Eeww… Gross! Ringworm Outbreak at Occupy Santa Cruz (Video)

The 99%’ers have ringworm.
City officials are reporting a ringworm outbreak at Occupy Santa Cruz.
Via Verum Serum:

They also are reporting a possible scabies outbreak.
The Santa Cruz Sentinel reported:

Police issued four tickets from Friday to Monday morning to people smoking in the park and having an open flame, police spokesman Zach Friend said. One woman also was arrested for an outstanding warrant.

Sheriff’s deputy April Skalland said deputies have issued 16 tickets for illegal lodging and arrested seven people around the protest since Oct. 7. The arrests have been for being drunk in public, being under the influence of drugs, and possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, Skalland said.

Police said there have been reports of ringworm and scabies at the camp in recent days. County officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment about health conditions at the camp.

Lane said he planned to continue talks with Occupy campers this week.

Yup. They’re just like the tea party.

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  • she is starving too? her mom doesn’t feed her? LoL!

  • these OWS people sure have a lot of health problems, all the transmittable type. no wonder they were for obamacare.

  • ahem

    Honey badger don’t care.

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  • Clutch

    OWS = Obama’s Wheezing Sickies

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  • MrGoodWench

    Atleast it’s not leprosy !

  • James

    Whoa. They have to keep themselves clean and dry and use lots of desinex anti fungal atheletes foot powder on their skin.

  • NealK

    Not just ringworm. Scabies too! Nasty.

  • Ace

    James, how are these idiots going to keep “clean and dry” when they’re taking dumps on the sidewalk in rush hour traffic?!

  • Ace

    The insanity of so-called civic leaders!

    “Instead, they said the injunction they are seeking through a lawsuit filed last week would give them the authority to remove the campsite at a later date while they work with Occupy representatives to keep San Lorenzo Park free of drugs, alcohol and human feces.”

    They’re going to “work” with the Occupoopers to keep human feces out of the streets! LOL

  • Vicky Hernandez

    Yuck, indeed.

    As you have written so often, Jim:”
    “Yup. Just like the TEA Party.” sarc/ off

  • Nelle

    OWS is turning into a giant ad for getting a job and working your way up so you can afford a house with plumbing in a clean neighborhood, and topical medications to help you fit in.

  • An OWSer walked into a doctor’s office with a parrot perched on his head. The parrot said, “Hey, Doc, can you cut this shanker off my A$$?”

  • “One ring (worm) to rule them all…”

  • Proof, LOL!

    Scabies takes 21 days to incubate, doesn’t it? That fits the timeline. Makes my itchy just thinking about it. Ick!

  • Highlander

    If you sleep with dogs, you get fleas ….

  • charlotte

    I hope its Norwegian/Scandinavian scabies–sexually transmitted.

  • TomH

    Didn’t one of the groups elect a dog as their leader?

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  • Ring worms are at least one step up the socio-evolutionary scale from most of the #Occupy-ers I’ve been seening

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  • Jsmith

    I bet now those guys wish they had joined the Boy Scouts. My 11 year olds know more about camping than these guys!

  • Rick

    This is news? I have know for a long time that these lowlives are the ringworm and scabies of the country.

  • Maine Lobster

    Peeewwwwww….I can smell them from WAY OVER HERE!!!!

  • jnsesq

    I dunno. What self respecting ringworm would show up there?

  • Pensieve

    Wow! I didn’t know ringworm was considered a “low” kind of problem. It’s not a “worm” after all, but fungal. I have gotten it three times in my life on my arms, and always from dogs or cats. My understanding is you’re either susceptible to this fungus or you aren’t, and my experience is that other people who care for the same animals go unscathed while I get ringworm. Since people always laugh at me for my fastidiousness and call me names like “Monk,” I’ve never associated it with dirtiness. If I see a cat with a patch of ringworm now, I give a large berth, because it seems very, very easy for someone like me to “catch.”

