Herman Cain to Hold Press Conference Today

CNN reported that Republican presidential contender Herman Cain will address the latest sexual harassment allegations against him at a Tuesday afternoon news conference, his campaign announced late Monday.

This comes after the press conference yesterday where Chicago Republican(?) Sharon Bialek accused Herman Cain of sexual assault.

Big Government reported yesterday afternoon that Bialek attended the TeaCon conference in October of this year.

Big Government

Part of Ms. Bialek’s statement included the description of a personal encounter she claimed to have had Mr. Cain at WIND’s Teacon in October of 2011. She claims to have confronted Mr. Cain and that he became uncomfortable after he recognized her.

Big Government has spoken with a source who helped organize Teacon 2011 and who confirmed that Sharon Bialek attended, as did Mr. Cain (who was a featured speaker).

Our source also remembers Ms. Bialek personally, and therefore can confirm that the woman who attended was not a different woman with the same name.

That does not affirm or deny the substance of Ms. Bialek’s allegations, nor her account of her interaction with Mr. Cain at Teacon.

Related… Not everyone was impressed with Ms. Bialek’s testimony yesterday.

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  • bg


    best pic you could find GP??

    your slip is not only showing, it’s down
    around your ankles, enjoy the trip.. 🙁


  • NeoKong

    Nice picture Jim.
    Are you trying to make a point….?
    You couldn’t find one of him in his underwear….?

  • bg




  • bg
  • Conservative to the Core


    “Mitt Romney should NOT be OUR nominee.”


  • Gravelyvoice Jim

    A delusional stalker, maybe?

    Seems odd that she would be attending conferences where her alleged “attacker” was a featured speaker. Don’t victims in these situations typically try to avoid their attackers at all costs?

    One question I would like to see someone in the media ask when she and Allred go on their interview circuit is how her initial contact with Allred occurred – i.e. was she put in contact with Allred by someone?

  • ohiochili

    bg, GP really enjoys this.

    It’s really obvious.

  • bg


    as a previous poster denoted:


    one cannot be charge with “sexual harassment” when
    one is NOT EMPLOYED by the “alleged” harasser..

    November 5, 2011

    Politico’s smear campaign against Herman Cain sputters, derails

    [- The WaPo is also reporting that the current NRA President
    andCEO Dawn Sweeney “said an agreement was reached ‘
    without anadmission of liability,’ and that Cain, now a GOP
    presidentialcandidate, was ‘not a party to the agreement.'”

    Again, proving Cain’s claim that he was never involved
    with the resolution of the accusations against him.]

    they’re obviously getting their “alleged accusers” mixed up..

    btw GP, what is Obama up to?? the Congresss?? Al
    Qaeda et al?? Rick Perry et al?? rest of the world??


  • bg


    re: #8 November 8, 2011 at 5:27 am bg

    simple question for GP or anyone really..

    how can one be sued for sexual harassment if one
    does not work for the “alleged” sexual harasser??

    if anything, the “alleged harassee” should have called
    the cops.. as Herman Cain WAS NOT HER EMPLOYER..


  • bg


    Cain vows to “set the record straight”

    [“There is not an ounce of truth to all these allegations” and
    the graphic account from Sharon Bialek is “totally fabricated,”
    the Georgia businessman told late-night talk show host Jimmy

    we need a Cain smiley icon.. 🙂


  • myohmy

    This sounds like a botched date than a sexual harrasment. GP is sounding more and more a tool for the Rinos establishment.

  • lizzy84

    This story is out of Big Government?? I thought I’d read it was out of Big Hollywood considering the amount of fantasy and fiction that’s gone into making up this ‘myth’ so far.

  • “who was a featured speaker” Fox Chicago got it wrong, he was not the featured speaker, Glenn Beck was.

  • bg


    Dear Gateway Pundit,

    I implore you to not only read the article I am about to post, but
    to absorb it in the light of patriotism, common sense and dignify.

    Thank you, bg

    Politics of personal destruction II

    by Cal Thomas
    November 7, 2011

    [Near the end of his inspiring book, “This is Herman Cain!: My Journey to
    the White House,” Cain writes as if he is already president: “In contrast
    to my predecessor, I am not a community organizer advocating radical
    social policy with which to manipulate whole segments of the population.
    I am a community energizer who emphasizes the necessity for individual

    In that one paragraph we see what troubles the media and their
    Democratic Party brethren. If more people currently dependent on
    government became motivated, self-sufficient and independent of
    government, it would threaten the foundation of the welfare system
    that currently has 15 percent of the country addicted to food stamps.

    And so, not just Herman Cain, but what he stands for must be
    destroyed, lest the government “addicts” be liberated and start
    voting Republican.

