Yuck!… Occupy Wall Street Zombies Lastest Chant: “You Can Have Sex With Animals” (Video)

Good God!
So this is what Obama and Pelosi are supporting?
Occupied Wall Street zombies chant “You can have sex with animals” at Zuccotti Park.

Urban Infidel braved the odor to catch this grotesque display in New York.

More video and unbelievable photos at Urban Infidel.

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  • RKflorida

    We are watching the slide into total depravity. This is the human flesh allowed to run its natural course. If you think it can’t get any worse, you are a fool.

  • Sam Stone

    Funny how all this started 3 years after they elected the first black president!

    They are ALL racists and are only hatin because of the color of Obama’s skin!

  • Mona

    these chants terrify me – can’t believe this is America. this is not going to end well.

  • RKflorida

    Mona – you are exactly right. We are watching the slide into total depravity. Without God, this is what you get. It will end horribly.

  • Sam Stone

    Remember this? Mmmm Mmmm Obama!


  • gus

    Yes, but the TEA PARY’s were violent.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Bestiality we much!

  • We are here

    2 Timothy 3

    1This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3Without natural affection, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, 4Traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 5Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof:

  • jorgen

    “You can have sex with animals”

    They hopefully mean “You can have sex with Democrats”?

    However, it is wrong to call Democrats “animals”. I prefer “savages”.

  • Manny

    The litter in the video shows what happens when breeding occurs. Promote spay & neutering of them so they cant reproduce.

  • donh

    Soul Assassins ” The Puppet Master ” is their anthem song. Their God is the god of Snakes . They worship the spirit cloud of extinct cold blooded reptiles seeking resurrection through extinguishing mankind. The New World Order cult seeks to return dominion of the Earth to jungle serpents. THAT is the fundamental transformation … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXeV891hmqg

  • Missy8s

    How do cult programmers acquire new members of their groups?

    First off they require a common sympathetic belief to begin a conversation..

    Once “common sympathy” door opens into conversation and then compliance.

    The standard method of tearing down and then reconstructing the victims beliefs, morals and thought patterns begins in earnest.

    What have we seen in the last few weeks?

    Daily sleep deprivation. CHECK

    Daily food restriction. CHECK

    Daily rigorous physical exertion. CHECK

    Daily artificially heightened stress. CHECK

    Daily drug use. CHECK

    Daily ritualistic chanting. CHECK

    Does anyone with any sense of history and a layman’s understanding of (mob) psychology truly believe that any of these people are in direct control of their own mental faculties or thought patterns any longer?

    Every one of the participants at these events is being very deliberately reprogrammed into weapons of mass destruction for somebody else’ purposes.

    The organizers knew that the participants were impressionable to begin with and they have been remarkably compliant with their programmers’ control over them.

    Is anyone really surprised that so many of the “leaders” are college students?

    Would you be any more surprised if you learned that the “leaders” were psychology and psychiatry students or practitioners?

    The participants are being turned into weapons and they are about to be switched on…

  • This thing will fizzle out…I hope

  • PB-in-AL

    #s 3&4, Mona and RKflorida – I’m with you guys, the brainless repeating back what someone is saying is rather scary. To paraphrase, the lie repeated frequently and loudly enough becomes “true”; the corollary to this is that “truth” happens faster, in this instance, if you can get the targets to repeat it themselves.

    Half of what I’ve seen these idiots repeating doesn’t even make logical or grammatical sense. I have an idea, let’s just provide them with their next chant, a random list of words from their talking points, with yet more random words inserted. Then just to really tweak them, throw in a full sentence from the Republican platform. They’ll just repeat it without thinking. 😉

    List start:

  • Dittogirl

    Americans are shunning them, ignoring them, laughing at them. They are the circus, and the American people dont want to pay the price of admission. So they have to take it one step further for attention.

    I dont know why they need animals, seems to me they are already a bunch of pigs.

  • Obama Nation

    What does PETA have to say about this?

    Non-consentual sex is rape!

    No means no perverts!


    “two legs bad, four legs good.”
    George Orwell, Animal Farm

  • Patman

    #7: that was funny. and gross…

    Magic Hands we much.