  • bikertrash

    The Lord works in mysterious ways.THANK YOU GOD!

  • span man

    One OWS kook made me laugh yesterday. I was watching the news and saw one OWS freak being interviewed and he “we are not leaving, this park is ours now, we won it” as if it was an accomplishment of revolutionary proportions.

    The reality is that these OWS types are the bottom feeders of America. They are the freaks and weirdos in our society on grand display. They represent the worst of our nation and seriously there is no comparison or relationship on any level to the Tea Party. The OWS dregs are George Soros hippie freaks of 2011 doing his bidding.

    Spray these freaks down with Lysol and disperse them to their respective circus acts.

  • bobdog

    When you lie down with dogs, don’t be surprised if you wake up with fleas.

  • Obamaroid Ointment

    Just the 99% fungi & fleas feeding off the 1% of (sort of) humans, what’s wrong with that?

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  • IUT

    Ticketed for smoking in a public park? So these a -holes are willing to put up with that as long as someone pays their student loans off?

    The Founders are somewhere getting drunk and depressed.

  • Poor babies! I hope they stand firm on their principles and eschew any
    drugs/medicines manufactured by those EVIL corporate drug

  • Shrugged

    I feel bad for the little ringworm and scabies fellows. What a devastating life they have now.

  • harry

    Love it!

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  • snap

    And Pelosi, Biden, Obama, et al continue to support this disease-riddled group –

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  • There will be no Leslie Stahl report on 60 minutes … too icky.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

    Maybe NOW anyone closely associated with those infested brats will keep them at arms length. Naaaaaaaaaaaa … They’re soul brothers in sloth and filth.

    Embrace the Itch, kiddies, while WE pay for YOUR avoidable diseases.
    It USED to be that only illegal immigrants from the south of the border only spread communicable diseases like tuberculosis. That’s next, folks.
    These laggards and Luddites should be quarantined.


  • caligula

    Gross. These people are nasty.

  • Larry Silverstein

    We Jews control the media, and with that we have destroyed your little Gentile uprising against us. We used our media to demonize and discredit you so that we could destroy you. Now, no one cares about you or your “Constitutional” rights. You will continue to allow the government to bailout our fellow bankers when needed. You will continue paying your taxes so that it can be given to our homeland Israel. You will continue to serve us in war, so you will attack Iran because we want that too. WE OWN YOU! Get over it.

  • david

    LOL! Those people are pathetic! LOL!

  • bobco

    With all humor aside, let us not forget that the Russian Revolution started out with similar grievances and then evolved into another power play using the so called “useful idiots”. We all should keep a keen eye on these folks !

  • Barn Cat

    And who knows what venereal diseases are breaking out there too.

  • Lax Fan

    These are the same homeless people who crawled out from under highway bridges, crack heads, drug users and such. They choose to live this way. They don’t want a job, look at their hair and they way they dress – they crap in the streets. They don’t care why they are there – just able happy to join bunch of other loons. They want someone to pay their way. They are just happy to join the OWS crazies so they get paid – free food and someone new to talk to that the crazy cat lady.


    Welcome to the Dark Ages.
    Next stop Typhus,Cholera and the Bubonic Plague.

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  • Working at same job for 38 years!

    I’d like to know who in the hell these people are….. that they aren’t gainfully employed and can sit out there day in and day out doing NOTHING! What a bunch of low life bums and homeless idiots. Maybe if they would get off their asses and get a J-O-B they wouldn’t be out there protesting against people earning a living! LOW LIFE LIBERALS AS USUAL, WANTING SOMETHING FOR NOTHING!! TYPICAL DEMOCrats!

  • Tgc

    I feel sorry for the ring worms having to live in those coditions!

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  • PJ

    “I don’t smell urine today.”

    LOL! Damning with faint praise.

    I hear drinking cheap booze from a bottle stuffed in a brown bag is a cure for ringworm.

  • Casper

    Tickets for smoking! Only in Cali!

