Latest Cain Scandal: Herman Asked Woman Out to Eat & Then Stuck Dinner Party With the Bill


Oh brother…
A woman came forward this week and told The Washington Examiner that Herman Cain asked an Egyptian woman to dinner several years ago and then went out with a group of women and stuck them with the bill.
That’s it. Nothing more – Nothing less… And its the top story on Memeorandum right now.
The Washington Examiner reported:

A former employee of the United States Agency for International Development says Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain asked her to help arrange a dinner date for him with a female audience member following a speech he delivered nine years ago.

Donna Donella, 40, of Arlington, said the USAID paid Cain to deliver a speech to businessmen and women in Egypt in 2002, during which an Egyptian businesswoman in her 30s asked Cain a question.

“And after the seminar was over,” Donella told The Washington Examiner, “Cain came over to me and a colleague and said, ‘Could you put me in touch with that lovely young lady who asked the question, so I can give her a more thorough answer over dinner?'”

Donella, who no longer works for USAID, said they were suspicious of Cain’s motives and declined to set up the date. Cain responded, “Then you and I can have dinner.” That’s when two female colleagues intervened and suggested they all go to dinner together, Donella said.

Cain exhibited no inappropriate sexual behavior during the dinner, though he did order two $400 bottles of wine and stuck the women with the bill, she said.

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  • NeoKong

    So basically they came forward to tell us they have nothing to offer….?
    What a scoop.
    What’s next ?Will Cain’s neighbor come out and say while he never actually harassed her she always wondered if he would….?

  • Gini

    So? What’s the story?

  • listingstarboard

    This is an absurd piece of journalism that will only discourage other conservative blacks from entering the political arena. Way to go Republicans for piling on the Herman cain lynching. Leftists do not openly criticise each other and they are fervent and tenacious in their mission to destroy America. If only Republicans could emulate the same level of single minded focus on the goal of saving it. Barack and Michele have stuck the taxpayer with a heck of alot more than a 400 dollar dinner tab.

  • bg
  • Sam Stone

    Hi, I am holding a press conference today at 3pm to announce I am the love child of Herman Cain. I will be with my attorney Glorious Redhead. Herman is my daddy and now I want to know which of these women is my mother.

  • Hermain Cain’s Neighbor

    Back in 1986 Hermain Cain let his dog poop on my lawn.

    It made me very uncomfortable.

  • Sam Stone

    The latest accuser was not an employee of Cains or the NRA so what makes this harassment as opposed to just a turned down man looking for a good evening?

    The charges are getting WEAKER not stronger.

  • Greg

    Read the article and the lynching of a black man continues. Where is Rommeny, Palin, Perry, Paul, Boehner, and the rest of the GOP on allowing this to happen while they are silent.

    The only story of merit would be why the state department paid the expenses of a private citizen to travel to Egypt to deliver a speach.

  • bg


    #3 November 8, 2011 at 7:48 am

    re: [Way to go Republicans for piling on the Herman cain lynching.]

    i nominate Gateway Pundit to win first place,
    as no blogger has done more for the cause..

    Gateway Pundit Deserves To Be The “Best Cain Lynching” Winner!!

    vote for your favorite now!!


  • bg


    November 5, 2011

    Cain-Guingrich Debate

    the future future of America!!


  • Multitude

    Barry doesn’t have these “sex fiend black man” drives because he’s half-white and has been raised and dominated by women. He’s a proper beta male progressive.

    But the messaging is quite clear: a true black man is a testosterone fueled silverback alpha male who wants to screw everything it comes in contact, with or without permission, according to the Left’s racial superiority myth.

    No, we haven’t come very far since progressivism’s eugenics programs, forced sterilization of single minority women and mentally impaired individuals, socially targeted abortion programs for “undesirable” populations, and covert praise for Germany’s resolution of “impure Jewish genes.”

  • bg


    re: #14 November 8, 2011 at 6:13 am bg

    Dear Gateway Pundit,

    I implore you to not only read the article I am about to post, but
    to absorb it in the light of patriotism, common sense and dignify.

    Thank you, bg

    Politics of personal destruction II

    by Cal Thomas
    November 7, 2011

    [The politics of personal destruction is nothing new. It has been around
    from the beginning of the country, when worse things were said about
    presidents and presidential candidates than have been alleged against
    Herman Cain.

