CAUGHT ON TAPE– #Occupy Milwaukee Commits ‘Recall Walker’ Fraud – Gives Kids Cigs for their Sig (Video)

The Obama-endorsed Occupy Milwaukee goons were caught giving children cigarettes in exchange for their signature to recall Governor Scott Walker.

You can hear them chanting “We are the 99%” as they commit recall fraud.

Hat Tip Tim
From the video:
Recall Walker Signature Collection Fraud — Cigarettes for Signatures

This video and pictures were collected on the corner of 7th and North Ave. in Milwaukee during the “Occupy Milwaukee” protest/takeover of the bridge. These appear to be children under the age of 18. They were also given cigarettes in exchange for their signatures. They were asked if it would be OK to contact them to enlist their help in getting signatures from their friends.

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  • succotash

    A precursor for 2012. Fraud will be rampant. Count on it !!

  • Patty

    I really don’t care about cigarettes as these little punks will find a way to strike a few.

    I do care about what is happening, though, with Obama and his and his wife’s speeches on Parenthood and the urban A.W.O.L. parents.

    Also, fraud in vote and fraud here. And all the recalls of Politicians. Why hasn’t the Tea Party recalled Obama?

    Slugs of the world are having a field day and they are all working for Obama. Seems this Commander in Chief is giving The UNIONS AND OCCUPIERS THEIR MARCHING ORDERS.

    Why not Chris Matthews too. I see that Ed from the Ed show has made some appearances in the Occupier community.

    We may have thought the Black Panthers were bad wait and watch what happens to get the slug back into office. Obama administration has been behind everything. Axelrod isn’t being paid chump change.

  • Murphy’s Law

    They aren’t the 99%–they are 1% of the 47% who pay no taxes and who probably will never earn enough to reach the point where they will pay taxes.

  • Mac in NM

    Weren’t some of Obama’s campaign people being payed with crack? Now it’s children being given cigarettes. The liberal mind is incapable of rational thought.

  • bg



    GP, you just have to post Rick Santorum’s response
    to ‘what is a moral justification for war’ @ 2:45:50..


  • Patty

    #3 November 20, 2011 at 12:08 pm
    Murphy’s Law commented:

    They aren’t the 99%–they are 1% of the 47% who pay no taxes and who probably will never earn enough to reach the point where they will pay taxes.

    agree, freeloaders. And to think you have found the right percent. I thought about these hippies trying to put those of us who work in their pathetic protest. You nailed it.

  • donh

    GOD DAMN the Pusher…>>>

  • Alvin

    Actually they are the 4% of the 28% that are liberals.

  • noislamocommie

    God please stand with the great & RIGHTEOUS WALKER!

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  • Jayne on the Left Coast

    Two illegal activities rolled into one. How “progressive’.

  • lizzy84

    from Althouse…more video from WI.

    Recall Walker Flash Mob Dance, November 19, 2011.

    This is what democracy looks like…..Ugh.

  • Mad Hatter


    You’re right. As always, the left has to cheat to win since they know they’re in the minority.

    If this is happening in Milwaukee, it should make you wonder how much of this is going on in Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, and Florida for voter registration.

    Keep an eye on Arizona in 2012, a state that McCain won by only 183,912 votes.

    Obama has declared war on Arizona for wanting to get illegal immigration under control. Hispanics make up 30% of the registered voters, and Arizona is now worth 11 Electoral Votes.

    Obama, the DNC, and the Unions are going to try and steal Arizona,

  • Callipygian1

    SO, will the guy signing up the mini-stooges be prosecuted for attemped voter fraud?

  • S. Wolf

    succotash #1

    Not just fraud but voter intimidation. We should expect this occupier rabble at every polling place in America, obstructing voters, screaming in their faces and doing everything to prevent conservatives from voting. As Hussein bin Obama the main occupier has said, get in their faces, punish our enemies.

  • Joe College

    Spain’s conservative party is headed for victory over the socialists who trashed the country’s finances.

    So, here’s the spin. Newday reports with a photo of the defeated socialist…

    and another regional paper helpfully gives us this offering right off the wires…

  • Kurt P


    ZOMG, they’re KILLING those children!
    Doesn’t anyone remember the reason Libs used to outlaw a legal product was “For the sake of the chillen!”

    Because Tobacco is EVIL.

  • frank keefe

    Its laughable that elections in 3rd world countries are scrutinized by observers from the West including the US in case of fraud.But looking at this video they should start here in the good ol USA… this is blatant fraud and will only get worse as the 2012 election gets closer

  • Marie

    Any adult caught doing this should go to jail. End of story.

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