Richmond Tea Party Sues City: Charge #Occupy Protesters Or Refund $10,000 For Rallies at Plaza

The City of Richmond charged the local tea party $10,000 to hold three rallies on the plaza… But, socialist squatters get to set up camp for free.


The Richmond Tea Party is demanding a refund from the city for $10,000 it spent on permits, portable toilets, police presence and emergency personnel for three rallies held at same plaza where the Occupy Richmond squatters set up their camp.
The Republic reported:

The Richmond tea party is demanding a refund of about $10,000 from the city, claiming it unfairly charged them for rallies while allowing the Occupy protesters to use the same space for several weeks for free.

The political organization is sending the city an invoice for the charges incurred for three rallies held in Kanawha Plaza over the past three years. The Occupy protesters have been camped in the plaza since Oct. 15.

Richmond Tea Party spokeswoman Colleen Owens says it’s not fair that her group had to pay fees for permits, portable toilets, police presence and emergency personnel. The group also had to purchase a $1 million insurance policy.

Hat Tip Mark

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  • Highlander

    Fabulous. Just like the Tea Party huh? The double standard is apparently alive and well in liberal politics. The city throws the regulatory book at a group they don’t like, and then turns a blind eye when a left-wing group shows up looking to use the same services….

    Sue the crap out of them …. it’s about time someone put an end to the favoritism and double standards these liberal groups receive. Either EVERYONE pays, or nobody pays, but city officials CANNOT be given the power to reward or punish groups based on their own personal beliefs.

  • Mark1957

    The TEA Party rallies that I have been involved in, the police gave us a start time and an end time, on top of paying for permits & police overtime.

  • donh

    Amen….Janet Reno would have burned these cult camps down to the ground a long time ago if they were rallying for bibles and gun rights.

  • olm

    Good. I hope Tea Parties in other cities do the same.

  • Redwine

    Good move. Should be widely duplicated.

  • Remco Kimber

    Equal protection of the laws!

  • DeeDee

    Great! I hope that all of the Tea Party organizations sue the cities that made them pay for permits and have turned a blind eye to the OWS crowd.

  • donh

    Homeless beggers who have been bullied off the sidewalk for loitering in the past should also sue.

  • Dewey

    Please stop this Liberal/conservative ignorance. There are more important issues at hand. Now the only available money in the country is being used to support whatever side you are on. Go back to 2008 and look at how the unregulated markets did business. You want your tax dollars to have anything to do with these markets? Let the markets do their business outside of government. They sold useless products around the world and laughed to the bank! Most activities were not against the law. Fix the country then go back to your politics. Fact #1 is Corporations are buying politicians, promising core value issues, and sneaking in laws that have torn this economic system apart for over 30 years. Both parties are guilty. Smear propaganda that the rest of the world cannot figure out how Americans fall for. Wake up and do your homework away from politics. Dig up the proper info and realize the system is naturally off. There is not an easy fast fix but we cannot go on this way. Liberal/Conservative hatred is not the answer. If you sit in a room with your opposite you will find most Americans have the same core values. We fight over issues, that’s good, but if you think those who have their money in politics are out for anything other than Global Domination you have been duped. That has been a corporate slogan for years. I have seen the speech in many a corporate meeting. It just has gotten out of hand. All Americans are at risk here. Our jobs are overseas, gone in the damaged housing market, ect. Do you really think everything you buy can be from China and there will be a job for your grand-children. Do you really think the top $ companies will bring jobs back home if we just give them a tax cut? Look beyond your paradigm. I beg of you stop the politics and do your research from the sources not blogs. We cannot start to recover with this hatred. We the people must become a viable country again. All of us!

  • Alana

    Good. I’m beyond sick and tired of the rules in this country only applying to some, while others skate free. (Illegals included.)

  • Militant Conservative

    Calling my TEA Party guys in Georgia.

    This is how the left has been ham stringing

    The conservatives, payback is a beeyotch.

    Powder is dry

  • progressoverpeace

    Even little kids have had their lemonade stands busted for not having (and paying for) permits. The OWS dregs can’t even be held to the standards of a 6 year old.

    It is nice to know that anyone can camp out anywhere in these cities they want, and serve food to the public (except for those homeless leeches who are trying to steal the OWS handouts) without worrying about the health department … Just set up a tent and a burner and you’re good to go!

  • Awesome

  • lakewriter

    Excellent. I’ll be REAL interested in hearing the city’s reply/response!

