Thousands of Iranians took to the streets of Tehran today to show their support for the anti-capitalist Occupy Wall Street movement.
Fars News reported:

Participants in the countrywide November 4th rallies voiced support for the Occupy Wall Street protests in the US and other anti-capitalism movements in the West, and cautioned the White House to stop ignoring the demands of the American people.

In a communiqué released at the end of the November the 4th rallies, marking the anniversary of the takeover of the US embassy in Tehran in 1979, the ralliers stressed that the growing tides of Islamic awakening in the Middle-East and North Africa as well as the anti-capitalism protests in the US and other western countries are the continuation of Iran’s Islamic Revolution.

“We warn the leaders of the hegemonic system, specially the US administration to pay attention to the message of the anti-capitalist ‘Occupy Wall Street Movement’ and meet the demands of their own and other right-seeking nations and pave the ground for true public partnership and participation in the administration of their community’s affairs by giving up their arrogant policies and support for the corrupt 1 percent minority who are ruling the world majority,” the Iranian demonstrators said.

They further voiced support for the resistance of the oppressed Palestinian nation against the usurper Zionist regime, and stressed the necessity for continued resistance until occupiers are fired from Palestine and all Palestinians return to their country.



And, of course, they torched the US flag… just like they do at Occupy protests here at home!
They are serious.




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  1. Hell, i don’t blame them, Obama stood by and did nothing while their protesters were gunned down in the streets. We can hardly expect the to wave our flag now and sing “God Bless America”.

  2. May I be the first to say F-ck Iran!!

  3. I doubt they were from the democracy movement, more likely they are government hardliner
    enthusiasts or shills; though no doubt the democracy movement has a bad taste in their mouths after Obungler’s betrayal of their cause.

  4. You take a close look at these photo’s. Look at how developed the cities are, how well dressed the people are, like, they aren’t in rags, faces gaunt, and buildings and streets in rubble and disrepair, old cars abandoned, trash and garbage laying out in the streets, other than the signs they are buring and the mess caused by that, everything and everyone seems to be fairly well fed and doing pretty good economically.

    These fools wouldn’t even have the means to do what they are doing if it weren’t for capitalism and capitalists investing in their country, and let’s don’t forget the capitalists who invested in the oil reserves under the ground of these nations. If we and the British oil explorers hadn’t developed the oil that was practically laying on top of the ground, these people would look like Africaner’s walking around starving to death. They wouldn’t have the means to do any protesting because they would be to hungry to come up with the energy to hold up a sign for somebody else who is driving all this anger and hatred. These people are examples of a people who have been satisfied and not deprived of anything. That’s the people who usually do the protesting like this are the people who are so well taken care of that they have nothing else to do, like the Occupy Wall Street protesters have already been surveyed and they are just a bunch of rich kids out making a bunch of noise about how bad off things are for them. They live in a prosperous country because otherwise they’d be to damn busy working trying to take care of themselves to be wasting time being on the street protesting.

    It’s capitalism that is paying these people’s bills and feeding them that is allowing them to get out on the street protesting against the gift horse that is providing them will the comfortable life they’ve all got.

  5. That poster of Obama, what up with his lips? Red lipstick?

  6. I thought it was against Muzzie/Islamo creed to make depictions of anything living,

  7. The hounds of hell are uniting.

  8. #6
    Certain hadiths (traditions attributed to the Prophet) prohibit the representation of living things. This derives from the strict monotheistic belief within Islam that there is no creator but God. Muslims believe that the pictorial representation of anything that could be understood to represent divine power is an arrogation of the divine creative power by humans.

    So, yes, these cartoon drawings of Obama violate their own nutty rules,

  9. Did our president instruct them on how many actual stars belong on our flag?

  10. That’s not a flag, that’s a ‘scroll’. It looks like it was something else before being a flag, they just magic markered over it.

    At least our protesters have better graphics art skills.

  11. They can all burn in h#@%!

  12. Okay, can we now stop feeling sorry for all those poor, sweet, Iranian protestors, who supposedly just want freedom from the mullahs, and democracy? (Yah, right.)

  13. I was there, and it was the Joooooooos who burned the flag! Yeah, that’s it. It was Bloomberg agitators…, and,….and, NYPD, and Oakland PD. I was there…I WAS THERE!!!

  14. no, @RhinestoneSuderman, I cannot stop feeling empathy for the Iranian protesters wanting freedom … torture, prison rape, speech & worship restrictions… wouldn’t wish that on anyone …. this blog post reflects nothing on them or that issue anyway

    (re: Occupy Wall St in general, tomorrow is Bank Transfer Day)

  15. Looks either like Oakland, NYC or any ACLU meeting.

  16. Well, it looks like at least the Iranian Mullahs have wised up and gotten rid of the 99% of pre-existing “OWS” Idiots there who can’t even clean up after themselves here, can’t possibly articulate a coherent message, or who would actually enact a “General Strike” against the “equality” of Sharia Law in Iran.

    Btw, just how is forcefully shutting down everyone’s businesses in Oakland a “strike”?

    But on the bright side for the free Infantiles here, the behavior and utterances of the OWS mob do represent a failure of primal muck’s form over no real substance at all, perfected!

  17. The patriot in me is battling with the capitalist in me…I abhor the act of burning the American flag (except in a proper ceremony for flags being retired), but think of the “booming” business an enterprising entrepreneur could create to get back at these creeps by selling exploding American flags…the exploding feature wouldn’t necessarily HAVE to be disclosed untill AFTER the flag is burning. :roll:

  18. That flag has fifteen stars–at most. They’re just burning the Lib states…

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