It’s not just young women who are being groped and sexually assaulted at the #Occupy Wall Street squatters camp. A young deaf man was raped, too.

Andrew Breitbart at Big Government reported on the latest violence:

From the video:

Q: You said a deaf guy was raped?

A: Yeah…

Q: Did the guy, I mean, do these, did that get reported to the police, or did that stay inside the camp?

A: Well, OK, I’m not sure for that particular incident. Yeah, no I–that might have stayed inside the camp.

Good Lord. They’re animals!




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  1. See where most of the scum bags are and the others occupy the white house!

  2. The girl looks like Nataly Dawn of Pomplamoose.

  3. Ahhhh the debauchery continues. This is what

    Liberalism looks like.

  4. Nataly Dawn is waaay better looking.
    Although I believe all those people are morons, I wish them no arm.

  5. Man, it’s like those infamous “rest stops” on I-275.

    #OWS — The Gloryhole Revolution!

  6. bronxdude commented: ‘I wish them no arm.”???????

    Stop the hate dude!!!!

    I hate when I do that and I do that all the time.

  7. I think I have it figured out. If the rest of America doesn’t go along with these people they’ll ship us off to one of their rape camps. Yep, that’s gotta be it.

  8. Such a pretty girl to be so messed up. Wonder what her home life was and is. How do you fail to see that what they are doing is just wrong. They throw things at the police, they insult the police, and yet they need the police and are surprised that the police don’t jump at their calls. Right their in that interview their whole position came tumbling down and they don’t see it. Crime and corruption is rampant among the supposed real people. Go figure.

  9. Lord of the Flies baby.

  10. Ass pirates———ho!

  11. Of course 99% of all Americans support raping the deaf.

  12. this is just the kind of thing that happened at the tea parties, but american tass covered it up.

  13. Here’s how it works:
    It’s okay for #OWS to attack the police. It’s okay for them to cover up the criminality in their midst. But if they eventually decide to ask the police to deal with an assault in their midst and the police do not immediately respond with great alacrity, …. bad police. Bad, bad police.

    Remember that an occupier was scolded by the other occupiers for recommending nonviolence toward the police? Remember that occupiers circulated a flier with recommendations as to when police could be attacked with deadly force?

  14. #14 bing…………………

  15. No, they are not animals; theya re savages. Animals don’t do any of the things the OWS# savages do – and most of them getting away with doing.

  16. Who paid for her 1.5 week in the hospital? Medicare? Mom and Dad? Wall Street trust fund from her capitalist pig grandparents?

  17. ?? was Barney Frank in town.

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