OCCUPY CHICAGO PROTEST LEADERS Are Under Investigation By FBI For Links to Terrorism

Yup. They’re just like the tea party.

That’s right. The leaders of the Occupy Chicago protests are under investigation by the FBI for links to terrorists.

Today’s Occupy Chicago march against Mayor Emanuel was led by a guy in a death mask, follow by two guys carrying a Palestinian flag.

If two klansmen carrying a confederate flag marched against Obama, it would be called racist. What is it called when radicals march against a Jewish Mayor while carrying a flag of the people who have vowed to wipe you off the face of the earth?

Also leading the march, SEIU local 73 member Joe Iosbaker. He’s the guy who’s under investigation by the FBI for potential involvement with terrorists. And Andy Thayer, is also under investigation by the FBI for links to terrorists. Both of the men are tied to Obama’s New Party.

Rottie Refugees has more on these two Chicago radicals.

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  • Dave-O

    Yep, just like the Tea Party!!

  • These people are just brushing up for Obama’s halloween party.

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  • StrangernFiction

    Anybody else get the feeling that these “investigations” aren’t going to lead anywhere?

  • jainphx

    Phase two is starting, which is violence. Phase three is insurrection, strictly by the book, the one that Obama was raised on like we were on the ABC’S.

    I’m afraid all this is just starting.

  • donh

    Jim that is NOT a death mask….That is James Carville…Remember HE was the first one to tell Obama to Panic and put Wall Street in jail…….>>> http://youtu.be/xvwbWR2sj1U

  • jainphx

    Ohnos the SEIU linked to terrorism? say it ain’t so. Unions involving themselves in violence against the man? Can’t be!

  • Gman

    According to the comments in that article someone says they know the people being investigated and that they worked for Obama. Not surprised.

  • owl

    Just like the Tea Party, right MSM?

  • Finncrisp

    This operation is all part of the plan. All Barry, All the time. Our cities have been laid siege by the Moslem loving Marxists.

  • L.E. Liesner

    If these are Obama’s little helpers you can kiss off any investigation. This administration is corrupt from top to bottom and the Obama rank and file are bottom feeders.

  • Black Bob

    Andy Thayer is big in the local gay radical scene in Chicago. Used to head up Gay Liberation Network, which may or may not have a new name now.

    Study chicago’s Indymedia site. It’s a treasure-trove (ok, more like a septic tank) of intel on these clowns.

  • Jackie Worthington

    “under investigation by the FBI”???? Well that could be resolved in… maybe 20 years.. Good God, lock and load.

  • kansas

    Doesn’t Eric Holder have something to do with the FBI?

  • Sorry To Live in Illinois

    This is all part of the master re-election plan, and Rahm is part of it, so I have no sympathy for him.

  • American Woman

    Chicago Progressives Emanuel and Axelrod were the brains that put Obama into office. DId they know what Obama’s ideology was before they put him into office? One would think they at least had a clue.

    Axelrod is said to lean Communist. However, I don’t know what Emanuel’s excuse is for his role in fostering the election of a far-left ideologue that works against the interests of both the American and the Israeli people.

  • American Woman

    #15, Sorry to live in Illinois,

    I share your pain.

  • gus

    This is more like a bowel movement. A Sh!t stew of losers, commies, teat suckers, flim flam men and women, Anti-semites, and misfits.

    It will get much much uglier. Unfortunately. Opie the Kenyan dimwit is all in.

  • Goatweed

    Oklahoma has or had a klan law against demonstrators wearing masks. Not sure if it is enforced. Are laws against masked demonstrators common?

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  • Thanks for the Rottie Refugees link!!

  • jainphx

    The FBI raided the solyndra offices and took boxes of evidence, where is it now? FBI is involved in the fast and Furious scandal, does anyone have confidence in an honest investigation?

  • Druid

    Barrack O’Bama brownshirts sure are a motley crew.

  • drew

    sounds like excuse for fbi to invade privacy and discredit protesters imo. plus it was called racist when white supremists showed up at tea party rally with guns and pics of obama with cross hairs on his head

  • gus

    Hey Drew. Are you really that retarded??



    Sheriff Joe, hot on the case, of the Kenyan Occupier – http://www.ObamaReleaseYourRecords.blogspot.com

    Anyone who thinks that his FORGED B.C. and his fraudulent CT. SSN, that FAILED E-Verify, are issues that are just going to fade away, is sadly mistaken. Talk radio, blogs, GOP, can all ignore them, but the TRUTH will get out… and WIN OUT!

  • Druid

    “when white supremists showed up at tea party rally with guns and pics of obama with cross hairs on his head”

    Ahhh, good times… good times.

