‘Ocuppy Sacramento’ Loons Lash Out at Reporters For Asking Questions About Their Protest (Video)

What idiots.
They have absolutely no idea why they are protesting and lash out at reporters for daring to ask the question.
The only thing they know for sure is that they want more of your money.

CBS Local

Organizer Anthony Bondi said he has what he referred to as a “message team” working on the primary goals of the local protests, which he admitted “was kind of vague.”

“That message team will reveal that tomorrow [Friday] morning,” Bondi said.

“So you guys are in the process of forming the reasons why you are here?” asked CBS13 reporter Tony Lopez.

“Exactly correct,” Bondi said.

Other protesters gave clearer reasons for their attendance, saying that wealth disparity and corruption in the business world are causing harm to society.

“I’m here because corporate greed and financial greed are ruining this country,” said a retired educator.

Groups of demonstrators gathered around television cameras periodically and tried to shout down reporters with accusations of manipulating coverage of the protest. Other isolated protesters tried to convince attendees to avoid speaking with the media altogether.

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  • archtop

    “Im here because corporate greed and financial greed are ruining this country, said a retired educator.

    Therein lies the root of the problem…the lazy, selfish kids out on the streets protesting were taught by people this…

    By the way, for those of you out there who hate corporations, PLEASE do NOT USE products or services from:

    * Facebook (a corporation)
    * Twitter (a corporation)
    * Apple (a corporation)
    * Starbucks (a corporation)
    * (and thousand more companies making everyday things…)

  • jorgen

    “I’m here because corporate greed and financial greed are ruining this country,”

    and in reality, they are supporting the most corrupt regime ever, probably without even knowing it.

  • Andy

    These are not just protesters. These are rioters, and some of them are paid.

  • bg


    CBS: Attkisson ‘Unavailable’ For
    Further Interviews on ‘Fast & Furious’

    i bet most journOlists still believe the shark will swim away if they feed it..


  • indccc

    It’s becoming more and more obvious that the occupation of Madison was practice for these occupy “protests”. Attacking the media and not allowing the rank and file protesters a chance to be interviewed was how they controlled the message, i.e. this is a “peaceful” protest, etc. The professonal agitators didn’t want anyone to slip and admit they were paid or to admit that they really had no clue why they were there!

  • Mad Hatter

    The blonde woman with glasses won’t be getting hired by NASA anytime soon.

  • Mad Hatter


    Very interesting observation, I never thought of that. Good catch.

  • patman

    Just a bunch of confused idiots… Nothing more. Nothing less…

  • Ginger
  • Russo

    socialist ccommie demoturds = no brains

  • Dregs, scum, human debris. Period.

  • bg


    no no no, i did not attend that sermon, no no no..


  • i disagree with them, i think political greed and political corruption are destroying this country. everything these people are protesting for is what is destroying the country. they should all apologize for what they have help to do to this country.

  • Patty

    So, many reasons for America to be upset. So, many voters who had no idea who they were voting for in ’08.

    Again, I am just saying these are going to be the voters in 2012. I hope they will go home and do their homework on each an every candidate, including the presidential candidate.

    We cannot afford more Americans getting it wrong another time.

    Pretty much anyone can do a better job. Anyone…hummm but you have got to know what I mean. When unions, Seiu thugs and Black Panthers with a third grade education can brainwash citizens, then this is a dumb down America.

    Research or better yet, stop being the sheep who follow. Start mattering and even try to lead with convictions and priority to a better America. NOW ISN’T THAT PERSPECTIVE.

  • KS_Patriot

    The first question any reporter should ask anyone they interview at these protests is, “The only three alternatives to Capitalism are some form of Communism or Socialism, a dictatorship or anarchy. If you could choose, which economic structure do you want in America?”

  • olm

    I am loving these protests. They are not helping the left and they are educating some who Conservatives could never reach through rational means.
    In Portland Oregon the mayor allowed them to camp in a city park. This is not sitting well. It remains to be seen who this insanity benefits but I’m betting that in the end, it is not the organizers or the enablers.