  • StrangernFiction

    Hide the women and children……and pets. *gulp*

  • myohmy

    Jim Jones was successful organizing his people temple…the songs…the chanting…

  • Sorry my stomach wouldn’t allow me to watch or listen this kind of animal-behavior from these freaks,where’s peta when the poor animals need them to protect them from these sickoes………………

  • kansas

    Another RNC commerical with Pelosi supporting this while bad mouthing and calling Tea Partiers Nazi’s.
    PS I wouldn’t watch the video either.

  • kansas

    Question. With this going on, how does Rasmussen show Obama approval rating upticking 5 points since Friday I think.

  • Sparky

    This is the fundamental transformation of America that Barrack had in mind. Do you see any Dems stepping in to stop it!

  • StrangernFiction
  • Joanne

    One more thing Islam and these leftards have in common.

  • vagabond trader

    “You Can Have Sex With Animals”

    Hmmm, after looking at this crowd of farm animals, (apologies to animals) methinks they don’t have to be told twice.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    They are living proof of what they claim.

  • Bunni

    OMG, the crazy train has officially gone off the rails, and there is much worse yet to come, no doubt. The demotards endorse this. This god is the psycho “won”….this is going to end VERY BADLY. Prayer is needed, because America is beginning to looked cursed with these clowns.

  • bg


    Ayatollah Khomeini’s Islamic teachings via USA’s back door.. /s/

    Islamists aren’t the only sicko’s, these people are also sick, sick people..

    “Dig it! First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room
    with them. They even shoved a fork into the victim’s stomach! Wild!” The
    “War Council” ended with a formal declaration of war against “AmeriKKKa”
    ~ Bernadine Dorhn aka: “Professor Dorhn”

    all those in favor of renaming America “Obama’s Believe
    it or Not”.. stick your head back up your butt.. *sigh*


  • bg


    re: #29 October 11, 2011 at 10:39 am bg

    sorry, messed up link, ergo, it didn’t show..

    On sex with Animals


  • lizzy84

    mm…mmm..mm..the human microphone.


    Your mobs, Dems. You own them.

    Issa to Holder: ‘You own Fast and Furious.’

  • daryl

    From their outward appearances and actions one could assume someone had already been practicing it for twenty or thirty years.
    My dog has more modesty and better sense than to take a crap on a police car while on camera.

  • thegoldman


    Obama the new Caligula ! !

  • tj

    I hope this goes on until mid-winter.

    In my opinion , they are helping people who were sitting on the fence to decide which side is right for them personally.

    Should be a pretty easy choice.. in my opinion..

    by the way.. is this why Obie got a dog? Is he getting rig of Reggie Love? . or just adding to his collection?

    You can’t make this stuff up! (Unless you’re deranged, too!)

  • David Brehan

    Waiting to hear them advocate for chicken love, I got distracted trying to find one–ONE–black person in the crowd. Because as we learned with the Tea Party, you are not a legitimate movement if you are mostly white.

  • JPeden

    snif…no room for them at Head Start, so they learned to repeat these particular noises right there at Mob U.!

  • Patty

    Practice of perversion. This is in public and it is like a teacher telling students to have sex with animals? Really, and no arrests. Seriously, in America we are waiting this and no one has been arrested.

    Freedom of speech is our right but this is a crime or warrants an arrest. I really have lost all respect for Pelosi and Reid and they are both beyond hope.

    Vote them out of office! But this person needs to be locked up, so do Pelosi and Reid but that is a story for another day.

  • bg


    they are what they preach..


  • maryd

    couldn’t get through the entire video either. yuk, just disgusting. great idea kansas (#21)

  • big L

    Cnn had a glossary of the fruity hand gestures that the slobs have, like wiggingly the fingers nad arm-barred movement. And the feces covered fingers-ok not that one.

    All these things Glen Beck predicted on the chalkboard toal in March and April ’11. “top Down” “Bottom up” equals the Pressure cooker.
    But who appointed these govt officials to ignore these demonstrations. Usually the crowds are dispersed by mounted police or tear gas and squads.

    How have the left gotten ahold of the enforcement part of the govt.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Gee, I really don’t understand why Americans don’t turn the keys of government over to these nice people right now?

  • tarpon

    and the circus marches on. Be careful in carry states, where there is still freedoms.

  • Gary

    Come on guys.
    Who is worried about this thing ending badly?