    Don’t forget the spitting and dropping N-Bombs on the Congress-Critters. Can’t believe nobody’s collected their $100k prize for that one yet…

  • i see all these stories about the occupier movement in all these cities on the internet but these are not the stories that are being reported by american tass. you need to bring your friends anfd neighbors to the internet.

  • WillofLa

    And the left are such caring, concerned, supportive, and couragous people aren’t they? Especially when they are led by the most rotten radicals this country should be ashamed of allowing to walk around free. Why aren’t these two guys in prison waiting for trial, no bail in suspicion of connections with terrorists would be the kind of law I would pass. If you are associated with subversives, terrorists, treasonous individuals, groups, organizations you don’t get bail because of the seriousness of your offense. If a person is innocent until found guilty, then why are you arrested for some crimes, but allowed to walk on others? It’s because it’s really politics, and money. Unless you murdered somebody and the cops saw you do it, it’s all suspect, all circumstantial evidence. If you are somebody or have somebody speak for you, your butt is in jail until you are bailed out. Otherwise you get to walk like these guys.

    Since these guys are suspected of being involved with terrorists and the FBI is investigating them, wouldn’t you think a person would want to be keeping their nose as clean as possible so that the judge they might be before would see you in the best light? Apparently these guys don’t care what anyone thinks of them, they’re going to be scum any time they please. These two scumbags don’t deserve to be marching against Capitalism or anything that has given them freedom and liberty to be a member of any organization they care to join, even if it’s a organization like the Communist Party that is sworn enemies of this nation and our way of life. That’s the reason why I say, anyone who comes out in the open and shows that they are members of the Communist Party should be immideately arrested for subversion and being in conspiracy to overthrow the United States, traitors in other words. If you want to be in the Communist Party, I don’t have a problem with that. But if we find out, you will go to prison while awaiting the revocation of your citizenship and deportation to Russia or China. If neither will take you, you will be dumped on the border of either one of our choice until something else happens to you. But you won’t be allowed back into the United States, that’s for sure.

    I want this new President to do these things because that is the only way we are going to bring peace in this country, and we need to be at peace if we are going to be able to make the repairs from the serious damage the Socialists have done to us all these years. Do you throw a party in the room of a patient who is about to have his heart operated on? No, of course not. You have it as quiet and at peace as possible, not even relatives crying or anything like that, quiet peace. So that is what we need to have in this nation, the patient, while we make preparations to do a very serious operation on this nations heart after 2012. That’s why Obama cannot win this next election, and the Democrats cannot maintain a hold on the Senate. Conservatives must win both, and we cannot loose any seats in the Congress either. As a matter of fact we need to throw out somemore Democrats out of the Congress to. That way we need to elect 18 real conservatives, not Romney’s, or McCains or anyone like that. They need to be no less Marco Rubio’s and Rand Paul’s through and through.

  • When the first snow fall comes, that will be the end of most of these mob demostrations.

  • gus

    D ROAMER. Ahhhhh yes ,the YELLOW SNOW of WALL ST. Nice VIDEO that.

  • donh

    #12 Andy Thayer appears to be a close associate to Chuck Renslow. I have long suspected Barak Obama is tied to the Gay Leatherman network by the fact his home is within walking distance to Chuck Renslow’s leather museum in Chicago, and he often visits hotels where Renslow holds his BDSM conventions. The dilema is nobody wants to ” look into it ” for obvious reasons among which having your google browsing history littered with gay porn sites, but also the findings would be too obsene to disclose to the public.

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  • gus

    donh. Seriously my brother. History and many JOURNALISTS, will have a freakin’…..and I mean FREAKIN’ ……FIELD DAY, with Obama, Obama’s pals, Obama’s past, and much much more.

  • darcy

    Poor, lost, wretched human beings, these people who have no greater passion in life than to foment riot and demand destruction of an ordered society. Pathetic, miserable, and confused, these protesters whose ostensible dream of ending greed could only be realized by exterminating the whole of the human race.

    Finally, one has to say: GROW UP and face reality: there are no guaranteed outcomes; life is a vale of tears. Deal with it — without making of yourself a fool and tool of truly sinister forces.

  • Cowboy

    #15, #17…

    Y’all come on down south. Trust me, you’ll get over IL pretty quickly… I did.

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  • Food for thought:

    The Anti-Wall Street Riots are starting in Oakland, California and might be speading to NYC

    The War and Emergency Powers Act enables … the president to declare a national emergency, and thereby become a dictator.

    The revolution will be livestreamed–at least in Oakland

    Occupy Wall Street Gets Lots Of Love From A Biased Media – Latest Headlines – Investors Business Daily

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  • squeaky

    i wonder where this investigation went from just over 2 years ago.
    [[Investigators searched two homes on Chicago’s North Side, including one that property records link to the director of the Arab-American Action Network. Chicago FBI spokesperson Ross Rice would not detail the nature of the investigation, but his counterpart in Minnesota was more forthcoming.]]