    Even if Cain does not win the Republican nomination (and how about
    the voters deciding that, not the media?), he’s proven that he has
    backbone. Cain the gospel singer should consider warbling Stephen
    Sondheim’s “I’m Still Here” because he still is, for now.


  • ombdz

    Given the last few days, the picture is pretty appropriate. If one’s an accident and two’s a trend, what do four (or five) make? Not passing judgment but when press conferences that sound like Viagra ad outtakes start piling up, it’s not good. Speaking of which … http://bit.ly/qVdDUt

  • bg


    ombdz #15 November 8, 2011 at 6:16 am

    proof there’s more than the one Gloria
    Allred et al paid scham artist please..



  • bg


    btw ombdz #15 November 8, 2011 at 6:16 am

    got an answer for me??


  • dunce

    Not to trivialize sexual harassment but flirting with attractive women is normal behavior. The incidents remind me of an old joke with this punch line “we know what kind of woman you are, we are just arguing about the price”.

  • bg


    lizzy84 #12 November 8, 2011 at 6:08 am\

    yeah, Big Government ***confirmations*** re: all these “don’t mean a
    damn thing”, hell, GP claims to be a Republican and a lot of other things
    he’s most recently proved he has major issues with..


  • daryl

    Slim Whitman songs fittingly describe ol’ Hermans predicament.

    All That I’m Asking Is Sympathy


  • bg


    “I did not have sex with that woman”

    proof was to be found..

    “I was sexually harassed by that man”

    proof is nowhere to be found..

    quite the opposite, go figure..


  • daryl

    Man. Slim Whitman had a song for any and every situation

    How many – I Really Don’ Want To Know


  • Greg

    Apparently this Bailek person had a 2 year old active fine for 3500$ from the city of Chicago dismissed weeks ago by a friend of the family…..Barack’s Chicago family

    The picture above could have been that of a lynching. The national republican party has been despicably mum with the exception of Newt Gingrich. Newt got ethics the other white folks do not

  • Of course this is a smear campaign. No one with more than two brain cells could think otherwise.

    But the problem here is that people are faced with determining Cain’s culpability in much the same way that things are decided in small claims court, not by an absolute verdict of guilty or not guilty, but based only upon the preponderance of the evidence. Absent any new tangible evidence, it is strictly a “he said / she said” case, and it comes down to who is more believable.

    From what little we know, it seems as though Cain put himself in positions that allowed for these accusations to be lodged, whether true, partially true, or entirely false. And that sort of judgement is indeed a negative. Whether running for public office or just running one’s own life, there are unwritten rules of conduct and common sense to be followed.

  • daryl

    “The picture above could have been that of a lynching.”

    That’s odd. All I see is a picture of a guy wiping sweat from his brow.

  • jony101

    Cain is on the ropes, he tried to take on the long legged macdaddy but he was too weak in the end, Obama too strong with his chicago ways.
    Cain was our last hope, our champion, because in the end it was going to take a “blackman” to defeat a “blackman”, he floated like a butterfly, stung like a bee. But Obama saw the threat and called in the goons.
    Romney the next fighter to go up against Obama poses no threat, he is a mccain redux. He talks peacefully, doesnt say anything worthwhile to rock the boat. Obama dont fear him.
    The worlds despots looking forward to 4 more years of obama.

  • squeaky

    what could possibly go wrong with sidelineing a black republican candidate? hope the dems send a thank you note as they work this into their campaign…..doing their dirty work and all.
    i don’t have a special horse in the race as of yet but…… i’ve seen some charges of sexual harassment that were hardly that. with a he said she said….i can see where nuisance charges might be settled out of court rather than the cost of litigation and the disruption of business.

  • Gini

    Cain was right when he said he was in for a lynching.

    Nothing is established as having happened. I can claim I was sexually harassed by any man I have ever spent time alone with. But proof? So easy to make accusations.
    Smacks of the KKK mentality – black man, white woman. This is the lowest politics havegotten and who benefits? Why BHO of course!

  • Finncrisp

    Hey GP , You should have asked Newsweek for a more flattering picture; they are really good at that sort of thing. Would not have been grainy and looked like it was shot through a venitian blind…

    Given Gloria’s track record, Remember the Meg Whitman smear; these allegations will probably be baseless. I hope you will be as eager to report when Cain is proven right on this one as you are to judge him now.

  • Gary


    First and foremost, this is a ridiculous stunt, complete with Gloria Allred.