  • ILikeRush

    Occupy Ringworm, Occupy Scabies, Occupy Guns, Occupy Tuberculosis, Occupy STD’s. Occupy Rape, Occupy young boys, Occupy Lice, Occupy drugs. Y’all have fun now.

  • netshark

    Nicely done Mr. President, you’ve succeeded in ways we never could have imagined. I personally look forward to one of your sympathetic speeches embracing this movement.

  • glenp

    nasty wretches CAME IN w scabies and ringworm. typical organic no-wash hippie moron types

    has anyone deciphered what their protests were about other than bathing and sanitation?

  • jeffdotcooper

    Ah, Utopia. 😉

  • fritz von

    There is a God, and he hates smelly hippies.

  • Calypso

    GROSS! That’s the apropos term for the entire Occupy squatter movement.

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  • sinz54

    Ringworm is really just a fungal skin infection, like athlete’s foot, except it’s on other parts of the body like the trunk or arms.

    I don’t know how it got the name “ringworm,” but has nothing to do with worms.

    You’re more susceptible to ringworm if you don’t bathe regularly and/or you’re immunocompromised. Perhaps some of those unwashed OWS protesters are HIV positive.

  • Dave H

    still the worst disease ows suffers from is liberalism – very rarely cured

  • TC

    how about “occupying” a shower stall sometime soon?

  • Stoney

    The filthiest 1%

  • Mike

    Looks like Occupy Wall Street turned into Infest Wall Street.

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  • the fifty three percent

    I’m still rooting for an Ebola outbreak.

  • Templar8

    You mean Santa Cruz won’t send limousines to pick up the infected to take to health care facilities and to provide free healthcare? Those fascists.
    I mean nice limos, not those bus types.
    Maybe NBC will invite them into their offices to see their on-site medical staff.

  • Truly, the unwashed mass.

    Many undecided voter will see this and determine that the are certainly not these dregs.

    This is a boon to the libertarian/conservative movement a.k.a. The Tea Party.

  • Mike

    Aren’t these Obama supporters such clean, lovely people?

  • John

    If I had a business that was hiring the last group of people I would hire would be the OWS reason why they are not to be trusted and due to their health problems.

  • Nancy

    Darn. Lice, scabies, ringworm, tuberculosis, Zucotti lung, theft, murder, rapes….

    I was hoping we’d see dysentery and cholera by now. That might be enough of a public health hazard to make even the most spineless of mayors stand up to this bunch. Instead now we’re going to have to put up with an effort to shut down Wall Street and bridges, and be treated to endless whining and temper tantrums by these babies.

    Nice set-up for the 2012 elections.

  • Taylor

    Ringworm is so hard to get rid of, even when you’re treating it daily in a clean environment. It’s highly contagious and you can spread it to other parts of your body because it itches like crazy.

  • Clark Kent

    I am so disappointed for the lice and maggots being excluded. Any prejudice there?

  • flossmore

    You idiots in tents deserve whatever you catch. Go home….shut-the-f–k up…get a job and don’t tell me ‘there aren’t any jobs’ because there are. Are you too good to mop floors or wait tables or wash cars? That’s about it……do you expect an 80k job sitting on your as-s?
    No….the world doesn’t owe you a living….so keep on wasting time and money and looking like a bunch of jack-offs in the news!

  • Ely

    Wow, cops are now trained medical doctors, they look at a person and quickly diagnose them… they are better than House!! hahaha Come on people!! Come up with something credible.

  • Curly bill

    Occupy Santa Cruz??? Occupy Monterrey (the “Club Med of protests)”??? Please do not misconstrue my comments, but what the heck is there to protest in Santa Cruz and Monterrey??? These are both beautiful places where life seems pretty darned nice. No evil Wall Streeters here. No government bureaucrats, toadies, lobbyists, etc. It almost seems like these clowns are just looking for a really nice place to camp out, far from the hurly burly of NYC, Chicago, Wash. D.C., etc., and give it some “relevance” (hence the old guy with the white hair, whiny voice, and slightly out of tune guitar). I mean, c’mon, what’s next, occupy Sonoma? Occupy Boulder? Occupy Jellystone Park? (Hey Yogi, those fat cats on Wall Street are taking food from the mouths of 99 percenters like you and me!)

