Democrats Plan Cemetery Petition Drive to Collect Names to Oust Scott Walker

You know what they say:
9 out of 10 Dead Voters vote Democrat.

Democrats are heading out to the cemeteries to collect names for their petition drive to oust Governor Scott Walker.
From the Wisconsin DNC website, via Free Republic:

UPDATE: It looks like the WI democrats took the page down.

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  • Good thing you grabbed the screenshot before it got memory holed!

  • averagemelon

    Covet, Cheat, lie, steal, KILL. Then recycle the dead to perform the previous five acts.

    We are nearing the end.

  • Militant Conservative

    The latest occupy stats are thus:

    4000 arrests
    8 rapes
    7 dead

    Yup this is what democracy looks like.

  • Average American

    No wonder the DNC is up in arms about having to provide a valid ID for voting. Can you imagine what the dead guy looks like?

  • luckyone

    If they hadn’t aborted so many babies the wouldn’t have to do this.

  • Valerie

    There is a way to counter this: Cemeteries all have records of the interred. Take the lists, scan them, and cross-check them with the voter rolls and the “new registrations.” If anything odd pops up, such as a new registration of a dead person or a vote by a dead person, trace it back. There will be a paper trail to whomever collected the registration. This does not need to be done by any government entity.

    A cemetery will need a confidentiality agreement, and it can be strict, so that the scans will be used solely for cross-checking, and it can even be agreed to destroy the lists after they have been used, with the sole exceptions being specific entries that subsequently are needed as evidence of fraud. The names of the people receiving the disclosure can also be specified, so that disclosure is limited to a specific list of named persons who are obligated to keep the lists confidential.

  • Patty

    If this can happen, I suppose Acorn and Obama’s project vote and SEIU will keep this list under lock and key for the Elections in November of 2012.

    Corruption and the Collapse of America.

  • Spider

    This recall is gonna fail. They might be able to get the recall through, but then they have an election.

    There is no democrat in Wisconsin who can beat Walker right now, and dems know it.

    Its all just political theatre of the absurd.

  • PB-in-AL

    #8 – Spider – “Its all just political theatre of the absurd.”

    … and a massive waste of yet more taxpayer money.

    Has the FBI knocked on WIDNC’s door yet?! Why not?

  • PB-in-AL

    #9 – forgot to after the “Why not?”

    Don’t want to feed the trolls any more than necessary.

  • Dotar Sojat

    Kind of like St Louis.

  • blanda

    And, that page posted is fake. Proof is that there is no url provided which cache would prove once existance of page. Come on’, use you head GOP. You come off as stupid.

  • bird

    The is a reason why they call it the D. aNd. C.

  • DINORightMarie

    That they even put allowed it to be posted out on the web for *anyone* to see – and someone to screencap – shows their desperation! Too bad that those in charge of election fraud in most states (and I am CERTAIN in Wisconsin) are Democrats.

    “It’s not those who cast the votes. No. It’s the ones who count the votes……….” (attrib. Stalin). “Dead people (voting) – I see dead people (voting)!” (The 6th Sense movie). “Vote early, vote often!” (old Dem. leftist slogan)

    All those were staples of the left Democrats in 2008. Why change now?! It worked so well then, and in 2010, and in that WI recall of the justice, and … and … and …

    Oh, I can’t WAIT till these leftist Marxists get theirs!! If not now…….then in H*ll. Oh, yeah.


    play book taken right from chicago and odumbo…not gonna happen in my state…nobody but union A$$holes will vote for the recall because if you have half a brain you can see what walker has done is working

  • Eubulides

    That screenshot indicates that users can add events. It is unlikely that this was anything more than a low effort troll.

  • Sarah Thompson

    Seems fake to me

  • Average American

    #12 November 16, 2011 at 11:51 am
    blanda commented:

    And, that page posted is fake. Proof is that there is no url provided which cache would prove once existance of page. Come on’, use you head GOP. You come off as stupid.

    Blanda if you had a clue, the above graphic is a screen shot, those can be saved. Now who is the stupid one?…. Troll somewhere else…. Idiot….

  • Militant Conservative

    Even with a clear proof the left denies the truth.

    I would really hate to be this ignorant of the

    Deception(s) going on. It’s all right we the prepared

    Will be just fine. You unbelievers are in for a real

    Big pill of reality to swallow.

    Powder is dry

  • Stuart

    More evidence that election fraud is contagious. Wisconsin is way to close to Chicago to avoid infection. Unfortunately so is St. Louis. Sorry Jim.

