Occupy Portland Goons Arrested for Vandalizing a Police Car

Yup. They’re just like the tea party.

Two Occupy Portland supporters were arrested early Friday and accused of spraying paint on a police car and a downtown Portland business. (Oregon Live)

The leftists missed their court date after their arrest.
The Columbian.com reported:

In a related matter, a man arrested for spraying graffiti at the Occupy Portland protest missed his court date.

A court appearance for Nolan Zane MacGregor, 21, was rescheduled for Oct. 21 when he didn’t show up. MacGregor was arrested along with an unidentified 17-year-old on suspicion of tagging phrases including “Occupy Portland” and “Wall Street Loves No One” on buildings and a marked police car.

Occupy Portland organizer Ivy Knight said she and other backers of the movement are trying to remove the paint.

The Portland Police Bureau said Saturday that it is investigating an allegation of a sexual assault Friday night in Chapman Square where “Occupy Portland” supporters are camping.

Nolan Zane MacGregor was arrested on Friday morning.

Victoria Taft has more on the violence.

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  • Enough Is Enough

    Just more spoiled brats with an unbelievable sense of entiltlement, who are throwing temper tantrums because society won’t hand him everything they want on a silver platter.


  • Dick Turpin

    Gosh, these protesters remind me so much of the Tea Party…..

  • Sickofobama

    You know what is so frightening about all of this?

    These young dolts are the country’s future leaders.

    Please take your kids out of public school while you can and teach them yourselves.

  • Militant Conservative

    Ha Ha, This is what jail looks like. The face of stupidity is now known.

    This will definately get wide spread support from the main stream citizens. sarc off

    powder is dry

  • Tom in CA

    Hey Nolan,

    Great Photo!

    Since you won’t be working anytime soon, this shouldn’t hurt the resume.

  • Dude, don’t sniff the paint propellant. It will make u do stupid things man, like paint police cars.

  • hermie

    And these are the ones that Soros, the Democrats and their union thugs are backing.

    It tells you just what is at stake for the 2012 elections. The unions and Dems will stop at nothing to impose total control over this country; by using the ignorant masses and Marxist operatives as their version of brownshirts.

  • bobdog

    At least they didn’t poop on the car, which is more than I can say about the Occupy Wall Street and Reelect Obama Now crowd.

  • bg


    interesting aspect overlooked in previous post thread..


  • Conservative Ken

    Why does this look like an astroturfed “Arab Spring”?

  • paulnan

    Did he have a concensus before doing this? I hear that is important to these protestors.


  • bg


    Steve Jobs and the Adullamites Who Occupy Wall Street

    [This “corporations run the government” meme has been around since the 1970s, and it’s no more true now than it was then. As Rick Moran points out, if corporations really ran the government would we have an EPA, OSHA, SEC, the EEOC, the FHA, the Department of Labor, or any of the other number of state and federal agencies regulate corporate behavior? If corporations truly “ran” the government, then why would any of these organizations exist?

    Corporations do influence the government, of course. But then so do labor unions, the legal profession, the medical profession, special interest groups based on one form of racial or ethnic grievance or another, and lobbying interests ranging from Iowa corn to Texas oil. The problem isn’t corporations, the problem is that we have a government that has its fingers in nearly every aspect of the economy. That means that policy makers have the ability to pick economic winners and losers every day, and it’s only natural that those policies would be of concern to the people that they’re going to impact most directly, the businesses affected by them. That’s lobbying and petitioning the government for redress of grievances, not “running the government.” This kind of reflexive anti-business mentality seems to be quite common in some sectors of society, but it has little basis in reality and seems firmly entrenched in resentment and envy rather than an honest examination of the country’s political system.]

    Organizer admits to paying ‘Occupy DC’ protesters [VIDEO]

    [“Some of them are volunteers. Some of them aren’t,” he explained. “I
    can’t identify them. I’m not going to get into an identification game.”]

    😀 🙁 or is it 🙁 😀




    attention all business owners…remember that mug shot and never hire the A$$

  • bg


    Mark Steyn: ‘Occupy’ is anarchists for Big Government

    [Michael Oher, offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens, was online
    Wednesday night when his Twitter feed started filling up with tributes
    to Steve Jobs. A bewildered Oher tweeted:

    “Can somebody help me out?

    Who was Steve Jobs!”

    He was on his iPhone at the time.]


  • “Non-violent” translates to “annoying little punk a$$” in JAUL.

    J.A.U.L. (pronounced “jowl”): Just Another Unhinged Leftie.
    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • bg


    paulnan #11 October 9, 2011 at 9:21 am

    oh good grief, they not only sound like
    KINDERGARTNERS.. but dumber.. duh!!


