Shock Photos: BARACK OBAMA Marched With New Black Panthers at 2007 Selma Rally

Shock Photos!
New Panther National Chief Malik Zulu Shabazz is seen speaking at the rally on the left. Then Obama speaks to the Selma crowd at the same rally.

Barack Obama marched with New Black Panthers at a rally in 2007.
Andrew Breitbart at Big Government reported:

New photographs obtained exclusively by reveal that Barack Obama appeared and marched with members of the New Black Panther Party as he campaigned for president in Selma, Alabama in March 2007.

The photographs, captured from a Flickr photo-sharing account before it was scrubbed, are the latest evidence of the mainstream media’s failure to examine Obama’s extremist ties and radical roots.

In addition, the new images raise questions about the possible motives of the Obama administration in its infamous decision to drop the prosecution of the Panthers for voter intimidation.

The images, presented below, also renew doubts about the transparency of the White House’s guest logs–in particular, whether Panther National Chief Malik Zulu Shabazz is the same “Malik Shabazz” listed among the Obama administration’s early visitors.

Tomorrow, J. Christian Adams, the Department of Justice whistleblower in the New Black Panther Party case, will release his new book, Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department (Regnery).

The book exposes Obama administration corruption far beyond the Panther dismissal, and reveals how the institutional Left has turned the power of the DOJ into an ideological weapon.

Adams’s book also describes, in detail, the Selma march at which then-Senator Obama was joined by a group of Panthers who had come to support his candidacy.

Among those appearing with Obama was Shabazz, the Panther leader who was one of the defendants in the voter intimidation case that Attorney General Eric Holder dismissed. Also present was the Panthers’ “Minister of War,” Najee Muhammed, who had called for murdering Dekalb County, Georgia, police officers with AK-47’s and then mocking their widows in this video (7:20 – 8:29).

This was the same visit to Selma where Obama credited the 1965 marchers with empowering his black father and white mother to marry… Obama was born in 1961. He was off by 4 years. But, it made a good speech.
Here is his political speech inside the church.

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  • vityas

    Apparently they’re his people as well as Eric Holder’s.

  • Tom in CA

    I don’t really care about anything this man has done or will do. Just get his geeky, pencil neck out of there.

    I’m getting really tired of that stupid grin of his also.

  • Looks like #HeilObama has some ‘splainin to do…… but he won’t…… and won’t be called on it by anyone.

    In what could only be described as massive irony, apparently the only report on this ‘event’ at the time it happened was from Juan Williams of NPR.

  • Midnight Rider

    This could be the final nail in Comrade Obama’s Campaign Coffin.

  • cal rifkin

    Man, that is so sweeeeet! The internet!! Wonder what he was sayin’??

  • averagemelon

    There isn’t enough soap in the world to scrub this man clean.

  • Sam Stone

    20 years in Wrights Black Liberation Theology church and now we see why he dropped the NBPP case.

    the man HATES America as it was and as it is. You never try to “fundamentally transform” that which you love.

  • Sam Stone

    But a rock on Perry’s leased land will be in the news for weeks?

  • Sam Stone

    I want to thank Al Gore for inventing the internet.

  • shibumi

    This will impress the Left, and the Right… well, the Right is just too soft and wimpy to even mention it.

    It’s a non-event.



    Why is the following official “Notice of Mismatch with Social Security Administration (SSA) Records” document, regarding Obama’s Connecticut SSN, NOT plastered on every conservative site?


    all that odumbass and his cronies care about is the total destruction of america…that has been his only goal the whole time

  • Fuquay Steve

    Why is this coming out now? Oh, I forgot, the media does a great job of vetting. But was his pants crisply creased?

  • Sparky

    Everyone Obama has been, and is associated with, are of dubious background and character.

    Those in the Obama administration with any connection to the Chicago Political Machine, are also suspect.

    Perhaps, the media should quit wasting time on smearing Palin and concentrate on Valerie Jarret, David Plouffe, Axelrod, Holder, etc.

  • west1890

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m sending a link to this article to everyone on my email list! If the mainstream media won’t acknowledge this info -then I’ll just spread the word as far as I can on my own and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

  • Patty

    Obama is a racist!