    After more than a week of innuendo, hearsay and rumor about alleged
    incidents of sexual harassment when Cain was president of the National
    Restaurant Association, the country on Monday was presented with one
    woman, a former employee at the NRA’s educational foundation, by
    none other than powerhouse attorney/camera hog/defender of
    disgruntled porn stars, Gloria Allred.

    At a New York news conference, Allred (who, according to the Federal
    Election Commission, contributed $1,000 to Hillary Clinton and $2,300
    to Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential campaign) introduced
    Sharon Bialek.

    Bialek then read a statement that sounded as though a Democratic
    Party activist had written it. Bialek claimed Cain touched her
    inappropriately when she went to him for help in getting her old job
    back with the educational foundation.]


  • Candy

    Do they have a Cain Watch twitter hashtag yet?

    He copied my answers during a test in preschool… after he took my Lincoln Logs at playtime.

    I saw him with two different colored socks once.

    He siphoned my ethanol.

    He borrowed my drill and never brought it back.

    He has loud BBQs in his back yard.

    He uses unleaded gas.

    He got a tattoo at 18.

    I once saw him in Hooters eating hot wings and talking to the waitress.

    He’s related to George Bush, the Jews, Anita Bryant and Oral Roberts.

    I saw him at Building 7.

    He shot a man for snoring. /s

    I can’t imagine what his wife’s going through.

  • Ginger

    I vote for GP to be lynched! 🙂

  • Deanna

    Hmmm…isn’t that what Liberal feminism is all about? Shouldn’t the women have paid for the wine to prove they are capable and equal? I can’t believe Jim even posted this. Jim there really are other stories out there you know.

  • KR

    Barack Obama ran up the bill and stuck America with it!

  • bg


    Gateway Pundit Headline:

    Examiner: Herman Cain Asked Woman to
    Dinner & Then Stuck Group With the Bill

    The Washington Examiner Headline:

    Fifth woman raises questions about Cain’s behavior

    bottom line:

    glad someone we know is getting off on this..

    while portraying Conservative TEA Party Republican
    Patriots as stuff that circle’s cesspool drains.. *sigh*


  • Joe College

    They’re palinizing him.

    It’s harder to do this time because we’ve seen it before. Eventually, though, they’ll probably reduce him because you and I do not represent enough well informed Americans to carry him to victory next November.

    Since the opening of the attack on Cain, Obama’s polls have improved…

    The palinization process reduces all national problems to sexual voyeurism.

    People love to talk about sex. They just love it. But they don’t necessarily understand why the deficit is so high so many have no firm opinion and are uncomfortable stating one. The polls clearly show a hell of a lot of people believe Obama and the media and blame the Republicans.

    The effect of the Cain coverage is to force people to choose between Obama and Cain — and to forget about budget deficits, unemployment, Europe, socialism, Solyndra, encroaching jihadism, etc. People are looking to do that. They want to forget the riots in the streets and just watch celebrity f***ing on the television.

    There has never been a more perfect fall guy than Cain. You do the math.

  • MKS

    Even five hundred accusers “coming forward” does not mean there are any witnesses, evidence or proof.

    To accept a claim such as this, one needs credible witnesses and hard evidence to amount to reasonable proof.

    I find it very suspicious that, although these events supposedly occurred in the 1990’s, when anything was construed as sexual harrassment, no one “came forward” in 2004, when Mr. Cain ran for the U.S. Senate. I find it very suspicious that no one “came forward” when he announced his candidacy for President this past spring. I find it very suspicious that women are “coming forward” only when Mr. Cain’s poll numbers are climbing to levels that alarm political opponents.

    The statement “where there is smoke there is fire” is just STUPID – in national politics, it could very well be a smoke machine. I still support Herman Cain.

  • bg


    Ginger #14 November 8, 2011 at 8:07 am

    😆 but 8)


  • Granny

    So, a group of women invited themselves to dinner with Cain and are now complaining because they had to pay for dinner themselves? Cry me a river . . . . .

  • leo

    And if he played for either the NFL or NBA there’d be no story here. In fact, he’d be a hero and invited to dinner at the WH with Michelle.