  • workingclass artist

    Ron Paul thinks these punks have a valid cause & his folowers are joining these idiots….Sheeesh!

    As goes California so goes the rest of the nation under Obama or Romnycare….

    Great speech by Congressmen McClintock to The Council for National Policy on the future of the nation under a second term of Obama. Texas is not California because we have a conservative governor & have a republican super majority in both houses or the first time in state history. In Texas conservative principles works. This is why Texas has been able to avoid most of the problems of California & Why Gov. Perry has stated Bush wasn’t conservative enough and described Romney as Obamalite.

    “I last visited with the CNP in Washington in May of 2009. What a depressing meeting that was! Obama enjoyed 66 percent public approval. The week before, a conference of self-appointed Republican leaders had concluded that “we had to put the Reagan era behind us” and we had to be “mindful and respectful that the other side has something and that we have nothing and you can’t beat something with nothing.” (I won’t mention names, but his initials were Jeb Bush.)

    Thank God House Republicans didn’t take that approach….

    Republicans attacked the Proposition that would have stopped AB 32 – California’s version of Cap and Trade.

    The sad truth is that we were more like the Democrats than the Democrats.

    A few days after the election, a Republican leader whose mission in life has been to redefine the Republican Party in the image of Arnold Schwarzenegger said he just couldn’t explain the results.

    I can. We didn’t need to redefine our principles. We needed to return to them. House Republicans did. California Republicans did not. Any questions?…

    Great parties are built upon great principles and they are judged by their devotion to those principles. Since its inception, the central principle of the Republican Party can be summed up in a single word, Freedom.
    The closer we have hewn to that principle, the better we have done. The farther we have strayed from that principle, the worse we have done…

    Today two incompatible and irreconcilable philosophies — freedom and socialism — compete for our nation’s future and the stage is set for one of the greatest debates in the history of the American Republic.

    We are winning that debate. But we have to stand firm.

    What has happened to California and now is threatening our country is the inevitable consequence of bad policy, bad process and bad politics – and the good news is, that’s all within our power as a people to change…”

    * Most of Romney’s campaign policy advisory team are former Bush Admin. officials *

    Gig Em’
    Perry 2012

  • workingclass artist
  • bg


    re: #9 October 9, 2011 at 9:07 am bg

    Why is #OccupyWallStreet not protesting against the owners of
    Zucotti Park? Does it have anything to do with Mayor Bloomberg’s

    [Why is alleged anticapitalist #OccupyWallStreet not protesting against
    Brookfield Office Properties, the owners of Zucotti Park and many of the
    office buildings in Manhattan’s Financial District?

    The privately-owned property is the current home and headquarters for
    #OWS, as the group is now calling itself in the Twitterverse. The
    protesters are protected by the park’s charter, which demands that
    access must be open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    While #OWS first planned to encamp along Wall Street, the New York
    Police Department urged BOP to let the protesters stay in the park,
    according to the Wall Street Journal.

    However, BOP-owned Zucotti Park is the
    perfect target for the protesters’ ire.]

    much more @ link..


  • P. Aaron

    These people are just looking to get laid. Since they lack conversational skills and good looks, they have to congeal in mobs and hope for the best.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    By getting busted, this kid essentially becomes unemployable due to the background checks that every hiring manager performs on a new-hire candidate with even McDonalds refusing to hire employees with any kind of criminal record at all no matter how small.

    And because he’s now perpetually unemployable (and will never ever receive a professional license of any kind including a truck drivers license), he’s now officially a ward of the State and, as such, will received ‘benefits’ in the form of lifetime foodstamps, lifetime medical, lifetime dental, lifetime medication, free rent, and a check every month to live off of… which is just like everybody else in that crowd! In short, he just earned his leftist parasitic stripes by painting that police car.

    The ONLY group that will hire him from time to time, is the Dem Party who pays these people whenever they require a rent-a-mob on an as-needed basis .

  • chuck in st paul

    Hey! What’s the big deal? It’s just like those TEA Party goons. Chris Mathews said so. It must be true.

  • Tom

    My dad is an important lawyer and he will sue your ass

  • Dan Levitan

    This is a trial run. These protesters are going to invade Chicago in Summer 2012, and it’s going to cause enough trouble to allow for certain things to be done, such as suspending elections and putting the country under martial law.

    Then, we’re all boned.

  • bg


    workingclass artist #17 October 9, 2011 at 9:41 am

    re: [As goes California so goes the rest of
    the nation under Obama or Romnycare….]

    that’s just not so..

    #1 Massachusetts Child Health Scorecard
    #7 Massachusetts State Scorecard

    #46 Texas State Scorecard
    #48 Texas Child Health Scorecard

    #31 California State Scorecard
    #44 California Child Health Scorecard

    bit more here & here & in connecting threads..


