Today Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi praised the “Occupy Wall Street” mob during a press conference. The far left former speaker blessed the mob of anti-capitalist youths.

The Weekly Standard reported:

During a press conference Thursday afternoon, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi praised those participating in the “Occupy Wall Street” protests. “God bless them,” Pelosi said, “for their spontaneity. It’s independent … it’s young, it’s spontaneous, and it’s focused. And it’s going to be effective.”

“The message of the protesters is a message for the establishment everyplace,” said the House Democrats’ leader. “No longer will the recklessness of some on Wall Street cause massive joblessness on Main Street.”




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  1. says the multimillionaire with the private jet . . . .

  2. it’s young, it’s spontaneous, and it’s focused. And it’s going to be effective

    Focused as in like a laser! What a buffoon!

  3. This is their last card:
    Release the Unions to absorb the disaffect youth.
    Support social upheaval under your own banner.
    Begin a revolution that you are prepared to control.

    Welcome to 1917.

  4. For those that think something smells fishy about the 99%, get this …. Zuccoti Park is a privately owned park. It is owned by Brookfield Properties.

    For the 99% to be removed from the park, the representatives of Brookfield Properties have to make a trespass complaint against the stinky hippies. That hasn’t happened. Why not?

    It turns out that Mayor Bloomberg’s girl friend is on the board of Brookfield Properties.

  5. and yet it’s so spontaneous

  6. “God Bless Them”???!!! The last thing these Commie Turd Punks are thinking about is God.

  7. Yeah it’s about as spontaneous as the oil prices rising in 2007 and the collapse of the housing bubble.

  8. NewYork lawmakers are receiving emails threats “Time to kill the Wealthy” if they don’t raise taxes on the rich. sure Nancy would approve…………..

  9. This is the precursor to the socialist agenda.

    Out in the open for all to see. Hope some of y’all

    Got stones, the Revolution is coming to you very

    soon. Got ammo?! Got a plan?! Got training?!

    Many of you have no idea of the change coming.

    Simpletons, I will not feed nor protect the ignorant.

    Powder is dry

  10. How about God Jam some Slayer at these slackers FULL VOLUME all night long….

  11. Arab Spring

    and now, according to Van Jones’ own words they hope for

    “The American Fall”

    .. and I don’t think they mean “autumn”.

    The question is, will they get what they want?

  12. Socialism. A hundred years late and a hundred trillion short.
    Not what you’d expect the young and spontaneous to focus on.

  13. Remember when Pelosi was crying about the “violence” of the Tea Party? Hypocrisy and lies are the staples of leftists’ rhetoric.

  14. In Nancy’s perverse universe:

    Law-abiding tax-paying Americans peaceably exercising their Constitutional right to petition their grievances = Nazis

    Violent parasitic malcontents, anti-Semitic, racist, anarchists, communists, George Soros paid agitators = God Bless Them

  15. and she is one of the richest out there, what a hypocrite

  16. When these protests turn violent, and they will, the blame will be squarely on the shoulders of the morons that are encouraging them. From the community organizer in chief, the porg politicians, the union goons and the MSM.

  17. Who wants to splice in all the anti-semitic, truther, kill the rich rants from the protestors into her remarks?

  18. Hey Nancy, you are among the first 20 richest members of Congress and you voted for that bailout, right? You are also responsible for this mess, right?

  19. Parents get your children home before they become the victims!

    Soros needs to go and soon.

  20. More and more proof that these liberals are mentally ill.

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