It Figures… UC Davis Students AGREED to Be Pepper Sprayed Before Incident (Video) …Update: UC Davis Pepper Spray Massacre Victims Giggled & Smiled Describing Torture

For the record…
The UC Davis students who were holding the illegal protest on campus last weekend were warned that they would be pepper sprayed by the campus police. Not only that… But you can see in the video below that the students AGREED in the video to be pepper sprayed.

For some reason this didn’t make it into any of the liberal media reports on the incident; just like the fact that the protesters were chanting “f*ck the police” never made it into any reports.
Via P/Oed Patriot:

From the video:

As a Policeman bends over to tell the “Leader” of the protesters that they are going to be sprayed, the “Leader” responds (At the very beginning of the video):

“Your shooting us specifically? No that’s fine, that’s fine.”

UPDATE: The UC Davis pepper spray massacre victims giggle and laugh describing historic torture session.

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  • CT

    Foolish move on the part of the college police, now these ‘entitled’ students have their Kent State moment. The college police allowed themselves to be set up in such an obvious way to be the villains. There must be another way to make life miserable for these privileged young Marxists in training.

  • AJ

    lols.. so if the protesters moved whenever the cops asked (which is everytime they pick a place to protest)… then what does a legal protest look like? An empty field?

    And please.. the chants for “f*ck the police” were never picked up more than a few of the group and quickly hushed by the group as a whole in favor of less offensive language.

    You did watch the whole video, right? Please tell me what you hear them chant as a group to the cops.. “Shame on you” from everyone for a couple minutes after the spraying.. and then “You can go” as the police begin to leave.

    To watch the video (and understand the students were sitting basically in the middle of a big field [not blocking anything functionally on campus at all]) and think the police reaction is appropriate is just disgusting.

    “Are you going to shoot us for just sitting here?” Oh yeah.. he’s just asking for it.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Theater. Aided and abetted by CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, FOXNews (yes, even them), NPR, and the rest of the Communist New American Pravda.

    The new, recreated “JournoList” is planned from the top, right into the Oval Office.

    Goebbels and Trotsky would be humbled by these demons. Absolutely humbled.

    Like Galileo and Copernicus meeting Einstein and Hawking.

    Satan is real, and stalks the earth, head held high with pride. His minions have no idea who they’re serving*: the Father of Lies. The Destroyer.

    *Well, some of them know exactly who they’re serving, and they are the Organizers — but most are useful, brainwashed, conditioned, programmed, and Oragnized complete idiots.

    And these will fill the mass graves, if they get the chance. It looks like they will be, since this nation is entirely W.R.O.L. (coined by Ann Barnhardt): Without Rule of Law. From baton-wielding New Black Panthers at polling places, to multiple thefts of trillions of taxpayer dollars; from a president whose legal qualifications are zero, to a black-on-nonblack crime-wave unprecedented in U.S. history.

    Whatever heinous, monstrous things the Statists want to do — at this point, nobody who can stop them will, and anybody who would stop them cannot.

    Get right with God, folks. We’re close to the “Great Lean Forward.”

    The avalanche has started — and the pebbles don’t have a vote.

  • OxyCon

    Also take notice that the police are encircled by the protesters…it isn’t just a few kids on a sidewalk…look closely. That fact is never mentioned by the media either. The protesters deliberately plotted and encircled the police to entrap them and obstruct them from doing their job, once the police started arresting people. They encircled the police, locked arms and sat down…it’s all in this self-incriminating interview with one of the kids who got pepper sprayed:

  • Taqiyyotomist

    AJ, please don’t be like most trolls: stick around for your complete debunking.

    (Most of you just “drop trou”, poop, and run, I’ve noticed.)

  • Taqiyyotomist

    AJ: #4 OxyCon has begun your debunking.

    By comment #30, it will have been thorough.

    ::goes to grab popcorn::

  • Michael Curcio

    Has anybody raised kids? This is how you deal with children. You warn them of the consequences of not complying. Then if they still refuse to comply, you administer the consequences.