  • WillofLa

    I emailed Bloomberg’s office, and received a email back that the mayor had received my email, so just to show you that you can get your opinion to these people if you try. I told him he needed to get off his butt and get these people out of the city. Put them somewhere else before the businesses down town loose so much money they won’t be able to make it back up, considering the economy. I told him that it was unfair that he gave these Occupier’s permission to hold this gathering for free. I asked him, “How much money is the city loosing for not issuing a permit for such a length of time?” It would pay salaries for no telling how long. I told him that the police are loosing money to because they aren’t down there watching out for people stealing money or clothes or something. I said look at the bums that are praying on these people down there, and the filth that is being generated the garbage company is out the money it would take to pay for extra pickup of all the trash these hippies are creating. “The city is out a huge amount of money by your being to afraid of these people rather than making them pay for the use of where all they are Occupying.” I told him that he needed to get off his butt before the people of New York throw him out on his ear! And ended it there. I think he got the message. Oh yeah, I also told him that, “I had read that the eateries down town were loosing 40 to 50% of their business because people don’t want to go to lunch and be harrassed by these scumbags, and that they aren’t going to go eat lunch at all these places if they have to run a obsticle course and have people spit at them just to get a sandwich.” Now I see that the cops are starting to set the field to end up finally getting rid of all of them because they are just to much trouble, besides the trash and filth they are all generating. Why doesn’t the msm show how grossed out some trash collector is by having to pick up somebodies poop on the curb. I hear the bums in San Fransisco do the same thing, they just crap at the curb right in front of everyone. How gross! And extremely unsanitary as well since most all diseases come from the fecies.

  • Bill Steward

    Great, it’s about time… When Protest rules are not applied to all, it’s unfair and should be seen as Government (Federal, State or Local) trying to restrict the Right to Protest of certain groups or Party Affiliation…

  • Blackbird

    Now we are cooking with gas. Turn their favorite tools against them until they BEG for those tools to be made illegal. That is a good point for negotiations to start.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    Hey, you mean that Conservatives can play the “Waah! it’s not FAIR!!@!” game too??!!??

    What a wonderful, wonderful idea. It’s Alinsky-ish: Make them live up to their own values.


  • Mannie

    Any required fees and fines will be paid with Stimulus money, anyway. They’re being organized from the White House.

  • Blackbird

    Even better is that #OWS is getting Cloward-Pivened right this moment by the homeless and ex-cons. Collapse their system with the weight of the needy. Karma indeed.

  • bg




  • Remco Kimber

    It’s a laugh riot when these leftists in government come face-to-face with fair’s fair.


    Oops and gasp, the #Occupy utopia just hasn’t worked out as planned.

    As the old phrase goes, a liberal is a conservative who just hasn’t yet been mugged,

    Ha, ha.

    The tea party, law abiding and decent folks that they are, obey the law. Then get mugged.

    Law abiding citizens follow the law and register their guns as the gun controllers want them to do (ideally the controllers want to deny them guns altogether). But the criminals, because they are criminals, do not obey the law and do not register. And they get away with it.

    Does this seem familiar with TP versus OWS.

    No way should we stand for any of this,


    can’t wait for the weather to turn nasty cold rainy snowy and see these pansy A$$es run back to mommy & daddy’s basement where they belong

  • bg


    OT.. i must have missed the post about the following.. /s/

    October 26, 2011

    Herman Cain Tops New Polls, Causes Stir With Campaign Ad

    [There’s new evidence that Herman Cain has indeed taken
    over the status as frontrunner for the Republican nomination.

    Now, according to a Fox News poll released just a short time ago,
    Herman Cain now leads Mitt Romney by four points, Newt Gingrich
    rounds out the top three with 12 percent, followed by Rick Perry
    and Ron Paul. Now, to put in perspective Cain’s epic surge, he
    received only six percent of the vote when the survey was taken
    back in August.

    Now meanwhile, right here in Ohio, things are no different for Cain. A
    Quinnipiac poll release today has him on top with 28 percent of the vote,
    leading Romney by five points. Ron Paul is in third with just eight percent
    of the vote.

    So, what’s even more interesting, in a three-way primary race between
    Cain, Romney and Perry in Ohio, Cain defeats Romney by seven points
    and Perry by 30.]


  • #15 bing………………..

  • SturJen

    Aw lighten up, Dewey and stop treating ALL corporations as they are evil entities cackling like Satan while they steal formula from your baby. Geez!

    I’m sick of hearing how ALL Corporations are EEEEEEEVVVVVVVVILLLL!

    This ain’t the time, nor the forum for your diatribe, and honestly? TL:DR
    GTFU (the first acronym stand for ‘grow’) and start doing some REAL research on what it takes to make a product, market it and sell it in this country. And when you’ve done the research, and started your own corporation THEN you have a reason to whine. Until the STFU ….we’ve heard enough of that bile to last us forever.