    But this is so disgusting that we have know that Obama is a racist for so long. And by the way, I have said those exact words before but knew from day one he was and so was Michelle.

    I am still waiting to see a tape where he did hear Wright’s HATE AND RACISM at Trinity Church. I know Obama and little girls heard it but I have always wanted the visual on that one.

    And 2007, just before campaigns and this is just now coming out! I no the media has done much of a job, but someone should have seen or heard talk about this.

    Pathetic, truly a sadder day in America that no one cared about the Office of the Presidency and a disgrace we aren’t living the Dream, we are living a Nightmare.

  • bg


    like his Mamma & “just a guy in the neighborhood”
    Ayers marched with the old black panthers before


  • Patty

    J. Christian Adams, thank you, hope it is a best seller for years to come.

  • Patty

    Race hustlers of a feather: Obama and the New Black Panther Party

    Adams’s book also describes, in detail, the Selma march at which then-Senator Obama was joined by a group of Panthers who had come to support his candidacy.

    Among those appearing with Obama was Shabazz, the Panther leader who was one of the defendants in the voter intimidation case that Attorney General Eric Holder dismissed. Also present was the Panthers’ “Minister of War,” Najee Muhammed, who had called for murdering Dekalb County, Georgia, police officers with AK-47’s and then mocking their widows in this video (7:20 – 8:29).

    Injustice includes a disturbing photo of Shabazz and the Panthers marching behind Obama with raised fists in the “Black Power” salute.


    Oh, I wish that Holder was fired, and Obama impeached.

  • 8675309

    In reference to the end of the story: There is no evidence that he was born in 1961.

  • Patty

    Why Obama made his statement, POLICE ACTED STUPIDLY, HERE IS THE ANSWER.

    Obama wanted to say: Police need to be hung up to dry.

  • Patty


    This is a very sad day in America. We knew Adams book would be a real bombshell. I just wish that America was listening before the 2008 elections. JUST SHAKING MY HEAD.

  • Amos-n-Andy Don’t Live Here

    No big surprise here – birds of a feather flock together, right? Destroy ‘whitey’, grind ‘whitey’ into the dust – then all the African-Americans can be free to be what they’re called to be. Yup, Obama and the New Black Panthers – two peas in the same pod!

  • daryl

    #8 Sam Stone

    Nailed it Sam!

    In a perfect world his impeachment proceedings would have begun as soon as the photos were verified. But this only makes his removal by the vote that much simpler and easier, if the right can unite long enough to pull it off.
    If not look for four more years of this.

  • Wonder if this picture was taken in Selma 2007? Link at link.

  • I not surprise that Obummer marched with his brothers but surprise that these pictures where not scubbed like his background was purposefully scubbed from white americans.

  • paul52

    Notice in the video, Bammy slides into his “black” pattern of speech… trying to sound like he’s from Alabama. Ain’t buying any of it.

  • bg
  • Mad Hatter

    “Shock Photos”

    What the hell is a shock about this??

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  • Joanne

    I’m SHOCKED……….NOT!!!

    I can’t believe the American people haven’t demanded this fraud to get the h*ll out yet.

  • bg


    ps re: #28 October 3, 2011 at 11:50 am bg

    and Libya’s Qaddafi..


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  • KOW

    Just to show it was the same time period, the lady with the white jacket in photo #1, is leaning against the pillar in photo #2.

    The guy with the baseball cap in photo #2, is just off the picture on the right in photo #1.

  • drjohn

    Barack Obama, President of the Nation of Islam.

  • KOW

    I said just off the picture on the right, of course I meant LEFT.

  • bg


    re: #28 October 3, 2011 at 11:50 am bg

    just in case you miss this linkage..

    Broadway Baby and Senator Hope and Change


  • Ginger

    Sparky #14



    west1819 #15

    I have already started and I tell people to pass it on!

  • George Orwell

    Honestly, you guys are all insane. Seek help.

  • So when will the slimy LA Times release the Rashid Khalidi tape?