    These are liberal idiots. They’re nothing if not predictable.
    It will fizzle out. Look at the original occupation: Madison, WI.
    This is a pathetic combination of the last of the 60s hippies who never grew up and the indoctrinated college kids who bought into the bs.
    Neither Soros nor anybody else is going to continue running a tab for this kind of fruitless and mindless effort.
    When the funds run dry and the food stops getting put out, they’ll all go back home to sponge off mommy.
    Remember, on any given day, we vastly outnumber them. That’s why we tolerate it quietly.

  • shibumi

    So… freedom= depravity.

    Why am I not surprised by this?

    One more thing- “you can have sex with animals… or whatever.”

    Suggesting pedophilia perhaps?

    Also… what is PETA’s stance on sex with animals? I’m thinking this could become an issue, since many rapid liberals are also rabid PETA members.

    Overall, this is not a bad thing. These people are revealing who they are, and hopefully, turning off the normal (and moral) majority.

  • mcc

    #24 StrangernFiction — that’s disturbing if those advisors are presently advising him. The article isn’t clear, but the advisor they quoted seems to be one he used when they were crafting Massachusetts’ law, so maybe – maybe – none are tied to him today.
    On another “Romney” note — Mike Gallagher is calling anyone who says Romney’s Mormonism isn’t worthy of debate a hypocrite: If we discussed BO’s church and Black Liberation Theology, then it’s only fair we discuss the Mormon faith. Today he added, “What if a follower of Islam, who believed in Sharia Law were to run for office, wouldn’t you want to discuss their faith and think it’s legitimate?”

    I don’t understand Gallagher’s inability to understand the difference…or maybe I’m off-base. But I see a huge difference. I’m not saying we cannot discuss Romney’s faith — I simply think it’s pointless. Romney’s brand of Chrisitanity, if you want to call it that (though I know there are those who claim it’s not), is basically harmless. In fact, if you look at what it produces – especially as it affects society – it’s a positive.

    I think the teachings of Wright’s church are dangerous to society – as is Sharia Law. We’re seeing the “fruit” of it today and it’s destroying everything in its wake. Matthew 7:16 – “by their fruit you will know them” —

    So it’ll be interesting to see how much the liberal questioners at tonight’s debate want to wade into Romney’s faith, and if they do, how the other R’s handle it.

  • jimg

    It appears they’ve taken Muskrat Love just a bit too literally.

  • 43# Did read somewhere this morning some of these freak-shows are calling for arming these idiots with guns……………….what could be more dangerous than armin an idiot with a weapon.

  • bg


    mcc #45 October 11, 2011 at 12:07 pm

    re: [“What if a follower of Islam, who believed in Sharia Law were to
    run for office, wouldn’t you want to discuss their faith and think it’s

    WTF?? they did no investigating, proof is,
    that is exactly what we have in the OO..

    BLT is Marxist, Marxism is Islamism, hell=O??

    the new greens are the old reds..


  • Mannie

    You can have sex with animals

    Considering they ARE animals, I would think that self evident. Fortunately for me, I don’t want too. Eeeeych!

  • Graham Davis

    Bozos love to chant…no thinking required. Remember in 1974: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cr5KyLzFdgI&feature=fvsr

  • MamaGrizzly

    They’re getting paid A LOT to sit around and spew demonic horror — $350-$650 per week.

    And they’re choosey about whose houses they protest at: no Soros, no Hollywood people, no sports stars, no GE corporate Obama supporters . . .

    I’m sure Soros is paying for all of this. And the core group is anti-semetic. Soros again.

    Soros, the man who would legalize drugs, prostitution, pedophilia, bestiality, etc. etc. is the same one buying up all the gun and ammo manufacturers. The man is a sadist, and he NOT GET ENOUGH from his stint with the Nazis. He would make Hitler look like a boy scout if he could get power, and the power he has through the Obama administration, is just the beginning.

  • Abbybwood

    Even the liberal blogs who send pizzas down to the OWS’ers are calling it little more than just a great big party.

    Drugs, Sex and Rock and Roll, and oh yeah, great conversations about Naomi Klein with someone who has her book and uses it as a reference guide.