  • AJ

    The police aren’t really encircled… there were always ways out and officers walking in and out the whole time. The whole area is a big open field, and saying people were trapped is a huge joke to anyone familiar with the space. In fact, the famous sprayer guy walks from one side “circle trap” to the other with no problem at all just moments before spraying the line.

    This video is awesome actually. You get to see the difference between the two groups. The protesters get a bit inappropriate with some of their language (some people chanting “f*ck the police”), but are quickly corrected by the group at large and the bad behavior stopped. But when the police get inappropriate with their response (not simple the use of pepper-spray, but the quick jump to a gross immediate over-application).. the rest of their group does nothing to help.. again the protesters have to help the group by simply shaming the officer’s disgusting actions.

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  • AJ

    The kid raising analogy is interesting. I’d take it you hit your children when they are out of compliance? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But just so you know.. that’s not the only effective way to train and build compliance.

  • Dianth

    @ AJ, did you have parents? Did they not discipline you? Disciplining kids w/ consequences can mean a variety of things and never requires hitting as you assumed. Time outs, losing a privilege and so on are all viable alternatives.

    I’m not really sure how these students can even be taken seriously. It’s hardly a Kodak moment that rises to the enormity of what happened at Kent State. I would call it small potatoes by wanna be Hippies in comparison. They need to get off of their collective asses and actually DO something for their cause.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    You’re right, AJ.

    There are also other punishments available.

    Like grounding.

    Like being made to write a chapter of Proverbs depending on the day of the month.

    Like restrictions from driving, or using the videogame console.

    Michael’s point remains true.

  • 11B40


    Someday, may soon, some somewhat honest media mentalist may realize that these demonstrations are really disruptions and that they are not peaceful or even mostly peaceful but rather passive-aggressive.

    But not today.

  • Patty


    Police chief put on leave in Occupy pepper spraying
    2 officers suspended after misting faces of seated protesters

    Read more: Police chief put on leave in Occupy pepper spraying

  • JR

    Too bad they didn’t use mace.

  • Sally

    Oh, for goodness sake.

    They were even calling the campus officer by name. Theater it was, indeed.

  • Patty

    Cops warned that if they didn’t leave or whatever they would be sprayed. They didn’t listen. Breaking the law is one thing but respecting it, forget about it. Less respect for the cops but look who we are talking about, criminals and youth today who never learned to have respect for any authority figure.

  • AJ

    The students sat down after a couple of the protesters started being arrested. The group didn’t feel it was fair if only a few got arrested (who were basically picked randomly), so they decided to make the police remove them all.

    They weren’t trying to blockade anything… which is clear from the photos/videos, as they do nothing but sit, while officers walk freely from one side of the circle to the other.

    The officers claimed they wanted the tents removed… but the tents were basically removed already at the point of the spraying, and the sitting students weren’t making any effort to stop the police from removing the tents.

    I can get people not understanding the situation if you aren’t familiar with the area/situation. Just looking at dozens of often claustrophobic, poor angled, and/or disjointed footage of a busy event makes it hard to get a clear picture of the situation. What a person familiar with the physical space sees versus someone who’s not (and has to build limited version of that space based only on discount footage).

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Besides, this is pepper-spray.

    The whole world is laughing at Americans right now.

    They know what real brutality is.

    These OWSers would, if given control over the law enforcement in our nation, do FAR, FAR worse to objectors.

    Why do you think Huffington Post has to shut down comments whenever Dick Cheney is in the hospital for a finger operation? Because every single comment is a death-wish.

    Communism at its finest, coming soon.

    Mao killed 40 million Chinese people in only 4 years.

    Ask the common man in the street who Mao Tse Tung was. You get blank stares 90% of the time. The guy who murdered almost 4 times as many of his people as Hitler, and twice as many as Stalin. Why do most people only know Hitler as the World’s Greatest Mass Murderer? Because the Communist media and education system will never tell you anything evil about Communism. Why would they?

    I ask the OWSers: How many little children does Sarah Palin have to shoot in the face in front of their weeping, hysterical parents for their parents’ political views, for her to be as COOL as Che Guevara?? 5? 10? A hundred?

    The OWSers will do the same, when they get the chance. They are useful idiots.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    So, AJ, were you there then?