    But that being said, while the lazy media may be lumping this in with the other complaints, what was described by the woman wasn’t sexual harassment. She described a sexual assault. Big difference. If Cain has any chance at being president, he’d better be out there denying the heck out of this one (never met the girl, never seen the girl) and hope nobody produces photos/video to the contrary. Otherwise, he’s toast.

  • Ginger

    ohiochili commented:
    bg, GP really enjoys this.

    It’s really obvious.


    Why are you so hell bent on trashing this man? WHY? I demand an answer from you! Have you been paid off too? Have you been threatened? Are is this your true colors?

    So sad!

  • myohmy

    Bimbo Sharon only wanted to be short. Does she get paid as a wrecking ball? She should have waited for the DNC maybe she get a better offer. Let’s follow the money. This has becoming more like the novel “To kill a mockingbird”.

  • obfuscatenot

    An unemployed single mother from Chicago, who happens to look like an aging Terri Garr, has representation by a big shot attorney, How? Why? Dr. Frankenschtein?

  • squeaky

    Cain doesn’t have to be guilty of anything – just clear the decks for whoever while giving the dems another talking point. and bialek rose from the dust of history to attend an event in october and that seems to make her real? i wonder how the dems will introduce this into their campaign…i don’t think they’ll be particularly shy.

  • squeaky

    #28 gini – i couldn’t bring myself to say that. out to dry on a “he said she said”. guilty until proven innocent and even then.

  • Mary

    “The voice of the people is stronger than the voice of the media…they (the people) are not going to be easily swayed by just what the media hype is.” Herman Cain.

    Herman Cain 2012

  • Ginger

    I pray that the ex-boyfriend contacts Mr. Cain and has a news conference with him!

    Sarah Palin …Please stand with Mr. Cain! Some one …any one. This jerk who owns this blog sure does not!

    Jim…can’t wait to see your name splashed in the media for sexual harassment because NO ONE will stand with YOU! Believe me the way you hug around on the ladies is very questionable! Make sure you don’t shove their heads down on you are play with their “Junk”

  • myohmy

    Don’t be surprise if all her liens got paid mysteriously.

  • bg


    Gary #30 November 8, 2011 at 7:15 am

    bottom line.. they are screaming fire in a crowded theater., hence,
    hurting women around the world in much the same manner forced
    sterilization would.. all part & parcel of a future reversal of womens
    rights under Sharia Law goal.. it’s so convoluted it’s hard to describe..

    but as with everything liberal these days (as opposed to
    the good they did do long long ago), it’s bass ackwards..


  • bg


    Ginger #37 November 8, 2011 at 7:29 am

    why put it all on her shoulders??


    same place they have been since Obama took over,
    praying at the alter of their big bucks government..


  • Ginger

    bg…I have been screaming for a long time for the Republicans to get “loud” But…I do blame her! You bet ya! It was her decision to contact some one with her so called bag of lies! With her back ground I would not doubt if she tried to black mail Mr. Cain first!

    I hope that she is aware that once she is used by whom ever she will meet her demise! She is playing with the big boys now! She better get out of dodge…Chicago! 🙄 hmmm

  • Robby

    This is Chicago politics at it’s worst. What do you expect from that corrupt state.

    Seems very funny that one of the attorney’s shown on this is named Axelrod!


  • What difference a day makes. The blond bomb shell and her pimp (Gloria Alred) made their splash yesterday with their accusatory allegations. The poor woman was sexually harassed and all she was seeking was help.

    She must of had a memory lapse last month while she was attending a GOP function and hugging and having photos made with Herman Cain. Yep, that story along with photo made the news this morning.

    If Herman Cain is toast? Then this witch is Jam.

  • squeaky

    Herman is a threat to someone. there’s sexual harassment and then there’s sexual harassment in the eyes of the beholder. cut the guy off at the knees for “he said she said”.
    sometimes people see only what they want to see. battles for power are just that and they take no prisoners. i’m sure some charges of this nature may just be operations to sideline men by groups looking to correct any real or perceived injustices. successful men [while they may be perpetrators] maybe targets. just me i’m sure. how do you defend against a he said she said?

  • squeaky

    #42 apparently that’s a different axelrod. posted yesterday on fr…..

  • Robby
  • i wonder what bill clinton has to say.

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  • george



    Another Cain accuser only doing right thing, family and friends say


  • Gary

    that’s very interesting.
    It doesn’t clarify if she is number 5 or if she is the very first one we heard about. It sounds like the first story (“same height as my wife”/five figures).

    That silly stunt by Allred I think we can all dismiss, but this one could be trouble.

  • george

    correction to # 49

    She is the second one of thefirst two.

  • bg


    Ginger #41 November 8, 2011 at 7:55 am

    i was referring to Palin, not the bimbo.. 😆