  • bg


    George Orwell #39 October 3, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    re: #37 October 3, 2011 at 11:59 am bg

    you guys are all insane


  • vagabond trader

    No big surprise. He was also at the million man march with his pal “Minister Farrakhan” as he so respectfully refers to the P.O.S.

  • vagabond trader
  • xtina

    If this is an example of the behavior and judgment of “the smartest man ever elected presient” then we’re more screwed than I thought.

  • bg
  • Patty

    Obama wasn’t brought up in a normal family. So much hate. The anger that is inside him must be dying to get out. I mean, Panther style. Can anyone imagine to have such discontent with the White man, now living in our White House. WHITE HOUSE?

    It must have been easy to find those with the same views he was taught from a child to an adult. Surrounding himself with those who would carry such hate and who are so vengeful as he and his counterparts are.

    He has rooted himself, solidly, with race and those who have lynched is people and he is going out of his way to hurt anyone who disagrees with him. This is why, I believe he is dividing America. He won’t here of an opinion besides his and his closest counterparts who share is deep seeded feelings.

    He has the power, now and he is playing with fire. He manipulated the media and what should have been was ignored. It must be difficult for Obama to carry such hate and then sleep at night. Or maybe not.

  • mg4us

    Obama is a Liar and Thief and radical too!

    He is an unknown entity. . . neither black nor white but a divider and Community aggitator .

    This is why he does not speak out about the Black youth Flash mobs and the protestors disrupting cities. . he endorses it. .

    he is helping to devalue the dollar while enlarging government with his cronies. Commie Czars like Van Jones. . .

    He passed Obamacare to really be Obama-scare! it is frightful what rules are in that bill and the powers the government will try to enforce.

    Want to know just How BAD it is?

    Listen to this piece from head of liberal US News & World Report;_ylt=An2ObMEFdWYgVNco3vTLs6a7YWsA;_ylu=X3oDMTE1cWIxcXNnBHBvcwM2BHNlYwN0b3BTdG9yaWVzBHNsawN6dWNrZXJtYW5sb24-?sec=topStories&pos=3&asset=&ccode=

  • bg


    George Orwell #39 October 3, 2011 at 12:10 pm




  • bg


    vagabond trader #43 October 3, 2011 at 12:24 pm


    i couldn’t listen to it all..

    she’s such an idiot!!


  • mg4us

    OBAMA is the result of media failing to do the job of reporting the news and fact-based. . .now MSM is just a propoganda machine. .

  • vagabond trader


    Yeah, he is into the NOI big time, old friends of Jerry Wright too. The mfm shrugs. 🙁

  • I know the MSM no longer feels the need to be objective, but haven’t we long past the point where Obama’s radical past can be ignored?

  • Rock

    And who or whom will do anything about it? NADA, DC is so corrupt nothing is forthcoming from any institution charged with upholding the Law of the Land. The election if held at all will not reflect the will of the people but that of the Socialist scum who now reside within the Beltway. The Right with all their talk about the 2nd. Amendment will never rise as a whole to defend the nation. At best they may do so to defend their home and family, but that is too little too late. Black Panthers show up at polling station with clubs, only because they knew in advance nothing would happen, kill a thug breaking into your home and count on some zealous Democratic tool coming after you. The polling incident was in Philly, and where of late have we seen an upturn in flash mob thuggery of late, does anyone believe that is a coincident.

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  • Patty

    Police Acted Stupidly taught me a great lesson. A lesson I had already learned about Obama from the first moment I saw him. But it hurt me and those who I have loved and grown to know.

    Obama had embedded himself solidly in a hate for the White Man. Learn that first hand in the Trinity Church. A hate so horrible that it was actually covered up, yet resonated in the minds of blacks. A brainwash, more then that, a cancer that will never go away in the hearts and minds of the blacks. No every man person is this hateful. They have forgiven but some won’t forget.

    The panthers and Obama will never forget and being president of all things, holding such hate has been dangerous and is the very reason this nation is suffering to much. What have we done to believe that a black with all the anger could leave a great nation.

    A great black could. But on to my point, we all knew Obama had deep emotional ties to many horrible people. It was out there for us to see but instead of saying no, those who hated so much Bush and those like the Panthers and Brainwashed ate this cancer up.