    My Kind Of Party: Occupy Wall Street– Rick Perlstein, CrooksandLiars.com

  • Karl G

    To all my tea party patriots- Join the conspiracy! Occupy-

  • Bert

    Keep you children and your pets in the house when the Democrats come around.

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  • These guys aren’t in church, but here’s more proof Liberalism is a religion. The speaker recites his dogma, and his Leftist drones repeat on faith, just like a liturgy. Reminds me of church. But at least in church we knew what the pastor/speaker was going to recite. As members of that church we had already agreed beforehand on a statement of faith. But these pod people just repeat after him, blindly, cult like, even when he’s just spouting inane and obscene inanities.

  • So they want to have sex with animals??

    Just go to the zoo and buy them a porcupine and let them have their way.

  • Tamminator

    Hey, who raised these losers?

  • No Man

    Approximately 53% of likely American voters prefer celibacy to physical contact with the slugs.

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  • Jesus

    You guys are idiots. Seriously, listen to the entire speech first! Instead of being a bunch of neo con sheep.

  • Jesus

    What God wants God gets God help us all
    What God wants God gets God help us all

    The kid in the corner looked at the priest
    And fingered his pale blue Japanese guitar
    The priest said:

    God wants goodness
    God wants light
    God wants mayhem
    God wants a clean fight

    What God wants God gets
    Don’t look so surprised
    It’s only dogma
    The alien prophet cried
    The beetle and the springbok
    Took the Bible from its hook
    The monkey in the corner
    Wrote the lesson in his book
    What God wants God gets God help us all

    God wants peace
    God wants war
    God wants famine
    God wants chain stores

    What God wants God gets

    God wants sedition
    God wants sex
    God wants freedom
    God wants semtex

    What God wants God gets
    Don’t ok so surprised
    I’m only joking
    The alien comic cried
    The jackass and hyena
    Took the feather from its hook
    The monkey in the corner
    Wrote the joke down in his book
    What God wants God gets

    God wants borders
    God wants crack
    God wants rainfall
    God wants wetbacks

    What God wants God gets

    God wants voodoo
    God wants shrines
    God wants law
    God wants organised crime
    God wants crusade
    God wants jihad
    God wants good
    God wants bad

    What God wants God Gets

  • I Love America

    Liberals denounce any form of order, tradition and God. They are programmed to react emotionally without in depth thought. They have no love for Americ’a past, her present or her future. Infact, they hate America. Since early ages, they have been taught to hate this country. They have succeeded in the first step towards complete social control of their lives. Marx and the wonderful Lenin knew that in order to control the massses, you had to destroy three pillars of mind: Patriotism, God and Family. If you love your nation, you’ll fight for it. Commies are weak by nature and thus need mind control. So, if you teach the people, partuculary the young, to hate the nation of your birth, it makes conquest easier. The second is God. One who believes in God will look to Him for final assurrance and thought on matters. Commies hate this because they want to be the master. The cannot allow the mind to be infiltrated with God, particular Christianity. This is why in commie countries, Christianity is illegal. Finaly, family destruction, particularly hatred for mom and dad. Dismantling traditional familty structure is key becuase in the commie world, the community or the state is the family and the Marx or Lenin-like figure is the father. Communism failed in the east, now it’s coming to the west and we beter be prepared to fight it. It is the most evil form of government on the planet. It alsways has been. Hopefully, many of these young souls can be saved through love, friendship and hard work. I hope so. Remember, socialism is the intermediate step between capitalism and communism. And this is being supported by the Democrat party.

  • Left is Dangerous

    This will end the way all quests for socialism and communism end: In the vast unmarked graves of history.

  • Rich C.

    This whole movement is nothing less than an attempt to introduce anarchy to the “gimme” generation, led by people who have no respect for any type of rule of law, or moral ethic, …what a future for our country…Kruschev said it himself in a speech made in Yugoslavia in ’64..I once said, “We will bury you,” and I got into trouble with it. Of course we will not bury you with a shovel. Your own working class will bury you.
    You are seeing a turning point being approached in this nation, either we correct our course, and soon, or this is our future…
    What a bunch of spoiled rotten punks.

  • Jason \1974

    Useful idiots?

  • Chris Harn

    Taken out of context, it sounds terrible.

