The Obama-endorsed Occupy Albuquerque goons rioted in the streets last night.
Police arrested 31 people who refused to leave the squatter camp.
Via Pat Dollard:

From the video: Most of these protesters don’t understand that they are being played by the organizers. “Occupy Wallstreet” is not a grassroots movement. The former New York office for ACORN, the disbanded community activist group, is playing a key role in the self-proclaimed “leaderless” Occupy Wall Street movement, organizing “guerrilla” protest events and hiring door-to-door canvassers to collect money under the banner of various causes while spending it on protest-related activities.



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  1. BEWARE…Be very very aware….All police need to study this famous film clip closely…>.. …The Odessa Step scene from Battleship Potempkin….. It is sacred propeganda for all communist revolutionary movements to create a black swan event and sway public opinion. Note the legless man and the baby stroller pushed down the steps…You can see in the same thing in this Albuquerque mob…. people in wheel chairs. These OWS are full of babbies for a reason …They are trying to capture on film an Odessa Step moment that will turn popular opinion against the ” brutal cossacs ” of the state. These are truely evil people of the most depraved emotionally manupilating kind. Everything they do is well rehearsed staged theatre.

  2. Donh that is nonsense. The President of the United States is backing these people. Are you suggesting that President Barack H. Obama would support Communists???

  3. This Occupy mess is imploding right before our eyes. People are getting fed up with the nonsense and the messes they cause, now they’re getting violent. It’s another scandal about to blow up in Obama’s face since he is backing this thing and these groups are have ties to him or his friends. I’m so glad he came out and for the record endorsed the occupy movement, when it comes to a head, it’s going to explode all over him.

  4. There weren’t many protesters if you ask me.

  5. Any society which was 99% 29% populated by these dirtbags would collapse in a hot, ugly second. This is beyond pathetic.

  6. One can only hope he will be forced to step down. The only problem is than they’ll replace him with Hillary “April Spring” Clinton, who would continue his agenda. Yikes!

  7. You will see Gus. Stalin himself is directing this street theatre from the grave in one named Richard Trumpka. These communist actors have been trained by Hamas. Sombody is going to throw their 1 year old baby to the pavement when the police step a line forward and photograph the child being trampled under boots.

  8. I am embarrassed to be New Mexican.

    Time for some real change.

    Perhaps something revolutionary.

  9. ‘Real change’ started the day Susanna was sworn in. It’s beginning to happen and is going to take time. We’ve got the best Guv. in the country.

  10. no,no. It comes from Serbia.All these tactics were established in Serbia to get rid of Milosavic(sp).
    And these radicals go to here this Popvic lecture ont his. Thsis the top-down pressure cooker stuff
    that Genn Beck was talking about in the Spring ’11,thereabouts.
    The vid is on youtube. Enter: The Revolution Business-World
    A film by Journeyman films. It is very interesting and overall shows that this whole scam is pre-planned as was the entire “Arab Spring” overthrows.
    Don’t be conned. All grifters and cons.

  11. #1 October 26, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    I noticed the same thing, Don. A wheel chair is in the Oakland riot, too. In another Oakland video has a little girl right up front.

    Good thing the Occupy demonstrators are videoing these events because they’re showing how few people are really out there. MSM frames out all the empty space to make it look like thousands are there.

  12. Donh, I find that so hard to believe. I mean Obama is all about HOPE and CHANGE. He loves us.

  13. Yes, and all you need is love.

  14. I predict this will not end well for the OWS and the other protesting groups in the major cities. It seems to me that this is a large scale “community organizing” event — right down Obama’s alley. Patrick

  15. I went to the event to meet the protesters and to discuss ACORN. I foul mouthed Union guy named Randy got in my face. As an avowed Socialist, he was offended by my sign which read “God Bless Capitalism”..

  16. ^ I apologize for my spelling/ grammar. I spilled paint on my keyboard. My point is, these protesters do not want to engage in dialogue. They prefer to shout down opposing viewpoints. One gentleman tapped the shoulder of someone I was conversing with and said, “Hey, we don’t need to listen to this FU***** S***”.

    There was also a complete absence of any sense of irony from any of these asshats. For example, there was a morbidly obese man with a sign that read “TAX THE GREEDY”….

    Anyway, if you go to one of these events, be prepared to be drowned out by screaming hysterics and I would also suggest that you carry a bar of soap in your jacket and wave it around if they get too excited.

  17. I dont think it was really a riot. We did no damabe or violence to anyone.

  18. Such a shame for the hatred I see here. Respect for your viewpoints and personal values because I think that our diversity keeps ideas flowing. A little more integrity though please. How easy it is to sit behind a computer and devalue others who are trying to find solutions to issues and educate people. Not everyone at the protest is a communist or a socialist. I love capitalism. Try opening your mind a bit and listening to your fellow american and respect their rights to free speech. I don’t agree with all of you but I do agree to support your right to assemble should you get off your ass and choose to execute that right!

    Jack, thank you for coming down to the protest. Even if you disagree, I respect that you are coming down to engage in dialogue. I have also had my share of eye rolls over a sign I was carrying. There should be more respect both ways so I apologize for anyone making your viewpoints or thoughts feel unwelcome.

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