    Elections? There should be impeachment proceedings. And because anything is possible we could see another 4 more years of this. Hard to imagine but I pray, not.

  • Patty

    Not every black is bad: Correction.

  • Rock

    Its a fools dream to count on the media, they are bought and payed for by people who have no love for America. We are not even into a full three years into WTF Presidency and we see talk show host and media type who openly brag about either being Socialist or supporting the Socialist cause. The fact that they feel safe in doing so, is a statement to strength of the infestation of the Socialist ideology within the upper powers of Government.

  • RedGrandma

    I never understood that explanation that the “Malik Shabazz” who visited the WH was not THAT “Malik Shabazz”. What? Is Malik Shabazz the “John Smith” of the African-American community?

  • bg


    re: #28 (et al) October 3, 2011 at 11:50 am bg

    Black Panther Party for Self-Defense 10 Point Program and Platform.

    [Donald Warden hit the political scene when he partnered with law partner and member of the Communist Party USA Robert Treuhaft, whom Hillary Clinton also worked for out of law school. Warden was both the founder and legal beagle for Huey Newton and the Black Panthers. From the start, Warden had a specific agenda, and he exploited the Black community, among others, in pursuit of that agenda, mostly on the college campus. His agenda is detailed in the ten item list of demands above.

    Donald Warden, (aka Dr. Khalid al-Mansour), made three attempts to rise up a Black political Messiah. Malcolm X was his first attempt. X was shot to death while speaking at one of Don Warden’s college campus events, after X started bucking Warden, taking on a persona and agenda of his own. Next, Warden attempted to use one-time Olympic runner Jesse Owens, who declined to switch from the Republican Party just to run as a Democrat presidential candidate at Warden’s request.

    Barack Hussein Obama II is Don Warden’s third attempt to rise up a Black Messiah and this time, Warden succeeded, with access to the unlimited resources of the Saudi Royal Family and via a forty-year process of grooming Obama, nearly from birth. Warden’s circle included famed communist Frank Marshall Davis, among many others.

    In short, Dr. Khalid al-Mansour (aka Donald Warden) is the Obama
    kingmaker. But he has vanished from sight since the 2008 election,
    although he remains the high-powered international front man for
    the Saudi Royal Family and I’m sure, he remains quite involved with
    the Obama administration behind the scenes.]

    Where is Obama Kingmaker Dr. Khalid al-Mansour?


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  • Robert

    I wonder if they talked about ‘killin dey babies’ at that rally…

  • Prof_Saiga12

    When Obama moved to Los Angeles in 1979 to attend Occidental College, it became evident to the Liberals that they had their Pinocchio. Ever since then he has been invented, re- invented, pushed, foisted, and otherwise-perfected to become what he is now.

    Only one problem . . . he’s a flop. His strings are showing; the paint is chipping off; and more and more people are seeing him for what he is: a fake and a charlatan. Even those who hold the strings (or have their hand stuck up his back) are getting bored with the charade (only the mindless MSM is tireless).

    The real losers in this Masked Ball are the same folks that have been losing at the hands of the Liberals for over forty years. They’re tired of promises, and they’re getting angry. Now they’re being used again in a very dangerous way.

  • progressoverpeace

    Now, maybe the LA Slimes will release the Khalidi dinner tape and we’ll have a twofer.

    I can dream, can’t I?

  • Sam Stone

    I am starting a Pitch Fork and Tar and Feather Store.
    Anyone wanna buy some?

  • Ginger


    I know what you mean! When I click in on your links I am almost always glad that they are NOT a video. I can take reading better but sometimes I have to back out of them.

    The “sleeping giant” is hopefully waking enough to save us in November 2012! Voter fraud is going to be the highest ever!

  • bg


    re: #59 October 3, 2011 at 1:05 pm bg

    reads like the writing on Obama’s wall..

    more here & here & here (please scroll threads for much more, thanks)..


  • gus


    Remember. Liberals don’t have the brains, nor the balls to be ashamed of themselves.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Busy at work right now and not enough time to read all post. Have all the good cracker jokes been made already?

