Occupy Milwakee protest leader Austin Thompson was arrested yesterday outside of the M&I Bank at 770 N. Water St. after he led a group of far left protesters inside the bank yesterday and screamed, “THis is a hostile takeover!”
The local police were called and the far left loon was marched away in cuffs.

They’re lucky they didn’t get blasted.

His supporters want charges dropped against the organizer.
JS Online reported on the arrest:

A man who has been involved in past protests in Milwaukee was arrested Thursday during a protest by Occupy Milwaukee at a downtown bank, but within hours different versions of what led to the arrest had emerged.

A 25-year-old man identified as Austin Thompson entered the downtown M&I branch and “yelled something to the effect of ‘this is a hostile takeover’ causing at least one clerk in the bank to believe that they were being robbed,” said Anne Schwartz, police spokeswoman.

Police said they were not tying the man to the Occupy Milwaukee protests that started over the weekend, but noted he has been previously cited at demonstrations in Milwaukee.

However, people who identified themselves as participants in the gathering organized by Occupy Milwaukee said no one had threatened the bank or anyone else.

Big Government has more on the arrest.

More… Local leftists vandalized an M&I Bank branch earlier this year.




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  1. Yup….just like the Tea Partiers.

  2. Janet Napolitano must be brought before Congress to answer questions, including:

    1. When she issued warnings to Federal law enforcement claiming the “tea party” and people that “believe in the Constitution” merit extreme care and surveillance given their “proclivity to engage in terroristic acts,” was she merely completely incompetent, or was she subject to incorrect directives from the President?

    2. To what extent has radical progressive ideology played a major part in framing her department’s strategies and operations?

    It’s accountability time. If our Congress won’t hold bureaucrats accountable, we will elect a Congress that will. Republican Senators take heed; 2012 and 2014 are not far away and there are plenty of RINOs that are complicit with this administration’s activities through their “get along, go along and pass the gravy” practices.

  3. Once again, just like the Tea Party.

    There is an organized plan to destroy America. These OWSers, the unions, the Democratic Party, et alia are part of it.

  4. Lucky he did not get his butt shot off.

  5. Where is our law enforcement? What is to keep the criminal/terrorist out of these crowds and buildings?

    I said all along that if it looked like Obama would lose, there would be riots in the street. MSM is going to have blood on their hands by Nov 2012. These are just trial runs to see how far Obama can rile them up from a distance.

    Obama is calling for full fledged violence. MSM put Obama in the pulpit and let him preach to us about ‘words’ inciting violence. This all goes way beyond ‘words’.

    MSM will not blink when these deliberate measures to incite violence results in bloodbaths. This is not peaceful protests.

  6. I think the socialist/liberal/communist/marxis/muslim/pigs really do believe that their “scare”tactics are working on us and that we will be submissive to their demands! Boy, are they so wrong! Maybe the the evil corrupted republicans are but not us PATROITS!!!

  7. Try that stupidity in Arizona and you stand a chance of getting shot by someone exercising their constitutional right to carry. What a moron.

  8. I’ve seen this all before, by the same people, shouting the same crap. There is one difference though, then they were against war. Today they favor war, but just certain ones. Kadaffi’s death, well thats ok just as long as it’s their man involved in his demise. Sick, sick people.

  9. Well this answers the ” where are they now ” question for ” Roger ” of that 70s sit com ” What’s Happening ” The community organiser even says ” What’s Up….What’s Happening” in the protest clip….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpBhrjfetkk

  10. -about 10-12 protestors.

    Tea party groups smaller than 5000 caused the media to yawn…..

  11. This really all got rolling with the lawlessness fo the Fleebaggers in Wisconsin, the insanity of the Fleebagger supporters, and the subsequent sit-in and harrassment of normal people at the State Capitol. That was also aided and abetted from the White House. This is just moved up in scale, stupidity, and repulsiveness. And they went from sit-ins to sh#t-ins.

  12. Stupid, smelly, lawless, and vile. Ah just what the Dhimmie Party represents.

  13. Somehow I have seen this guy before… there are many ‘professional’ organizers and actors working to agit-prop the masses.. he’s one.


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