  • paulejb

    Well, at least he didn’t defecate on it as did one NY protester.

  • bg


    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    #25 October 9, 2011 at 10:39 am bg

    don’t know why, only posted 6 links..

    at any rate, i’ll post the following while
    waiting for that to get to get through..

    ObamaCare vs RomneyCare: Ready for the Facts?

    and both curious & anxious for an answer to:

    did ObamaCare cancel out RomneyCare in MA??



  • bg


    re: #27 October 9, 2011 at 10:50 am bg

    ok, i see what happened now, my mistake..


    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    #25 October 9, 2011 at 10:39 am bg

    workingclass artist #17 October 9, 2011 at 9:41 am

    re: [As goes California so goes the rest of
    the nation under Obama or Romnycare….]

    that’s just not so..

    #1 Massachusetts Child Health Scorecard
    #7 Massachusetts State Scorecard

    #46 Texas State Scorecard
    #48 Texas Child Health Scorecard

    #31 California State Scorecard
    #44 California Child Health Scorecard

    bit more here & here & in connecting threads..


  • olm

    I agree. This is a trial run.
    The Portland protest is interesting. You don’t have to pay loons here. There is plenty of them. However, that is not my point. They marched through the city throwing it in to complete chaos in terms of disrupting traffic andd not allowing people to get where they needed to go. That was completely unreported but the local high school had a bus that wasn’t able to complete a field trip.
    The OP people refused to get a permit and ddisrupted a marathon that had had all the necessary permits for over a year. The protesters had the support of the city and the Mayor (Sam Adams) and so after LONG negotiations the marathon and the Occupy crowd decided to coexist.
    I haven’t checked the story today but despite the typical reporting here, this OP group is seen negatively. However the left in the People’s Republic of Portland is very loud and all you read is support. Don’t buy it.

  • Ceroth

    I live in Portland. I can’t wait to leave Portland. This makes me want to get the hell out even more. If I knew I had a job to go to, I would leave this moronic city in a New York second. I know Ivy Knight. I can’t comment on anything she’s said since I’ve never heard her talk about OccupyPortland at the times I’ve seen her. I did think we were friends but now I’m not so sure.

  • Patty

    Loughner comes to mind. Nolan “Isane” MacGregor looks like a Dead head deer in headlights. Not much upstairs, the lights are on and no one is home, sorta look. The police always get their man.


    And in many cases they squeal like little babies when arrested. Vandalizing Government Property charges.

  • Patty


    Stinking up Wall Street: Protesters accused of living in filth as shocking pictures show one demonstrator defecating on a POLICE CAR

    I said this from the beginning those near an around these occupiers can become ill. This is becoming a diseased ridden area.

  • Patty


    Meet America‘s ’53%’ – And They Have a Message for the ‘99%’ Protesters

  • bg


    Patty #32 October 9, 2011 at 11:23 am
    Patty #33 October 9, 2011 at 11:44 am

    thanks for the links..

    Patty #31 October 9, 2011 at 11:15 am

    re: Jared Loughner.. 😉


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  • donh

    Oh another wannabe James Dean rebel without applause. According to Hollywood Queen Kenneth Anger James Dean was a self loathing gay submissive into the BDSM scene . His body was found peppered with cigarette burns. This creep looks to share the same suicidal death wish tagging a police car like this. … http://cdn.babble.com/famecrawler/files/2011/02/James-Dean-11.jpg

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  • JDubya

    Nolan Zane MacGregor

    Remember this name. Never hire him, never sell anything to him, never allow him ever to have a place in our society.

    It really is time to boycott the Socialist on every level. Rid our streets of these failures by forcing them to leave.

    May he experience his dreams in despotic North Korea. Kim needs more useful idiots.

  • Mannie

    It’s a shame the scumbag didn’t fall down the stairs on his way to jail.

    Bring in some Gool Ol Boys with axe handles, iron pipes, and hatchets, and break some heads. Literally.

  • Mannie

    Stinking up Wall Street: Protesters accused of living in filth as shocking pictures show one demonstrator defecating on a POLICE CAR

    How can you tell which filth is which?

  • lynched1

    I have to agree with George Will on this one. Wish them long life and ample converage.

  • “Occupy Portland organizer Ivy Knight said she and other backers of the movement are trying to remove the paint.”


    Shh. A little household secret that WORKS! I hear sandpaper is excellent for removing paint. There won’t be a TRACE of the paint when you’re done! Sure fool those cops! Good luck!

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  • Votemout2012

    I bet his one call from the police station was to his Mommy. “Those mean police guys just can’t take a joke.”

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