    I want everyone of these OWS et al. to PAY UP! If my group has to pay, SO DO THEY!!

  • chuck in st paul

    It’s overdue time to use their tactics against them – sue, sue, sue!

  • Bunni

    That’s outrageous. The Tea Party should get a FULL refund, or they should charge the commies.
    I hope they win this lawsuit.

  • Alphabet Soup

    Sorry Dewey, but it is a Liberal/Conservative issue. The markets were (and are) struggling under dodd/frank which forced unsustainable loans onto the mortgage industry. They are the proximate cause of the collapse in ’08.

    We currently have a president who makes every appearance a platform for demonizing his enemies. His “my way or the highway” agenda is so toxic that even fellow members of his own party are edging away from him.

    The left (with much help from the feckless right) has built a government that is so onerous that it is smothering our country. It must be throttled back or it will consume us all.

    No hate here – just the truth.

  • Valerie

    #9 October 27, 2011 at 12:47 pm
    Dewey commented:

    Go here, read this. The TEA Parties welcome Liberals.

    I’m one of your friendly, neighborhood Liberals, and there are quite a few others here, as well. It’s true that some of the headlines and comments here tend to confuse the Liberal philosophy with that of socialism, communism and fascism, but when a link can be posted with a wackadoo like Michael Moore referring to himself as a Liberal (I posted it), it’s hard for me to hold it against them.

    Our economic mess is a recession with very high unemployment that has been prolonged by the policies of the current administration, with results very different from what this administration promised. That recession got its start with the collapse of a housing bubble, which had been fueled by policies advocated by such luminaries as ACORN (with Barack Obama as a representative at the time) and the Democratic Party at the national level, on the grounds that banks should grant loans to people for houses, regardless of whether these people had the demonstrated ability to pay.

    That bubble had been many years in the making, and it burst on George W. Bush’s watch. He made his first speech warning of the problem in January, the year he was inaugurated, and he kept asking for reform, throughout his two terms. The Democrats of Congress told him he was wrong, right up to the month before the bubble burst.

    The very large banks, which were governed by Federal law, made the loans, bundled them, and many of them later collapsed. Banks that were small enough to set their own ability-to-pay criteria survived the housing bubble just fine.

    The mess we all are in is a prolonged recession with high unemployment. Recessions are cyclical features of our markets, and the US government has tried various means to deal with then. One very successful example was the recession of 1920, which was deep but cut short by sharp, repeated reductions in both taxation and government spending. Interestingly, cuts in taxation and spending DO result in increases in tax revenues.

    Subsequent experience has shown that the combination of reduction in taxes and reduction is government spending is necessary, not one without the other.

    In my experience, corporations that talk about “global domination” are referring to selling lots of products, and shipping them to anybody in the world. That’s actually a good thing, and I have been pleased to buy Haribo company’s gummy bears in several countries. That’s a very different thing from having global governmental or regulatory domination.

  • jimg


  • Objective Analysis

    I like it.

  • Separate standards for the sub-intelligent.

  • Shut up, Dewey.

  • Patty

    about time someone steps up!

  • Beachbum

    “progressoverpeace commented: It is nice to know that anyone can camp out anywhere in these cities they want, and serve food to the public (except for those homeless leeches who are trying to steal the OWS handouts) without worrying about the health department … Just set up a tent and a burner and you’re good to go!”

    Great point as there was a group of conservatives in Orlando that was helping feed the needy and was fined several times and threatened with jail time for not having a permit to serve food to more than a certain amount of people that are in REAL need of help. So if you are trying to do a civic duty to help others you get fined and threatened with jail time while these mindless liberal sheep can serve all the food they want and nobody raises an eyebrow.

    And as a sidebar, if these protesters are so concerned about equality for all then why are they complaining and refusing to help others that may be in need, such as with their food. I’d bet the “farm” that if you went up to one of them and said share your money with me they would scream NO at the top of their lungs. Like the $5500 Mac laptop that was “stolen” from one of the protesters. NO NO, someone just decided that the laptop needed to be “redistributed” to someone else.

  • bg
  • Valerie commented:…….. She stated she was a liberal? What I read is not being a liberal. I wonder if she realizes that she is actually a conservative?

    Her remarks are right on the point, she placed the problems on exactly what and where the trouble is. I am glad that some on the left are seeing the light and standing up with the majority of the country saying enough is enough.

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  • newsjunkie_ky

    @ #12, they are cooking and feeding people in the park at OWS and around the Country. Remember when the police, under orders, arrested the Christian group trying to feed the needy?