  • bg


    Joe College #18 November 8, 2011 at 8:12 am

    re: [Since the opening of the attack on
    Cain, Obama’s polls have improved…]









  • george

    What if everyone had believed everything they had heard reported about Bill Clinton……. no wait….
    uhhh…. forget it

  • MikeSilver

    So the media is able to find the Women of Cain ™, but are unable or unwilling to find:

    1) Obama’s 2003 speech for Rashid Khalidi, which is hidden in the Los Angeles Times Building
    2) Obama’s birth certificate, which is hidden in the State of Hawaii building
    3) Obama’s mistress, currently residing on the Caribbean island of Martinique.
    4) Documents related to Solyndra and Fast And Furious, located in the White House.

    See a pattern here. If not let me explain, the Media is picking our nominee. You’ll never see a bad story about Mitt. Hmmmm! wonder why? Maybe they think of him like McAmensty and Dole.

  • bg


    Cain better watch out, i mean, GP might discover stains
    on Bialek’s pleated skirt, hey, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!

    as stupid ‘r’ us circle the drain, i congratulate Hussein.. “we the
    people” deserve the government we get more & more every day…


  • Candy

    Check this out, unreal:

    She said he wanted to confront him… sure looks like it by that pic.,0,4035523.story

    I saw this on NR (via WLS through ABC news), though I didn’t see it on WLS site: Hmm

    ABC Chicago station WLS looks into Sharon Bialek’s background (via Drudge):

    The public record on Bialek begins in 1991 when she filed personal bankruptcy for the first time while living in Des Plaines.

    Between 1993 and 1996 Bialek worked for four different companies in promotion and marketing positions. …

    In 1999, Bialek’s son Nicholas was born and a paternity lawsuit was filed by the father, a media executive.

    In 2001 came Bialek’s second personal bankruptcy, filed after sizable legal bills. That year she was hired by WGN radio where she worked until 2004 when she took a marketing job and then a job at WCKG radio.

    Nothing on WLS, take a look (where did ABC get it from):

    Now she says she has nothing to gain and wasn’t offered anything ‘to break’ this (note, not after she came out or since she broke it). She’s done the rounds on all the shows, she never got paid for one? Please. It must make the settlement (which I haven’t seen yet, along with a police report or any other documentation), seem like a pittance.

  • Ladue Pundit

    Herman Cain was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Kimmel said, “Maybe your campaign should have hired Gloria Allred.”

    Cain responds, “I can’t think of anything I’d hire that woman to do,,,”

    Paraphrasing but it was a laugh out loud response.

    Time for Breitbart, et al to get busy on the real Ms Bialek.

  • workingclass artist

    OY The I R O N Y (HYPOCRISY) of BG posting an article about the politics of personal destruction when all this Liberal NUT TROLL has done is SMEAR OTHER GOP CANDIDATES!

  • KC


    Spot on, my thoughts exactly!

  • myohmy

    If Herman Cain paid their dinner, these lunatics think he was hitting on them. Just saying…

  • bg


    george #24 November 8, 2011 at 8:19 am

    apples v oranges

    those women were NOT ANONYMOUS, the CHARGES THEY FILED were
    NOT ANONYMOUS, and there was PROOF in a blue dress.. besides, ie:
    Juanitia Broderick charged Clinton with RAPE, Jennifer Flowers had an
    affair with him, hell-O??


  • Ginger

    bg..#23 Ditto!

  • Ladue Pundit

    Candy commented:
    Check this out, unreal:

    Candy, saw that, also. Amy Jacobsen, A Chi-town radio host was an eye-witness to Bialek’s presence one month ago at a Tea Party event featuring Cain. When Cain arrived, Bialek bear hugged him.

    Now Bialek says “she was not aware that Cain would be at the TP event.” Jacobsen says the event was specifically a Cain whistle stop; the crowd stood around and waited > an hour for Cain to arrive.

    Bialek was on this morning flashing her whitened teeth and laughing. I’m suspicious about this “victim.” She looks pretty happy, like someone who just won the lottery.

  • bg


    #29 November 8, 2011 at 8:34 am
    workingclass artist

    oh, i’m sorry for posting article’s depicting Perry’s real foibles..

    also must have missed your love letters to Herman Cain..

    maybe All-Red could give you some advice as how to discredit me,
    as nothing else has seemed to work so far, hey, YA NEVER KNOW..

    and you prove it every time..


  • StrangernFiction

    OT *speaking vewwy softly* There’s a commie in the White House.

  • StrangernFiction

    Barack Obama ran up the bill and stuck America with it!

    Threadwinner, and one of the best posts I’ve seen.