  • donh

    Main Street needs to Occupy their corn holes with a swift boot kick. Stop leaving it up to the police UNIONS. The best education these slackers could get is to come face to face with the people who really oppose them …Its not Wall Street bankers. Its the small tax payers these lazy beatniks leech off to buy their drugs and diapers.

  • Joe College

    They are here because Obama orchestrated their presence. Obama and team are now studying the press on the event and will respond shortly with a new messaging tactic. Just as soon as they poll test the message.

    These protestors are waiting to be told what to think. They will not have to wait long.

    PS: The black guy had the line of the day. The reporter said “Do you want to talk or do you want to yell?” He yelled back, “I want to yell!”

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  • Abelard

    My son spent some time with the St. Louis protesters. He found that they have no idea what they’re protesting or why.

    The educational system has done a great job of romanticizing the protests of the 60’s. In reality, most were counterproductive. Study the improvements made by Blacks in this country after WWII and look at what happened once the modern Civil Rights movement kicked off. The progress came to a grinding halt as the wisdom of Booker T. Washington lost out to the Socialism of W.E.B. DuBois.

  • cal rifkin

    Again, there needs to be some moral arbiter, that both sides have at least some modicum of respect for, to speak out prominently and label this for what it is. Powell, Clinton, or someone like that, famed but fair (a little bit) – As long as one side (the dems) doesn’t speak out strongly against the protests, they’ll think they’re getting support (which they are from Soros et al) and will continue.

  • SanFranciscoConservative

    a fine line ODumbo & Soros are walking here – looks likely to backfire

  • “I’m here because corporate greed and financial greed are ruining this country,” said a retired educator.”

    Says the guy with the union pension. I can only imagine what crap with which he’s filled children’s minds.

  • Gary

    Pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.
    Form a protest so you can find out what you’re protesting.

    Why are taxpayers still subsidizing the state university systems?
    That seems like an idea whose time has passed.

  • bg


    Salvato: When the Greedy Feign Outrage

    [But a closer examination of who is in attendance, who is stepping up to
    the proverbial microphone and what “the movement” is issuing as a set
    of “demands,” makes the studied eye suspicious that this may, in fact,
    be the mother of all political “astroturfing” initiatives, just in time to
    demonize the job creators as “greedy” in the run up to an election where
    the incumbent – Barack Obama – hasn’t an accomplishment to run on.

    Perhaps the biggest “red flag” (no pun intended) came in the form of statements made by left-wing Progressive agitator, self-avowed Communist and former Obama Administration official Van Jones. Jones is currently the lead rabble-rouser of the “American Dream Movement,” a radically left-wing political activist organization run by the Progressive group MoveOn.org Civic Action, in partnership with a number of other Leftist and Liberal groups ranging from the Hip Hop Caucus to Planned Parenthood.


    But perhaps the most infuriating “demand” comes in the form of this: Bring American elections up to international standards. The United States – but for the manipulation of ballots and the voting process by opportunistic and nefarious elements, such as ACORN, MoveOn.org and any number of Progressive community organizing groups; and aside from the Holder Justice Department’s enactment of “social justice” measures to overlook voter intimidation laws – is the most equitable election process in the world. To look to the Third-World-friendly United Nations elections verification process – a process that validated the elections of Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Vladimir Putin, as well as Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon – is to enlist a lecher to chaperone a beauty pageant. The notion is absurd.]

    Obama, his entire Administration, how they got
    there, and how stupid are we is ABSURD!! gah!!


  • Rock

    Clueless, but dangerous just the same.

  • # 27 bing

  • bob hartford

    The protestors are neither parroting democratic or republican platforms. They are protesting the 1% of billionaires who now run the country, and have collapsed the economy and the middle class. Read this very educated post from Nomi Prins once a high executive at Goldman Sachs.