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  • dwd

    If you have a legitimate cause that people believe in, you don’t need to lie and cheat. People (LIVING people) in WI would be lining up to sign the petitions. The fact that you HAVE to lie and cheat tells you your cause has no support, and you know it. But that doesn’t matter, because you know best, and the end justifies the means.

  • The good news is today’s DummyCrats are too stupid to keep their illegal plans to themselves.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • Diamond Girl

    So typical…and the Dead Vote Early and Often too!

    This fits right up NY’s Jerry Nadlers alley, along with his lying BS ~

    Btw…I check-out Gateway Pundit early and often too…share many of your links many places, early and often! 😉

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Proof is that there is no url provided which cache would prove once existance of page.

    What makes you think that a screengrab HAS to be of the whole window?

  • Patty

    GOP Dirty Tricks: Criminal Cyber Attack Takes Down United Wisconsin Website
    November 14, 2011

    MADISON—The Democratic Party of Wisconsin released the following statement upon learning that the leading grassroots recall website,, was taken down this evening by a coordinated, deliberate and criminal cyber attack. The attack, known as a Distributed Denial of Service Attack, flooded United Wisconsin’s servers at approximately 2 pm.
    read more

  • Freedm_Fighter

    @#12 Blanda

    “And, that page posted is fake. Proof is that there is no url provided which cache would prove once existance of page. Come on’, use you head GOP. You come off as stupid.”

    If you knew how to use a computer you know you can enter the following into your firefox browser:


    and google would show you the cached page. BTW, it is still there and it show 2 people have signed on to do this.

    Blanda, come on’, use you head liberal. You come off as stupid — because you are.

  • Patty


    Another Obamacare Glitch (Huge! Hussein Trying To Re-Write Law With IRS–not Congress!)

  • Freedm_Fighter

    BTW, the dishonest POS hosting this is William Toirtap.

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  • Phil

    If there is ONE bogus name on a petition…the entire petition needs to be tossed out! It’s time the DimwitcRATs learn that we are a nation of laws….

  • Sam

    1. there is life after death! (but only if you vote democrat) ))
    2. Democrat Zombies! It would make quite the horror flick! ))

  • dmacleo

    heres the google cache.

    google cache of cemetary votes

  • Lizard

    Lost track as to who said it was not real because of the “add calendar”, sorry but their site does have that function allowable.

    Voter fraud is so prevalent in WI that it is no longer recognized it is just considered the norm after all these years. It took me bringing it to the election officials 3 years to get my parents, sister and brother’s name removed from the voter rolls even thought they had not lived in the state for 10 or more years, people kept going in and voting under their name which kept their name on the voter roll.

  • Miguel

    Wow. Dems really hate democracy. Ship them off to NK. Scumbags.

  • Buffalobob

    The one thing the Dems. can count is that dead people will vote the way they are told to vote.

  • VengefulSpatula

    Thanks, Jim. This should send my Liberal FB friends into defense mode and make them wish I would stop sharing the truth about their party.

    On another note, I’m not surprised. I knew they would cheat.

  • Black Sabbath

    The Walker camp better be aware of this and go on the offensive real fast.

  • Are these all the same cemeteries they raided for the recall elections/voters for the Republicans Senate Recall election ? VOTER ID and E-VERIFY!

  • Unbelievable

    This is how Obama got “elected,” and the liberal dogs will become even dirtier as they see Obama losing 2012.

    Obama never was legally voted in as the US president. Biggest fraud in US history.

    We need to be vigilant with cameras, recorders, and documentation, watching, and listening, looking for anything out of order and reporting it.

    Contact your county voting offices and volunteer. Monitor Absentee Voter counts. Man the ballot booths.

    And, you can always contact Breitbart, Andrew to draw more attention if you see something wrong.

  • db

    #30 November 16, 2011 at 1:25 pm
    Freedm_Fighter commented:
    BTW, the dishonest POS hosting this is William Toirtap.

    Hmmm…. It seems that “Toirtap” is “Patriot” spelled backwards. I guess that makes him a “reverse patriot”.

    (and “Evian” spelled backwards is “Naive”! That’s why I don’t drink it.)

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  • I’d like to believe that this is a joke or a hack but the way the left votes its honest either way.

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  • beerye

    Because it’s really hard to simply create an account on and make your own event on the website… no telling who created the event in question – and it’s obvious that it wasn’t officially sponsored seeing as it was taken down.

    *waits for a slew of right-hand nut jobs to take my advice and flood the website with phoney events*

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  • Ken

    I can’t wait for the civil war against these treasonous swine.

  • Eric Puddy

    You have openly insulted your intelligence if you posted that the picture is anything less than a fraud. Take a second and think about it. Does it even make sense? Use some critical thinking skills.