  • slickzip

    Why is this not a surprise , when you have dirty scum bunched up together , you know the vermin will show up ,,,,,,,,,

  • Liberty Jane

    Come on……..DYSENTERY!!!!

  • whitey ford

    Ahhhh haaaa! These Obummer supports are a total joke! They need to be digging ditches, not sleeping in them. Thanks “progressives”, thanks for nothing

  • thornsoftristan

    Wow! Amazing! The range of grade-school toilet humor based ON A HEALTH RUMOR is nothing less than astounding, coming from “adults!” The whole “Obama-care” thing is particularly amusing, since Occupations do not support Obama.

    But back to your lavatory-level coffee-clatch. I’d hate to spoil your witty repartee, based on sage wisdom and thoughtful observation.

    Oh wait…I was talking about some “other” thread of news-mongers…

  • Angry American

    OWS groups have become more and more like the squalor from the Middle Ages, both in looks and hygiene.
    What’s next, Bubonic Plague?

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  • Taking It Too Far

    While they’re busy spreading the pox, let’s spread a rumor! Can you say “necrotizing fasciitis”? Watch ’em scatter like the roaches they are….

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  • Vicky Bevis

    As a nurse, I can tell you that a whole lot MORE diseases can/will start as this goes on-T.B. in Atlanta, ringworm/scabies here & this isn’t even the beginning of some REALLY nasty infections that thrive in crowded, unsanitary conditions-impetigo, dysentery, cholera, etc. Reminds me of the Black Hole of Calcutta.

  • ByteRider

    Another Flea Party affliction hahahahaha

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  • John

    This sounds like a Petri dish in the making

  • Michael Bloomberg

    We Jews control the media, and with that we have destroyed your little Gentile uprising against us. We used the media to demonize and discredit you so that we could destroy you. Now, no one cares about you or your “Constitutional” rights. From now on you will keep your mouths shut when our puppets in government bail out our banks. You will keep paying your taxes so that it can be given to our nation, Israel. And you will keep fighting our wars, so you will attack Iran because we want that too. WE OWN YOU! Get over it you filthy dirty protesters, and go back being our tax slaves.

  • Ken2

    A Ronald Reagan poster? REALLY!?!? They can’t come up with another President beholden to Wall Street to protest against? Giime an “O”…

  • Taquoshi

    It was in Denver that they elected a dog as the leader. It speaks volumes about their vision of what society should be like.

  • Neal Kaye

    If I was the mayor of any of these burgs where the OWS vermin were stinking up the grounds, the cops would have had them out of there w/in 48 hours, tops!

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  • shakedown crews

    Ringworm and Scabies…isn’t that a rock band? Their first album was “Fungal Infection”. I think they toured with Spinal Tap.

  • Deepblue

    Ringworms got a itch for showing up for Obamacare!

  • Alby

    Eh, ringworm is just a gross word for athlete’s foot. Big deal.

  • thornsoftristan

    I wonder if you can get scabies from reading idiotic lies about it, enough times?

  • “He’s dead, Jim.” (DeForrest Kelly as Dr. McCoy)

  • Militant Conservative

    Lie down with dogs wake up with fleas,ringworm,

    TB, lice, rape, OD, death. Yup democrat policies


    Powder is dry

  • Mike

    Friggen unwashed hippy liberal morons

  • Mike

    They believe in giving everyone everything for free, right? Why shouldn’t skin parasites be included? TB has already been reported, and with the public defecation we’re going to see hepatitis A, as well as cholera and similar diseases found in the Third World. This is the kind of society the Flea Party has planned for us.