    In context, the speaker was referring to the modern age and how anything is possible via technology, even something as ludicrous as going to the moon and virtually having sex with animals. The chuckles for the speaker and crowd are also communication cues.

    Please take your blinders off.

  • Bluec

    OMG. We couldn’t pay enough for the free ad material that is coming out of the OWS mob. They truly are the gift that keeps on giving. And to think how easy it was to get the dems to embrace this jellyfish of doom.

    I have a question. Has anyone just asked the democrat party to self destruct? They seem so willing to do so and I’m concerned that we’ve been wasting our time fighting when all we had to do was ask.

  • Bluec

    Great. Now my Rottie is forming a protest group because i won’t let him go to Wall St.

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  • Bluec

    The OWS mobsters have made this like Xmas in October. Now on top of the class, race and the religious warfare platforms we have to deal with their interspecies issues.

    Lets recap. The Dems now embrace and support Cop car dumping, open drug use, hobo humping, environmental destruction, and animal abuse.

  • Lone Star Patriot

    Are y’all kidding me? Did you watch the video?

    First: this is not a chant. The protesters are complying with a “no megaphone or amplifier” request, so those nearest the speaker repeat what they heard for the benefit of those in the back.

    Second: context. The speaker also mentions immortality and going to the moon. He is talking about limitless possibilities. The animal sex reference was humorous, and the group laughingly gets it. The group of posters here, not so much.

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  • Chris Harn

    Well said Lone Star!

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  • MikeinSA

    Amazing…parroting the ramblings of an idiot…and the crowd laps it up like dogs.

  • JamesTheJust

    I don’t suppose it ever occurred to these lefty, liberal, mother-earth “green” terrorists to ask the animals what they want.

  • I think that their “handlers” (I mean chant leaders) are just testing them to see how far they will go in their sheep-like behavior. Okay, so maybe the sheep reference wasn’t a good idea! Little by little, the handlers are softening these people up before the hard-core communist indoctrination begins. If anyone doesn’t see the reality of what is going on here, they are blind. This is the Revolution that the communists have been waiting 80+ years for in the U.S. They couldn’t pull it off in the 30’s and they couldn’t pull it off in the 60’s, but they see the current economic crisis and sympathetic political leadership as creating their next, best opportunity. Expect them to pull out all the stops between now and November, 2012. Assuming Obama loses, be ready for a massive, violent last-gasp late in 2012 or early 2013, before they once again scamper to the dark corners of society like the cockroaches they are.

    We cannot ignore these people, but neither should we fear them. All of you parents out there, please make sure your kids don’t buy into this crap.

  • Deborah Leigh

    #62 Jesus, do you know the meaning of blasphemy? Do you care? You should. Get a refund on your theological training, and then learn how to critically think.

    #72 Lone Star Patriot, don’t know where the bullhorn went, but they had one at some point. The crowd still repeated the speakers words. Would you repeat the suggestion about sex with animals? Even the notion speaks volumes about the speaker. Don’t be mislead. These people are being brainwashed by groups with nefarious intentions for not only the US, but the world. The possibilites alludes to are not rainbows and lollipops.

  • Jonny K

    Support the Anti Communitarian League and protect the Constitutional Republic that we love.

  • Dan-O

    This is all part of the descent into deparvity. If it’s ok to love you partner and that can just about
    anything, including your Great Dane. This is totally consistent with the same sex movement. Next you will be able to marry your Grandmother or your brother’s daughter, but that’s already happening in our Islamic and other immigrant communities. Just ask Mayor Bloombery how great these honor killing immigrants are for NYC. After all, it would be a ghost town without illegals flooding in and overstaying their visas. Just like Uncle Omar up in Boston and Aunt Zetuti, Obama’s illegal alien aunt and uncle. BTW, why hasn’t the law been enforced on that drunk and criminal with a social secutiy card. (At least that will be two votes for Obama in 2012) Remember, the vast majority of the 9/11 bombers were illegal aliens.

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  • Tater

    What a bunch of timid crybabies most of you are. This ain’t the end of the world.

  • B-man

    Sounds just exactly — precisely to the letter — like what thousands of Christians said would happen if gays married. Said it on TV all hours of the day and night. It’s great humor to see the reactions to that stuff here.

  • Zrebe

    They called themselves Legion. This is a Demonic name and chanting sex with animals is Demonic.