    Before tomorrow’s 2012 pre-election speech in which President Obama’s vocal elocution will be earnest, and results – to put it mildly – tepid, about about how he could create jobs dammit, if only the Republicans would behave, it’s interesting to note who’s supporting Obama keep his job.

    A cursory look at the early stages of his campaign fundraising reveals that the same group of people that benefitted from policies (bi-partisan) that lavished them with cheap money, secret loans, debt guarantees and other forms of perks not available to the average citizen, are backing him for President. Big Time.

    And whereas it’s true, Obama’s most recent poll numbers look as abysmal as any President (save FDR who he will never, ever be) facing a depressed economy and a near double-digit ‘official’ unemployment rate (worse if you get beneath its massaged surface), this isn’t effecting his most important support, the financial kind. To date, Obama’s Presidential bid dosh comes largely from – wait for it – the financial sector.

    Yes, the same sector that screwed the country over, and that, despite some unpleasant lawsuits they will likely settle, remains as powerful, unrepentant, unaccountable, selfish and Main-Street-destabilizing as before Obama took office. No wonder he’s been able to keep Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner by his side – someone has to allay Wall Street concerns that true retribution or meaningful regulatory repercussion will befall them.

    So far, Obama has raised $49 million dollars. (More than all the GOP wannabes combined, but that’s largely because he’s got the head-start and incumbent factor going for him. Plus, he’s a hit at fundraising events. Here in Los Angeles, he’s tied up traffic several times with those already.) Nearly $35 million has come from ‘bundlers’, those wealthy, connected, folks that circumvent the caps on their individual donations by pooling their dough together. And just over a third of that, or $11.8 million, comes from the Finance Sector (and yes, one of the sector’s 44 bundlers is from Goldman Sachs, his number two contributer in the 2008 election).

    Now, it’s not shocking that the banks are banking on Obama. Until they see a surer bet on the Republican side emerge, they’re not going to be diffusive with their capital that way. And, beyond some scolding words a couple years ago around election time, followed by a Wall Street speech to which none of the CEOs showed, Obama has done zero to expose, denounce, or change the specific fraudulent actions of his supporters – that would be – political suicide for him. Plus, in the game of politics today, the issue for both parties is slamming each other, Wall Street ire has been replaced with entitlement spending cut banter, whether this results in meaningful policy is not even an afterthought.

    Meanwhile, Obama will release details of a new $300 billion jobs stimulus program and urge the GOP to allow him to do his job by creating the nation’s jobs. He might even throw in a sentence or two about helping downtrodden borrowers refinance, which will require bank approval and facilitation, which therefore will be as successful as HAMP. And the GOP will balk and say we must cut spending not increase it, refusing to acknowledge the extent of debt we created to float a criminal banking system.

    Stalemate to the nth degree. Big yawns all around.

    What Obama will not discuss, is the private lending problem that caps the ability of individuals to stay afloat and small and mid-size businesses to hire. Though they have been treated with kids gloves and deep pockets by Washington, the big banks have not shared the joy they received. Small business loans remain anemically at late 2008 levels inhibiting hiring or expansion – and these are the companies that don’t offshore in a heartbeat. Refinancing and mortgage restructuring, despite record low interest rates making the transaction sensible and reducing risk all around, are negligible, thus home movement is impossible and consumer confidence and construction jobs are hit in the process as well. Personal and business bankruptcies continue to mount absent opportunity. This isn’t a healthy scenario for job growth.

    You can blame it on ‘the economy’, ‘tough times’ ‘all of us struggling together’ or any other generic poli-sound bites. Or you can blame it on the biggest banks sitting on extra capital, which either a) is stored at the Fed in the form of $1.6 trillion worth of Treasury bonds that receive interest in excess of the cost of borrowing the money to purchase them, b) is used to trade and speculate, or otherwise derive ways to make a ‘quick’ buck, or c) is set aside to deal with lawsuits they brought upon themselves. Again, none of this is nationally productive or job inducing.