  • DRW1960

    Good job! There should NOT be a double standard! We stand behind you 100%

  • JoyO

    Set up a fund where Tea Party members across the country can contribute money to help you win the lawsuit or maybe you can get a Tea Party lawyer to handle it pro bono!

  • Auntie_Establishment

    That’s political corruption to charge one group and give a favored group a free pass. It’s about time people opened their eyes to this happening at every level of our government. Keep rousting the corrupt politicians and send them packing. Next stop: The White House. We’ll get you, Mr. Obama, and your little czars too!

  • Robert Fouracre

    Americans have been forced to choose sides. Those who want to preserve the pride, honor and patriotism that has been the hallmark of America since its creation or change we can’t believe in.

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  • #9…i don’t think corporations are buying politicans. the politicans are buying the corporations. people like you have let the politicans confiscate so much of the workers money that any company that wants to stay in business has to bow down to the politicans. the businesses didn’t corrupt the politicans, the politicans corrupted the businesses.

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  • vamoose

    Virginia has state & local elections in two weeks. The tea party needs to apply for a permit to use the same area next Tuesday and see what the city does. If they can’t get it for Tuesday, then ask for Wednesday, or Thursday, or Friday, …

  • Joev2v

    I wish there was a way to find out who alot of these Occupy people are. I bet most of them work for the same banks and corporations they are protesting against. I would fire anyone that worked for me if they were part of it. It would do a body good. lol

  • PsychoSophia

    Semantics… you’re arguing semantics. All I have to say is good luck on wasting more money in a lawsuit you won’t win. You can’t retroactively sue for that. AKA Your ultimatum is trash. Keep whining. The clear difference is that the tea partiers who organized cooperatively and paid the city were basically asking for permission to exercise their right, while the Occupy movement is taking the right by force. Notice the name “OCCUPY,” not “go up and politely ask the kind people in charge for a permission slip and lolipop.”

    I didn’t see the ACTUAL Boston Tea Party asking for permission onto the ship. Morons.

    We Are Anonymous
    We Are Legion
    We Do Not Forgive
    We Do Not Forget
    EXPECT US. Bitches

  • I blame the Richond Tea Party for not realizing that they have freedom of assemly. It’s in the Constitution. No goverment can charge people to assemble for whatever reason. A couple of goverment agencies here in northwest Indiana tried, but when this was pointed out they backed off.

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  • Molon Labe

    #9 Dewey:

    What is important is the knowledge of how you escaped from Creedmor. What a clown. I bet your one of these morons bleating four legs good, two legs bad.

    Sue the hell out of every government official that talks out of both sides of their mouth. Then hang them. HIGH.

  • Heather Daly Bronnson

    It is a brilliant idea! There was no Tea Party member screaming that their “rights” were being violated for having to obey the law! I hope every State Tea Party group does this. A lot of Tea Party groups used private land. They brought facilities in for toilet and washing needs. It’s completely about time Conservatives play the “fairness” game.

  • Deborah Eastin

    Amazing! The OWS rabble refuses to share their food with the homeless. Doesn’t this tell us everything we need to know?

  • Gary


    I admire your enthusiasm for Cain.
    You may have overlooked this piece of news:

    Cain Falls Back In Four Early Primary States, Romney Ahead

    That’s more important than just generic polls of people around the country. It means donations and endorsements that Romney will get and Cain won’t get.

  • Demetrev

    Should the GOP select a socialist nominee (and we all know that will be the case), will the Tea Party endorse said selection, or, instead, do the right thing by pushing a 3rd or 4th party candidate?

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  • KornKing

    Ever notice when circumstances tilt toward the conservative side we hear “come on, can’t we all just get along?”(translation-do it our way and we’ll be fine)

  • frank keefe

    what a comparison by the OWS to the Teaparty.As a Brit Iknow what anarchists\communists\social layabouts and union thugs look like its all those pretentious nutcases clogging up the sidewalks and highways in your country.The majority is being downtrodden by the minority and unless you wake up and go on the offensive then dont complain if Obama is given 4 more years in office.

  • David

    These people need to be occupying DC. Sure, there is plenty of corruption in banking and business. Who allows the corruption? The government, who is then awarded with sweet kickbacks.

  • OccupyThis

    Occupiers are takers and not givers.

    People who were unemployed came forth and put their few dollars into paying for these tea party permits. People who were retired. People who served. Generally those who were willing to give and not take represent the Tea Party events.

    Occupiers were apparently occupied then and now appear vacant.