  • bg #32

    re Libya’s Qaddafi…

    ‘A year after receiving the money, Blackstone founder Jeff Fort was arrested for mismanagement of government grants and later on drug charges, along with Eugene Hairston. Now known as the Black P. Stone Nation, they would eventually take on the face of a Muslim group called the El Rukn in the 1980s. Membership had grown to over 42,000 members and, at the time, became the largest gang in the country. Fort changed his name to Abdullah-Malik and was later charged with buying weapons to commit terrorism on behalf of Libya. He was sentenced to 80 years.’

    ‘From the comments at Black America Web:

    fbi files show a tie between rev wright & chicago black terror gang ‘the el rukns’

    El Rukn – Libya Connection

    Jesse Jackson and the El Rukns

    Obama’s Environment – the Criminal Gangs of Chicago’s South Side.

    What would I look for in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge records? For disbursement to Chicago Street Gang Fronts.’

    Ah yes.. gangs and drug cartels, Gunwalker and Gangwalker, Obama’s peeps along with NOI and NBPP.

  • Molon Labe

    How could the Black Panthers sink so low? Next thing you know they’ll invite Craig to speak for them.

  • Midnight Rider

    More evidence that Barack Obama was never vetted by anyone.

  • bg
  • mg4us

    Commie Van Jones should be happy and Holder’s (unemployed) people too. .President Zero is helping to destroy and divide the country.–america–not-better-off–today-than-four-years-ago.html

    Obama or President Zero is a Liar & a Thief and radical too!!!

    He is not the Underdog . . He is a Loser. . a big ZERO

    Obama — Incompetent, Inept, Inexperienced and a Loser too!

    PS Someone should tell George Stephanopoulos to clean the dirt off he knees. . otherwise it is obvious how he supports Obama!

  • Patty

    The photographs, captured from a Flickr photo-sharing account before it was scrubbed, are the latest evidence of the mainstream media’s failure to examine Obama’s extremist ties and radical roots.

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  • Patty

    Obama plans on taking over the internet in November 20, 2011.

  • bg


    S. Wolf #69 October 3, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    wow, it’s a small world, but i didn’t know about that connection..

    however, and sad to say, i’m not at all surprised..

    also believe you know about this (and much more),
    but not sure if anyone but me knows about this?? 🙁


  • bg


    S. Wolf #69 October 3, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    heh, i wonder how many still think i’m batso re: Obama is
    protecting his GREEN SOCIAL JUSTICE pal Qaddafi?? /s/

    keep telling you, the new GREEN is the old RED (& v-v)..


  • bg


    re: #79 October 3, 2011 at 3:06 pm bg

    in case you miss the linkage (also a pun):

    Leader of the Green Committees Movement Addresses the World

    Cynthia McKinney Praises Gaddafi’s ‘Green Book’ Of Socialism

    yes, they’re nuts, and the Islamists are barbarians,
    guess who’s in charge & who our mortal enemy is??


  • Meta Whirled Peas

    Is this any surprise? He went to the church of hate whitey for twenty years!

  • bg


    duh re: #80 October 3, 2011 at 3:12 pm bg

    sorry, correct link..


  • jed

    This should get Chrissy Matthews leg to tingle.

  • StrangernFiction


    I agree completely with what you’re saying. And even if we are able to remove Obama next year, you think Mitt Romney is going to shove Fedzilla into reverse? Please!

  • bg


    re:#72 October 3, 2011 at 2:29 pm bg

    Obama, Farrakhan, Wright, Jackson, el-Qaddafi



  • bg
  • bg #79

    I’ve never thought you were batso. 🙂 I reserve that assessment for the communist organizer cum ipso facto street gang member and IslaMarxist Hussein bin Obama who the voters in their stupidity put in the WH until at least January 2013.

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  • Objective Analysis

    Obama states “I am my (racists) brother’s keeper.”

    Peace be unto you my brother. Oh wait, I am not a radical….

    (Bird chirps)………………..

  • that racial agenda of the (in)justice dept. goes back as far as jimmy carter. they have been forcing employers to discriminate againist whites at least that long.