  • bg


    right about now i’m hoping he is guilty just so i can see him screw it to
    all the idiots out there who are wholeheartedly swallowing this scum..


  • Ginger

    In the news.

    A Russian steel company is getting seven hundred million dollars and the owner of the Russan steel company is a billionaire . Go figure! Next!

  • george

    apples, cheeze,wine and “passion fruit” maybe.
    point was that they elected the horndog Clinton, knowing this about him before he pulled the same s**t in the oval office and got caugh, nasty blue dress and all the gory details. And you want to do the same with Cain? There’s still time for this to play out one way or the other this time.
    I’m not taking a chance on it happening again. Let him sink or swim.

  • Militant Conservative

    Cain harassed me once by being in a pizza commercial.

  • george

    Herman Cain.
    NOT the kind of guy you want to have a beer with. He might proposition the waitress and still try to ‘stiff’ you with the tab.

  • Ginger

    Candy #27….Go to Spokeo and you will see her addresses in Illinois…1-DePlains… 2- Chicago.
    Scroll down and see the pictures of where she lived/lives…scroll down and see who lives in the home! Read her history!

  • bg


    george #40 November 8, 2011 at 8:48 am

    show me “proof” anyone was sexually harassed by Cain..

    because no one else has or can, i’ll wait..


  • bg
  • So in an act of self-confessed cock-blocking these women invited themselves to dinner, then got upset when Cain didn’t pay for it. I’d say he sized them up pretty well, though the $400 bottles of wine does seem like overkill.

    They could have just declined to connect him with the woman he was interested in. They didn’t have to try to get dinner out of him in the bargain.

  • MWTexas

    So Cain’s a “playa.” Who would’ve guessed?

  • bg


    why are my posts not registering??


  • george

    Wishful thinking # 45?

  • george

    If my posts were as stupid as yours I would hope they weren’t ‘registering’.

  • bg



    hey daryl


  • george


    I’ll bet he backed off pretty quick though, didn’t he.

  • bg


    dang, Cain the sex main sure got by
    a lot a licks in his 3 years at NRA.. 😀

    watch, like i said, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.. so many
    women out of work, so little offers, oh, hi there Gloria..


  • bg


    re: #53 November 8, 2011 at 9:20 am bg

    Herman Cain



  • bg


    like i told youi from the get go..





  • bg


    george #52 November 8, 2011 at 9:20 am


    I’ll bet he backed off pretty quick though, didn’t he.

    what are you talking about??


  • george


    There was never a doubt in my mind. you can’t hide your leftist leanings.
    Whichever way it goes, you’ll deserve obama , as hard as you’ve worked for him.

  • george


    “what are you talking about??”

    just that I wouldn’t be willy-nilly posting snide a$$ed remarks about cain harrassing anyone right now.

  • Leatherhelmet

    Herman Cain did not courtesy flush.

    Bloggers go crazy.

  • george

    Herman Went A Courtin’- And He Did Ride

    whispered in miss mousy’s ear….. said “UH HUH, UH HUH

  • You guys are laughable. Every single one of you who keep coming back to this site and commenting or reading keep the stats up, and thereby feed Hoft’s campaign to slander Cain. Get a brain and go leave … that’s how blogging democracy works.

  • Sparky

    #61 Excellent!

    The only way to stop Gateway Pundit from continuing this national feeding frenzy on Herman Cain is to STOP coming to this blog.

    GP is rumor-mongering at Herman Cain’s expense and all who post here are now as guilty as Jim Hoft.

    Republican’s deserve to have 4 more years of Barack Obama!

  • Ginger

    Hey is real journalism…not slander like you do!

  • Ginger

    Oh Sparky…shame on you.. I do not like GP’s bashing of Mr. Cain and if it takes this fool to get his ratings against Mr. Cain then stopping me from expressing my discust against Gateway Pundit is a non issue. I and any one who wants to defend Mr. Cain against GP’s slander has all the right we want!

    I am not going any where untill I am banned!

  • Nancy

    Oh, and I saw Mr. Cain sneaking out to step on endangered baby salamanders in 1997. Not to mention, he strangles puppies in his spare time.

    I’m disappointed beyond words to watch theoretically conservative blogs trashing the candidates in an effort to promote their own. I was expecting presentations in favor of their candidate, not attempts to destroy the others.

    So much for my fantasy that Conservatives are better than Liberals when it came to ethics. (sigh)

  • george



    Another Cain accuser only doing right thing, family and friends say

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    He what??