  • Niki

    Occupiers have to provide themselves with funds for food, medical supplies, and bail funds; this stuff is not provided for us by anyone. As for the 10,000 you spent, well sorry for you to having to fight and pay for your right to be heard WITHIN the same system that suppresses that voice. The Occupy Movement recognizes that it is our right to have our voice heard without having to pay repercussions. This is a Democracy and no one should have special privileges in this respect.

  • Beaufort Billy

    I think the Richmond Tea Party needs to take back their city. Show these squatters the door.

  • JesseBaker

    The racist f*cks in the Tea Party are crying sour grapes because OWS has basically exposed them to be the racist, pro-millionaire (they are funded by the Koch Brothers after all) scum who DO NOT speak for everyone.

    OWS has invalidated the Tea Party’s BS as far as them thinking that their racist scum speak for “all americans”, even as they demand policies that HURT Americans due to their self-hatred over how the 1% have f*cked them without no vasoline.

    Let them cry and moan while people who DO speak for the American public IE OWS control the streets. Better them than a bunch of people with racist posters, coded speak for racism, casual sociopathic contempt for anyone in need (these are the same monsters who CHEERED at the thought of someone DYING due to them being unable to afford medical care), and ZERO knowledge of the evil that is Adolf Hitler, for whom the Tea Party represents the modern day version of Hitler’s henchmen the Brown Shirts.

  • JesseBaker

    And all of those conservatives complaining about “fair’s fair” need to STFU since the right wing and their ilk f*cking NEVER pay fair; they cheat and will commit any crime imaginable to inflict more human suffering and to keep liberals from making this world a better place and protecting people from sociopathic monsters like you.

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  • JesseBaker

    For those complaining about OWS being takers, I f*cking demand that you Teatards give up the governmental help YOU receive (IE sign documents renouncing social security, medicare) and put your f*cking money where your mouth is as far as helping people and not being sociopathic f*cks who only believe in promoting hate with every hate-filled beat of your hate-filled heart.

    But you won’t because you are evil f*cks who are dead set on destroying America because GOD FORBID the gays are allowed to be treated as human beings with all of the rights that straight people have, that we have a black president, and have people wanting to raise the quality of life via health care reform and enviromental protection.

    Tea Partiers serve Satan, they hate God and want to turn the world into hell itself. Every time you guys open your mouth, you are SPITING IN THE FACE OF JESUS CHRIST (who in spite of your lies, was a die-hard liberal hippie who would be in the middle of OWS if he was walking the Earth itself).

    So shut up. Not everyone wants to live in the hell you worship Tea Party scum. We want a better world, not the Tea Party world where Satan walks the ruins of Earth as Hell V2.0, you jerks……….

  • JesseBaker

    And another reason OWS > Tea Party: Tea Party and their guns. The Tea Party is all about terrorism and tyranny loving that they even bring their guns and make veiled threats (like Sharon Angle and her “second ammendment remedies” threat) that they have to bring their guns to their rallies, to try and make everyone that is against them fear that the Tea Party will start murdering people if they lose. OWS doesn’t have to bring guns because they are not terrorists like the Tea Party is. They reject this form of terrorism that the Tea Party engages in by openly bringing their weapons to rallies.

  • lazlo

    JesseBaker, here’s a pro tip. Drop the deranged screed modus operendi. People don’t take wackos on the street corner wearing a sandwich board and shouting maniacally seriously. Really. They don’t.

  • lazlo

    In other news, OWS and the Nazi Party join forces.

  • WaitOne

    JesseBaker: Hold on there. When is a Socialist or Marxist NOT a tyrant? When Socialism/Marxism rules the people are slaves to their government. Nobody should make even veiled gun threats, neither should anyone threaten Communist styled revolts. Hate begets hate; therefore, it must be avoided. The best way to redistribute the wealth (get your piece of the pie) is to out-perform. Just little people like JOBS, who started in a garage, and GATES, who out-performed IBM.

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  • Dire Straits

    #64, This is NOT a Democracy. It is a Representative Republic. And had the Tea Party NOT paid the permit fees and government obstructions, you’d have been screaming about how they’re NOT PAYING THEIR FAIR SHARE. JessieBaker, you are an idiot. You claim that Tea Partiers hate Jesus, but you invalidate any claim to know Him since your witness is completely destroyed by your choice of language. Your profanity laced rant shows a complete disregard for Christianity and the teachings of Jesus. I wonder why you atheists always want to tell us what Jesus was like when you don’t believe in anything the Bible says. Is it maybe that you don’t actually have any way to positively argue your case? I pray that someday you come to know the love of Jesus, beg for forgiveness for your hatred and accept salvation.