    Note that in recent pictures of these protests you see mostly males; all the young women who aren’t interested in being raped by an unemployable male with ringworm and scabies have long since left.

  • charlotte ward

    Mostly Berkley grads I hear.

  • Militant Conservative

    Them trolls can’t stand that their representatives

    @the occupy movement are really making the

    Democrats look like the common cockroaches

    They are. Defend the occupy movement.

    I’ll defend the constitution/ TEA party. Wonder which

    Of us will sound sane.

    Powder is dry

  • StaunchConservative

    Interesting. Parasites feeding off of parasites. Is that like the pot calling the kettle black? Or is it more like a dog returning to its own vomit? Looks like either applies….. Nasty by any definition.

  • Gimmecrat

    The Pee Party needs to get their act together and field a candidate for some obscure office, such as the presidency (vacant since Bush) where they can piss…er….pass some meaningful legislation such as freedom of defecation, or the right to masturbate in public spaces. These mean spirited Republicans insisting on civilized hygiene and orderly dissent would have us believe no one ever took a dump in a brown bag (or someone elses cooler) before.

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  • T. Kay

    Well, you can probably add dysentery to the list. Their medical “group” is already asking for Maalox and such. No surprise since they are using the near by river for washing up and as a bathroom.

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  • James

    wow, where did any Tea Party protest become like this.
    There was no robbery, no rape, no hard drug use, no urinating in public,
    they went home at night or hotel, they did not camp out for months.
    The Tea Party caused no destruction of property,

    and look at the Occupy protest, multiple rapes, Drugs of all types, homeless people there for a place to sleep, decent food, drugs and sex. Then the hard core, wanting to do damage, go on rampages – – – force the police into actions then blame the police.

    the two are not even close to being the same – – – –
    as for generators, carbon monoxide poison, gas that can be used as weapons, as in comment about Macy’s burn to the ground. – – – extension cords not protected and the weather getting wet,

    Disease spreading, from the conditions. and free love. STD’s,

    I half expect some of the protesters to sue the city for no making them clean up the place better or allowing the protesters to stay. Those that got raped, sick, or attacked, that is.

    Occupy is nothing like the tea party. – – – they made noise, got media attention, and then voted for what they wanted. Not a person was harmed. no one got sick, can the Occupy protest say this – – – – they can not!

  • Jay

    To add a dash of actual truth to this circle jerk, there have been ZERO confirmed cases of ringworm or scabies at Occupy Santa Cruz. The medical working group, with the support of the local medical community, is prepared to deal with any incident that actually does occur.

    The cops were asked if they heard anything about the rumors, which they previously had not.

    This is a non-story.

    PS: Maalox is used as a tear gas remedy. Not a surprising item to have on hand given repeated use of these weapons and harsher in Oakland.

  • Jack

    Best comment — honey badger don’t care

    Curious — anyone on here have an education beyond high school?

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  • death to libtards

    Cite occutards for smoking? They should give out cartons of cigarettes. Cancer is too good for these turds.

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  • Binjommin

    So nice to see human compassion at work. Nice to know that in this GREAT country, that there is so much UNITY in it’s peoples. When you lose your compassion for Humanity, then you lose YOUR humanity.

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  • Watch out for my ex, he’s out there & has all kinds of STD’s. He doesn’t keep himself clean either. He has rotten teeth too! Wouldn’t be surprised if he has AIDS.

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  • Except ringworm/scabies outbreak at #OccupySantaCruz was a lie spread by PD. Early last week, Santa Cruz Police officials reported an outbreak of contagious disease at Occupy Santa Cruz, later admitted to be mere rumor. After a visit by county health officers, no tests for scabies or ringworm were ordered or conducted.

    “We’ve seen this tactic used at occupations all over the country in recent weeks,” said Burchfield, “Police and city officials exaggerate health and safety concerns, then use these claims as a pretext for attacking the occupations. It’s an attempt to portray protesters as homeless, hippies, drug users, violent people, and anarchists.

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