    Herman Cain is a cheapskate?? Oh, woe is ME!!!!

    Really, is this the best followup Cain’s detractors can muster?

  • Pingback: A Bit About The Herman Cain Stuff « Tai-Chi Policy()

  • LIndensant

    Hey Jim, why are you contributing to propagate all this mindless smear? Obviously you’re not a Herman Cain fan.

  • george

    correction to #66

    she is the second one of the first two.

  • bg


    george #57 November 8, 2011 at 9:47 am

    LOL daryl, you speak as if you have a mind..


    oh wait..



  • Molon Labe

    The only creatures more lowly than State officers are USAIG critters. They have no idea what the truth is. But I must amend my statement. The lowest of the low are the USIS officers who love to insult the USA every chance they get.

  • Freddy

    It seems to me that Multi-millionare Herman Cain was flown overseas by the US State Department to give a speach on how to run a business. When Cain indicated he was going to dinner, I have no doubt these four all DEMANDED they they get to go with the headliner of the event!

    I wonder why no mention of WHO finally paid for the dinner was in this story? One way or another, I ssupect it was the US Taxpayer that picked up that tab!

  • TP

    why would you attack GP? did anyone read “OH BROTHER” part….if they don’t report the absurdities….then it can go unnoticed….sheeeesh people.

  • Karen

    Look guys- 2 women got settlements and Cain knew about it. This matters. you can’t be a social conservative and support this stuff. Cain’s poor handling of this situation is a deal breaker. He should have known this would come out and put it out there. Conservatives look stupid defending him. What next – Newt’s wives deserved to be divorced once they got sick???? Don’t blame the media. He lost me at a 17% sales tax.

    Wake up. You need women to win, and this is not a winning issue if you are defending Cain.

  • bg


    Herman Cain was a pioneer who more or
    less wrote the book on sexual harassment

    [Those settlements occurred at a time when the restaurant industry was struggling to deal with a surge in sexual harassment claims. According to statistics provided by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the number of claims in eating and drinking establishments spiked from 961 in fiscal 1992 to a high of 1,581 in in fiscal 1996. The number continued to stay above 1,200 per year until 2000.

    Restaurant industry complaints made up a significant portion of the total sexual harassment claims: In fiscal 1997, for example, restaurants saw 1,481 complaints out of 15,889 — 9.3 percent of the nationwide total.

    Anita Hill’s charges brought a “heightened awareness” to the issue of sexual harassment, said David Scher, a sexual-harassment lawyer at The Employment Law Group law firm.

    When it came to litigation and bad publicity, Scher said, the restaurant industry “faced some of the worst of it.”


    The NRA’s Educational Foundation began offering a training program for member restaurants called, “What’s the Big Deal? Sexual Harassment Prevention Program,” in addition to its ServSafe safety and alcohol training materials. Today, according to the ServSafe website, restaurants can purchase employee and manager training brochures, as well as DVDs to explain acceptable practices.

    Scher, who observed the NRA’s actions at the time and has read about them since, said the organization’s actions were, at the time, a proactive step.

    “It was a reaction to a huge uptick [in these cases],” he said. “There’s just so many cases in the industry of harassment and discrimination that I think this was a response.”]


  • Leonie Alemann

    LOL Those women insulted Mr Cain by assuming, on zero evidence, that he had inappropriate intentions toward the Egyptian businesswoman, and he retaliated by sticking them with the bill for dinner. He was willing to buy a lady dinner, but three females who distrusted him simply because he was male? I guess not!

  • Molon Labe


    You are either a femanazi or just some progressive slut. Why didn’t these bimbos make these charges known a decade ago? Why not declare when Cain ran for senate.

    There is a name for women who act this way and a name for such people.

  • Kim

    Good for him sticking those dumb broads with the bill. Find some real news to cover.

  • ArtVanDeLay

    HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG I was laughing for nearly 30 min after this reading this latest “charge” (ahem) against Cain.He stiffed them with a $400 bill, clearly he is the next Hitler!”

    Serioulsy though gents, no matter how feminist a woman claims to be ,did you ever see her reaching for her purse when the check arrives?In my experience,feminists tend to be more money grubbing than working women with traditional values.
    Haha for those women getting stuck with the check was the equivalent of rape!

  • Jake labrador

    All this proves is that he is a cheap bastard