OCCUPY CHICAGO PROTEST LEADERS Are Under Investigation By FBI For Links to Terrorism

Yup. They’re just like the tea party.

That’s right. The leaders of the Occupy Chicago protests are under investigation by the FBI for links to terrorists.

Today’s Occupy Chicago march against Mayor Emanuel was led by a guy in a death mask, follow by two guys carrying a Palestinian flag.

If two klansmen carrying a confederate flag marched against Obama, it would be called racist. What is it called when radicals march against a Jewish Mayor while carrying a flag of the people who have vowed to wipe you off the face of the earth?

Also leading the march, SEIU local 73 member Joe Iosbaker. He’s the guy who’s under investigation by the FBI for potential involvement with terrorists. And Andy Thayer, is also under investigation by the FBI for links to terrorists. Both of the men are tied to Obama’s New Party.

Rottie Refugees has more on these two Chicago radicals.

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  • Dave-O

    Yep, just like the Tea Party!!

  • http://gatewaypundit Cutlers bad knee

    These people are just brushing up for Obama’s halloween party.

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  • StrangernFiction

    Anybody else get the feeling that these “investigations” aren’t going to lead anywhere?

  • jainphx

    Phase two is starting, which is violence. Phase three is insurrection, strictly by the book, the one that Obama was raised on like we were on the ABC’S.

    I’m afraid all this is just starting.

  • donh

    Jim that is NOT a death mask….That is James Carville…Remember HE was the first one to tell Obama to Panic and put Wall Street in jail…….>>> http://youtu.be/xvwbWR2sj1U

  • jainphx

    Ohnos the SEIU linked to terrorism? say it ain’t so. Unions involving themselves in violence against the man? Can’t be!

  • Gman

    According to the comments in that article someone says they know the people being investigated and that they worked for Obama. Not surprised.

  • owl

    Just like the Tea Party, right MSM?

  • Finncrisp

    This operation is all part of the plan. All Barry, All the time. Our cities have been laid siege by the Moslem loving Marxists.

  • L.E. Liesner

    If these are Obama’s little helpers you can kiss off any investigation. This administration is corrupt from top to bottom and the Obama rank and file are bottom feeders.

  • Black Bob

    Andy Thayer is big in the local gay radical scene in Chicago. Used to head up Gay Liberation Network, which may or may not have a new name now.

    Study chicago’s Indymedia site. It’s a treasure-trove (ok, more like a septic tank) of intel on these clowns.

  • Jackie Worthington

    “under investigation by the FBI”???? Well that could be resolved in… maybe 20 years.. Good God, lock and load.

  • kansas

    Doesn’t Eric Holder have something to do with the FBI?

  • Sorry To Live in Illinois

    This is all part of the master re-election plan, and Rahm is part of it, so I have no sympathy for him.

  • American Woman

    Chicago Progressives Emanuel and Axelrod were the brains that put Obama into office. DId they know what Obama’s ideology was before they put him into office? One would think they at least had a clue.

    Axelrod is said to lean Communist. However, I don’t know what Emanuel’s excuse is for his role in fostering the election of a far-left ideologue that works against the interests of both the American and the Israeli people.

  • American Woman

    #15, Sorry to live in Illinois,

    I share your pain.

  • gus

    This is more like a bowel movement. A Sh!t stew of losers, commies, teat suckers, flim flam men and women, Anti-semites, and misfits.

    It will get much much uglier. Unfortunately. Opie the Kenyan dimwit is all in.

  • Goatweed

    Oklahoma has or had a klan law against demonstrators wearing masks. Not sure if it is enforced. Are laws against masked demonstrators common?

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