    The private banking system is holding people’s homes, potential jobs, and general confidence and economic well-being hostage. Thus, however Obama phrases whatever he says tomorrow, and even if his plan for a job stimulus package is verbalized in a more coherent strategy than last time – without a loosening of credit – new or re-negotiated or otherwise more befitting the low rate environment that the Fed offers banks, it’s just one tiny piece of a giant puzzle that won’t be able to do squat to turn the tide.

    at…. http://www.nomiprins.com/thoughts/tag/speech

  • bg


    bob hartford #29 October 7, 2011 at 11:00 am

    you may find this interesting, if not this.. then again, if you’re dismissive
    of Barack Obama’s (et al) intricately involved series of banking misdeeds..
    perhaps not..


  • Patty
  • Patty


    Occupy Wall Street Irony Alert, the Money is going to start rolling in Now.

  • valerie

    Occupy Sesame Street


    via Thisainthell blog

  • Patty



  • AlanWest2012

    Occupy “Whatever” the so called spontaneous protest organized by the White House and their Union friends are telling minorities to walk away from ALL their responsibilities. Mortgages, Credit Cards, School Loans, Auto Loans…………. We put a pure bred racist, radical, weaned on Saul Alinsky, into the White House!

  • bg


    re: #30 October 7, 2011 at 11:14 am bg

    re: bob hartford #29 October 7, 2011 at 11:00 am

    you = was meant in general, not to be taken personally..


  • Patty

    all this occupations and none have occupied a job.

    What comes to mind is, Follow the leader. Other nation protest and then Soros and Jones and unions way in, Oh, they can do it so can we.

    TROUBLE IS, the we are the deadheads and the mindless who have never research a lick in their pathetic lives. They could be lead to do just about anything and never know why they did it.

  • JDubya

    “I am here because the corporate proletariat espouses man with decadence and we must break the struggle to free all peoples of the world, giving them a working wage. One that we all can own a house, Ferrari made of gold, and dine on eco friendly tofu pizza bites from the local Co-Op”

    “Actually, mom kicked me out for bogarting all the lotion and kleenex while running her internet account into the ground from all my downloading of porn. I have no clue what the plan is here, but the suits give me coins if I don’t bother them. Can I bum a smoke of you, man?”

  • Rock

    The Obama’s Pravda will concentrate all their reporting on these fools, to cover up the growing scandal around Fast & Furious and Solyndra. Riot film at 10 plays far better than Sheriffs report accuses Holder. We live in a dumb downed society that craves media violence over clinical thought.

  • Patty

    “I’m here because corporate greed and financial greed are ruining this country,” said a retired educator.

    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac encouraged and praised lenders – like Countrywide and Bear Stearns – for adopting the slackened policies toward minority applicants.

    “Given these lending practices mandated by the Fed and encouraged by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,” writes Lott, “the resulting financial problems for financial institutions such as Countrywide and Bear Stearns are not too surprising.”

    Frank, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, rejected a Bush administration and Congressional Republican plan for regulating the mortgage industry in 2003, saying, “These two entities – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – are not facing any kind of financial crisis.” According to a New York Times article, Frank added, “The more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing.”

    Read more: Guess again who’s to blame for U.S. mortgage meltdown http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=75717#ixzz1a7A62v37

    Read more: Guess again who’s to blame for U.S. mortgage meltdown http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=75717#ixzz1a79W2fOT

  • bg


    bottom line:

    it’s all connected to the creation of a New World Order.. and no, i’m not
    talking Alex Jones conspiracy theory, i’m talking UN, Rockefeller, Strong,
    Soros & Obama et al fact


  • Patty

    2003 and later in 2006 Bush administration warned Congress, (Democratic) they didn’t listen but All were to blame. And now, no one can get a loan. Those who have done nothing and have paid taxes and worked hard are enable to repair home and in turn this would create a job or two, more money into our economy. But the left continues to have you believe that the job creators and millionaires are those who must be punished.