  • squeaky

    my o my should have read rottie’s first. these things always fall down the memory hole.

  • mg4us

    Where are the other terrorists. .Bill Ayers and Moochel Obama?

  • tennismom

    A little historical perspective on the occupiers . . .

    Notice how they tend to be white. Note the names: Thayer, Iosbaker. . .

    I bet these guys are descendants of ‘Forty-eighters’, German leftists who left Europe after the failed Revolution of 1848: http://www.answers.com/topic/forty-eighters

    These disappointed followers of Marx settled by the thousands in the upper Midwest, with other enclaves in Cincinnati and certain parts of Texas, and tended to be politically active and influential. If one subscribes to the theory that political leanings are passed down in families, this explains why Illinois, Wisconsin & Minnesota are blue.

    A huge percentage of Americans have German roots but the lesser portion are left!!!! Most are descended from the immigration that occurred in the early 1700s: Mennonites and other Protestants persecuted (taxed or forced out) for their beliefs in the Holy Roman Empire, as well as other pious types who left Europe for economic reasons, many after the crop failures of 1710.

  • Buy a gun if you don’t have one, if you do, buy ammo. Prayer doesn’t hurt either.

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  • Dan Korn

    This entire story is false. Andy Thayer was never under investigation for terrorism. He was accused of battery, and was found not guilty in court.

    As for Joe Iosbaker, his house was raided and the FBI said it was part of a terrorism investigation. This was over a year ago and no charges were ever filed. If there were a real terror threat, wouldn’t something have come out in the last year?

    Look, the FBI can investigate anyone they want. That alone doesn’t prove anything. So someone protests against the government and the government ‘investigates” them. These McCarthyist tactics don’t make me mistrust the leaders of the movement, they make me mistrust the FBI.

    Anyway, none of this has anything to do with the merits of the Occupy movement.

  • Mope


    “This was over a year ago and no charges were ever filed. If there were a real terror threat, wouldn’t something have come out in the last year?”

    A week before these raids Colombian troops recovered 14 computers and 60 memory sticks from a FARC commander. these guys are also involved in the flotilla aiming to bust the blockade of arms to Palestine. Both FARC and HAMAS, who control The Gaza strip, are on the list of terrorist organizations. Just because they haven’t been arrested that doesn’t mean Fitzgerald or Holder will let them carry on their activities.


  • abetterworldispossible

    The Occupy movements have no association with the left, and especially not with Obama. This association is a clever tactic used by the media to fool people into believing the things that you all have obviously been convinced of. It’s a way of dividing us on either side of the political spectrum, when it happens that reality is a bit more complicated than republican and democrat.
    The FBI is conducting investigations because these people have stood up against the war and helped to organize events, something that is completely within their rights as American citizens (see the first amendment). The terrorists are the police terrorizing peaceful protestors all over the country.
    Occupy is not a communist movement.
    It is not a mob. It is a peaceful protest that wants to see a better world for all of us. Even you haters. So, you can keep hating or you can come out and see what it is truly all about.
    You are a part of the oppressed people in our country. It’s an interesting trick that has been used for years throughout history, to alienate the people from each other. To give certain groups a small taste of power so they attempt to keep other groups in their place. To allow a certain race or class to feel privileged so they will restrict the ability of others to access any kind of power. Look into the history of colonization. You’re acting as a puppet for the power’s that be.
    You have been fed the illusion of choice.
    Do some reading from both sides of the argument.

    Or keep mindlessly hating based on the fear that the media feeds you.
    Either way. I hope you all have a lovely day.
    I’ll keep on loving, even when you hate.

    We are unstoppable, a better world is possible.

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  • Mope

    “The Occupy movements have no association with the left, and especially not with Obama. This association is a clever tactic used by the media to fool people into believing the things that you all have obviously been convinced of.”

    Yer kidding, right? And no, I’m not going to pull up links to the now defunct ACORN or its progeny. Nor the links to the Communist Party USA. Naw, I’m just a hater.

    Meanwhile, you can go on hating Israel and Capitalism without recourse. Some hate is different for your type.

  • These “pathetic protests”, these ignorant, parasites of society are been fueled and maintain by the Marxist administration of Barrack Hussein Obama! Make no mistake, before he leaves in 2012, he and his administration of Anti-American Marxist, will destroy what is left of our economy, our Constitutional rights and our lives as free citizens.
    The Tea Party needs to get this in their peaceful minds, and they need to get it NOW! Obama and the rest of the Marxist in our Country are planning a violent attack, a revolutionary war on the American way of life; we need to crush them and we need to do it NOW!
    We need our citizens to stop watching the news from home and get outside so that we can have our voice heard! We need every single citizen to express their true feeling about this Marxist plague in America. We need to let Obama and his Marxist Anti-American ideology known that we won’t allow America to be a Marxist trophy, EVER!