    Luke 8:28-30

    28 When he saw Jesus, he cried out, and fell down before him, and with a loud voice said, What have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God most high? I beseech thee, torment me not.

    29(For he had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man. For oftentimes it had caught him: and he was kept bound with chains and in fetters; and he brake the bands, and was driven of the devil into the wilderness.)

    30 And Jesus asked him, saying, What is thy name? And he said, Legion : because many devils were entered into him.

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  • Yasmine

    *hangs mouth open* Did I hear that?????????????? In shock!!!!!!!!!

  • Yasmine @Zrebe

    I am not a Christian – I am a Muslim and I fully agree with what you have posted above – it is indeed the truth – no doubt totally against God in every word. Another point to make is that they say they can become immortal by biogenetics – what a sign of ignorance and arrogance of man without God – it is like a promise from a devil………!!!!

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  • The radical commies who use their tenured positions to indoctrinate college kids are destroying our nation and our young people.

    That’s why it is critical that we support the Youth for Western Civilization today!


    Make a tax deductible donation today!

    “The governing ideology of Western universities is the pursuit of radical multiculturalism. It is used as a weapon to defeat any conservative, libertarian, classical liberal or even progressive, patriotic ideas. The insane and extreme anti-Western bigotry on college campuses must be directly confronted and defeated if any right-of-center group is to make any progress. This also means that the people of the West need to stop apologizing for their own existence.

    Youth for Western Civilization is unique in that we are openly confronting the forces that are leading to the deliberate destruction of our civilization. We are also distinguished in promoting an activist mindset among conservative and right-wing groups on campus.”

  • These sick freaks need to be locked up. Sex with animals is rape. Animals cannot consent. Those sick immoral freaks need to be in jail!

  • I agree-this will not end well-People are going to be killed.These people are THE MOB a creature that will develop its own will-with no one ultimately in control.Why aren;t riot Police breaking up these illegal gatherings.Just wait till the anarchists and Black Bloc are unleashed-New York will burn.

    Import some Canadian Cops with balls who crushed the uprising at the G20,in Toronto.

    They will get desperate as the weather grows colder and people start to drift-violence will result.This should have been nipped in the bud.Bloomburg should be jailed.

  • “They called themselves Legion. This is a Demonic name and chanting sex with animals is Demonic.

    Luke 8:28-30

    28 When he saw Jesus, he cried out, and fell down before him, and with a loud voice said, What have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God most high? I beseech thee, torment me not.

    29(For he had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man. For oftentimes it had caught him: and he was kept bound with chains and in fetters; and he brake the bands, and was driven of the devil into the wilderness.)

    30 And Jesus asked him, saying, What is thy name? And he said, Legion : because many devils were entered into him.

    This IS a form of Demonic possession.balling themselves “Legion” is no accident.An exorcism is in order.Preceeded by Mahogany shampoos,”pour encourager les autres.”

  • A Son of Liberty

    This is liberalism in purist form. This is why Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    GOD Save the Republic

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  • Roman Con

    First, they came for my hamster, and I said nothing.

    Then they came for my goldfish, and I said nothing.

    And then they came for my dog…and I beat the snot out of them.

    What a bunch of sick, deranged, flea-bitten deviants.

  • Missy T

    Did anyone tell PETA about this yet?

  • Smart

    Just a heads-up:

    They “chant” so every word someone says, so it is heard by everyone there. So…. way to take it out of context.

  • BigWhtPony

    And the Decept-O-Crats say they want to “own” the OccuPoser movement. Good! I hope the RNC is recording all of these incidents so they can be shown on commercials come election time. Throw it right back in their faces!

    The truly sad part is that these idiots have the right to vote.

  • Smart

    I pity y’all on this message board.

  • Regina

    Oh come on now..I’m sure there is a logical explanation for this (a ha ha)
    Look..someone actually pity’s us all on the message board?
    Must of been in the crowd chanting-

  • Regina

    Hey smart..so if the zombies repeat back “you can have sex with animals” care to explain? Slap!

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  • Cat

    are you guys serious? if you hadn’t noticed, everyone there laughs after repeating that line. it was a joke. i can’t believe people like you exist, how can you not see that nobody there was taking it seriously? are you really that disconnected from other people?

    why doesn’t everyone just calm down. it was said in light-heartedness. you’re the ones taking it seriously. give people the benefit of the doubt and have a laugh once in a while.