    Failure to listen and failures of Dodd and Frank and now, they are placed on a pedestal.

  • kansas

    Apparently they thought they were going to get the typical liberal media Obama tongue bath interview. Now that actual journalism is breaking out here and there these people are in trouble.

  • Bill Mitchell

    That, my friends, is the Democrat Base.

    They are SO screwed.

    Thank you God for OWS. We don’t even need to advertise this year.

  • greenfairie

    One thing that’s bizarre and dangerous about these protests is how they lack focus, save loathing for “the rich” or “the banks.” There’s no financial sector where I live, but the local “occupy blank” losers decided they’re going to park outside of a bank until their “demands” are met. Huh? Without a focus they’re liable to do anything.

  • Patty

    It may be hard to research just how many of those so-called corporate greedy have help so many Americans.


    Gulf spill



    Cancer Research

    Other areas of health and science research.

    These corporations, businesses, millionaires, etc. HAVE DONE GREAT THINGS FOR THE ABOVE AND FOR THEIR EMPLOYEES.

    These protestors are so oblivious to research and understanding that this nation has truly inspiring and creators who have worked from a small space or from a garage like Jobs, also like Papa John, he started in an eight by eight room.

    They have helped create jobs and America’s prosperity.

    These walking Zombies on Wall and all across America have no inspiration and our following the leaders who have literally helped to further the downturn of economy.

  • bg


    re: #30 October 7, 2011 at 11:14 am bg

    & Patty #42 October 7, 2011 at 11:40 am

    what sweetheart dealin’ Dodd has in store for US (no, i don’t
    mean overnight, i mean our future generations future *sigh*)..

    a bit more here & here & at connecting links,
    you can also scroll threads for much more info..


  • Patty

    And when a president with comments of inspiration towards these protestors is connecting Job numbers and this protest for the Congress not passing a Job Bill, we are in serious trouble.

    This is not a president JOB. He is also a greedy millionaire now isn’t he. What has he contributed to our economy. He made this poor economy that’s what.

  • Enough Is Enough

    Sign petition to indict Eric Holder!
    Demand sweeping congressional investigation of Obama’s Department of Injustice

    Read more: Sign petition to indict Eric Holder! http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=349537#ixzz1a7FgqDzB

  • Bert

    Why am I here? Cause one night at dinner I found myself making a map of this park out of a mound of mashed potatoes, and a voice in my head told me that I was invited. So I came, man. This was sometime after the UFO shined its light on my face on the way back from the medical marijuana clinic. Peace.

  • Patty



    I hate to be gross, I have seen the face of evil in Jones. I am serious. The man is evil and so goes the leader of this nation.

    Our strength for a greater nation and national security live beneath our feet. In the Oil, coal, natural gas resources.

    To excoriate our nation’s production of Oil and our nation’s resources for his ego, evil in my mind is Communism.

    And Obama had selected him and the two work together in destruction of our nation’s growth.

  • Patty

    off topic:

    Carney is a real piece of work, as Gibbs was. Asked should Obama be re-elected? Carney, yes.

    What else is the moron going to say when another one is running the country. Gesssh!

  • WillofLa

    Trying to tell these protesters that it is their Party that has gotten all the big campaign contributions, and is behind all the influence peddleing that has been going on for the last thirty-five years or longer, since it was Democrats that somehow got the Supreme Court to give their knod on a law that declares it unconstitutional that Republican’s receive campaign contributions from large corporations. That was overturned by this Supreme Court recently and that’s all the Democrats have been complaining about since, that it was unconstitutional for the Court to overturn their unconstitutional law. Now the Republican’s can get in on some of that big fat money coming out of Wall Street just like the Democrats have been enjoying for decades.