  • abetterworldispossible: Are you really that stupid or part of the brainwash team from the obama administration of Marxist?
    They carry flags and shirts of the repulsive assassin of Che Guevara because they match the color of their hair, right?

  • Mock Steady, Steady Mockin All Nite Long

    Freemasonry in effect…Equality neglect…Sociopathic brotherhood…We need to inspect…
    Pulling strings long before this nation existed. Got us bent over backwards with hearts and minds twisted. Here’s our chance for all to shine to initiate a show stopper, by uniting as one and collectively fighting the blood sucking monster! The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. -The Usual Suspects (who else could it be, DUH?!?) ATTN 99%’ers: Stop creating the tools that make it easier for the 1%’ers to continue to oppress us. I myself am tired of being a human pinata and being a victim of algorithms meant to cause societal psyche schisms. They’ve managed to socially engineer us against each other, imagine that, the good old divide and conquer strategy. Cautionary tales aren’t written for entertainment, they are metaphorical analogies written by those who have personally experienced societal injustice firsthand and are unable to articulate the actual societal infraction that impacted them due to the irrationality of the event, so that’s why they bury clues in a work of fiction like Salinger’s Catcher In The Rye or science fiction along the lines of P.K. Dick’s works (which ironically get used against us as mind candy for the masses when the elite makes movies using Dick’s works, but torture for those that have the eye to see through- like the clip of indian on horseback looking over the litter strewn plains). But the injustices just a keep on coming and we allow it, because we are so entrenched in a broken world that is all we know. Everyone needs to quit at the same time and tell these clowns that we are tired of being victims of their ‘circus dances’ and show that we truly do have the brains to rule over ourselves without their ‘chuck e. cheese’ tickets (money) to buy tchotchkes and kitsch. It’s NEVER been OUR economy, it’s THEIR economy and the people are just another commodity or product and a number on a spreadsheet. SAD BUT TRUE!

  • #48 – abetterworldispossible:

    Are you really that stupid or part of the brainwash team from the obama administration of Marxist?
    They carry flags and shirts of the repulsive assassin of Che Guevara because they match the color of their hair, right?
    Go back to your stinking urinated sleeping bag and stay there!

  • Jack Charles

    We stand 100% with Occupy Wall Street!!!

  • Valerie

    I agree that a better world is possible, but this is not the way to do it:


    better, is this


    Those OWS supporters who are angry about the job situation should understand that the policies of the current administration are to blame for a prolonged recession and increased unemployment, and that another enormous, inept spending binge is not going to make things better. They are being played by the “1%ers” like Michael Moore, so that a corrupt Democratic Party at the national level can shovel more cash to their family and friends.

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  • Rachel Styles

    Americans blame the federal government more for the nation’s economic plight than they do the primary target of the Occupy Wall Street protests — big financial institutions. If you don’t know why people are protesting on wall street, this article gives a very good explanation on it.


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  • tbd

    What is your source for this information? Where is the guy holding the flag from? Isn’t it almost halloween? Couldn’t the guy in the mask be making a statement? Are you people paranoid, or what?

  • Andy

    Isn’t the death mask because he’s holding a sign that says

    “Our Economy Has One Foot In The Grave”?

    Pesky details…

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  • Just Fun

    Wasn’t aware that Palestine and the KKK were ideologically symmetrical. Drawing a parallel between economic protests and anti-Semetic protests is quite lazy punditry.

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  • Stephanie

    I weep for my nation. In this time of pain, we are turning on each other rather than rallying. We collectively caused this problem with a few decades of greed and materialism that denied that something might be too good to be true. We needed a television in every room more than we needed our neighbors to have jobs. Now we refuse to stand together to solve the problems we’re faced with. I weep for my nation. But I will not accept the role of scapegoat. I will not go quietly to the “solution” of these Occupy “leaders” without fighting back. I weep for my nation but I will do whatever it takes to survive. I would rather use my energies and talents to make this nation a better place for all but I will NOT be a scapegoat. I will weep for this nation but I shall fight for my own survival if there is no other choice.

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  • Judy

    Oh, Stephanie ????
    Having a television in every room keeps a LOT of people working…. HELLO !!!!

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  • Joseph

    What’s the problem? These guys are against the bank bail outs. There against US money going to the IMF and bailing out the European banks against the Greek debt. They’re chanting what your saying. I’m just a regular blue colar middle aged guy who got curious about what was going on downtown, so I went and talked to some folks down there. It was a good mix of people. People from all walks of life were represented. What I took away was that they were hard working folks who felt like the American dream was slipping through their fingers. They are the same folks you can meet anywhere. The only difference seems to be that they chose Wall Street & multi-national corporations as their scapegoat.

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