  • Phthalo

    I don’t understand how so many people on this message board could fail to see that the speaker was using the “sex with animals” line as part a larger list of idiosyncrasies of the digital age we live in, not as any kind of advocation of deviancy. That fact that so many of the people on this board fail to understand this concept shows a startling lack intellectual capability. Is this a one time lapse on the part of a random sampling of Internet users who follow this web publication or an indication of a greater intellectual deficiency?

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  • wbfrank9

    I now have guns hidden in easy to reach areas in my house…
    and weapons in my cars… I can see what will happen again: if you went to websites that sell ammunition for firearms early and late 2008 you would have seen signs on the website that said that they were all sold out… come January the same thing. AND this means belted 50 cal ammo in boxes of 1000! So they want revolution do they?!!

  • wbfrank9

    CAT & Pthalo… well when that speaker said that he just thought that the French Revolution was such a great ides (and the crowd cheered) then he must have been “joking” huh??
    It is people like that and the majority of the no-sense lemmings that are occupying those cities that have me carrying… good ol’ second amendment!
    And BTW that is one thing that Hitler did (no gun rights) and Obama and Hitlery Clintax are working toward with the BATF and the UN. Remember that the primary goal of the Operation Fast & Furious (or Operation Gun Runner) was to show that guns cross the border and therefore ANY assault weapon MUST be banned… well Obama, Holder and many other top officials got caught. Maybe we have an impeachable offense (felony and not misdemeanor) we can only hope…

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  • Dr. Robert

    This was from a speech by the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek. In context it is making the point that in the realm of personal freedoms in our society anything is possible, but any slight change in economic regulations or tax rates or whatever is dismissed as impossible. No one in that protest is advocating sex with animals, just destroying capitalism, so you can all relax.

  • Tracy

    Some of you really should evaluate your priorities. The 1% is more real and more dangerous than most of your realize. A prime example is the 5 richest Hedge Fund Managers (worth a combined $60 Billion). They are believed by some to be involved in the loss of thousands of jobs as well as our most recent market crash when market manipulation caused the Bear Stearns’ collapse and the bankruptcy of investment firm Lehman Brothers in 2008. These tyrants manipulate and tear apart our country for profit and the SEC looks the other way because “whoever runs the money, runs the nation”.

    For those of you shouting racism, NONE OF THIS HAS A DAMN THING TO DO WITH ANYONE’S RACE. Get the hell over it. You’re the racists. We don’t care anything about the color of our president’s skin! It’s the content of his character and his ability to make choices “by the people and for the people” that concerns us. Obama has made a good move to initialize a change to be made in legislation regarding how the SEC deals with market manipulation in order to prevent another market crash. But guess what!!! Those 5 hedge fund tyrants will be helping to craft that legislation. THAT IS WHAT “OCCUPY” IS ABOUT!

    We want corporations out of our politics. We want our government to take whatever steps are necessary to insure us that the corporate body can no longer act as a citizen with respect to any part of the political process (namely donating money). The chanting is a tactic referred to as the human megaphone. It is commonly known amongst those that understand their constitutional right to gather and protest as a method of making sure the speaker is heard by all persons present. F

    or those of you that bitch about this being brought about by “youngsters” that don’t know what they’re talking about, wake up!! A large portion of these people are senior citizens. In Boston, a 74 YEAR OLD VIETNAM VETERAN was slammed into the ground by cops as they tried to get rid of the peaceful gatherers. Have you stopped to think that maybe the police brutality that is occurring in NY might be related to the fact that the mayor is BLOOMBERG. Does that name not sound familiar? “Bloomberg makes up one third of the $16 billion global financial data market.”

    These people ARE America! We’re not disrespecting our country. We LOVE our country and the freedoms that our ancestors fought to retain for us. We are exercising those freedoms that we hold dear and fear are on the way out the door if we don’t stand up and fight to keep them. American citizens have been complacent for far too long and have allowed the government and big business to “manage” us and this country while we occuppy ourselves with television, church, Sunday night football, and gold (to name a few). Wake up! The kids have been in the cookie jar!

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