Good Grief… Protesters Assigned to Stand Guard at #OWS Rape Free Zone

Just in case you still thought the #Occupy Wall Street movement is like the tea party.
Protesters stand guard at the #OWS rape free zone tent.

Founding Bloggers has more photos.

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  • dunce

    Aw, sexual predators need love too.

  • JB

    Moochers and perverts are part of the 99%, dammit!

  • Robert

    I heard on the radio a report that these loonies were not reporting crimes to the police, but were instead running the bums ( the more criminal ones) out of camp.

    So they don’t want government to help against crime,they only want it to get them more money.

  • pedro infante

    am i wrong ? plz let me know , if conservatism is a body then would not bill kristol and david brooks be a cancer or a tumor of some sorts?

  • Highlander

    If these morons ever had any support from the rest of the public, it went down the toilet with the violence, the rapes, and the filth. Most of America see through these people now. They need to go home, get jobs, and make something of themselves. Problem is, who would hire them? If one of these smelly losers showed up at my door, I’d lock it and turn off the lights …

  • RightFully So

    That is bazaar! I wish I could remember the name of documentary I saw about muslim women cowering in their dwellings for precisely the same reason these vacuous skulls are. They had to go everywhere in groups lest they be raped. What a culture these blubbering buffoons strive for.

  • lizzy84

    From *protein wisdom: A helpful chart created by DMartyr @ JawaReport:


    What is left to be said? These people are animals–wild animals–and we need to get our Country back.

  • MrGoodWench

    So these selfish women who HAVE pompoms ,
    DO NOT WANT TO SHARE their pompoms with those who HAVE NOT ?
    Lenin would be sooooooooo ashamed of them 😀
    And these women didn’t even have to work to acquire those pompoms and hoohoos, they were just born with them and now they don’t want to share 😛

  • Right is Right

    So, “this is what democracy looks like?” I’d say it’s more like what mental illness looks like.

  • MrGoodWench

    Protesters stand guard at the #OWS rape free zone tent.
    armed with……. a cup of Starbux ?

  • MrGoodWench

    Right is Right commented:
    So, “this is what democracy looks like?
    Lets ask Lara Logan

  • zooomzooom

    Why not just GTFO and GO HOME………


    I for one am hoping for some early “climate change” in the form of RAGING ICE STORMS.

  • myohmy

    Sad. Rape, violence, lack of proper hygiene and disregard rule of law. OWS are acting like an uneducated, dangerous, feral savages.

  • Valerie

    The quality of the rent-a-mobs in the United States is really bad, probably because every person in the United States who is serious about wanting policy change know how to write a letter to the relevant members of Congress.

    The reason this attempted revival of the 60s isn’t working is because the adults from that era worked hard to change the rules, in order to better control our government and assure justice and accountability through transparency. On the way, they also invented the fax and email, not to mention the hand-held video camera.

    As a result, the nature of demonstrations themselves has changed. We have had real demonstrations in this country where citizens have been able to influence their representatives on specific policy questions. They can do it from the privacy of their own homes, and they can be very effective, when they are polite, reasonable, and acting in very large numbers.

  • JKB

    I don’t understand. What happened to

    “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need”

    Those rapists aren’t going to screw themselves but they do have a need and those women have the ability to satisfy those needs. Where is their love of the movement?

  • John Fembup

    Helpfully, the rape-free zone also defines the rape zone.

    Yo gotta hand it to these galoots–they sure know how to set up a government.

  • DavidD

    Our society has definitely degraded when you need to set aside a “rape-free zone”–with guards.

  • Andrew X

    New York Post reporter Candace Giove spent a night amongst the savages, and lived to tell the tale. One thing she mentions is how fed up the cops are with their unceasing nonsense. And a rather counter-intuitive thought occurred to me –

    We all wonder, “When will the cops go in and put an end to this cesspit?” But, given the political difficulties of same, might a savvy mayor not conclude that that answer is the exact opposite? What if the answer is to tell the cops, “secure a perimeter and protect local business, but other than that, do not go into the encampment for ANY reason, at ALL”.

    These people have made their opinions of society and its laws plain. They are in fact breaking the law by camping there. And they are chock full of brilliant ideas as to how wonderful the world will be if they were in charge.

    So they are in charge. Rapes? Deal with it. Stalkers? Deal. Theivery? Good luck. 250-pound ex-con fresh out of Rikers tyrannizing the place? Surely you have all the answers. Take care of him. Sanitation? Hey, build a sewer system. Otherwise, wallow in squalor. (Problematic, yes, but remember the political point is to discredit these idiots, even at a price. Tough call, no doubt.) Drug overdose? Hospital is thataway. Be sure to say “thank you” when you get him there. Homeless swarming in? You have all the answers, let us know how it goes. Etc etc.

    Definitely send some docu cameras in, because THAT is one reality series I would watch. (An all-new ‘Lords and Flies’, Thursday on A & E!)

    Every single societal response to these fool’s problems is like the Mom on ‘Intervention’ schlepping her kid out to the projects so he can score… again. These people hold all of us in contempt. Why the hell do the forces of civilization owe them a damn thing? This idea even has a healthy dose of Alinsky – Force them to live by their very own values and rules. Howz that workin’ out for ya, gang?

    No, as goes the un-official military procedure for red-on-red (enemy-on-enemy) conflict, “secure a perimeter and distribute popcorn to all personnel”.

  • owl

    Hey Jim………don’t forget to label them ‘Obama’s’. Use that MSM trick.

    If the crime is a Repub, it is labeled Repub and if a Dem, we can guess. You can bet the bank on that guess.

  • One Man’s Thoughts

    More people may have to move. The protest organizers plan to put up seven more large tents, including ones for gay and transgender people, co-ed tents and a medical tent.

    So, squatters, illegally no less, removing others tents without permission to make way for the above needs. Let me get this straight in my mind. I am here illegally, then, I remove your illegal tent, put up my illegal tent for other uses? Buttered popcorn is the best for these types of entertainment.

  • Jayne on the Left Coast

    So there is a Rape OK zone?

  • Buffalobob

    The OWS protesters across the nation have yet to figure out the axiom. When you find yourself in a hole stop digging and put down the shovel.

  • Conservative Ken

    If there were any truth to the Cain accusations the Tabloid Media (Enquirer, Glove, People Mag, TMZ, The View etc.) would be sinking their teeth in it like rabid coyote”s.

    What concerns me is who leaked the story! Did it come from Cain’s Republican rivals directly? Did political opponents on the Left do it? Did the Republican establishment do it because Cain is an outsider? Was the story leaked through a combination of any of the above? This is the story that needs to break.

  • Conservative Ken

    oops wrong thread

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  • Texas_Treeroach

    Absolutely commendable!

    Orders of the Day: Anyone seen approaching this protecgted area with their Buster Brown standing at attention is advised to move along.

    Now . . . if they could just coordinate the rape free zones with the poop free zones, you might witness some semblance of humanity.

    Other than the Presidency, is there anything more emblematic of a nation-wide failure than OWS?

    I thought so.

  • YourMaster

    but isn’t that discrimination against rapists?
    I mean… using liberal logic in this scenario
    the rapists have a right… to these women’s booty and bewbs…
    because the women were born with them….
    and the rapists were born without either.
    how selfish of these women to do such a thing and refuse….

    …..this is discrimination! *LOL*

  • Daniel

    What is a rape or two amoung friends ladies just sharing.

  • Karen L

    Ok. The people in this picture set up the “rape free zone” tent as a protest against rape in general. It doesn’t mean that rape is ok everywhere else.