and audio evidence might convince some of the ignoramuses who still believe colleges are places of “higher learning.”

  • Solaratov

    #14 November 23, 2011 at 4:01 am
    Nick commented:

    “Blah…blah…blah…O’Keefe bad…blah…blah.
    I’m going to get slammed…… Go about your bashing now.”

    Oh, goody! A martyr troll.

  • Gary

    I’m irritated when I go over to the local state tax dollar-subsidized university that I won’t name (UVa) and every television is tuned to CNN. Not one tv on FOX in any common area. Is CNN subsidizing the school? Are the kids voting on what every single tv will show? Surely there are conservative kids at school who would like to see FOX on the tv or even some apoliticals or squishy liberals who could be swayed with some fair and balanced reporting.

    Face it, the universities truly are universes. Kids go in and their minds are lost for years. A lot come back to us, but some never do.

  • DrTorch

    Uh, the professor said he wouldn’t stretch the data, and he wouldn’t even “ink a deal” if the data was dodgy. So he wouldn’t get in a situation that potentially asked him to compromise his research.

    Now, not reporting data is also a compromise, I grant you that, but it’s a different level.

  • Monterey

    I think we all have no idea just how corrupt the entire university research system is in this country.