  • GotFreedom

    Couldn’t have said it better than Mr. McCarthy did in his NR article today:

    “Obviously — at least it should be obvious — Obama’s keeping company with the Panthers raises legitimate questions not only about his fitness for office but his Justice Department’s astonishing handling of the Panthers case.”

  • j Christan Adams has a book coming out about the radical agenda of Obama’s Justice Dept.

  • bg


    S. Wolf #78 October 3, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    MLK was ignorant; and Malcolm X and other separationists knew what
    was really up”.. no wonder they were assassinated (they cut every word
    Attallah Shabazz, daughter of Malcolm X, had to say, and she said it well,
    damn them for censoring this and many other videos.. 🙁 not to mention
    M Robinson O’s thesis)..


  • bg
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  • bg


    ps re: Black Panthers

    New Black Panther members protected by Obama and Holder?

    dang, there’s so much one could post, yet so much more
    has also been sucked up by Obama’s black hole machine,
    mostly BLACK PANTHER VIDEOS, go figure.. /curses/


    nothing to see here MSM, but don’t for one iota of a second believe your
    neck isn’t on the chopping block, no no no, because it damn well is, even
    worse, however, is knowing that you’ve sold your soul to the devil.. hope
    you all sleep well with that knowledge.. /s/


  • USMC Thomas

    Without the internet, the MSM would treat this information as heresay or racist demagoguery.
    Thank you Al Gore.

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  • MaryS

    Great comments by BG. I continue to be amazed that as the lies and the crimes pile up that NO ONE has the courage to do something to file criminal charges against Ovomit. It isn’t just that he’s a liar, but he has committed crimes and should be ARRESTED and escorted out of the People’s House. WHAT is it going to take???? Our judicial system is afraid of him as well. WAKE UP AMERICA !!!!

  • Hey there, Sam Stone, buddy – you sure do get around …..
    Catch you later, I might stop by that store and stock up.

  • Questionman

    Marys, and the others are racist, bigot scumbags and a poor excuses for Americans.
    That being said,
    The fact that Hilary Clinton was at the very same event might explain it. As for the rest…again, audio needed.

    As for being called a traitor, to me, Obama would actually have to start ordering the death of citizens.

    It’s pathetic you racists are gasping at straws, I’m not cause I’m not the ones who thinks Obama hates this country when the fact is they hate having a black president! You can’t impeach a president for marching with blacks, daryl the racist!

  • N


  • Island Girl

    Questionman – Well you may be able to tell me how the guy got born before his parents met at Sema *or revisionist -how Selma inspired his black/white mommy & daddy sex.

    I have been mighty confused.

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  • Julean

    This is further proof that Obama is a muslim at heart.

  • MonaMarche

    OMGosh! It’s obama-rama time! He is inciting, exciting and riling them up emotionally, as usual. They cannot think for themselves. They let him use them with his lies, deceit, exaggerations, tall tales…..they don’t want to know the truth or they would think and figure it out for themselves. The dates are wrong, but they don’t know it. They don’t care to know it. Obummer has no respect for them, but gladly uses them. Obummer has them right where he wants them…again, and as usual.


    Even if they found out he lied to them, they still believe every word he says.

  • christina lovett

    i knew he was his hawaiian birth certificate is a fake he is not even an american he is from africa so go figure him stnding up for his own kind


    Hardly surprising.

  • Cliff Lindsay

    Obama wants to make the illegal aliens legal so then Obama will be LEGAL.

  • Kay Mann

    do not forget that Obama had a campaign ad on the black panther party website when he was first running for president, and that he and holder gave them a pass for breaking election/voter intimidation laws. he is, was, and always will be a low life… and for you racists out there, he would be so no matter what color God wrapped him in.

  • Warren Stallings

    Payback time is going to be official Jan 2016. Better get those shoe shine kits prepped and practice those Amos & Andy routines because that is about how far you will have set yourselves back.

  • Toby Fjelstad

    Yeah he is a beer drinking, pro gay, pro abortion, pro birth control, pro woman’s rights, terrorist drone bombing, muslim. Obama went to Selma to give a speech where all sorts of people were celebrating civil rights. Just because some black panther guy showed up there does mean obama has ties to them. Should I list all the neo nazis and KKK groups supporting republican candidates?