    If the banks are sitting on huge funds in order to wait and see who the Republican candidate is going to be, and what his/her position is going to be on letting the fat Wall Street Democrat supporting banks, high financiers, stock brokerages, international investors continue to make all the gargantuan money in the hundreds of billions of dollars, and speaking of that what will happen to the value of the dollar, allowing all these Democrat supporters to take their huge profits to the bank, will be before they decide who will get the lions share of all the trillions of dollars the banks are sitting on. And I believe they are sitting on this money but not for the same reason’s the left claims are the reason’s.

    Partly they are sitting on the money because that is what Barney Frank told them to do right after the collapse of Freddie/Fannie in 2008. The reason why loans haven’t been more than they were in 2008 is because that’s where the Democrats have been holding them since 2008. The Frank/Dodd Finance and Banking Controls law, or whatever the hell it’s called, is what has put the clamps on the banks making loans to American’s. But it does not stop the Wall Street banking tycoons from making hay with banks outside of America, which is what they are doing to stay in the green. They have become the pipeline for money flowing out from the government to international banking/investors which is syphoning our money right the hell out of America. There won’t be any money to loan later on because of what Obama, Frank, Dodd are telling the banks to do.

    It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if they were taking in money coming from foreign investors and banks Obama is helping out in Europe who are sending money to the Obama campaign fund, which is against the law but when you’re Obama it depends on who’s laws you’re talking about, that are sending reelection money through the big Wall Street banks acting as “bundlers” for Obama. Huge money comes from them anyway, who’s to know where that money is coming from?

    But if banking was going on as usual, who would know where campaign money was coming from that is coming from the big banks anyway? Even though the banks know sending money to Democrat campaign funds for foreign contributors is against the law, if Democrats are running the banking committee who would find out?

  • bg


    Patty #51 October 7, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    you really should check out my links, i mean,
    you’re like preaching to the choir master.. 😉


  • Patty
  • Patty

    I have. 🙂 and I will more in the future.

  • Patty


    Alinsky Rules Return For Obama

    The Goal, wrote David Horowitz’s DiscoverTheNetworks.com of Alinsky, “is to foment enough public discontent, moral confusion and outright chaos to spark the social upheaval that Marx, Engels and Lenin predicted — a revolution whose foot soldiers view the status quo as fatally flawed and unworthy of salvation.”

  • Enough Is Enough

    It’s amusing that their spokesman said they are still formulatting their stated reasons for the protest or occupation.

    It’s kind of similiar to Pelosi’s statements about having to pass a bill to find out what’s in it.

    Cart before the horse?

    No I don’t think so, it’s just a fancy way of refusing to answer a perfectly reasonable question because they know we not going to like the answer.

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  • MKS

    1) Bring food you have purchased to the protest!
    2) Give us free college educations, and you pay for them!
    3) When we’re highly educated, spend one trillion dollars of your money on environmental causes that will hire us!
    4) Forgive all our debts, so we can keep more of our own money!

    Down with greed – we don’t like it.

  • Molon Labe

    No corporation can force you to buy their product against your will. Contrast with government.

    No corporation can jail you for failing to obey their dictat. Compare with government.

    Corporations that ignore their customers collapse. Government just goes on.

    These people are crazy. Why aren’t they protesting greeedy government?

  • Militant Conservative


    because they are being used and don’t even know it. Useful idiots.

    Except for the old fart that admits the truth. He’s a socialist.

    powder is dry, come and take it!

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  • bg


    worth reposting..

    The Banker Baiters

    [Mr. Durbin, incensed at the results of his plan to transfer wealth from
    banks to retailers, has been urging customers to close their accounts at
    Bank of America. Reasonable people can disagree about which politician is
    more economically irresponsible—the President who wants bureaucrats to
    dictate profit margins or the Senator who encourages a run on a bank.]


  • RWiss

    I find it funny, they talk about them being against greed but they want someone else’s money and are guilty of envy.
    Of course there is no government greed.
    This video is crazy.

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